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Continued from here

Mermaid Princess wrote:Task Name: The Princess is in another castle Boat!
Tier: 3
Location: Ennies Lobby (Outskirts)
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description: Once you come back from your spelunking adventures, you wont find Sabrina in the lake where she said she'd wait for you... What Happened to her? Worried, you look around the island, you'll find her coiled by the tight hold of a Pirate Crew! Apparently they came looking for a banana croc nabbed themselves a mermaid instead. Their Captain is an expert at taking Captives. They call themselves the Iron Chainz Pirates... Beat them, and turn them over to the marines you defeated earlier for extra bounty...
If you free the Princess before beating the Pirates, she'll display the full extent of her power, apparently having been decieved earlier. Regardless, she will feel thoroughly indebted to you after you rescue her, and will force herself aboard your ship, claiming your kitchen and serving you food every meal. Her food is incredible however, so nobody in the crew really minds her presence, even with her sassy attitude
Enemy Details: 20 T0, 1 T4 Captain
Boss: Yes

 Rescue the Princess!! [Final Arc Task/Melissa/Flash] JsLwt4l
Boss Name: Captain Tyron
Tier: 4
Devil Fruit: Cage Cage Fruit
Haki Aura: Pugilist
Equipment: Brass Knucles
Specs: 5 Hand to hand, 4 Devil fruit

The shroom hunt had gone on pretty well... They still didn't know why the hell did that mermaid wanted obviously poisonous mushrooms but Linnea for one didn't really care. The girl had saved her life, the memories of having almost drowned and having her adventure end here - in this gorgeous yet desolate island - were much too fresh. She owed Sabrina more than she could ever repay her and getting some shrooms from the mountain was the least she could do. She had no idea about that Banana Croc. Why did she call it an ingredient? Everybody knows crocodiles are far from tasty food, let alone that regal girls like that don't really cook.

She did speak like a chef, even if she was obviously not one, so perhaps she was pretty close to a Culinary artist? Maybe that person himself or someone they knew could fulfil that role aboard their ship. Linnea allowed herself to ponder on such thoughs as she headed down the mountain, her pockets full of mushrooms. Locke would get back to the ship before long and though she insisted she didn't need an escort, Nicky would be relentless in his insistence to escort her back to the lake... An Amazon like her always had a hard time to understand this side of her navigator, but she had at least known him long enough to pick up on it when he did his thing around girls... And it was hard not to, Mermaids were known for their beauty, and though Sabrina lacked the trademark fish tail due to her obvious Cephalopod physiology, that hardly made her any less dazzling. Feeling indebted as she was, Linnea couldn't even see her self entitled attitude as an annoyance and no doubt Flash couldn't either, judging by the look in his eyes when Sabrina was around. The weather had cleared up again and the tropical island was back on its paradise look, leading Linnea to fan herself slightly as she the sun struck hotter... She was sweating slightly from the earlier badger fight, but she was still perfectly capable of fighting more, even if she was confident it wouldn't be needed anymore. Or so she thought, but the moment they arrived at the lake with no mermaid anywhere worried her. She frowned slightly, looking around and finding absolutely no sign of the blue mermaid:

"Thats odd... Where did she go?", asked a puzzled Linnea, as she activated her Haki and still coun't detect any trace of her presence. The banana croc she killed earlier was still lying there lifeless, turned out Sabrina had truly lost and all interest in it. She looked around, looking for leads as to where she might have gone, and before long she had crouched on the ground, noticing some up turned up sand and vegetation, "There was a fight here...", she uttered ominously, looking off into the distance somewhere

And a trail leading towards the shore. She could still sense the unconscious auras of the Marines she defeated earlier, but not anything remotely shaped like Sabrina. Ever the tracker, Linnea would signal for Flash to come along with her as she followed the trail, and surely enough she already picked up an unfamiliar human shaped aura. But more importantly, Melissa was also on the island... Would they happen to meet up with her?

Using A-rank Kenbu (50/70 HS)

 Rescue the Princess!! [Final Arc Task/Melissa/Flash] UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)
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There had been two reasons why Nicholas had insisted on going back with Linnea instead of heading back to the ship to recover from the badger fight, or at least go back to get a shirt. The first, and most obvious one, was that Linnea was still wearing a bikini and they were going to meet a rather attractive mermaid. What kind of man would be crazy enough to turn that chance down? The second, was that the last time Linnea had gone off on her own, she almost drowned. If anything like this happened again, Nicholas would be ready to save her. They couldn't rely on a mermaid to save her each time.

As they approached the lake, they would find nothing but a dead banana croc, laying where it had been before. And judging by Linnea's expression, she wasn't picking up anything with her haki abilities either. Nicholas suppressed a growl. Had that mermaid sent them on a wild goose chase and then disappeared on them? Did he really almost become a badger's chewtoy for absolutely nothing? Nicholas was about to let his frustration be known when Linnea uttered those words. There had been a fight here.

