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1 Whispers in the Rain on Tue May 03, 2016 8:51 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents



Taka, Treachery, Paralysis Agent

"Fuck!" Ondori exclaimed as he came to a skidding halt, small pebbles grinding underneath his sandals as he did. Looking left and right rather quickly, he paused in thought for a moment, then it hit him. The rain that was. He knew the deluge was coming, he could smell it, that's why he was in such a rush. "Shit, this storm looks like it's gonna be bad." He had been hunting a mark in these mountains for some time now and after finally confronting the bastard he slipped away after using some sort of smoke screen. Currently on a pathway leading up and around the mountain, Ondori had remembered he saw a cave a bit further up the structure. If it had any wildlife in it, either they'd learn to share, leave, or be killed, with his mark getting away he was in a rather bad mood and with the rain drenching him in moments of beginning their term, he was utterly pissed off.

Traversing his way up the path, careful to not slip and fall down the thin and slippery earthen pathway that was drenched in rain and still being beaten, Ondori would make it to the cave in due time. His straw hat now put atop his head, he clutched the sheath of Treachery with his left hand and held his straw hat to his head with his right. His head bent down to prevent eh strong winds from blowing his hat off his head and his knees bent and center of gravity down to keep him planted to the mountain pass, he'd occasionally look up and have his face sprayed with rain as he checked his surroundings. To his right was the side of the mountain and to his left was an array of very high trees that grew a few meters from the base of the mountain and blocked his line of vision. If anyone was to approach from behind him, they'd have to be moving at quite a fast pace that'd warrant slipping and falling given how heavy the rainfall was along with the force of the wind and slope of the pathway. In addition, the sound of Ondori's on footsteps in the water that rolled down the stone path was enough for him to hear, so anyone else's would also be heard unless they had extremely quiet feet.


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