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1 ARC TASK[You guys Make me Sick.} on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:13 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Task Name:You Guys Make Me Sick...
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal
Description:Byron proceeds to attempt to sneak into the building where the child is being held, only to be discovered and forced to fight. Even though he really..REALLY doesn't feel like it. The Pirate Captain holding the kid hostage hears this proceeds to flee as Byron now manages to catch up to him.
Enemy Details:5 T2 Pirates

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2 Re: ARC TASK[You guys Make me Sick.} on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:21 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Byron was wandering amongst logue, having recovered from his wounds off of fighting "Bravo". Damn his previous injuries had stung like a bitch, but the okama toughened through them. Darnel as well had seemed to recover. At least, he was having noticabley less difficulty walking.

The duo stood in front of the building. The winds of the day blew across them, sweeping across a lone tumbleweed. Right now things were quiet... Wayyyy too quiet.

So. Darnel. Here's my idea...!. I'll head in there first, and clear the guys out. When everythings clear, I'll have you come inside and get your kid. Provided he's still there,alright?

...Alright. I'm trusting you to keep him safe. Please, he's the only thing I got right now.

The father was placing some serious trust in Byron at the moment. Though he'd offer a smile back,

Relax. This will be over before you know it.

Yeah...I hope so too.

The okama would make his way to the side of the building now, brandishing his claws on his hands for good measure. As he would start climbing up onto it. The building had three floors to it so far, and windows on each one. Doing a careful knock on one, Byron would attempt to lift the window he was at upwards. Hgnh...Come on damnit!However, as Byron continued to push and strain against the window, it didn't budge, and infact. Because of all the force he was putting on it, his own body would start to fall onto the glass. Hard, shattering through it.

The okama now found himself crashing literally through the window, and directly onto the floorboards of the room it was connected too. With a loud THUD


Word Count:329

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3 Re: ARC TASK[You guys Make me Sick.} on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:33 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Hey what was that!

I don't know man. Lets go check it out!Maybe someone's breaking into the place.

...Dammit. They had already heard of his "intrusion" and were making their way their. Quickly, Byron would survey the room, opting to hide directly to the side of the door, as it wasn't open. Taking a careful good look around the room, it seemed like a dimly lit one, with few pieces of furniture that were dusty. Damn this place was a real trash bin. The door would be opened slowly, all Byron could do now was hope to everything he wasn't seen. Last thing he needed was the entire house rushing him at once. As two tall, lean men seemed to barge in, carrying swords.

You see anything man?

Nah. I think we're just hearing things, let's look around.

The okama surveying their movements very carefully, watching how they moved around the room. The minute their backs were turned, he'd make mincemeat of them. Carefully focusing on them, both seemed to be searching various parts of the room. As with a sudden movement, Byron would pounce torwards one and rake violently from his shoulders to his midsection down. The sudden surprise would allow him to execute the technique.

Skill Used:

Tier 2 Skill Name:Dual Death Rend
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 2 Skill Range:Arms Reach
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration:Two Posts Cooldown:Duration Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description:Byron pounces towards an opponent and places his claws on both of their shoulders, before raking them violently down both of their arms or straight downward from there. Leaving Five Diagonal Slashed Open wounds on each side of the area that was cut down.

Stamina Left:175/190


The wounded pirate would cry out now. Bleeding horribly, his friend would take notice. However Byron wouldn't just let him going. Clawing the back of his neck and pushing him into his ally, his "ally" seemed to have brandish his sword. Though the manuever pushed him onto the other pirates sword, causing him to be impaled through it and leaking out alot more blood than intended.

Holy shit!DALE!

The yell attracted more attention from the house, as more footsteps could be heard. Damnit you gotta be kiddin me...

The Pirate who had just impaled his own "friend" was still in shock. Moving over rather quickly, Byron would slash across his face with both claws to blind and cause severe bleeding on him. The claws making rather short work of his facial structure. Given they were iron claws being moved rather quickly on his face. The man would lie back, howling out in pain as he bled out. The footsteps would get closer and closer.  The okama was in for one hell of a fight, and now, he was brought it at his front door.

Word count:524

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4 Re: ARC TASK[You guys Make me Sick.} on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:43 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

O-Oh man!You killed them!

A shot rang out, as Byron would feel a dull stabbing pain into his left shoulder, which made him wince horribly. Turning his head to the left, he'd notice a man was carrying a musket with him, a simple one shooter. It didn't have much ammunition in it beyond one ball bullet judging from its design.

