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1 [ARC TASK]Town Travel on Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:30 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name:Town Travel
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal
Description:Byron with some assistance searches amongst loguetown for any leads on where the kid might actually be at. After obtaining a lead from local witnesses, Byron proceeds to find and locate the building where the kid is being held discreetly. However a man attempts to get in the way of things...
Enemy Details:None

Boss Name:Bravo
Description:A 7FT Tall Enforcer like man. Who has encountered Byron and Co attempting to find the child. The Right Hand Man of his Crew's Captain. He fights with his fists and is rather strong,but isn't slow despite his large girth and build. Wears a classic black tie type of suit. The type you see at fancy events.
Devil Fruit:N/A
Haki Aura:Pugilist

Hand to Hand:4

The Sun was started to set. Byron had been searching throughout loguetown with his new found companion. The father of the boy who was kidnapped. They didn't have much of a lead at the moment beyond "the leader went athataway". You have any idea where we're going?I never really caught your name from before by the way.

My name's Byron, and I know uh....Sort of. The mooks from earlier said he went this way, and this was the way I saw him run too.

Alright...Let's just be careful now Byron. My name's Darnel. You never know who might be around right now...
He was wary, the crew that took his kid could have backup with them for all they knew. If they truly thought they were on the verge of getting a devil fruit. There was no hesitation on their part. Trudging through the walkways of Logue. Only Citizens walked by, clueless. We might as well try asking around. It wouldn't hurt to see if anyones seen someone running around with a kid over their shoulders.


Byron would start to ask people walking by if they'd seen any form of a man running with a kid gagged at the mouth over his shoulder,but wouldn't yield much in results.

Excuse me,Have you seen a man running around with a gagged at the mouth kid?



Sorry,but I can't say I have, Good Luck though!

This wasn't looking good, they couldn't afford to lose the kid in the town now. Don't worry Darnel. I'm sure someone here will have seen the guy who took your kid. We'll get him back.

Yeah...I hope so too.

Word Count:501

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2 Re: [ARC TASK]Town Travel on Sat Apr 09, 2016 8:51 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

The duo kept asking people around logue for over an hour now. Nothing, man things were looking a little bleak for the duo.

In the middle of their questioning of someone, a person appeared to take notice of the duo and would walk up to the two.

Hey!You said your looking for a man running around with a gagged kid over his shoulder right?

Yeah!. You happened to see anyone doing that around here?

Right over there. A man with that seemed nervous and ran into that building. There was a group with him. I think.
The person that was talking to Byron and Darnel pointed over at a normal appearing house. Looked rather inconspicuous. Before the man could finish the rest of what he was saying though. A figure had punched him hard from his side. This...This was someone who had been listening to their conversation the entire time. He knew they were going after his captain. So he had to give em "a little accident". The man was clearly not any form of a fighter, as he was sent colliding a few meters away from the duo of Byron and Darnel.


In front of the duo stood a Tall 7 FT Built man in a black Tie Suit. With an Intimidating glare and the eyes of a killer. As he looked down at the two of them.

I saw what you did to my mates earlier. Now your getting your nose too deep in my caps plans. I don't give a shit about them however. In fact. I'll give you a special deal. Hand over the Pops to me, and I'll let you go. Hows that sound?



At this point. Byron was rather agitated at the entire situation. This had all transpired because of some stupid make believe fruit, and their entire crew was dumb enough to believe a random lie told by a big mouth kid.

That kid doesn't know where a devil fruit is, and your stupid for believing him in the first place. If your gonna stand in our way, then I'm gonna Kill you.

....What was he saying? KILL, HIM? Byron didn't know what was taking over him at this point, he had killed 3 people earlier, when he himself feared the idea of remotely fighting a week ago. To threaten to kill was a strong sentence in his book. Him and his damn bravado had already made the threat already. No turning back from that.

Heh. Your stupider than I thought. I'll break you in half in a minute like the twig you are.

Darnel. Move back. I'll handle this one.

Now Byron. You don't have to do this-

Just Move.

With that remark, Darnel complied. Not interrupting whatsoever, as he would observe Byron. Hoping he wouldn't get himself killed for his sake, as the two of them were almost complete strangers. Why would a stranger die for another one?

Getting into a readied stance, Byron would face down the taller man, at the ready. With a determined look in his eyes.

Lets Do This.

Word Count:593

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3 Re: [ARC TASK]Town Travel on Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:29 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Hmph. I'll give you the first move pretty boy!You don't stand a chance against me.

