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1 Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Wed Apr 20, 2016 8:15 am

Elisa DarkWalker


General Info

Character Name: Elisa DarkWalker
Link to Approved CharacterLink
Affiliation: Revolutionary
Crew: Kitsune shiryoku X Hunters
Occupation: Martial Artiest : Historian 
Specializations: Berserker, BookWorm

Tier: 3
Bounty/Reputation:   88,665,000
World Position:None
Fate Perks: 
Hard Worker - 1 
Race Change - 1 
Devil's Meddle - 2
Gods of Haki -5 
Predator - 2 
Diligent Spirit - 1 [Book worm]
Fate Points: 3/12
6 to star 
+1 for hallowing posting
+2 from Halloween goodie bag
+1 Christmas event 
+2 New Year event 
Primary: Speed - Tier 6.5 [5+1+0.5]
Secondary: Strength Teir 3.5  [3+0.5]
Non-Prioritized: Perception Tier 3/ durability Tier 4

Stamina: B400 +T100 = 500

Haki: B
Busoshoku HakiThe Color of Arms + Intangible to Tangible + Gift of Arms
Kenbunshoku Haki:Sixth Sense + Hawk Eye + Aura Sight
Haoshoku Haki: Conqueror’s Wrath + King’s Subjection + Presence of the Emperor


   Link to Primary Skill Set: Brawling Rokushiki
   Link to Secondary Skill Set: Gura-Gura No Mi
   Link to Tertiary Skill Set: None

   Devil Gura Gura no Mi


   Weapons: 4


Ravager Gauntlet:

Equipment Name: Ravager Gauntlet
Equipment Type: Weapon
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: 

This weapon consists of hardened plastic pieces coloured light brown to give off a bronze look, despite being much stronger and lighter. The webbing in between the pieces are made of the same material, although it is transparent. On the top of the gauntlets is a bold engraving that says "66".

Other than protection and close quarters combat using the gauntlet, there is a built in mechanism that harnesses water from the atmosphere around it (think clima tact) to fuel it's abilities. While the weapon looks like a gauntlet, it is much more like a shotgun and gives up range for superior blast diameter and damage when compared to a pistol of the same make. Fires to 10m, t2 damage and has a 2m blast diameter, all projectiles are fired at t4 speed and can dent iron while destroying weaker materials. Draws enough water to be shot once per post. Weighs .5kg for each gauntlet, 2 in the set. Upon creation the gauntlets are limited to the base shotgun, and can get the fire and ice outputs through upgrading.

Fire output - The mechanism fires a pellet of activated water. This activated water has had it's intramolecular bonds disrupted. When the water collides with a solid surface, the energy locked in the bonds is released, simultaneously generating heat and breaking the H2O into it's base elements. These then react with a popping flame, applying damage and knocking those in range off their feet.

Ice output - The mechanism fires a pellet of water that has been projected to a heat sink. The kinetic energy within the water being forcefully raised, once colliding with a solid surface, the kinetic energy bottoms out, spreading the water over the range and pulling vapour from the atmosphere for instant sublimation, flash freezing the area. This applies damage over the range and stops movement of those hit for 1 post.
Attachments Vapour drawer: Draws more vapour from the air, enabling each gauntlet to be shot twice per post instead of once.
Curse: -
Materials: Hardened plastic (similar in durability to steel)
Units per Slot: 1 slot for a pair
Experience: 0
Upgrade Log:
1 - fire output
2 - ice output
Upgrade Points: 2

Cursed Scythe of madness:
Equipment Name: Scythe of Madness:Genghis
Equipment Type: Weapon
Strength Req.: 3
Equipment Description:
Genghis is a black titanium scythe standing at over six feet long from top to bottom. The blade of Genghis is two feet long and one foot wide at its widest point. The scythe itself is intimidating in appearance, with numerous sharp points protruding throughout. The handle end of the scythe's staff section narrows down to a point, acting as a pseudo lance or spear for the user. 
Attachments: -
Curse or Devil Fruit: Genghis bares the curse of madness, an interesting curse to be sure. When another living being is cut by this scythe, no matter how little, that creature will be induced with madness and unable to recognize friend from foe. The flip side of this curse is that the wielder of the scythe has a fifty percent chance of slipping into the same madness in every topic he/she enters.
Materials: Titanium
Units per Slot: 1
Experience: 0

Equipment Name:LockHearts Reds
Equipment Class: Weapon
Equipment Type: Fighting Gloves
Equipment Tier: 1
Spec Req. Hand to Hand
Equipment  Description: A pair of hard red leather gloves which are quite strong, with 2 metal lifts on the two fingers either side of her middle finger knuckles.  The gloves do cut off halve way down her fingers leaving her fingertips to be free.

