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Free Agents
Free Agents

Byron was restless. It was the middle of the afternoon and he wasn't doing anything productive right now. All he had done was sit at his work-space at his house and begin to work on creating some new form of medicine or drug. Something at the bare minimum he could maybe sell or help himself out with. Yet that task didn't yield anything productive...Or at the least that would work right. So for now Byron would settle training himself. He would stand up from his work-space and yawn slightly,not really feeling up for this,though what else was he gonna do?He had to be in shape, if he wasn't. Would he really be able to defend himself? The thought shivered down his spine, despite what he knew about hand to hand combat. Byron still didn't like.... "Fighting". He hadn't done much of that in his life, being on the receiving end of most of the blows that occur-ed in his life. The guy was hesitant, until something snapped him out of his stupor.

"Just Do It"

...Yeah, yeah, just do it. It won't kill me right? Byron thought as he suited himself up, proceeding to head out from his house in logue. "Might as well run around the town or something, beats sitting on my ass all day". Proceeding to start a light trot across the town, taking careful care to avoid running into any of the pedestrians walking by. Byron right now felt like a bird right now. Free, open, nothing holding him back. It was as if doing a slight run made him feel a little better about himself. "Lets pick up the pace maybe?" The young doctor would think as he started to move into a faster run now. "Huh, This is turning out better than I thought it would". A slight smile would creep up upon the doc's face. Heh, maybe training yourself wasn't really all that bad. "Let's see how far I can go...". Keeping a steady pace, Byron kept running around logue, breathing in and out as he ran. At first he almost forgot to even breath while running, but now he sure wouldn't forget it. Didn't want to crash doing something that required little effort. Would be a hell of a lot embarrassing. While Byron was getting caught up in his thoughts. He'd fail to notice what was in front of him, as his right foot would strike into something heavy, and his body would start to fall forward.


As the guy would crash onto a large, almost person shaped object. Byron would make a groaning disturbed sound. Ugh....Just what did he trip over?Placing his hands underneath him to get up, He would then realize said "object" was actually a person.  Oi!What the Hell Are you Doing!. There was now movement underneath him. Fuck, he had to get up quickly. Byron would proceed to leap to his feet and observe what he just landed on. A guy who appeared to be "laying" in the middle of the "street". Dammit. Before the guy could manage to say anything else, Byron would hesitate as to whether or not he should even stay here, on one hand, he'd have to deal with a pissed off random stranger he just landed on. While Byron seemed to be lost in thought about what to do. The guy had already gone up, and was agitated. Who was he and why the hell did he crash onto him? Hey!Explain yourself!The guy was now in Byron's face. Having shoved him back a bit aggressively. The Doc was now twitching. He didn't like conflict, and now this stranger he happened to crash into was in his face. Moving back slightly, Byron would begin to stutter. U-U-UH.... Looking around, some people had began to take notice of what was going on. Damnit the last thing the doc wanted right now was some attention aimed right at his ass with how much of a nervous wreck he was in situations like this. In a quick and sudden burst, Byron would utter.


As he would proceed to shove the guy out of the way and now run with his tail tucked underneath his legs like hell. the guy was now back on the ground as others who had started to gather were looking towards the general direction he decided to run in. Byron himself felt slightly embarrassed by this situation, but continued to run. He didn't want to fight, not now either... Despite the fact that he was probably more than capable of hurting that guy...Right?

Byron ran until he managed to get behind the side of a buildings alleyway. Where he would pant violently. His chest rising deeply in and out,hyperventilating as well. Man....That was a close one. Though Byron began to feel slightly ashamed on the inside. Should he have ran? He could fight, but....He really didn't want too. "Dah Fuck it". That was just 1 guy in loguetown. Not like said guy was gonna chase him down or anything, it was a little.... "accident". Recollecting himself with a few decent,normal breaths. Byron would walk out of the alleyway. Might as well get back to what he was doing, he wasn't gonna just, lie there and feel sorry for himself. Resuming his training, Byron got back into a light trot, looking a little shaky now as he started to unintentionally give people around him nervous looks. Dammit get yourself together Byron. His hands were shaking a bit as well as he tried to focus himself on running. The guy would stop for a sec, and recompose himself. Come on get it together.... Panicking over something as small as that was dumb. He was long away from that guy now and...

He could fight if he needed too. Besides, what the hell was that guy doing lieing in the middle of the street anyway?Psh, wasn't worth getting all worked up about. His facial expression switched back to a slight smile rather than the shaky, nervous,tense guy he was before. As Byron resumed his training. Had to get back in shape heh. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to remotely last more than a minute in a fight. Endurance was a important thing to consider, if you were panting just after a few punches, should you even be fighting in the first place? There was more to it than just speed, which Byron thankfully seemed to have due to his style. That was something he took a small level of pride in. His speed, it was a hell of a savior in some situations, especially running. Now he felt a little more sure in himself again. Confident enough to step it up a little more and push to a run once again. Ha, maybe this wasn't so bad after all. He was free, free from the cage that he was confiding himself within that was his home. Just sitting around "studying" and maybe trying to learn the little that he knew on martial arts of his palms and claws style. It was like a change. No doubts for once, who knows. Perhaps he could...Actually fight even. "Lets not take it too far, don't want to get myself killed thank you very much"... Ah right,Reality was cruel, he still had doubts on his fighting abilities and what he could even do. As it had never even been his forte.

Now... He was starting to tire out though. Time flew by as the doc had ran. Sure was one hell of a interesting day, as the doc would proceed to run back towards his house in logue, having found some newfound inspiration in himself. There was some newfound determination from within, some faith, what was this,feeling on the inside. The sun was setting now, almost hours had flown by while he was running around logue.

"I can do it."

"...I can do it."  

What was it people said?To constantly think positive thoughts or some other crap along those lines?> Taking their advice, Byron would think  to himself reassuring, confident thoughts. Little by little as he ran, he felt stronger. Not just physically, but mentally as well. This, this was sure as hell only one little step for him though,but it was the first step to a long and ardidous journey. If he could get over this, maybe there was alot he could get over. Breathing heavily now, Byron would just begin to walk back home. "Guess I'm alot more tired than I thought I was". Muttering to himself as he'd just continue to walk back home. Today...

Today was a good day.

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