D-Don't come any closer!I'll shoot damnit!

Y-yeah!He means it!

Two grunts from behind the "shooter" would speak up. However the doorway gave them limited room to work with, as the "marksman" was covering it, the two grunts stood at the ready if needed to intervene. Thinking quick off his sleeve, Byron would loosen one of his gloves off his right hand, and fire his arm in a pincer like motion, shooting his glove forward as if it were a mini missile aimed at the man's head.

Skill used:
Tier 1 Skill Name:Pincer Shot
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range:Arm's Reach
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:2 Post Cooldown, Instant Duration
Tier 1 Skill Description: Byron dashes into an enemy and delivers a quick Pincer shot with one hand pointed straight forward. The Pincer shot delivers a hand width sized cut upon wherever the opponent is hit with this technique.

Stamina: 160/190


The claw with its momentum and fire, would proceed to sink itself in the midline of the man's face. Sending him reeling back, because of the sudden shift in weight, the grunts behind him were now forced back too. Causing them to nearly stumble and crash horribly on themselves. The "swordsmen" grunts moving back as their companion was now howling in pain.

Let's get him!

One would run in immediatly, sword brandished. Byron would take a quick step to the side to avoid a vertical slash aimed at his head for a quick kill, but he wasn't able to avoid a slightly horizontal one. Taking a slash to his right side. His clothes caught some of it, but he was nearly about to get cut like paper.

Ugh....You ruined my vest!

Byron really did have his priorities right now, of all things, his outfit mattered the most. With his left hand still clawed and covered, He would swipe at the man's face directly, but not only that, and actually would continue forward. Face planting him onto the ground hard, such a sudden blow and force putting him on the ground would knock him out at the very least, but not kill him.Gr!You!

The other pirate that was still alive and conscious would aim to assault Byron. Attempting a charge at his person, it would barely miss him. The okama having taken a slight lean back to avoid being skewered. His wound on the side still bleeding and hurting, not to mention his shoulder now too. This wasn't gonna be so good... Warping his left hand to shape like a claw, he'd grip the throat of the man who charged at him, crushing down hard at it with his claws. Which would proceed to open wounds in his throat and violently bleed out. Crushing hard into it with great force, the okama let go once he confirmed his assailant was dead.

Five people...Laid out all around him, wounded or dead, as Byron went over and moved to go see where the kid was, but first. He had to claim his damn glove, picking it up off of the "marksman" he hit with it.

Word count:642

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5 Re: ARC TASK[You guys Make me Sick.} on Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:52 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Crouching down to relieve himself of this... "Pain". Byron would proceed to break out some dressings, after all he was still a doctor and capable of patching himself or others up when wounded. Carefully wrapping it around his shoulder and securing it in order to prevent any further bleeding, he would then unpack some more, wrapping it around his side where he had been slashed. The guy had bled out a pretty decent amount, and it was sinking to him.

In the end, it was his call as to whether or not Byron was still "in the right condition" to really be taking this guy on right now...

Securing his bandages carefully. He began to hear a voice speak from upstairs, on the third floof.

Oi Mates!What the hells going on down there!

A disgruntled, angry voice spoke up. One that was swarthy and brash. Perhaps this was the man that took the kid?Or someone else, Byron would not approach torwards upstairs, but would rather wait until he came down.

As the man descended down the steps, he continued to yell. Mates!Where the hell are ya!Slow, heavy, but light steps would walk down. As upon entering the second floor, he could clearly see Byron standing there, with some covering of his wounds, and... Armed.

Just who the hell are.. yo-Before the "man" could say anything, he'd see the bodies, of his dead, unconscious crew. Was this guy here to arrest him or something?Oh shit!What, are you here with the marines?Heh. You ain't getting that damn kid back!Now as long as I live!

Hey wait a minute, listen I think there's been a misundersta-

Before Byron could continue speaking, the man would reach into a nearby cabinat, and pull out the same kid he saw from earlier, except now said kid was grimier, and hurt slightly. If I can't have that damn devil fruit@!Nobody can! Gripping the kid, he would rush down the stairs. Headed outside, with clearly a switchblade in his other hand.

He had to stop him!Running down the same set of stairs, Byron would follow the man outside, he had to stop him in his tracks.

Task End

Word Count:408

Total Word Count:1903

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