While he still needed to get more information on the world at large, it was obvious that some people held mermaids in a certain...regard. Particularly in slavery circles. While this mermaid did have some attitude problems, he knew that couldn't be the reason anyone would attack her (unless they had a very bad temper), which left only one real option as to what happened. "Slavers." Nicholas spoke out. That had to be it. Some slavers probably saw that beautiful mermaid, and decided to try and make some quick beli. Though Nicholas had never had any experience in slavery himself, the idea of someone forcing a life of servitude onto someone made his blood boil. The fact that they were doing it to a beautiful woman made him even more mad, though he managed to keep his expression to that of a calm fury.

As Linnea gestured for him to follow, he made no objections, following by her side. "We should move quickly," he said, any sense of good humour in his voice gone, "If these are slavers we're dealing with, they're not going to stick around long. We need to find them before they get off the island." Sure, Linnea could freeze the water and they could chase after them, but fighting on water was always a dangerous thing when Devil Fruit users were concerned. Better to get them while they were still on land.

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Return of the Elegant Fist
Having been on board the ship, choosing not to go on board the island, Melissa had grown bored of the waiting, sun bathing had been fun but honestly being alone with her thoughts was not a good idea, still unsure if her leaving was a great idea. She adored her current crew, yet sometimes she would reminisce about her old crew, the two gay guys who were totes adorbs, and wondering what Leparo was up to. Eventually she realized that being alone was not what she needed. Thus she would leave the ship and head along the island in an attempt to find her friends.

She would activate her Haki allowing the full range to expand, this was so she could detect her friends quicker than if she were solely utilizing her eyes. The island was beautiful but not even the appearance of the island could keep her spirits up. Yet her haki was unable to detect her friends, which inevitably led Melissa in the complete wrong way, deciding to keep along the shore line rather than investigate the initial island she would quickly form letters of snow that would remain upon the ship notifying her allies that she headed along the shore.

With that complete she would move along the beach, maintaining her movement along the shore line. Having travelled a while, she would hear a females scream, hmm Naga wouldn't scream...perhaps Nicky was in a bit of trouble, Melissa thought to herself jokingly, not that Nicky would scream nor would it be so high pitched. Thus following the sound, Melissa would walk upon the banking, noticing a large group of people, upon them they hoisted a creature, eight tentacles pinned together by some black binding, her hands and body also held by the binding, she would scream, though the scream wasn't so much as a scream more like a screech of curse words.

Melissa counted atleast fifteen hudled around the fishy woman while one stood ahead, staring at the female creature. A confused Melissa would quickly make up her mind, to find out exactly what the fuck was going on here. So of course her being her didn't bother doing the smart thing and flooring the group with her Kings haki, no of course the silly bint charged forth clearing the distance before skidding to a halt in the sand. "Hey boys and girls, what's going on here?" Melissa would say with a grin.

Alas her stupidity would find her a captive. The rather quick tanned male had seemingly seen the female and had already begun his movement, Melissa had been focused on the other group holding the woman. His right hand phased through her, odd as Melissa had not activated her intangibility, instead an odd black substance had covered her, binding her arms and waist to her body. The strength of the blow completely knocked the wind out of her, she gasped as saliva blurted from her mouth, falling to her knees. The man's hand grasped her face inspecting her. "Take this one too, might get something for it" he said, turning from the winded woman. Only two men broke from the crew to apprehend her.


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Being a ranger involved being as much a tracker as a sniper, so Linnea wasted no time following the trail. Targets without any minimal concern with hiding their tracks were easy enough to follow, and the archer grabbed her bow, getting ready to take a shot once the opportunity presented itself. Flash's words actually sent a shiver down her spine, not enough to disturb her focus, but enough to apall her.

"The worst type of scum...", she commented with frigid hatred, the air around her growing visibly colder, "Don't need to tell me twice."

Being an Amazon, Linnea had been targeted by human slavers herself on occasion, and as a lover of freedom she couldn't tolerate such a hideous act. But she would keep her personal hatred for that under a powerful rein of reason, she would need a steady hand to deliver her savoir from the hands of Slavers. But then something even worse happened, which would test her composure... Melissa, who she had detected wandering around the Island since a good while ago, actually ran into the slavers, and though she detected no distress in her first mate's aura (she never did), she could feel the ill intent on the slaver's part. One of them approached her - the strongest one - and seemingly passed his arm through her body, no doubt Mel had used her snow form to escape an attack, but as she expected Mel to start laying the smack down, she was instead

"Melly's in trouble!!", for once, her cool look changed for a split second as she felt one of her closest friends and companions being. She would hasten her pace with these words, and no doubt so would Flash. Linnea grabbed two arrows and took aim at two of the arrows at the beach as they tried to carry Melissa away. Once of them would be right on the heart of the one carrying her first make, the other to the stronger one further away, the Captain who stopped her. Narrowing her eyes at her targets and quickly finding a line of fire through the invisible cover of shrubbery, she released the two arrows, creating the sonicboom as the force put into the Haki imbued arrows was more than enough to break the speed of sound...

Tier 4bow ability :
This bow allows arrows to be nocked on either side, effectively enabling the user to fire two arrows without the use of skills or any loss of power or speed. If the bow is fired only once in a single turn, the projectile will get an extra speed Tier.

