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1 She's the Last True Mouthpiece on Sat Apr 30, 2016 8:43 pm


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain



Task Name:He's the Last True Mouthpiece
Tier: III
Location: Lvneel
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team/Crew
Description: Fuck this shit! The lead singer has had just about enough. Bringing a random ass stranger in the back with all their shit! And he checks to see that beli is actually missing now! Uh-Oh, Rei-Darling, troubles in paradise. Both men turn on the vixen and they are not dishing out love taps! Incapacitate and escape!

Enemy Details:

  • (1) T3 Soloist
  • (2) T2 Guitarist

Boss Name: The Soloist
Tier: III
Description: Johnny van Dam is a rough and wild as they get. This tweaking, tatted up thug will break your jaw if you let em. He's s street fighter and a knife wielder and plays as dirty as he wants to.

Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: Stardust Haki - C Ranked
Equipment: T1 Small blade; T1 Brass Knuckles
Specs: H2H - 6 | Melee - 3

Boss Name: The Guitarist
Tier: II
Description: A stoat, but commanding man, standing six foot even and with the sweetest smile this side of the blues. He's harmless as a lovesick puppy, but don't let him catch you manipulating him to get the beli! If you have to fight, then you'd better watch out for that metal guitar of his. He can swing it 90 miles and hour and won't hesitate to do so.

Devil Fruit:
Haki Aura: Haki of Greed ://: C Ranked
Equipment: Pet - Black Panther (T1)
Specs: 4 - Hand to Hand | 3 - Melee

Take Me to Church

soundtrack ;; take me to church- hozier
attire ;; spring casual
approved arc ;; take me to church - hozier
word count total ;; 371

Caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar, Reinaka knelt aside the safe her beli--because it was, indeed, her beli now--stacked as high as 10,000 beli should be in her estimation. Her eyes glared at the man who'd burst into the room, returning the man's own glare -- though it was more like an astonished bewilderment. She looked from the man to the sleeping victim in the bed, hardly concerned with him as a threat but still she wondered if she'd applied too much pressure to his little neck. She already had an intimate sense of his strength through her teachings in Chi Blocking, and he wasn't on her level. This guy, however, could be a risk if she let this go on too long. She couldn't discern as much about him as she had with the guitarist unless she was able to lay her hands on him, but by the time that happened she'd be less concerned with his skill and more with taking him out.

She knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she could do it. Both of them, without a problem. It wasn't hubris or ego, it was just a surety that came with being trained for situations like this, and with the fact that she'd eaten a devil fruit and a deadly one it could be. She was a cursed human now, a Love Love Human. She was the worst kind of foe for these guys to go up against.

She'd already seen and felt the lust their guitarist had for her. It was a palpable thing, obviously to anyone around her but intimately a Love Human. This one was no different. Well, he was different. His lust was something darker, something more violent than his counterpart. It made her insides twist, the things that he aura gave off. Rei was having trouble handling just how in tune with other people now. Her chi blocking had always given her a level of discernment when it came to people's physical abilities and skills, but after consuming the love love fruit, she now had a window into their very hearts.

The heart she was staring into right now, however, was a dark as they came!  

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