Finally underneath their is a strong cloth that reaches to halfway down her for-arm, this protects her wrist and provides comfortable.  
Equipment Ability: N/a
Attachments: N/a
Units per slot: 2
Proof of Purchase: Freebess


Equipment Name:DarkWalker Skateboard
Equipment Class: (Weapon)
Equipment Type: Skateboard
Equipment Tier: 1
Spec Req.1 Hand to Hand
Equipment Description:7.5 inch wide,28 inch lenth skateboard with small wheels. A nice dark angel design and ideal for skateboarding around. While not designed as a weapon one could easily use as such.
Equipment Ability: (N/a)
Attachments: None
Units per slot: 1
   Armor: None
   Ships: Teir 4; Dark Souls Voyager
Pets: None
Shyviver A Sugar
Loki Ginger {Navigator}
Extra: Eternal log post to Baltigo


   Completed Topics
----1st tier---

Stamina Training
Episode 1 - Baseball
Episode 2 - Bar Job
Episode 3 - Infomation
Episode 4 - Inflitration
Episode 5 - Conflict
Episode 6 - the escape
Episode 7 - Pathway
----2nd tier---
Traveling blues
Episode 8- Street hits
Episode 9 - Girls Gathering
Episode 10 - Bonds forged
Episode 11 - Ohara part 1
Episode 12 - Ohara part 2
Episode 13 - Laughthic war
Episode 14 - Casting Clouds
Episode 15 -Executioners
Episode 16 - W53#
Episode 17 - Demon
Episode 18 - Flashing Rev part 1
Episode 19 - Flashing Rev part 2
Episode 20 - Aftermath
Episode 21 - Bandits
Episode 22 - The Library
Episode 30 - Einstein & Departure  
Episode 21.05 - side track
---3rd Tier---
Episode 23 - Dammit
Episode 24 - Captured
Episode 31 - Hot Pursuit
Episode 32 - White hair
Episode 33 - Returning
Episode 34 - The Test
Episode 35 - Freedom of the Mutants
Episode 36 - The monk
  Completed Topics This Tier
Episode 23 - Dammit
Episode 24 - Captured
Episode 31 - Hot Pursuit
Episode 32 - White hair
Episode 33 - Returning
Episode 34 - The Test
Episode 35 - Freedom of the Mutants
Episode 36 - The monk
Episode 37 - To the mountain

Last edited by Elisa DarkWalker on Sun Feb 19, 2017 10:36 pm; edited 63 times in total

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2 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:36 pm



O k

What you allow is what will continue

Nora #990000
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3 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:39 am

Elisa DarkWalker



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4 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:48 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

o k

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5 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Mon Jun 20, 2016 5:36 am

Elisa DarkWalker



Current Tier1
Oceans RP'd In: (South Blue,)
# of Task Completed: 7
# of Other Topics Completed:1
Character Development Notes:
I know I have not done any socials but my character has developed allot from someone who keeps to themselves, travelling around doing what ever job she can get. To taking an active role in conflicting corruption and chasing it down.   additionally she has tasted defeat, lose and been forced to reflect on her own weakness.   As a result she is even more commuted to her path, and has developed short term goals. Her body is scared and emotions tested


While training Elisa took part in a brutal underground fighting event with the goal of fighting through multi pal foes collecting information for her small goal of taking it down though only events up to the semi finals have been revealed as she grew stronger. Additionally their was flashback in Elisa joining the revolutionary army, how she grew as a person in a major injury involving her coming of age /maturing.

Later on during Elisa time in the Briss Kingdom she would take time in several casual everyday tasks consisting of multi-pal events containing a bassball game supporting her local community facing arrogant marine bullies, followed by attempting to work inside a bar to just live her life but events would unfold differently with the Death of 2 marines forcing her to start travelling again. These events started adding a true rivalry against marines on top of her already semi superficial anger towards them and corruption.   Additional note : Elisa gains information about a possible hub of corruption called Ying & Yang marines.

