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1 [ARC TASK]What the Hells going on....? on Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:31 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name:What the Hells Going on...?
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal
Description:Byron is wandering amongst Loguetown looking for something to do, when he happens to stumble upon a local ruckus, opting to investigate, Byron finds out a kid was kidnapped over claiming to know where a devil fruit was hidden on the island by pirates. Taking some sympathy, Byron opts to help the family get their kid back, however, He attracts attention from the wrong crowd by doing this..
Enemy Details:6 T2 Pirates
Boss: (Is there a boss?)

It had only been a week for Byron.

In that week, alot of crazy stuff had happened.

....and for once. He was now even killing people. He didn't shudder at the thought of it anymore however. Though it still came at him here and there. Going from a guy who refused to fight to having actually hurt a few guys....Even going as far as to kill their leader. The Byron before all of this had happened would have never even considered the possibility of doing this, he never would have gotten up or even tried. The guy had to make his stand in the world, sooner or later a fight was gonna come that made him either fight or die, and that fight was only a few days ago.

...Yet he did, and the okama was alive now because of his decision. He'd keep walking. He had to get some new clothes for himself right now... He only had a few pairs of his current outfits and not much variety. Though on his way. As he was walking however. Byron would hear an unusual scream come to the side of him. Which would make his hair stand on end. Goddammit what now.... This didn't seem like it was gonna be clean. As the okama turned his head around, and was greeted with a rather odd scene in front of him...

....I just can't catch a Break now can I?

Word Count:357

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2 Re: [ARC TASK]What the Hells going on....? on Sat Apr 09, 2016 5:23 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Oh shit!

...Damnit Byron. You just had to give yourself away now didn't you. Fanfuckingtastic...

In front of Byron, played out a scene of a man nearly unconscious on the floor of the sidewalk near a House. In front of it were 3 armed men. One with a sword and two with flint-locks. A Taller man seemed to be in charge over here. Wearing a vest with no undershirt, seemingly carrying a knife. Byron debated whether or not to intervene. He wasn't exactly some kind of "local vigilante". Though as he spaced out. This would occur.

Oi, Get your stupid kid to tell us where the fruit is already!

Yeah Pops. Or do we gotta show you more of a lesson..?

P-Please...He's just a freaking Kid. He doesn't know what he's talking about...!

The wounded man on the ground chirped in, attempting to plead with his childs kidnappers. His kid had one hell of a mouth, and that landed them in some trouble now...

Unbeknownst to Byron. What he couldn't see from where he was standing. Was the no shirt holding a little boy ragtied at the mouth in front of him. The kid was struggling against him, resulting in a Impromptu smack on the kids arm.

Oi Shut it! Fine. If your stupid kid won't do the talking. We'll make him. He's coming with me!Boys. Make sure he doesn't try anything funny.


The wounded man attempted to get up and Hit him. Only to be taken down with a mere shove by one of his lackies. As the guy with the kid hoisted him over his shoulder and began to move rapidly off the scene. Byron didn't know what to do...But the marines that were supposed to "protect" this island weren't doing shit about it.

....Maybe,this meant he should do something?

Oi!What are you lookin at!?

Great. Now he was actually noticed by these "ruffians".

Word Count:378

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3 Re: [ARC TASK]What the Hells going on....? on Sat Apr 09, 2016 5:33 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

At your ugly face.

Oh look who thinks he's a wise guy over here....

Truth be told these guys were pretty damn ugly to Byron. It's almost as if most ruffians these days didn't know what basic hygiene was any more! As the man would approach Byron and press his FlintLock Against his chest. With a Cocky Smirk. Listen you little shit. You better apologize for that. Or your gonna end up like that guy over there. The ruffian said, gesturing with his flintlock over at the man who could barely stand. Preoccupied with the other 2 lackies. Taking advantage of his quick turn-away though. Byron would proceed to FacePlant him onto the ground. It wasn't much of a technique, but the collision of his head with the ground had to take him down. A Impact so suddenly wasn't easy to get up from.

The man barely went with a Noise. Unconscious,His two comrades not even paying much mind. He didn't yell or anything, so their attention wasn't draw to him right now. Byron had to take advantage of this,he wasn't some kind of assassin, but he had a habit of sneaking around alot. As the okama would slip his hands into his pockets to put on his gloves. Attaching them on, he'd take a slow walk towards the two preoccupied "grunts". They weren't weaklings, but he had to play it safe.

Oi How much do you think we're getting for this?

The hell if I Know. We better get a damn fruit from this stupid kid. Or I'll shoot his "pops" here.

