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1 Night Night[TASK] on Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:31 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name:Night Night
Location:LogueTown Streets
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal
Description:Byron is walking amongst loguetown one night. When out of nowhere strange people start to appear around him. Demanding his possessions. Byron attempts to talk down his assailants, only to fail and realize he must fight :v.
Enemy Details: 8 T1 Pirates

Byron was just minding his own business that night... A little tired from some business he was taking care of. Walking home however, he began to feel something odd. Like his hair stood on end. Something didn't add up,but it was probably nothing right?He'd keep walking, minding his own business, not many people were out among-st the town right now. It was almost midnight, unbeknownst to him however, a pair of eyes was staring down onto him. Surveying the feminine guy carefully. Byron at the moment was shaking slightly, almost as if he couldn't shake the feeling someone was there, dammit Byron get yourself together.

"Theres Just Nobody there...".
"There's just nobody there..."
"There's just nobody there..."

Shaking,he'd keep whispering that under his breath as footsteps began to draw closer and closer. Now Byron began to tense up as well and get on guard. Only looking straight ahead. "I-I-It's just in my head...". Yeah, it wasn't really there. Psh, walking around when it was almost  midnight wasn't exactly healthy nowadays. He'd let out a reassuring breath as he relaxed. Though was immediatly shaken back to reality by the footsteps drawing even closer. Now...There was even multiple of them. What to do...He could either turn around and face whatever the hell was there....Or just run the fuck out of there. He had some confidence in himself, but it was night, alot of unsavory types came out at night. The last thing Byron wanted to get into of all things was a...Fight. He...He had to stand up man. Plus what if there was nothing really there? He had to face it, otherwise if someone was really there. They'd follow him home. Closing his eyes now. Byron would take a breath in and out, turn around and say.

Hey!Who's there!


Not hearing a response. Byron would open his eyes slowly, his expression changing from one of semiconfidence to one of fear.

Damn am I gonna regret this.... Would be the last things Byron would utter as he steeled himself. For what was in front of him.

Word Count:445

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2 Re: Night Night[TASK] on Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:12 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Damnit what am I gonna do...!

Byron was surveying the scene around him. There was a total of... Eight people surrounding him right now in terms of front and back. No wonder he didn't hear much, these guys knew how to walk the right way... He should have been more careful,now,now he was certainly paying for that mistake. Looking upon the people around him, he figured, "hey, Maybe I can....Convince them to go away or something?" Yeah....Not like talkings gonna get him killed. All he could make out was their figures and a little about what they were wearing, beyond that Byron was incapable of seeing these guys well.

Uh.Hi!Can I...Help you?
He'd call out to the Silhouettes that he saw that appeared to be people around him. In his fady vision, some would appear to move.

A pair of footsteps would start to get closer. Byron would shift back and forth looking around. H-Hey!Now trying to get a bead on whoever this was. A broad, firm and calloused Hand would be placed on his shoulder from behind, causing Byron to nearly jump at that moment. As a voice would speak.

Hoi..Heheh...You can help us....A gruff and swarthy sounding voice would resonate almost as if they were breathing on Byron. He was shaking now again, damnit. Who the hell was this guy! He had to watch his ass right now. As he heard the guy lick his lips disgustingly, and slight gruff laughter was heard around him now.

By giving us all your stuff..
Now we can do this either the easy way... Or the hard way..Boy the choice is yours.

Instinctively. Byron would break away from him with a sudden push. Sending him about 2 meters back. Now..Shoot. These guys weren't leaving. He had a choice, he could attempt to run....

...Or he could try to get rid of them. Byron... He could fight a little, he wasn't that bad. What was that little thing that got him to keep running earlier as he recalled back.

"Just Do It".

...Yeah. Just do it. Byron was trembling now. He'd muster up his bravado. N-No!I won't let you take my stuff!I need this!.Yeah... He wasn't gonna regret atleast trying to fight back now. This was his stuff, who were they to try to take it from him?