Chapter 1

On discovering information about a corrupt group of marines Elisa sort out to gather information regarding such a group showing her keen mind, wisdom, eye for details and ability of trusting the right people not to mention fulling a promise. Once she had gathered enough information regarding the ying yang marines [Location and a Face]; Elisa would infiltrate base45# and defeat a leader of the ying yang marines though with the transgression ending in defeat with Elisa forced to retreat in blood baring scars on her body reminding her how weak she really is. 

During this the conflict Elisa had met a man by the name "The great ox ford", he had shown her keys of wisdom to develop herself into strong fighter, to inspire others in the pits of of death and a fire to fight when death is certain and with his last action to save Elisa life she wont forget easily. While the conflict would be deemed a defeat Elisa did succeed in removing her target a battle she will remember, and it would be clear her involvement with the Ying Yang marines is not over.  


As Elisa healed on top a large tree she would have a revelation within herself, she has made a commitment to the revolutionary and must make actions accordingly.
1. join crew 
2. Push revs agenda 
3. Continue rivalry with Yin Yang marines.
4. Find a pet.

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6 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:10 am

That's plenty for going to T2. Reply with new stats, poke some Admin to do the Stamina thing, enjoy.

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7 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 3:47 am

Elisa DarkWalker


+2 to hand to hand please

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8 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Tue Jun 28, 2016 4:25 pm

Elisa DarkWalker



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9 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Wed Nov 09, 2016 4:51 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Current Tier2
Oceans RP'd In: West & South
# of Task Completed:
Episode 1 - Baseball [South]
Episode 2 - Bar Job [South]
Episode 3 - Infomation [South]
Episode 4 - Inflitration [South]
Episode 5 - Conflict [South]
Episode 6 - the escape [South]
Episode 7 - Pathway [South]
Episode 11 - Ohara part 1 [West]
Episode 12 - Ohara part 2 [West]
Episode 13 - Laughthic war [West]
Episode 14 - Casting Clouds [West]
Episode 15 -Executioners [West]
Episode 16 - W53# [West]
Episode 22 - The Library [West]
Episode 30 - Einstein & Departure [West]  
# of Other Topics Completed:
Stamina Training [south]

Traveling blues [West]
Episode 8- Street hits [West]
Episode 9 - Girls Gathering [West]
Episode 10 - Bonds forged [West]
Episode 16 - W53# [West]
Episode 17 - Demon [West]
Episode 18 - Flashing Rev part 1 [west/Fb]
Episode 19 - Flashing Rev part 2 [Grand Line/Fb]
Episode 20 - Aftermath [West]
Episode 21 - Bandits [West]
What has you character done since they've been the tier they are now?: 
What has you character done since they've been the tier they are now?: 
Part 1
After tiering up the first action of Elisa was to move to another Ocean in seeks of adventure; specifically West blue as she had heard rumours of an amazing place of knowledge on an Island known as Ohara. On arrival Elisa would be warped into a strong series of events as curiosity got the best of her on  Ilusia.  A Pirate captain by the name of Gray had decided to attempt to forum a crew by posting banners up in a well established world government island.. Illusia; during Elisa time meeting these cool group of people she would be subject to an ambush as a independent marine had taken it upon himself to attack Elisa from behind in an attempt to subdue the group forming under grays banner; the end result would be Elisa killing the Marine known as Goku through her Iron body breaking his arm in multi-pal places, and killing him with a strong blow to his Pelvis. 

While the defeat of Goku was important for Elisa to continue her Journey and the meeting of several pirates was interesting the most important aspect of these events would be the meeting of Synda and Elisa.  Syndra was a wonderful woman with quite the butterfly personality and very social with a pet bear to boot and with Syndra being the only other woman only naturally would the two leave together; Elisa's first opinion of her was that Syndra was simply a innocent girl with nothing to offer at all and potencially quite stupid but with the captain planting advertisement to a pirate crew in the worlds government face, Elisa didn't care. 

But; Elisa was extremely wrong about Syndra. As days passed by communication with anyone in the group was negative herself and Syndra spent quite a significant bit of time together, Shopping, exploring, eating ice cream and a range of activities, increases their bonds in the process. During these events it was clear that Elisa was changing.

