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1 Pritch Light on Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:29 pm

An Okama without the O  

Pritchard Light, The False Okama!

Name: Pritchard Light [Pritch]
Alias/Epithet: False Okama
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Tier: 1
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist and Musician
Affiliation: Marine

General Appearance:

Pritch has a somewhat eccentric way when it comes to dressing, he can literally wear anything and not feel to bad, i mean as a kid he did spend a lot of his time in a tutu practicing ballet. He is a tall male whom has excellent posture yet when resting he likes to slouch, probably due to the fact that he was not allowed to do so during dance practice. He has long blond hair, blue eyes and is white in skin tone. He sometimes doesn't wear under wear. Generally when out and about people will stare at him if he is wearing one of his more "fashionable" outfits.

Height: (8ft)
Weight: (62kg's)
Crew Tattoo Placement: large on on back

The first thing that people seem to take from meeting Pritch is his courteous nature. Age, generally most behaviours, most jobs and species aren't taken in to account when Pritch is interacting with someone, whether he has a small distaste for the persona or job of whom he is talking to, the young male will always try to remember his manners. He will always try to remain polite, kind as well as considerate to the needs and wants of others around him. He is generally and sincerely a really nice guy and this can be seen and heard in his speech. Always one to hold the door open for those behind him, to stand up for others whom are incapable of standing up for themselves and to help those whom are generally in need. His main concern though is his shyness, though easily able to talk about work and inform officers or follow/give orders, when talking about his own life he becomes rather shy and timid, not really sure what to say and tripping over his words.

Alas such a nature can also lead him to become easily swayed by others, due to his own sincerity and kindness, he is easily led astray and can be manipulated by those whom do not have the purist of intention, coupled by his vast curiosity and risk taking nature, well this can put him in some dangerous situations. With such an easily manipulated mind, this reveals Pritchs incredibly trusting nature, he is open to trusting anyone he meets to a certain extant. He does understand when to stop, he knows the difference between right and wrong, though these lines can be blurred through some sweet talking.

Willing to do dangerous things for his commanding officers, Pritch is slightly too ambitious when it comes to fully documenting his own adventure, Pritch wishes to complete a photographic memory album so that he can retain all the information he needs. Such an ambitious and somewhat impossible plan right? Being a dreamer Pritch tends to look on the brighter side of life and rarely focuses on doubt. Not being the most observant person in his every day life, he misses things normal people would see, like dangerous things when his mind is focused on other things.

For someone so kind, one would expect a high level of honesty, expectations can sometimes be too high. To get something he really wants, Pritch is willing to lie his little heart out to document an experience. When people deny him what he wants, Pritch's becomes rather hurt by this, thus his kind persona becomes somewhat dented, he will cry, lie about being sick or severely ill, or lie about family members and so forth just to get a picture.

In terms of his friends, his family, Pritch finds himself full of love and loyalty towards those whom have a special place in his mind and heart. It is impossible to manipulate the young man against his close friends and his allies, his loyalty to them knows no bounds.

Pritch has a slight fear of snakes, having been struck by a poisonous snake in his younger days, the fear of being in that much pain again caused by such creatures terrifies him. His fear of them can be quelled due to his companionship with his fellow officers, though this fear can lead to freezing up in battle or simply running away.

*Chicken Noodle Soup: Pritch has a craving for chicken noodle soup, he adores it.
Dancing He loves to dance, though he's not a super fan of ballet.
*Spicy Food: he adores food that is cooked to perfection.
*The Weather: fascinated by it.
*The Sea: Always wanted to explore.


*Vegetables: Ew..
*Power hungry people: He hates those kind of people, those whom look for power in everything, why? Can't you just get stronger without having to be the "best" bleugh.
*Law Breakers: Law breakers is a must cuz like marine.


Born in to this world on the hottest day of summer. Pritch Light was born to two pirates whom were rather famous for their shooting based abilities. Her mother was known as the Scarlet Rose with a bounty of 80,000,000Beli and her father was just shy of 90,000,000 and was known as the Explosive shooter due to his devil fruit ability. Having given birth to a baby boy upon the murderous rose with the petal crew. This blessing would not last so long for the marines would come aboard and after a battle that spanned 14 days on the seas they would be victorious. The last opponent was his mother whom would die protecting his cradle with her body. It would seem this act of love allowed him to be spared. A marine whose wife was incapable of having children would take him and raise him as his own.

Having a normal up bringing it was traditional for marine children to become apart of the marines. This was no different from Pritch Light whom had begun to grow up to become a polite young man. Taking his fathers hate for pirates into account this would slowly but surely shape his pirate hating life. Never seeming to ever know that his true heritage of which was piracy itself. It was feared that perhaps one day he would find out but after seeing his persona and pirate hating form it was then dismissed. As  he grew and registered into the marines it became obvious that he had not obtained the trait of his true parents his father and mother were happy of this, the further away he was from his parents the more they believed he would grow in to a powerful marine captain one day.  When his father and mother would leave for missions he would be left with his uncle whom was an okama, thus whenever they would leave he would be forced to endure dance and karate lessons, he hated ballet but learning Okama style was strangely addictive. .

He would graduate the marine academy later than most, his father keeping him back to study more and more of the marines heritage and purpose. He informed his son everyday that even the marines are not outside of the law and one should always be just and fair, though they hated pirates they should always offer mercy and the chance of surrender before battling if it were a plausible route to go down. Upon understanding the father would take Pritch with him upon many missions. It was during this time that Pritch would be trained in the way of the Cp. It seemed to take a liking to the new boy and now at the age of 21 he wished to expand his knowledge of the world and set off upon a ship. One that did not hold his father, he needed to fend for himself and gain allies in his own name not within his father, thus he abandoned his second name choosing Light for himself. His life had only begun.

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2 Re: Pritch Light on Sat Apr 09, 2016 4:43 pm

all seems in order someone move and etc. this

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