The Slaver carrying Melissa would die instantly as the arrow literally ripped through his body, before lodging itself on the grunt behind him, taking both out at once. However, the other one (The captain), would be able to react at the last moment, shifting his body aside and letting out a sharp cry as he was pierced through the shoulder instead.

Linnea would press forward, her and flash being only a mere 20 meters from the beach.

At the beach

As the Mermaid was quickly loaded into a rowboat and pulled away into the water, Others worried about packing Melissa for transport. They would surely be able to sell such a gorgeous young woman for a hefty sum of beli right? A mermaid and a young human woman in the same day! Talk about a haul! Yet the blue skinned girl wouldn't make it easy on them. Being all slippery, it was incredibly difficult for them to keep her tentacles bound, and more often that not she managed to wriggle one free, promptly choking one grunt or striking another with tooth and nails resistance, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE ABDUCTING?!! YOU STUPID MONKEY!", Snapped the angry Sabrina, slapping one of human carrying her with a tentacle and knocking him onto the water with a loud splash. This earned her a punch to the face obviously meant to knock her out, but instead this earned him a defiant, sassy grin, "Punching helpless bound woman, huh? How manly... IF I WAS LOOSE YOU WOULDN'T EVEN DARE!!"

The annoyed punched Sabrina again and got headbutted in retaliation - breaking his nose - as his friends desperately tried to hold her tentacles. But those who got struck or tried to grab her hard enough seemed to gradually lose strength for some reason... Clearly they picked a troublesome mermaid to abduct.

Growling viciously, the dark skinned Captain pulled out the arrow, actually roaring as the barbs made the wound wider, but he was tough enough not to care, seemingly shrugging off the pain once the projectile was out, snapping it viciously after noticing the viciously barbed design meant to cause as much pain and bloodshed as possible, "Sadistic little arrows, huh? You won't get another lucky shot...!", rearing his head back, he moved to command his minions, "Get the Mermaid to the ship and bind her tentacles!! You're all gonna die if you stay here!!", he sighed at this last part, calming himself and walking over to Melissa to pick her up and sling her over his shoulder, "Do I always gotta do everything myself...?"

He would then proceed to walk backwards from the shore, ready to sidestep any arrows that came flying...

Gear => Quiver + Basic arrows (20), T3 arrows (15), Explosive arrows (5), Ranger's armor, DDM, Black DDM

Active A-rank Kenbu, used C-rank kenbu (40/70 HS)

2T0 dead, 2 T0 wounded, Boss slightly wounded

Used 2 T3 arrows

 Rescue the Princess!! [Final Arc Task/Melissa/Flash] UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)
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Linnea's next words caused Nicholas to freeze in place for a moment. Melissa. Was. In. Trouble!? Melissa, who could punch a ship in half, and turn into cold white slush on a whim, was in trouble? For some reason he had a hard time picturing that. Then again, he wouldn't have thought the same about Linnea, and yet, today she had almost drowned. Guess it would make sense that even the strong would need some help from time to time.

Shaking himself out of it, he followed his captain down towards the beach, watching her as she launched two arrows as she ran. Judging by the telltale cries of pain, at least two slavers had experienced a painful end. Nicholas couldn't help but smile. Slavers deserved nothing less. As they approached the beach, Nicholas could spy the group. A number of them forcing the mermaid onto a rowbot and taking out out to sea, while a dark skinned man, whom Nicholas assumed was their leader, began strolling towards them with Melissa slumped over his shoulder. The guy seemed pretty damn chill about all this, if not a little pissed off. Nicholas didn't have to be a genius to figure out this guy was going to be trouble.

And thankfully, Nicholas didn't plan on dealing with him. "I'll let you take care of the big guy," Nicholas said before breaking into a run, dashing towards the beach, and straight towards the slaver. As he closed in, the slaver's eyes narrowed and he brought his arm back, some sort of black substance coating the limb as it began to elongate. A Devil Fruit user. Figures. However, Nicholas didn't plan on taking whatever this guy was prepared to give.

As the slaver swung, Nicholas triggered the Jet Dial on his foot, launching him upwards in a blast of sand. The slaver's attack swung out under him as Nicholas flew over his head, landing behind him and continued running to the shore line. The slaver snarled, about ready to turn after him but thinking better of it. After all, he couldn't really turn his back on the woman who had shot him earlier. With a smirk on his face, Nicholas ran into the water and dove into the waves. He figured he'd be better off saving the mermaid, while Linnea and possibly Melissa (if she woke up) delt with the boss.

T2 Jet Dial used - cooldown 2 posts

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Having been winded, her haki would thus falter, yet the sound of arrows was enough to tell the female that she had been found by her bretheren. Alas this would not halt the pirate from flinging her over his shoulder. Essentially an awful mistake, for the girl was now free to pretty much do whatever she wanted to the man. Being a logia user, if she wanted to, the young female could bypass this mans unique ability via her own. "You shouldn't really put random chicks on yer shoulder without buying em something pretty first" Melissa would say, though with her position her face was pointing at the rectum of the man. "Shut up bitch" The man would say as a retort. Obviously he was wondering how the fuck he was going to get to his ship having allowed his men to take the previous slave away. He had thus kind of stranded himself.