After a month or so the two would become extremely close to the point that they didn't just buy bracelets in order to show their commitment for each other but they crossed arms and drank a cup of saki. With this Syndra and Elisa had declared their Sisterhood and Loyality to each other.  Shortly after this both parties would place everything on the table; their dreams, their goals and what they wanted in life. With both finding salis in the Object of hunting down the killer of a man named Oralando a very important person to Syndra, which would most likely not just lead Syndra to a hard Justice but Elisa to a strong history now forgotten and hidden.


Arriving on Ohara both Syndra and Elisa would be blessed with Joy as they seeker information within the great tree of knowledge. Initially Elisa would knock a guy out who was disrespecting the grounds before entering with Syndra. This is where the two of them would do a little bit of research, asking a few questions and gaining experience in gathering information, Lauthric would arrive. Lauthric would be a dangerous man placed at the tree as a watcher of sorts under the orders of a dangerous organisation to prevent anyone chasing leads regarding Orlando and what he represented. Thus Elisa and Syndra were instantly considered targets for assassination and Lauthric had started implementing such an operation to have them both killed. Lauthric first convinced Synda that he was on their side and even an acquaintance of Oralndo who would of informed Elisa of this information. Leading both Elisa & Syndra through a secret path inside the great tree.. A Trap. Locked in and ambushed by not one but three enemies with the intention of Killing Elisa and Syndra.
The battle itself would be a simple victory for Elisa and Syndra but this is where their friendship would first be tested due to how Syndra killed the last attacked; having come to an agreement to spare his life for information and then killing him anyway & painfully; Elisa saw this action as cruel and somewhat evil but alas both of them would pass this moment united with their strong bond. To find the way out Elisa needed to use the information gained through Syndra and her Historian background of to successfully escape. 

.....The Battle with Lauthric...
Lauthric was a man of learning, cunning an had excellent combat abbilities as he wasn't just a Liberian he was a achieved assassin with a very unique combat style; Wielding a book with multipal hidden weapons inside from small knifes, yo-yos and even a metal hook though he often simply uses the book, which is made from hard Iron. The battle took place in the dead of night on top the grand tree of Ohara were Elisa would be tested physically as battling Lauthric was more like a full scale war than a simple fight; if it wasn't for Syndra aiding Elisa from the shadows as support holding up the branch beneath Elisa feet that would of otherwise of fallen due to Lauthrics attacks. Even at the moment of Victory that Elisa secured Lauthric proved deadly as he launched one final sneak attack causing Elisa to fall; the fall would of been her death if not for Syndra catching her.

While the Lauthric did provide some minor information about a group of assassins and his organisation it would be due to his own history that Elisa and Syndra would follow that gave them the real leads towards their goals. Additionally Elisa ate a full plate of cookies without sharing with her deer sister Syndra and became somewhat angry when a prank was pulled at the cost of a cookie, thoughts of the murder of Syndra did pass through Elisa mind. 

Part 2

After following the few leads they had, and making use of their contacts on Ohara Elisa and Syndra would find their way to the Island Yotsuba. Elisa knew their was establishment of corrupted marines and something related to Lauthric was on this Island she had a plan and she stuck to it; instantly finding the most out skirted marine should could find and treating it as her personal tavern with Syndra of course. She had a hunch any marines with an Opinion that were not currported would be exported to an establishment and she was right a group of drown out marines had been forced away from the activities of the main marine force, thus not only did Elisa secure a place to stay but a group of allies for information and potentially help them if needed; not to mention the meeting of the merchant upstairs quite an interesting person with an important role to play in events.

Soon their after Elisa & Syndra would make their way to the main marine base where an major insensate was taking place two corrupted executioners had taken it upon themselves to play god with the people of Yotsuba, they were about to kill in cold blond two children beneath the ages of 7, they had already killed their parents via decapitation. Elisa couldn't stand by an thus engaged in combat with the Executioners supported by Syndra who also had stepped in to engage in combat. The fight would last quite some time as while Elisa and Syndra were clearlly more skilled the Executioners refused to stay down; not to mention they worked extremely well together and had even succeed in landing multipal blows. Events would unfold with the Executioners death and the children saved, at this moment Elisa offered the kids a place with her if they had no where to go as she wasn't about to let two children be forced to the street because of such corruption.  

