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1 Pandora [Marine][Done] on Sat Apr 16, 2016 6:14 pm




Name: Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva
Alias/Epithet: Pandora
Race: Half-Dwarf (For Aesthetic Purposes. Bonus is from dwaven heritage)  
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: Tier 1

General Appearance: Upon one’s first glance at Pandora, one might assume that she is a young child with no dangerous capabilities at all being that her height is one that places her below most grown adults. Such an assumption would be a great error given her true capabilities, but she does play into this innocent look whenever possible. Upon her head sits a mass of well taken care blonde hair that reaches around waist level. She changes her hairstyle depending upon the situation at hand  and perhaps the outfit she is wearing at the time, though she does have a hairstyle that she prefers over all others. In order to play into the innocent childlike look she has, Pandora ties her hair into two pieces using dice or whatever she has lying around that looks childish. Said hair rests over the front of her body in order to accent her cute and cuddly exterior. Though she is far older than her appearance may suggest, she is free of any of the negative effects that puberty may bring, those being acne and other forms of blemishes. Her faces exudes an energy of pure youth and innocence, so much so that she is mistaken for a harmless child by almost everyone who meets her. Her expression does not waver from that of an innocent or ignorant little girl unless she feels the need to do so or if she is in an environment in which such an appearance would not be beneficial.

Pandora’s body exudes just as much youthfulness and innocence has her face does. Standing at only four feet and eight inches, she is far shorter and less well endowed than the average women of her age. Puberty seems to have passed her by and left her with the short end of the stick, leaving her with the body of an eleven year old rather than that of her current age. As a means to make the best of her situation (and because it’s impossible to find normal clothes in her size), Pandora dons the vestments of an average little girl, such as school uniforms, frilly dresses, and whatever else she can get her hands on. She has no preference for whatever she is wearing, and she doesn’t care if it’s innocent unless she has some sort of agenda that she means to push. She is willing to wear anything that a situation calls for, though she is quite fond of making people uncomfortable by wearing very revealing clothing that are not becoming of a little girl.

Though she is much smaller than most adult female humans, she is actually quite large for a dwarf. Large enough that she can easily blend in as a human female child, though this is somewhat difficult on account of her large bushy tail. Her tail is the same color as her hair, but because of her large size, it is comparatively not very large. It’s just a small tail similar to that of a tanuki tail. She can hide it pretty easily but sometimes she just likes to use it as an aesthetic for outfits

Height: 4’11
Weight: 84 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Tramp Stamp

Personality:The most apt description for an individual like Pandora would be that she is narcissistic. Her narcissism manifests in many forms and personality traits, the first being her constant paranoia about what is going on around her. She forms her judgements of people based  off just a glance, even a small one and though it depends on what sort of judgement she has made about a person, she may or may not take some sort of aggressive action towards them if she feels the need. There are many factors that could lead to her judgement of course. Such factors vary between things like what clothing they are wearing, what their general appearance is like, what sort of demeanor they have, etc.; to things such as assumed intelligence and personality quirks. Her opinions about these specific traits tends to vary to due the many different ways those traits define those whom she is judging.  Her assumptions to fall more on the negative spectrum rather than positive, but one can chalk the up to her cynical world views.

Another aspect of her paranoia is that she is extremely wary of her surroundings. This applies to almost everything that she does, as she understands that a hostile encounter can arise from any situation. Though she is paranoid, she still has the capacity to trust people and make friends, even if she stays weary that they may eventually try and betray her. Her very nature exudes paranoia, as she always makes sure there is no way to surprise her at any point in time, no matter her location. This paranoia sometimes leads her to attack individuals that she finds suspicious, though her logic behind said attacks is often flawed and varies quite a bit, even being hypocritical at times. She often misinterprets innocent and benign actions as ploy by other to harm her, which tends to bring about her questioning the loyalty and trustworthiness of those around her.

While paranoia is a blatant personality trait, it does not stop her from attempting to take advantage of the false innocence her appearance tends to convey. She may use it as a means of manipulation in order to gain some sort of benefit, or perhaps as a means of gaining attention for no reason but to make her feel good about herself. Pandora has no inhibitions about how much of her body is showing and such a lack of thought about it results in the occasional discomfort of those who do not like seeing the scantily clad body of an individual who looks like a little girl. As long as her appearance gets her what she wants, it does not matter what she looks like or if she makes other people uncomfortable.

Her narcissism provides Pandora with the capability to feel nothing when it comes to the despair or misfortune of others, as long as whatever is causing said despair or misfortune avoids her.  She is a pathological liar when it suits her but any confrontation about any sort of misdeed or atrocity she may have committed is usually met with her typical response of acting like an innocent child. She has no qualms about torturing, maiming, or embarrassing people and will resort to such actions if she deems them to to be an available or efficient tactic.

Likes: Candy, Large Breasts, Women, Fighting, Fruit
Dislikes: Those who challenge her decisions, Anyone who disagrees with her, Vegetables.

History: Pandora was born in some weird temple in a very remote part of the North Blue. This island didn’t really have too many people on it, only about 100 or so, but every single person who lived there happened to be a cultist. These cultists believed in some very obscure and nameless pantheon of deities that are completely irrelevant. The only relevant part about the existence of these people is that they had an awful sense for naming their kids, that, and the fact that they were all dwarves. It was also weird that her father happened to be a human many many times bigger then her mother, so who knows what sort of weird things were worked out between the two, but that's not too important. Upon her birth, Pandora was given the birth name: Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva. Some stupid and long mouthful that she loathed from the moment she was old enough to comprehend it. Lucky for her the cultists somehow managed to piss off the World Government to the point that the Marines came to subjugate their backwater island. After wiping the floor with all the weird ass dwarf critters, the marines took in any children that seemed as though they had promise to be cultivated. Pandora was chosen as one of these children.

Around the age of 6 Pandora had already reached the size of a normal dwarf, which was quite odd for their race. She didn’t seem to mind though and as the years went on she eventually reached a height similar to that of a young human child. Throughout this time of growth Pandora learned from and worked for the World Government, doing menial tasks and training in combat techniques. It was during this time period that she began to develop her own personal martial arts skills that made good use of her race’s physique. She never really was too serious about her training though, so her capabilities stagnated at a point that was slightly stronger then an average mook. She was fine with this as it would still provide a pretty cushy position, but she still had some deep-seated desire to gain more power in her organization. Having more power would allow for an even more cushy position where she could get tons of candy and such. Thus she begins her journey for an infinite amount of candy.
Face Claim: (Loki Asgard|Boku Girl)

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2 Re: Pandora [Marine][Done] on Sat Apr 16, 2016 9:41 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

2`0 or shorter. Though ur a half-breed you're getting the dwarf bonus without actually having to look like a dwarf and the human's bigger size coupled with the dwarf bonus becomes yet another advantage, taller, more weight, and super strength and speed. nah fam :^)

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3 Re: Pandora [Marine][Done] on Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:01 pm



Approved now.

What you allow is what will continue

Nora #990000
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