Oh I'm gonna enjoy this Sweetheart~.

Byron was speaking radically different compared to how he was before he started fighting back in his life. Now more of his personality was coming out. He was more....Confident on his abilities. He had to deal with this man quickly though. Avoiding the rookie mistake he'd done in his past few fights. Byron would take the time to put his hands into his pockets and quickly slip on his gloves. Brandishing the two "claws" that he possessed of Iron.

What the hell?What are you supposed to be?Some kind of cat burgler? You look like a damn sissy with those gloves.

The okama wouldn't make any form of remark back. Instead taking advantage of his opponents cockiness to get a rush on him. The two were only three meters apart from each other. With a quick motion. Byron rushed towards him and prepared to set up his "Dual Death Rend". Given how close they were. Byron would very quickly close the distance. Slashing down on his opponents arms from the shoulder up with both of his claws. Left on left, right on right. However, Byron's arm's would be caught by the man midway. He had a firm grip. Which would quickly be followed by a strong headbutt towards Byron's head.

Skill Used:
Tier 2 Skill Name:Dual Death Rend
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 2 Skill Range:Arms Reach
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration:Two Posts Cooldown:Duration Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description:Byron pounces towards an opponent and places his claws on both of their shoulders, before raking them violently down both of their arms or straight downward from there. Leaving Five Diagonal Slashed Open wounds on each side of the area that was cut down.

165/190 Stamina Left.


It stung. Hard. What the hell. It was almost as if this guys head was made of steel! Byron wasn't exactly getting a easy break either. His opponent hadn't let go of him. Quickly Byron would find himself lifted by his arms in to the air,in which he'd throw a light kick at the man's face. Barely fazing him. "Bravos" Rebutall though was to slam him Violently on the ground,letting him go on impact. This man had some monster strength. Tossing Byron around as if he was some kind of RagDoll. Just what the hell had they been feeding this guy....


You Ain't done yet? Your lighter than a damn twig. Those stupid claws of yours ain't gonna do you much good on someone like me. Ha. Some real idiots been raised in East Blue.

Almost instantaneously. the man aimed a hard straight down at Byron. Prepared to strike him down, the young man would roll over to the side. His assailants punch leaving a noticeable indent in the ground. He couldn't afford any more hits or he'd be down for the count. They all stung at him, just what on earth was this guy capable of...?

Word Count:568

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4 Re: [ARC TASK]Town Travel on Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:47 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Needless to say. As he was getting up. Byron would notice the man still bleeding from where he had cut him. Maybe he was pain resistant?The Claws appeared to cut into him decently from his shoulder to his elbow almost before His technique was cut off midway. Readjusting his stance. Byron wouldn't directly assault him now. Had to try playing it defensive, clearly attacking him head-on wasn't going to work. The okama would continously move back until he gained about a seven meter distance from his opponent. For some reason, "Bravo". Wasn't interrupting him. Perhaps he was cocky, or sure whatever Byron did wouldn't faze him.

Heh. Try whatever you want kid, these cuts you gave me ain't shit. It's just a little bleeding.

His pride was hurt now. He barely fazed his opponent when the okama had put so much bravado into his earlier words. He was gonna need a new tactic...

Come at me then. Or are you just gonna stand there?

...Yeah. Maybe taunting him into attacking would work right now.

With Pleasure.

Immediately, the man began to charge almost like a bull.  Breaking almost half of the distance Byron made between the two. However Byron had a trick of his own, as he'd do a quick roll and push himself into the air off the ground with his hands midway. The assailant looked rather confused. As he'd look around for a minute and then up.

Byron was about four meters in the air before he started to crash down, However with the trajectory and way he crashed down at. Byron set himself up to rake down his opponent. "Bravo" had expected something like this from the way the okama had gone into the air, and was prepared to deliver a hard double straight into his chest once he landed.

Ha. You see kid.. Your too freaking simple for m-

In the middle of his talking though. Byron had already landed where he intended, Not ON his opponent, but behind him. Raking his claws into his back as he fell. Due to his momentum and how Byron was essentially dragging his claws into the man's back downward. Six streaked fresh wounds would be on the man's back. Three on his right, and three on his left. All going downward from his upper back down to his pelvis almost. Fresh to the brim with blood.

Skill Used:

Tier 2 Skill Name:Push Jump Hammer Claw
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 2 Skill Range:4 Meters
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration:4 Posts Cooldown:Duration Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description:The user does a quick roll as they push their hands onto the ground before springing into the air off of them. Brandishing his "claws" quickly,Byron will then Proceed to Rake down on the opponent below him with both.