Though Elisa refused to turn to face the crowd cheering for her actions as she was covered in blood and wanted to minimise the trama that would bystoe the kids who had just lost their parents. Due to their actions Elisa and Syndra would gain a significant amount of reputation with the people as heros.  Moments later after their victory a high ranking officer would invite them into his office to share information regarding the wide spread corruption at his base, and a very key piece of information regarding those who had murdered Orlando. *The Book of Evolution and Desire * While the information of what this book was or entailed was unknown it had started writing the story of Syndra and partly Elisa into its pages with each step they took, and the current owner in the organisation of Assassins had became curious..... The High ranking officer who had just invited would be Assassinated before he spilled anymore information right before Elisa and Syndra.

The War Begins.

The defeat of Lauthric had sparked a decision from his organisation to cut ties with the corrupted marines at 153rd Branch and thus launched a full out assault to kill any marine connected to their organisation. While Elisa and Sandra were not on the target list for assassination at this time they were still in the middle of huge battle between the marines the assassins and Marines and had to act accordingly. Initially their goal was to escape the conflict which had the marines being masacured with every swing of a blade, corpse dropping left and right, and blood starting to paint the area. It would soon seem like an impossible option as to escape this and thus Elisa and Syndra would turn to aid the marines in this battle, taking out many assassins and eventually making their way to the courtyard. By the time Elisa and Syndra would reach the courtyard the marines would have mustered up two leaders to lead their forces that seems to have be holding strong despite the number of dead on the ground, the majority of the assassins had left with their objective accomplished.  

The marines would clash with the assassins in what would be the final class; though two bosses L and Z would be extremely powerful and dangerous and it would be highly unlikely that the marines could beat them and thus the task would fall to both Elisa and Syndra to take them down. The fight would last a long time with both Elisa and Syndra taking powerful blows and receiving significant injuries as they battled long and hard pulling on everything that had to kill these foes, and while they were victorious even after L gained a Hugh amount of power one his friend Z was killed they would of lost without the assistance of the marines and really good team work with each other. 

With this victory and the choice to join the fight on the marisne side they would have gain a significant amount of positive reputation with all marines and civilians on the island and while all the blaim would be put onto Elisa and Syndra via the higher ups in the world government as a cover story, they also received the full credit. With the assassins killing all the corrupted Elisa and Syndra would become people seen in a high light by both Marines and Civilians of Yotsuba island. 

Part 3

After the conflict at the 153 branch Elisa and Syndra would take a day to relax, starting out by simply going to the agreed meeting location with the kids they saved in case they had no one to look after them, as a sigh of relief that had been taken in by a wonderful woman and thus Elisa and Syndra would spend a huge chunk of the day playing with these kids who seem to show so much passion for life and in fact had developed Idols in the forum of Elisa and Syndra. This made Elisa feel so happy as she took them as source of admiration having just lost their parents in a barbaric manor they were so thankful to life something Elisa couldn't fully process for herself as deep down something was growing.  Once the evening had came they would retreat to a bath house to experience the pleasures of its warm relaxing baths where both Syndra and Elisa would experience significant pleasure taking them to dream states of peace opening a sight to their dreams achievement... a reminder as to who they are and why they are. The night would end with syndra taking Elisa to the best cafe in town, with a really Delicious drink being named after them both for the actions on Yotsuba. 

The next day Elisa was seeking some alone time when she would have an eventful encounter with one revolutionary named Aursum who would fight side by side with her after trigging a bar fight that would burn the place down and kill several people, the body count would be added to after they finished off three marines who Elisa kicked in the attempt to save the civilians burning but the marinse chose to fight Elisa and Aursum instead; an agreement would be agreed to meet up a month later.

Shortly after Elisa would become targeted by a hunter of sorts, one who had eaten a zoan devil fruit of the deamon who was part of a group hunting those who used the six powers outside of their specific organisation and thus Elisa would find herself in a deadly fight, one she wasn't really prepared for considering her already frail physical state considering recent events. The battle would be brutal and call on nearlly all of what Elisa had within herself to put out as her foe was also one of the six powers, the fight would be a bloody one with fists impacting blow after blow before finally Elisa would strike the daemon down. Though due to the nature of the deamon hiding the fight from veiw it would seem as if she had just killed, a random stranger not a daemon who attacked her first.

