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1Crimson Flourish Empty Crimson Flourish on Sat Apr 09, 2016 7:43 am

Primary Skill Set Name: Crimson Flourish
Skill Set Stat: Melee Weaponry & Devil Fruit
Skill Set Information: Vayra's naturally developed fighting style, including all her natural abilities and combining it with daily swordsmanship training. It is a sword style build to overpower the enemy with speed and intelligence instead of strength. The most basic attacks mostly just focus on easy to perform sword manoeuvres, while the more advanced skills in cooperate both Haki and Vayra's Devil Fruit.  
Even if most strikes are meant to be enough to kill an opponent in one successful hit, Vayra made sure to find enough ways to just make an opponent unable to fight, such as striking at the opponent's vital muscles groups or disarm them. With the burden of not wanting to kill every opponent in mind defensive techniques used for dodging or deflecting attacks are also an important part of the skill set.
Devil Fruit and Haki are used to add an additional advantage, to keep greater awareness of the battlefield and manipulate it to Vayra's favour. Which means most Devil Fruit techniques are used to strengthen Vayra and provide her new ways to defend or attack.  While her Haki is used to enhance her awareness.  

Unseen Eye - Having practised to in-cooperate the use of Observation Haki in her daily life and fighting to great lengths, Vayra has a great sense of awareness, which makes her able to faintly feel the presence (not location) of dangerous humans and beasts within the maximum range of her Observation Haki, when not preoccupied with something else.
Heightened Reflexes - Thanks to her exceptional speed and daily training Vayra's reflexes are honed to such an extend that it takes her much less time than a normal human to react reasonable to something.

Skill Strengths:
- Very fast and agile
- Combines natural strength with strengths offered by Haki and Devil Fruit

Skill Weaknesses:
- Lacks strength in direct confrontation with strength based skills
- Limited ranged options

Power of Destruction:
Tier 2
- Channelling Electricity into sword slashes.
- Transferring the force of a cut over a distance by swinging the sword at high speed, creating a "vacuum blade" of compressed air; or by simply creating strong winds with sword blows. This is known as a Flying Slash Attack. The colour of these attacks varies between users such as blue, green, purple etc.

Tier 3
- Cutting things that are usually harder than the sword itself, such as certain types of stone or even steel. The substance usually splits apart a few moments after being cut.
- Cutting objects that are thicker than the length of the sword, such as buildings or ships.
- Imbuing the swords with Busoshoku Haki to increase slicing power, as well as protect the blade from chipping.
Damage Chart:
Tier 1: Cuts through flesh, wood, cloth etc.
Tier 2: Cuts through bone, stone, etc.
Tier 3: Cuts through iron.
Tier 4: Cuts into steel.
Tier 5: Cuts through steel.
Tier 6: -

Last edited by Vayra D. Lev on Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:10 pm; edited 2 times in total

Crimson Flourish SUNfCzX
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2Crimson Flourish Empty Re: Crimson Flourish on Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:02 pm



I could be wrong, but I believe the elemental part of PoD can only be accessed at T3.

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3Crimson Flourish Empty Re: Crimson Flourish on Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:18 pm

pretty much copied the power of destruction from here

Crimson Flourish SUNfCzX
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4Crimson Flourish Empty Re: Crimson Flourish on Sat Apr 09, 2016 3:22 pm



My mistake. I thought that was the case but it's not. Everything looks good then.


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5Crimson Flourish Empty Re: Crimson Flourish on Sat Apr 09, 2016 4:47 pm



mind and be aware that the destruction list is skill set based and not passive based, this be approved 2/2

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