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15The Princess' favor [Arc Pt2] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Princess' favor [Arc Pt2] on Tue Apr 19, 2016 8:22 am



Nicholas nodded at Locke's assurances that she was fine. After all, she wouldn't be out here in the Grand Line if she wasn't tough. There was no sense of humor or anything on Nicholas' face. He took the safety of his crew members (especially the ladies) very seriously. A shameless flirt he may be, but he respected women dammit!

At Linnea's call, he suddenly lept into the air, the ground under their feet flash freezing. He almost slipped when his feet touched the ground and he looked back to see if Locke was alright. Good, she hadn't fallen over or anything. And to make things better, the badger was now rooted to the ground, with Linnea apparently allowing Nicholas the honor of the killing blow, well, how nice of her. Normally Nicholas would have reservations about killing something that couldn't fight back, but this big bastard had tried to take a bite of of one of his crew mates. Nobody messed up a beautiful body like that, dammit!

And so, without a moment's hesitation, he grabbed his Thunder Dial, took aim, and let loose all it's electrical payload. The massive badger spammed and roared before slumping to the ground lifeless, some of its fur smoking from the burning. Well, that was it. That was all the furry bastards down and out, now, let's go pick some shrooms!

It really didn't take them long to find what they were looking for. After all, the mushrooms glowed for crying out loud. It made one wonder just how the badgers had managed to remain hidden in the shadows with these things lighting up the place, we're they ninja badgers or something? Oddly enough, he could picture that being a thing here in the Grand Line. As Linnea spoke out about the mushrooms, Nicholas merely shrugged. "Maybe she wants to use them to make drugs or something. People are willing to put some weird shit into their bodies for a high, and if anything looks like it will mess with your brain, it's those things." But hey, if their aquatic savior wanted to get herself stoned off her ass, that was her call. After all, far be it for a pirate such as himself to question other people's like choices.

When Locke spoke of returning to the ship, Nicholas' first reaction was a,most to volunteer to escort her back. But he thought better of it. He figured the girl didn't want to feel pitied after what had happened. Nicholas nodded. "I'll stay back and guard our captain then shall I? Make sure she doesn't accidentally drown." he gave a small chuckle at that. Hey, if one couldn't laugh at one's own misfortune, you didn't belong here!

T3 Thunder Dial used.

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