Stamina left:140/190

Not Hesitating with any small Talk. Byron would execute another technique, Putting his two hands and arms together and Pushing rather hard on the center of the man's back. The sudden damage from his previous blow had caught him off guard.

Technique Used:

Tier 1 Skill Name:Push
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range:Arm's Reach
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:2 Post Cooldown, Instant Duration
Tier 1 Skill Description:Byron arranges both of his arms and Presses down Hard against a Opponent or Object with the two of them together,open. Dealing heavy bruising to the area that is struck with this move.

Stamina Left:125/190

"Bravo" had been sent about 4 meters away from the force of Byron's attack. Working to get up now, his injures were actually starting to pile up on him. Though the okama couldn't resist getting his remarks in.

Oh Honey!You gave yourself a booboo!Here. Let me fix that~ <3

Meanwhile, Darnel would watch the scene unfold. Baffled at Byron's turn around,but at the same time perplexed by his unusual way of talking.

Just who the hell am I dealing with...?

The father thought watching the fight. This only got stranger and stranger...

Word count:744

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5 Re: [ARC TASK]Town Travel on Sat Apr 09, 2016 7:07 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Oh look who think's he's something special. Get a few more hits and a rookie thinks they can actually fight!

Bravo was attempting to stand back up now. As he'd flip around and face Byron. Unyielding, but staggering a little due to his newfound cuts, the bleeding wasn't exactly stopping.

Byron in the meantime was starting to exhaust, he was panting from that maneuver. In fact he almost forgot to breath.Dammit Byron!You can't make these kinds of mistakes now!

H-Heh. Funny how the tables flipped so fast right? Shoulda paid more attention to me than to being one hell of a smartass.

Why you Little...!

Clearly pissed off now. "Bravo" would run directly into Byron again. However he was running with much more noticeable speed. Trembling slightly prior to doing so. Was he on his last legs? Losing the amount of blood he did wasn't working in his favor.

Byron had prepared himself though, he had to end this now! He wouldn't meet "Bravo's" charge. Instead taking a more defensive stance, as Bravo entered within Arm's reach. With sudden speed he would execute a quick claw based technique. His strongest one.

I'll Kill you Now!Tiger Empress Rush!

....Why the hell did you have to call it out. Internally, he face-palmed himself. Physically though, Byron would duck under an attempted punch from Bravo to the right, before activating it. As his Arm's were like sudden shredders with the speed of his technique. A Quick spinning graze of his claws across the man's chest with his right. Then another one downward from his left. Causing profuse bleeding on "Bravo's Chest". The very force,precision and speed of the technique had overwhelmed his reflexes. The Okama would finish it by pressing both of his "spinning" claws to the sides of the man's cheeks. Deforming the sides of his face horribly and causing him to lash out in pain.

Skill Used:

Tier 3 Skill Name:Tiger Empress Rush
Tier 3 Skill Type:Hand to Hand
Tier 3 Skill Range:Arms Reach
Tier 3 Skill Cooldown&Duration:Four Posts Cooldown:Duration Instant
Tier 3 Skill Description:Byron begins to Madly rush at a enemy with his claw based attacks. Dealing Four Hits with his rakes. However in this combination Byron begins to contort and twist his hands around as if they were spinning. Causing this Rush to be far more effective than it's other variants.


Bravo was done for, falling back in pain, bleeding from several areas.The man was on his last legs right now. As for Byron...

H-Ha. Fuck Yo-

He'd collapse onto his knees right there. The exhaustion of such a technique got to him right there. Darnel ran right over to him as this happened. Byron. Byron you did it! I don't doubt that you can get my boy back Byron! Man. I thought it was close for you right there. That guy had one hell of a advantage on you from the start.

Yeah.... That guy was one hell of a tough bastard. At least we know now where to guy to get your kid back.. Though. I think we should call it for today. I'm not in much shape to fight, and you can't even fight off these guys too.

B-but my kid!Dammit.... Your right. I barely managed to walk over here with you the entire time. Hey. You can stay over at my place for what your doing for me. We didn't travel far from there anyway. You live around logue?


The two men would walk off. Both exhausted from the ordeals of today. Continously making small talk on their way home. Bravo however....Bravo would bleed out on the ground. Forgotten, his life was reduced to ashes nearly. Going from a big potential future to nothing more than a simple corpse on the ground. The victim of a scandal.

The victim of a Devil Fruit that wasn't even real.


Word Count:733

Total Word Count:3139

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