I guess we're doing this the hard way. Boys you know the drill! As Byron quickly readied himself. In his stance and watching carefully around him, he could barel ysee at all and there were clearly 5+ people in the area give or take. As Byron would hear footsteps rushing from behind him and turn around to deliver a quick palm strike combination on where he "guessed" his assailant was coming. Sending his right palm towards the assailants ribcage and feeling it connect. He'd send a second blow with his left palm to the attackers ribcage, and a third finishing one to his face to strike him down.

As Byron was handling that one though. Two Strikes came from his sides. One hit him from under his knee, almost as if the attacker was carrying a blunt weapon. Forcing him onto one knee while a right hook punch decked him across the face. Causing him to spit a minor amount of blood to the side. N-No!He yelled, quickly turning his head back to execute a "Push" Palm attack on the assailant who decided it was wise to get close and deck him across the face. it stung but he couldn't let it take him down. Putting both of his hands together and pressing with a sudden movement "forward" at the attacker in front of him's  upper abdomen.  Sending the attacker stumbling back, strangely towards the ground as a resounding AGH was heard. Wherever Byron hit this guy, it had sent him down a little hard.

He still wasn't in the clear... As a blunt long object would crack against his right shoulder now. The attacker didn't seem too strong, but with Byron's light fram. He was sent startled to the side about 3 meters from the swing. All he knew now was 1 guy was down...and maybe another one. Now some asshat was swinging at him with....A Piece of wood? Heh. This was getting pretty "intense" for Byron now.


Now 120/150

Skills Used:
Tier 1 Skill Name:Go Down Already!
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range:Arm's Reach
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:2 Post Cooldown,Instant Duration
Tier 1 Skill Description:Byron suddenly delivers a fast and rapid Three hit Palm Strike Combination on one Individual Target. Causing Large bruising wherever he succeeds in hitting.

Tier 1 Skill Name:Push
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range:Arm's Reach
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:2 Post Cooldown, Instant Duration
Tier 1 Skill Description:Byron arranges both of his arms and Presses down Hard against a Opponent or Object with the two of them together,open. Dealing heavy bruising to the area that is struck with this move.

Word Count:928

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3 Re: Night Night[TASK] on Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:40 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

With quick focus, Byron would slip his hands into his pockets in order to brandish his "claws". As He'd slip the gloves over each of his hands and listen carefully around him, in order to be able to better perceive where his attackers were. Two Down....and a few more to go..

Boys look!Princess over here can fight!The same voice from earlier seemed to call out, as those "around" him seemed to laugh. Alright thats enough, lets kick this pretty boys ass so we can sell his stuff somewhere.With that. A sudden rush seemed to be coming towards him. Byrons vision was starting to adjust to the night, albeit due to his technique usage. he was now tired. Ah....He couldn't fight forever. He was trembling far less right now. Huh. Could he really fight these guys off?Maybe he could,maybe he couldn't. All he could do now...Was try. If you didn't try. It wouldn't even matter what happened! Hearing the steps torwards the front of him. Byron focused there. As he managed to make out about... 4 Meters away from him a person rushing at him with what seemed to be gloves. Gloves?Really?These guys could atleast step up their game. Not hesitating any more, Byron rushed forward to deliver a quick Pincer like shot attack. Where he stuck his right arm forward rushing the guy who was already coming at him in order to catch him off guard. To these guys, Byron was a trembling little shit, but now. He had some faith in his abilites.

With quick and focused precision. His "claw" covered Hand would pierce into the guys shirt and his skin, having been aimed directly at his midsection. The man who would attack him seemed to cry out before trying to grab Byrons now vulnerable arm. Not stopping his attack from there though, Byron would use his momentum to throw him down with the force of his right arm and from his running. Putting him onto the ground as with his left hand. Byron clawed downwards at his face with his Gloves Claws in an attempt to incapacitate him. Jumping off, from what Byron saw. The man appeared to now be clutching himself on the ground in pain. Huh. He really did take him down!Byron was managing to win, or atleast get somewhere with his fighting skills right now.