After these events Elisa would find herself in another fight, though one she had sort out helf in an quiet town on Yotsuba island where a Bandit had started a fight club his name was Steinman; the area he had created was covered in blood on ever spec and he was in the middle of ripping off a piratse head as Elisa walked in with Syndra at her back, but at the moment she saw all the blood Elisa mind changed as if another personality had taken over; Elisa dashed forward to engage her target with a heavy blood lust with only Steinmans death being considered, this would scare syndra to a point that she was unable to help. The fight would be extremely even but it was clear as it went on it was tilting against Elisa who would nearlly kill syndra with an overshot attack, snapping her out of the enraged mindset and into one of guilt. The fight would end with steinmein defeat as Elisa and Syndra would find themselves on the same page once more but Elisa would take a deadly wound that could of proven fatel if Syndra didn't get her to a hospital additional within her mind her will to survive was tested by the guilt of her attack reaching Syndra. Elisa would never forgive herself if she had harmed her own sister. 

Additional Actions 

  • Another meeting with Aursum; helped her fight of some attacks who had made her eat a devil fruit; followed by stopping a pirate invasion on Yotsuba.  Additionally Elisa devil fruit had started triggering, something she was unawear she had actually ate. 

  • Ate the devil fruit Gura Gura no Mi; though was unaware that it was devil fruit they were eating.

  • Additional major fight with Syndra at her side against Captain Stray blood, who was somewhat like battling the hulk. Working together and relying on drawing the fight out to lower Strays Stamina Elisa and Syndra would finally defeat him and secure the ship, with the intention of hunting down the Assassin organisation that had killed Orlando, attacked the 153 branch and potential killed everyone on the island Syndra was on. 

What has changed in your character since the last time they tiered up and what brought on these changes?:

Initially when Elisa had reached Tier 2; she was quite adventures and curious about the world and was simply focus on what she could learn from the world, and some self centred despite being a kind person. 

  • Quite an innocent drifting soul who was quite in tune with herself; kind but not really social.

She has gone through 2 significant changes during the course of tier 2.
First change: 

  • Having met Syndra, Elisa became slightly more emotional and connected with the world.

Due to gaining a direct connection to the world in Syndra one who she would become a sworn sister, Elisa didn't just grow up becoming more mature, she became more social as her emotional intelligence increased.

  • Became more confident in one self and even somewhat proud as her relationship with syndra increased, with trust.

This was also due to her own actions during conflicts and what she had accomplished something she would never have done if she hadn't grown a a person thanks to her companion Syndra.

  • Fighting Style development

Pre-Fruit only; during the four major conflicts that had really punched Elisa forward from a simple traveller with skills to one with her own style and awareness on the battlefield; able to react with a presence of mind in battle.
Second Change:

  • After all the battles the blood has started to stain Elisa mind, changing her from an innocent fighter travelling with her friend, but to one who only knew blood, anger and death in battle.

While all the conflicts she has had was a good thing making her more proud, social and friendly person as a whole. The amount of blood she had been expose too, the amount of bodies she had killed so much so that she has developed something of a blood thirsty beast inside herself, which could become a sleepwalker in time

  • Growing an awareness of this side of her growing, after nearly killing her sworn sister, Elisa starts battling within Herself

During a conflict where she was completely taken over by the instinct to kill her foe she lost her mind, the blood lust of Elisa nearly inflicted a lethal blow on Syndra and thus Elisa battles herself to keep that side of herself locked.

  • Why does your character deserve to tier up?:

Because i have the exp; have developed mentality, physically and built up a network of contacts.  Have 3 meaningful plots on the go and its time for chapter 3 [The grand line of Quakes]

Note: if u want more, i can prob push what to 6000, and development to about 4000.

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10 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Wed Nov 09, 2016 5:07 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Approved. Next time please put some spoilers up.

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11 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:13 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


This is just so theirs a stamp in my character; used help deck before for these ones, and just edited my sheet. 
Fate Perks: 
Hard Worker - 1 
Race Change - 1 
Devil's Meddle - 2
Gods of Haki -5 
Fate Points: 3/12
6 to star 
+1 for hallowing posting
+2 from Halloween goodie bag
+1 Christmas event 
+2 New Year event 

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13 Re: Ellisa DarkWalker [Updates] on Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:21 pm

Elisa DarkWalker


Spending 3 fate points: 

2 on: Predator - Grants you an additional Attribute Point. ]Assuming this must  be for primary] 
1 on: Diligent Spirit - You can choose a Specialization in your Secondary Occupation. Must have purchased Hard Worker. 

I am choosing Book Worm for my historian

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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