Flash had taken to the sea, while Melissa could not see naga via her eyes, her haki on the other hand would pin point the archer. The man whom would not be as stupid as he looked would quickly pull the logia from his shoulder, thus proceeding to use the female as a humah shield. Her small stature forcing him to crouch as to protect his face from the hidden archer. "Jesus, look a big strong man like you, using a lil old biddy like me as a shield, uh i bet your mother would be well pissed off" Melissa would say, her tone bored. This battle was essentially over, unlike this caged man, Naga knew full well that Melissa was a logia user, and thus had the ability to transform her body in to her element.

The archer just needed to release an arrow to the face of the tanned male and be done with it. Sure Melissa could just turn around and wallop the lump. Honestly though, she was kinda digging the damsel in distress vibe, it was fun to mess around with people sometimes. Especially some big burly slaver who thought he had the upperhand and used little women to protect himself. "What are you doing" he would say in to the females ear, for she had started laughing. She was literally just giggling away. "Oh god just shoot me now" she shouted in jest though she would gather her ally knew exactly what she meant. Literally shoot me....just not with those special logia hitting arrows Melissa would think to herself.

[I'll template this in a just so ill]

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After she had shot her arrows, Flash went in headfirst, passing by Linnea and reciving his blessing to their these slavers a new one, "Got it...! Give 'em hell, Nicky!"

Getting close enough that she could now see the enemies, spottinga  narrow line of sight though the shrubbery. She doubted any of them would be able to see her unless they used Haki, since Lin had her keen eyesight to thank fot this feat. She saw her navigator feint the slaver captain with his surprise Jet Dial, allowing her to confirm his posession of a Devil fruit. Sadly, she didn't know what fruit that was but it defenitely had something to do with making iron rings or cages: The way he snared Melly and Sabrina confirmed it. Meanwhile, Linnea got ready for the next stage as Melissa pulled her best helpless act... This was almost funny for everyone who knew what she was capable of, and had the situation been less serious, Linnea would have defenitely laughed

The guy's path was all but predictable... At this point he simply resorted to using the girl as a meatshield and strafing at a steady pace. There was another rowboat a few meters away, it didn't belong to any of the Uroboros Pirates, and the suspicious white and blue implied it might belong to those Marines from earlier, if it didn't bore any insignia. Loading three steel tipped arrows onto her bow, Linnea took aim. Her kenbunshoku senses had just faded, but that last she saw with them was the man's intent to use Melissa as a meatshield. It was a viable strategy, had Melissa not posessed a Logia fruit, but then how could he know something like that without some otherwordly insight?

"I hear you loud and clear, Melissa..."

Thus, she let loose three arrows in tandem, leveled horizontally to catch him strafing, which had the side effect of giving up her position, since she was a mere 25 meters away from the guy...


Tier 1 Skill Name: Trident
Tier 1 Skill Type: Marksman
Tier 1 Skill Range: Same as the weapon's.
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 3 posts CD; instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: Holding three arrows between the her four fingers, Linnea can shoot three arrows at once. Deals bonus T1 damage split evenly among the 3 arrows.

Used 5 T3 arrows

at the beach...

Melissa's chatter was obviously distracting, but the slaver made sure to keep an eye on the jungle and look out for any arrows - using Melissa as a shield as he approached the boat - yet even then he still didn't mind talking to the mouthy girl on his shoulder, "It's a waste, I'll admit that much... But then you're significantly less valuable if we have to die to carry you out.", but his eyes widened at her final words, "Death wish, huh? Don't worry, that archer might take care of it soon."

Of course, when the arrows eventually came, he believed himself to have made the right call. Judging from the last shot, these arrows could probably rip through his meatshield, but they would at least be rendered weaker... Or so she thought... The girl would materialize herself out of the way, leading him to take two arrows to the chest, one right to his heart. The man's eyes widened and he fell to his knees, wincing in pain... But why was he not dead?! The answer soon came when he ripped off his muscle shirt, revealing a cage like armor around his chest, which soon spread to the rest of his body!

Cage armor:

Tier 4 Skill Type: Devil Fruit
Tier 4 Skill Range: Body
Tier 4 Skill Duration: Until broken
Tier 4 Skill Description: The user covers himself with a second skin made of several highly resilient metal rings normally used to bind people. To ensure mobility, this doesn't bind his joints or cover his eyes, but it does cover his neck, torso, legs, and forehead. Can be pierced by T4 damage, fully broken by T5 worth of damage.

The arrow obviously managed to pierce his armor slightly, though not enough to puncture his heart or lungs: He snapped the arrows but left teh tips inside, obviously preferring to fight with them still inside than pulling them out again:

"You bitches...", he roared, now having seen his other attacker. But his eyes were mainly firmed on Melissa, who had now proven herself strong enough to fight him. Releasing a mighty Busoshoku Haki, he coated his entire armored body with another layer, "ILL BEAT YOU BOTH TO A BLOODY PULP!!"