Skill Used For Previous Move:
Tier 1 Skill Name:Pincer Shot
Tier 1 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 1 Skill Range:Arm's Reach
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:2 Post Cooldown, Instant Duration
Tier 1 Skill Description: Byron dashes into an enemy and delivers a quick Pincer shot with one hand pointed straight forward. The Pincer shot delivers a hand width sized cut upon wherever the opponent is hit with this technique.


Huh Boys. Guess princess here REALLY REALLY CAN FIGHT! Oi Trevor,Daniel, Show pretty boy here the works.

Preparing himself, he would start to feel some sort of fatigue on him now. Was he really overexerting himself?Agh..He had to keep fighting. Otherwise these guys would get the upper hand and rob him!No way he could let it happen.

His sight had adjusted even further to the night. As he brandished his claws, ready to take down the rest of his assailants. the Unsheathing of a knife or some sort of blade was heard. As Byron looked to his back left. A man accompanied by another was approaching him with a Short switchblade type of knife. Dressed in rugged clothing. His "Companion" though seemed to be bigger. Taller. Like some kind of brute nearly. The one with a knife seemed to rush Byron. Intent on stabbing him. His speed was starting to decrease, but he still maintained a slight advantage over these guys. They seemed to be just mooks, while he was a individual of his own. The two were Five meters away from him. Were they a team or just two who happened to look like brothers?He didn't know.

As the Knife Man Rushed him. Byron would take a pivotal side step and preform his "Grape Gore Grab" on him. Given such a large rush. It was not like the Knife wielding thug could easily reposition himself against someone with Byrons speed and Reflex. Sinking his claws into his midsection and the back of his neck. Byron could feel some form of anger now. Like he was getting some backbone. The thug would cringe, yelling out for aid as the okama threw him into his larger companion. Who would attempt to reflexively catch him. Onto to fall and stumble down unexpectedly.

Skill Used:
Tier 2 Skill Name:Grape Gore Grab
Tier 2 Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Tier 2 Skill Range:Arms Reach
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration:2 Posts Cooldown:Duration Instant
Tier 2 Skill Description:Byron from the side or back of an Opponent. Stick his claws into their midsection and into their neck, before throwing them violently in any direction.


Though at that moment. He cringed, oddly. Weakened. Letting out a weak breath. How much did he put into that attack?Christ. It really took something out of him. This fight was starting to take its toll on Byron. He had to end it quickly, or else...

Word Count:916

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4 Re: Night Night[TASK] on Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:38 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Around him. Byron could hear moaning and groaning on the ground. Whatever he did to these guys. They seemed to be in a world of hurt. The ones he had hurt. Didn't seem to be attacking him again as of right now though.

You people are stupid... Never judge a book by it's cover~ The Okama was sure of himself. Maybe he was getting a little too cocky now. Though why wouldn't he?He managed to take these guys down. He didn't kill em... Atleast he didn't think he did. Though... Byron would take a quick minute to catch his breath. His vision improved now. As he was able to see the guys that were on the ground....

And some blood...Great. Though that was to be expected. He had freaking claws, and claws cut people to be frank.

Daniel get the fuck up! You gotta be kiddin me. You guys are getting your asses handed to you by some pansy over here!?

"Pansy" has a name you know~. His Injuries began to get to him. They stung and his leg was annoyed from the previous smack he had gotten in the back of his knee. Thankfully it wasn't too serious,but it still hurt. Now he couldn't exactly afford to make any big fancy movements, that and he was tiring out. You could just...Leave!Cmon, Some of your "boys" here are on the ground. That...And I just wanna sleep!He said with a childish annoyed expression. He really did just want to go home and sleep and say fuck it to all of this,but these guys just wouldn't let the okama do that. Bah! I'll just kick your pansy ass myself then! Vincent go help these guys get off their ass, I'll handle Pretty Boy over here, and after I'm through with him. His face is gonna look like the back of a Donkey's Arse! With some slight chuckles coming from the 2 near him. They seemed to disperse, going over to the gang members on the ground right now.