Hearing some of their conversation. Byron quickly turned from slightly nervous to pissed off. He didn't know what happened beyond a guy running off with a kid. Did they just steal this guy's kid for a fruit? The okama didn't have much bravado in him, nor had he ever paid attention to the problems other people had besides his own, but this...

This made him sick.

Oh Boys~

Byron said. Quickly putting his arms around the shoulders of each one, as he had successfully sneaked up behind the two of them. His Claws now directly on each of their throats almost. One wrong move, and they'd be down for the count.

Word Count:418

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4 Re: [ARC TASK]What the Hells going on....? on Sat Apr 09, 2016 5:45 am


Free Agents
Free Agents


W-Who are you and what do you want!

The two lackeys were now intimidated by Byron's sudden ambush on the two. They had dropped their guard, not expecting anyone to remotely help the man they just robbed of his kid right now. Tell me... What the hell did you take this guys kids for?Now!The okama asserted, he was prepared to practically kill these guys for what they were doing, as their "friend" from earlier threatened to shoot Byron dead almost.

W-We just took this guys kid!

Y-Yeah!We Took em because he said he had a devil fruit!He Wouldn't say where it was so our boss took the kid!

....Man, people were stupid. A kid....Wouldn't find a devil fruit at random and go around announcing it. Devil Fruits were rare, these men had to be desperate for something. Judging from how far they went to assault the guy in front of them for his kid. The Wounded man would only look, carefully, watching what was unfolding.

Where'd your leader go....?Byron said with a soft pitch. As he put his claws closer to the two lackeys throats. He had to intimidate them into giving him some answers. Not like he was gonna let him live. Though the okama hesitated for a moment. Was he just about to execute these two guys like it was nothing?Recent events had changed him into more of a "fighter" it seemed.

We dont know!He just ran off with the kid!He can't have gotten too far from here. Please!Don't Hurt U-

In his anger, Byron had slit the throat of the one his right arm was around with his Iron Claws. The body falling immediately in front of the mini stairs of the houses front.  His left hands claws were still very close to the other lackey that was with him's throat. So if he tried anything... Byron was ready to put him down.


The man tried to get Byron off guard and kick him. Only to have Byron with quick precision slash his throat open as well. Had the okama not been that close. These guys could have potentially overtaken him, but due to his stealth advantage and how close their throats were to his hands....They were done for.

Who are you?


Word Count:450

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5 Re: [ARC TASK]What the Hells going on....? on Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:01 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Hey Listen Take it easy. You seem to be pretty badly hurt. Don't worry I'm a doctor. I can help you, just allow me to tend to your wounds.

Thank you... Those guys beat me badly at gun point. I couldn't do anything.... As they took my son.


   Occupying one post worth of time you can treat one moderate and unlimited lesser wounds without registered medicines or drugs.

Quickly. Byron would pull out some dressings and apply them over the man's wounds. Taking careful care to clean them as well. So that way he wouldn't risk any infection and could recover properly. From his assessment though. The man would still be able to stand and walk and everything, He just got beaten pretty badly.

What exactly happened over here?

My kid and his big damn mouth... Kept saying he had a devil fruit, those damn pirates believed he did and took em. I tried to fight them off, but they beat me senseless at gunpoint like I said.... I couldn't do anything!

The father was frustrated, as he'd hit his hand on the ground. Not being able to save your own kid when he needs it really stung at a parent. Now his kid was held hostage god knows where in loguetown.Byron held some sympathy for the guy... He actually cared about his kid. Unlike....

His own dad.

Maybe he could help him out a little atleast..Right?Not like it'd kill him.

Well. We could work together if you want. If you know any leads as to where your kid could be. I could try...To get him back?I'm more of a fighter than you are right now.

I appreciate that...Though why are you helping me?

Because people like that shouldn't be getting their way. The marines are supposed to be doing their damn job...Those guys said their leader with your kid was going off a few blocks from here. He couldn't have gotten far. I'll go look for him.
Byron would turn away, about to depart. Before the man stood up.

Wait. Let me go with you. I can still stand and walk and talk. I could atleast try to help you out somehow....Even!If I cant fight!The man appeared to be determined, it was his son after all. Normally...Byron would have told him to sit down,but this was the mans pride and joy. No parent would just...Abandon their kid so easily..

The okama cracked a smile. Heh. Sure. Just don't try to fight with your...Current Situation.

Walking through the streets of LogueTown midday with a newfound companion. Byron began his search for the man's kid. It wasn't gonna be easy, but the okama didn't doubt he could find him.


Word Count:531

Total Word Count:2134

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