With this, he blitzed at Melissa with a low, bobbing and weaving stand, ready to get close and pummel her with a flurry of body uppercuts:

Float Weave & Sandbag Beat:

Tier 2 Skill Type: H2H
Tier 2 Skill Range: 15m
Tier 2 Skill Duration: Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description: With trained footwork, the user instantly accelerates to his full speed with a slight boost in a quick dash, weaving between attacks that might come his way, like a boxer would. This is meant to lead into another attack

Tier 3 Skill Type: H2H
Tier 3 Skill Range: Contact
Tier 3 Skill Duration: 1 turn
Tier 3 Skill Description: The user unleashes a flurry of punches at disappearing speed (extra T1), dealing between T4 and T1 damage to the opponent depending on how many punches connect: A single punch deals T1 damage, being hit consistently for a full turn deals T4 damage

Using A-rank Buso Haki, C-rank Kenbu

Using Brass knuckles

in the water

The grunts not struggling to hold the mermaid down would see Flash diving into the water after them, four managing to grab flintlocks and shoot at him...

OOC: Mel feel free to make up skills for teh Boss as you fight him too :3

 Rescue the Princess!! [Final Arc Task/Melissa/Flash] UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)
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As Nicholas dove into the water, he could hear the muffled shots of the flintlock pistols firing at him. The good thing about being in the water though was that the water acted as a cushion, slowing the bullets down and giving Nicholas a more than good enough chance to dodge them. Keeping as low in the water as he could, he would make sure he remained out of firing range as the slavers continued to to fire at him, the water preventing the shots from reaching him. If they wanted to really have a chance of stopping him, they'd have to get into the water with him. And the problem with that was, well, they'd have to get up close, and getting up close to Nicholas Edison would prove to be a very, very bad idea.

Not that Nicholas didn't have any issues of his own. Getting to the boat was one thing. With a number of the slavers distracted in trying to shoot him, there weren't that much rowing. However, what was he going to do now? They'd be expecting him to pop up from below and he'd only end up with a gun barrel pointed at his face. How was he going to get up there and save the mermaid?

Then it hit him. He didn't have to get up there. They were on a boat, and the woman he was trying to save was a mermaid! Quickly, he swam up towards the underside of the boat, out of the firing range of any nasty firearms. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out one of his dials, the Impact Dial. It was time to see just how effective these things were in the water.

He swung it at the underside of the boat, triggering it. A large hole was blasted in the floor of the rowboat, sending one of the slavers flying into the water, and immediately caused the boat to flood. Panicking slavers tried to keep the ruined rowboat afloat, but within seconds the thing was in the water, and the slavers were trapped floundering around with a wrathfuly Nicholas. Kicking his way past the slavers, he made his way over to the mermaid, quickly undoing the ropes they had tried to bind her with. They hadn't managed to do much to bind her, so it didn't take long at all before the mermaid was free. "Ropes are unbefitting of you m'lady," Nicholas said with a smirk.

T2 Impact Dial used - cooldown 2 posts.

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Return of the Elegant Fist
The malicious smile, the devilish charm that was Melissa Devaroux, she giggled sweetly as the arrow shot forth attempting to claim her life, "Dead Girl" he would whisper in to her ear. Yet Melissa would giggle, as her body broke in to snow. The widened eyes of the cage user would widen even futher as the arrow connected with his body. The formation of snow would return somewhat a bit away from the male whom had once held her captive. "Oh come on now, you didn't think i was a weak little biddy did ya" Melissa would say gently, a big grin upon her face. Yet the shocking thing was the man was still alive. The arrow should have ripped through him, its true Melissa had seen it before. Yet he managed to live.

She would see the change, the man removing his clothing to show of his armour, a strange black material that covered him, Melissa would bite her lip as her haki activated, she moved quickly, weaving in and out of the strikes the man would release, thanks to her radar based haki she was able to move effortlessly, her small fram, nimble body allowed her to weave in and out with out much effort. She managed to slide her body into his, her hand was brought forwrd as she slapped the face of the target, pushing him flying through the air, he was sent flying through the sand yet his recovery was incredibly quick. He managed to get to his feet, spitting out a couple of teeth along with a big wad of blood.

He would then bring his hands outwards, and a large black rod erupted from each of them, connecting in to what could only possibly be concieved as a spiders web, the range was enormous, in fact it would not be surprising if the black rods reached nicky and the mermaid. THe same could be said on the other side. "ITS TIME FOR YOU TO GO" He shouted as he brought his hands together, intending to cage every single person in the black bars in one fell swoop. A unique and powerful devil fruit that was for sure. He knew though he could not get Melissa right? Or would the haki pass through the devil fruit and capture her?

Melissa charged, grinning as she slid next to her captain. "Time to fly captain" Melissa would utter as she grasped her captain, not willing to even weight for a reaction, a single spin and Melissa would release her captain straight in to the air prior to the net like structure as it caught the Logia user once more. Yet it would not worry her, her captain was free, perhaps that was the reason for the smile upon her face.


