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1 Vayra D. Lev on Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:27 pm

Name: Vayra D. Lev
Race: Kuja
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Vayra is not very muscular, she is mostly build for flexibility and speed, needless muscle would just slow her down. She has very pale white skin and crimson waist long straight red hair with matching amber colored eyes.
The tall and slender redhead rarely wears the uniform given to her by the navy. Instead she prefers anything red to match her hair and her eyes. If she has to she wears the uniform over her shoulders or maybe only an armband with the Navy's logo on it, but that is the most.
Since she isn't shy and very much prefers clothes that do not restrict her movement she not rarely wears tight or revealing clothes, without a care of what others may think of it.  
As she is a natural beauty she usually wears no makeup, but takes great care of her appearance, like her adoptive parents would want.
Height: 178cm
Weight: 62kg
Crew Tattoo Placement: Never, Vayra would not allow anything to defile her body.

Personality: Vayra is a difficult to deal with person, as she has her own code of conduct. This includes multiple simple rules she follows daily. The simplest would be Rule #53: "Start every day with a proper breakfast." or other rules that govern how to interact with others like Rule #12: "A good first impression is the base on which to build a lasting friendship." Most of these rules are for honorable, just lifestyle. They also forbid her to lie, leave others to die or attack someone without warning.
Since joining the Navy some of these were altered slightly, so does she no longer believe that she should protect everyone, only those that can not protect them-self, which excludes other marines. She knows everyone has to carry their own weight in the Navy. She is also far from believing that the people around her just exist to make the world a better place and understands that it is far more complicate, even if this sometimes is hard for her and collides with her own rule-set.
Her honor-bound nature might make her seem naive or stupid, but she is far from easy to deceive. As a fighter she knows a beast when she sees one and is wise enough to treat carefully. Yet since her upbringing was quite one-sided she lacks quite alot of knowledge about the world, something she aims to improve on.
Last but not least she absolutely detests cruelties towards anyone, be it human or other races and loses all self restrain towards such detestable people. In that case one could even say she would fight fire with fire and let the target of her anger taste their own medicine.
Ah also she prefers girls over boys, deal with it guys (& Law). Her typ would be strong, about her size or a bit shorter than her and maybe a bit of a tomboy like her. She doesn’t like too sexual women with big breasts at all.

Likes: Swords, the color red, girls and tea
Dislikes: Lies, injustice, cruelty and coffee

History: Like every Kuja Vayra was born on Amazon Lily as daughter of a Kuja, but instead of being raised by the Kuja her father a high ranking Navy Commander took her to raise her.

He was a honorable man, originally born in the Wano County and hoped to raise the young girl to follow his values. Also he felt slightly dishonored having been seduced by a Kuja and wanted to stay away from woman as much as possible in the future to not dishonor himself once more. So logically speaking Vayra was his only option to have any offspring to carry on his legacy.

At the age of two he took the young girl back to his home, the North Blue, where she spend most of her time on ships and in Marine fortresses. Always the sound of swords and guns around her it was no surprise that she took great interest in the art of combat. Much to her fathers surprise at the age of five the young girl was already seen swinging a wooden sword in the yard and trying her best to overpower a much older man, at which she obviously failed. Yet her father let her try and try again, taking a weird pleasure out of his daughter getting hit with sticks by his men. Not because it was some kind of fetish, but because even when the girl was clearly in pain, she did not cry or even think about quitting for a second.

As Vayra slowly grew up her little fights with the soldiers became more and more even, when at five she spend most of the time on her back, at the age of ten she send the first man to the ground. Something that was joyous for the whole battalion, aside from the man that had been beaten. In the eyes of the men the girl was much more than just the daughter of their commander, she was much more a little sister.

Which made it normal for them to take their little sister out to celebrate on their days of, visit towns and taverns, where she learned how to hit on girls from her big brothers and other less honorable things, that earned them a beating once back on ship. Those things were only small distractions to the young Vayra, as she idolized her father the most of any Navy soldier and would never betray his expectations, which made it only natural that once he reached the age of retirement, she signed up for the Navy and aimed to become a great soldier just like him.

Face Claim: Elsword|Elesis

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2 Re: Vayra D. Lev on Thu Apr 07, 2016 7:17 pm



This all looks good to me ^_^ Approved

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