Just me and you?Heh, Lets dance! Byron said now resuming his stance, taking some small breaths seemed to help him out, and his sight was improving in the night. Maybe he really was gonna get out of this.

The man who had placed his hand on his shoulder earlier seemed to be pretty pissed the hell off. Musta been really insecure about the loss his "boys" Suffered. He was Six Meters away from him. Now moving closer. As he did, Byron would as well. He wasn't gonna start off with the first move now. Didn't wanna waste any energy and just collapse.

The man flicked out a pair of brass knuckles. With some sort of spikes at the ends of them. 2-3 of them. Huh, Byron couldn't let himself get smacked with those. Otherwise he'd be done for. His reflexes took a serious hit... Given his exhaustion at this point, but he had to press on!This guy goes down!The rest might flee or something. A Right straight with the knuckles was dealt, and Byron would move reflexively to the left. Though the man delivered a low hard kick with his right leg. Hitting Byron's Left Knee again. His exhaustion only made it worse. As he'd cringe and let out a wince of pain. Almost falling down on one leg again. His speed wasn't something he could take advantage of at the moment... So he'd have to tough it out. Get the right hit on this guy and it'd all be over... He'd crouch down now. Pretending to be in serious pain.

...Ok, maybe he was in actual pain. As he'd grimace. Facing up at him. The man he was fighting would try to sound triumphant over him.

Heh. See Kid?I told you we could do this the easy way,but you just had to make it difficult!

As He'd try to throwdown a Right Hook at Byrons exposed head. He had his own trick up his sleeve. Throwing his left gloved hand out to catch his Punch attempt. He would grab around his hand to secure it. Ha.... Ha!

The Okama would swing his right claw gloved hand directly down at the man's face. Instead of like his previous attacks though, Byron spun his hand. Making his claw attack almost like a series of razor blades had lashed across this mans face. Before letting go of his left hand, allowing him to preform a claw combination. As Byron's left hand would slash across the man's chest horizontally,spinning one more. Leaving three claw slashes across his chest which had torn through his shirt and leave collateral damage. Opening up some wounds there and causing him to begin to bleed badly. Before finally. Executing a final one which stemmed from his left shoulder to his right hip. Putting extra effort into his last "spin" claw slash. The Man's front torso would almost be shredded from Byron's technique. It's speed would be rather quick, especially with it's damage output, rendering the man almost like paper to his attack. Bleeding profusely from his chest, the offender fell back onto the ground. Byron would have delivered one last claw attack as per his technique, but the exhaustion had hit him harder from overexerting himself with it. Only stumbling forward. Almost falling on his face.

Move used:
Tier 3 Skill Name:Tiger Empress Rush
Tier 3 Skill Type:Hand to Hand
Tier 3 Skill Range:Arms Reach
Tier 3 Skill Cooldown&Duration:Four Posts Cooldown:Duration Instant
Tier 3 Skill Description:Byron begins to Madly rush at a enemy with his claw based attacks. Dealing Four Hits with his rakes. However in this combination Byron begins to contort and twist his hands around as if they were spinning. Causing this Rush to be far more effective than it's other variants.

The Okama looked around him. Most of the guys that had assaulted him were gone. They must have fled...Or something.He remembered two had been still perfectly fine. Clutching down to his knees and breathing heavily. Byron would take this moment to recollect himself. Before slipping his "claws" back into his pockets. shit... He had to get out of here, the man was bleeding out right there, and maybe dead for all he knew. Not caring about taking the time to check. Byron began to walk, a little faster than usual with all his strength in his body. Tired,done for. Not much energy was left in him. That was that... Maybe he killed a guy. Though right now, Byron was too tired to even care, he wanted to go home. He was scared earlier, he was trembling at the idea of fighting,but now he was more confident in himself... As the okama disappeared into the night.

[Exit:Going Home]


Word Count:1217 Words

Total Word Count of Thread:3506

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