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This guy would be troublesome... Linnea just knew it. Seeing the way he coated his body with both devil fruit armor and Haki told her as much and if she didn't prepare something equally strong to deal with him, he could gravely injure both herself and her first mate, if not outright defeat her. Thus, she coated her bow with Haki as teh jet black weapon grew visibly colder, radiating condensation and causing particles of ice to adorn its surface. This was a new technique not even her closest companions had yet to see, and considering what kind of technique it was they probably wouldn't see it at all. That didn't matter... Her friends wouldn't see it and neither would her enemies. However, the mere act of preparing this technique meant she wouldn't be able to fight for a few seconds, and thus she could do nothing but watch as Melissa fought the slaver captain.

Fortunately, Melissa seemed perfectly capable of handling this. Being able to keep an eye on both her and the enemy, she didn't even reactivate her kenbunshoku, instead keeping her eyes on her surroundings: What she was about to do would put a big strain on her Haki. But due to that she was completely caught off guard by the enemy's following technique as he attemtpted to lock everybody inside a massive cage, but thankfully Melissa was there for her. She threw her away from the attack as teh cage formed, allowing Linnea to land perfectly on top of it.

"Thank you, Melly...", she smiled at her first mate, soon turning to glare at the enemy below, "Don't worry, I'll get you out of there soon enough.", she'd request, as her bow seemingly continued getting colder and colder. Even Melissa would have probably been able to feel it now.


Used D-rank Buso (45/70 HS)

Preparing Black Ice fang mode.

Meanwhile the slaver just grinned, still keeping one of his hands attached to The cage atop Melissa. He took aim at her, swiping his hand repeatedly as he threw small strips of metal intending to to bind her limbs and body. For some reason, this technique required him to remain focused on the cage.


Tier 2 Skill Type: Devil Fruit
Tier 2 Skill Range: 20m
Tier 2 Skill Duration: 2 turns; upkeep
Tier 2 Skill Description: The user can swipe his arm to shoot encircling strips of metal from his hand and forearm. If they hit an enemy, they will being around that area and knock it back slightly, wrapping around it. It's ideal to shoot at an enemies eyes, which will blind them. (T2 speed per strip)

As Nicky escaped the slaver grunts' bullets, that only made them more frenzied in their shooting, but to no avail. He made his way to be boat and used his impact dial, which more than just blow a hole, split its keel in half, separating into two. He didn't actually need to do much, even though the mermaid was bound by iron rings, she was a slippery octopus mermaid and once she was in the water, a simple tug at each ring was enough to release her. The previously bound mermaid stretched her arms, actually returning her savior's smirk, "A gentleman among pirates? Who would have thought...", she gave a sassy smirk, clearly being rescued by Nicky and friends softened her up a bit, towards them at least, "You should stay close to me, Pirate.", she urged as she bought her hands together and, seemingly compressing an orb of water as one by one the swimming grunts regained their composure and trying to swarm the two of them.

"BEGONE, YOU FILTHY MONKEYS!!", she cried out angrily, suddenly crushing the orb of water between her hands, which released a large, 5m tall tsunami in every direction. If Flash remained close to Sabrina as she advised him, he wouldn't get knocked back.

Plenty of the Pirates bumped into each other and were knocked out of the fight, floating idly in the water, but seven of them were still up and about, once more


Tier 3 Skill Type: H2H
Tier 3 Skill Range: 20 meters
Tier 3 Skill Duration: Instant
Tier 3 Skill Description: While at or near the surface, the user grabs water and compresses it into a small orb. When ready, she squishes the orbs between her palms, which causes a tall, omnidirectional tsunami like wave up to 20 meters away, knocking everyone back

 Rescue the Princess!! [Final Arc Task/Melissa/Flash] UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)
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Nicholas didn't need to be told twice as she moved closer to Sabrina, of course taking care not to get too close. Wouldn't want the dear mermaid to think he was getting fresh with her. However, any thoughts of freshness were instantly wiped from Nicholas' mind when he saw the mermaid effectively wipe out most of the slavers with what could only be described as artificial mini tsunamis, slamming them about and taking out really all but seven of them. That was no devil fruit ability. After all, they were in the water, and Nicholas was pretty certain the whole 'sink like a rock' rule applied to mermaids as well.

"You...have GOT to teach me how you do that." Sure, it was probably a technique that only mermen could use, but dammit, if it meant controlling water like some sort of sea god, Nicholas would put in the time to break the laws of biology and grow fins!

Of course, any thoughts about learning the secret art of water manipulation would have to wait. While Sabrina had done a rather good job of taking out most of the slavers, there were still some left in the water, recovering from Sabrina's attack. And dammit, Nicholas' entire contribution to this day was not going to be punching out a couple of badgers and sinking a rowboat.

"If you'll allow me," Nicholas said to Sabrina with a smile, reaching into his pocket and pulling out another dial. The Frost Dial. As the slavers, now trying to adjust to fighting in the water, turned to face the human and the mermaid, Nicholas smirked and pointed it towards them. "I think the water's a little too hot for my taste, don't you?" With a press of the button, the freezing cold blasted out of the shell, creating a small sheet of ice along the water's surface before hitting the grouped together slavers. Sure, while the ice wasn't enough to freeze them solid (the dial wasn't that strong...yet), it would be enough to give them some thermal shock, allowing Nicholas to swim in good and close and start giving the chilled slavers the beatdown they deserved. After all, how many slavers could actually fight in the water? Sure, Nicholas never really trained in the water himself, but he was still a better hand to hand combatant than these guys. Before the slavers were even able to start moving away, Nicholas had already knocked out four of them, leaving them floating in the water.

Frost Dial used - Cooldown 2 posts

4 T0 defeated.

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Return of the Elegant Fist
Having been trapped in the cage, Melissa would be unable to phase through due to the haki passing through the solid bars, yet the captain seemed capable of firing off little round bangles that intended on capturing the logia user. She had space to avoid at this point in time but the cage was slowly closing in. As she moved, a gentle chill filled her body, something she hadn't felt in a long time. Looking to Naga Melissa who was you know a being of the cold could detect the changes far better than many who were not tuned to the element. Alas this sudden loss of interest in the captain caused her to be struck by one of the bangles within her right hand. Thankfully it seemed the lack of contact with the device would cancel out the buso in the ring after mere seconds allowing the logia to drop the bangle from her body.

In true fashion Melissa could break out, but she understood what her captain was doing, in a sense anyway. Building up her power for an assault, something similiar in fact to what Melissa could have done herself, yet playing the bait was a roll was great at, thus goading the captain was something that came easily. Taunts left her mouth, from curse words to insults to some slightly racist remarks, nothing was off limits to the foul mouthed girl. It would work as the cage began to descend quicker, closing in to essentially finish the logia off. Yet summoning a vast amount of snow in a little time was something common to the girl, forming it in to a half igloo allowing the front to remain open to view the captain while grinning at him. The compact snow layered upon itself was powerful, strong enough to easily with stand the cage and halt its closing. "Come on big boy, is that all ya got, i guess this powers great for a slave, might keep you for myself. I'v always wanted to see how far my fist could fit in someones ass hole. How about you become my sex slave and we won't kill you?" Melissa would say with a smile, grinning as she stood in her shelter. This seemed to piss the captain off, the fact that he could not do anything but try to apply more power to his cage. "I WILL SLAUGHTER YOU" he shouted at the female whom only shook in faux fear. "I'll slaughter yer arse hole love" Melissa said in retort.


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It was now time to unleash Hell on this idiot. With Melly snared inside the enemy's cage, he didn't even bother to look away from her. Why would he? He had a perfectly capable enemy snared alongside him, and taking his eyes off her could backfire on him in a big way. Besides, Melly wouldn't even let him. Instead, Lin grinned as her first mate simply kept goading him on, taunting and insulting the already pissed off Pirate. Now all she had to do was ensure Melly's troubles didn't go to waste. Thus, once her bow reached an ideally frigid level, Linnea drew an arrow, restoring her Busoshoku as well as coating the new arrow in it too:

"With this Blank Fang...", she'd utter coldly as the dark skinned Pirate captain barely spared more than a glance her way, with a mere 'you're fucking next' look in his eyes, "Your disgusting quest for slaves comes to an end."

Lin gritted her teeth as her bow suddenly became a lot harder to draw. The Haki hardening would keep the weapon from shattering in her hands, which was what would normally have happened if she tried this at any other time, but thats where it's strength came from. All that energy the string was storing would all be released in the next arrow: Instead of a simple, regular Drill shot, Once Linnea let it loose, a defeaning sonicboom signalled her attack as the Haki imbued projectile flew towards her enemy's heart faster than anything would be able to react. Speed of lighting would have been an appropriate description...

The pirate captain literally had no way to see such an attack coming, let alone be able to use Haki or move out of the way to avoid it. The Drill Shot effortlessly ripped through the bars of his cage and the man beneath them alike, signalling his end with a pool of blood in the sands...

Skillz inc:

 Rescue the Princess!! [Final Arc Task/Melissa/Flash] Omz

Mode Name: Kokuhyōga (黒氷牙, Black Ice Fang)
Mode Type: Buffer
Mode Tier: Tier 3
Skill Set Derived From: Kuja ranger

  • Speed boost: Due to the combination of cold and Busoshoku Hardening - the former increasing its tension and the latter increasing its resistance - Linnea's bow becomes harder to draw as if she were overdrawing. Thanks to greatly exhausting herself when maintaining the mode (the Stamina upkeep) she's able to draw and fire arrows at her normal speed. However, this causes arrows/shots of T3 or higher speed to gain an extra tier of speed.
  • Brain Freeze: Due to the bow's cold temperatures, she can chill arrows to subzero temperatures as well; when it hits an enemy, they will experience intense cold radiating throughout their body. This saps 30 Stamina, but only the first warm body to be struck by the arrow is affected (Opponents immune to cold are unaffected).

[b]Mode Description:
Linnea uses her Icy grip to cool her Bow Well below sub zero temperatures, which greatly hardens it. The supercooling also makes the bow brittle, so in order to make use of this hardening without breaking it, she needs to keep it constantly coated with Busoshoku Haki - and must apply the coating in tandem with the cooling - being ultimately left with a cold, black bow that boasts hugely increased tension, akin to overdrawing it. Of course, mantaining the bow's cold temperature and Haki, as well as pulling on the harder string at the same speed require constantly expending stamina (30 per turn). This mode can only be sustained as long as Linnea can use Busoshoku Haki on the bow.
The bow becomes coated a thin, semi translucent layer of ice (due to freezing the surrounding air), and thin trails of condensation fall from it.
Skills below Tier 3 are knocked up a tier and minimum speed of skills and arrows shot becomes T3.
Speed: Tier 3


Tier 4 Skill Name: Drill Shot
Tier 4 Skill Type: Marksman
Tier 4 Skill Range: Same as the weapon's range
Tier 4 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 6 posts CD; instant
Tier 4 Skill Description: By flicking her arrow downwards with her thumb as she lets it loose, she causes that arrow to spin much faster than normal, increasing its piercing power akin to a drill. As a result, this arrow will pierce through any and all substances of T4 and below (T3 for defensive skills), as well as deal extra T4 damage to enemies hit by it.


Used C-rank Kenbu, C-rank Buso

65 Haki Stamina used

The man's cage shattered as his life faded, allowing Linnea to freely fall down onto the sands below, where - breathing heavily - she worked to undo the frosty transformation of her bow, gradually allowing it to warm back to room temperature before disabling her Haki, to prevent any damage to the weapon she'd named after her beloved best friend. Looking at Melissa and nodding once she ensured she was alright, she turned her gaze back to Flash and his damsel in distress...

In the waters....

Well... Damsel in distress might be a stretch... Her massive attack knocked all of the interlopers a good few meters back, leaving it up for Flash to clear up the remainder. He had no reason to complain, Sabrina had taken care of most of them, and on the other hand, she had apparently shown a rather fascinating ability that clearly motivated the Dial specialist. Perhaps it was the fact that he used seashells in order to fight, or perhaps it was his love for all things Flashy, but instead of being frightened at the display of power, he was intrigued:

"Hmph! No way a human would be able to learn Merman Combat.", she commented, scoffing at the thought but finally easing into a cocky smirk, "Is what'd I'd like to say... But as much as I hate to admit it, I now owe you and your crew a great debt: I still doubt you'd be able to learn it, but I can at least try to teach you."

This mermaid hardly looked like a merman supremacist or anything of the sort. Instead, prideful and haughty might be a more accurate description. Still, she had an undeniable sense of honor - undoubtedly fueled by the same pride - which would certainly compel her to pay the debt she had just incurred. To her, slavery was a fate worse than death; yet this Pirate and his friends had saved her from it. This time, she decided to hang back and let him finish off the remaining enemies, but he didn't even need to take them all down. Soon, the three who could still swim grabbed some of their crewmates and headed off to their ship, undoubtedly scared by the death of their captain.

Flash could chase after them if he felt like it thanks to his dials, but the mermaid was safe and they didn't have any fighting spirit left...

 Rescue the Princess!! [Final Arc Task/Melissa/Flash] UndxD27

Theme ~ Linnea's Sheet ~ Uroboros Pirates (Updated)
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Nicholas was a little disappointed when he watched the remaining slavers grab their unconscious buddies and swim off to their ship, abandoning the fight. Nicholas had wanted some more water fun with them, but to be honest, there was really no need. Sure, he could swim after them easily and beat them senseless, leaving their rotten bodies floating in the ocean for the sharks to eat, but really, that would just make Nicholas a bully, and there was really no need for that. The mermaid was free, they both got to vent some frustration on the slavers, and Nicholas had seen something cool, which the mermaid seemed ready to teach him. Imagine, Nicholas Edison able to launch water around and create tidal waves! "Well, I have been known to be full of surprises," Nicholas said with a playful smile, before he turned his attention back towards the shoreline. It seemed that their battle had winded down, and as Nicholas had expected, the slaver leader was down for the count. Honestly, Nicholas wouldn't have expected anything else. When those two got together and fought, they were virtually unstoppable. Granted, the guy had somehow managed to catch Melissa, but apparently that didn't last long.

Taking some time to catch his breath (fighting in the water was surprisingly draining), he made his way to the shoreline, trying to shake the excess water off of him. He really was glad he hadn't worn a shirt. The salt water would have wrecked havoc on his coat, and now he got the chance to show his body off to all three of the lovely ladies. "Well, I'd say that was a rather nice workout, wouldn't you say?" Ok, so the fight was a little bit harder than he was making it out to be, but hell, they won, he was allowed to make victory wisecracks dammit! He looked over at Melissa and smiled. "Good to see you back on your feet. Damsel in distress really doesn't suit you very well."

He then looked back at Sabrina, waiting for her to come ashore, if she was coming ashore, before he turned back to the first mate and gave her an elaborate bow. "May I present to you, the lovely Sabrina. She's the one we've all been fighting for." He gave a small chuckle, looking at the three ladies before him. Now that they had saved the princess, where were they going to go from here?

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