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1Branching out (Solo Task) Empty Branching out (Solo Task) on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:01 pm

Task detales:
Task Name: Branching out
Tier: T2
Location: Enies Lobby, random islet.
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description:Sure this relaxing day out starts off fine, but a quick missed shot reveals that there is a group of Marines that decided upon themselves to try and take out the only person on the ship... Try to take them out and start your pirating career!
Enemy Details: 15 T0 Marines with swords. 5 T1 Marines with guns and 15 with clubs
Boss: Yes
Boss Name:
Liber Ven:

Tier: T2
Description: A Marine Lieutenant with a pair of swords as his weapons, he's easily angered and jumps to conclusions when nothing goes his way.
The most notable thing about him is the burnt skin that covers the right side of his face that was caused from a cannon malfunction.
Devil Fruit: none
Haki Aura: Pugilist
Equipment: Dual katanas that are sharpened to a fine edge, though they have cracks running through them... He might need to replace them soon.
Specs:Melee Weaponry- 3
Marksman- 1

The sounds of the sea were clearly heard as many seagulls cried while sitting upon one of the many flat spots that's on the ship of the Uroboros Pirates.
The wind was blowing steadily as the sun also shone, keeping the nickname of the "night-less islands" true for the dangerous waters they were stuck in untill the Log Pose decided to direct them to the next island on the path.

One of the many seagulls that were flying ahead lands on an unusually lumpy roost that slightly raised and lowered, and as it starts to clean it's self, it's suddenly shooed away from the spot as a larger hand (compared to it) swings at it.

A shout comes from the head that's connected to both the arm and the "platform" the bird was just resting on "Stay off of me! You seagulls are so *Yawn* annoying..."
This came from the blacksmith of the Uroboros Pirates, the green haired, amber eyed Locke Croma Alder who was enjoying a nap in a chair on the deck of the ship before being so rudely awakened...

It was now her turn to guard the ship as the other members of the crew were off doing who knows what... Most likely at a bar or something would be her guess... At least for Spook.
"I just hope they got the supplies I asked them to... A blacksmith is useless without her forge."
She had tasked the crew with getting rocks and the other random things she needed for building her workshop.

She then decides to stand, stretching her arms as she moves to head back to the crew quarters. She was gonna get back to work, but the sudden sound of a gunshot echoed from the islet! There was also a new bullet hole in the wood just an inch from where Locke stood, the greenette suddenly drops, not like she was shot but like she was terrified, which she was.

She could hear shouts of cheer from a amount of people that was slowly getting closer, and a quick peak above the wall revealed the group of people that shot at her... White clothing with accents of blue, Marines!

Locke quickly crawled to the inside of the ship, searching for her fans and her mask... She thankfully finds both her war fans and her blue mask...  A quick second and Locke no longer cold be recognized by face alone and a slightly shaken whisper sounds out to comfort herself "Here goes nothing..."

433 words

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Branching out (Solo Task) Signat10

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2Branching out (Solo Task) Empty Re: Branching out (Solo Task) on Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:32 pm

The greenette stands up, and waits by the door as she hears 1.. 3... 5 sets of footsteps on the deck. The sounds of cheers sound off again again as male voice says "Good job Markus!  We need to go tell Lieutenant Ven that we've taken the ship of a well known pirate!" The sounds of the feet moving continued, like they were looking for something "Hey, weren't the target you shot standing right here? Where'd she go?" this voice was slower, deeper, yet seemingly smarter than the rest as the footsteps walked closer to the spot where the bullet hole was. "Yeah, I could have sworn you got her... There isn't even any blood!"

I didn't shoot to kill, whoever she was is getting sent to Impel Down... I've never seen her face on the wanted posters though." During the talking that continues, Locke managed to set her Haki, at a basic D rank to tell how many people were here... "5... Good, that means I have 5 to take care of now." the greenette thought quietly as she opens her fans and jumps out from behind the door. A quick "What the-" came loudly from the one with the gun as she quickly cut him down with little to no problem, and from here she could see the rest of the small group that suddenly noticed her presence.

There was a larger one who had a large wooden club, and 3 more that drew their swords as soon as she killed their friend... or enemy, hard to tell what their relation ships are with the others in their group when killed.
The larger one slams down with his club, though this missed her thanks to some side stepping, she runs towards the man and "Swirling Slice."
whispered that as she spun and cut him twice, he falls as she looks at the other 3, landing on her feet she rushes ahead to the others.

The attack, swinging their swords at her with all their might, but she manages to strike the first two down with simple cuts. As she reaches the third one though, he manages to cut her across the back, thankfully she moved away from the main force of the attack, but the stinging feel of a cut made her retaliate, stabbing them with a folded up wad of blades.
The life drains from the guys eyes as she stands up, and looks into the forested little area where she can feel the very edges of more auras "Good grief! That stings, but I've gotta protect the ship..."

463 words and used both a D rank detection Haki and
Swirling Slice:
Tier 1 Skill Name: Swirling Slice
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee Weapon
Tier 1 Skill Range: Close Range
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 2 turns CD | 1 turn duration
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user "dances" over to the foe at, accelerating to full speed with a rapid spin, attacking twice with the fans, if the foe is caught by the attack, they Take additional half T1 cutting damage with each attack (T1 total).

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Branching out (Solo Task) Signat10

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3Branching out (Solo Task) Empty Re: Branching out (Solo Task) on Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:06 am

The aura's of the now identified Marines started to come towards the ship, slowly and cautiously... Apparently they had heard their comrade's gunshot, and as she concentrated on her Haki, Locke could tell that they were scared. Why wouldn't they be, this ship was lead by "Naga D. Linnea," one of the most wanted newer pirates on the seen who was, at this moment, acting like one of them... Of course the Marines didn't know that last part. "What I wouldn't give for a more fitting version of Linnea's stealth outfits right about now."
thought the newly found protector as she ran towards some foliage, of the ship and towards the jungle that was teaming with the sounds of insects and birds.
A half an hour or so later, and the aura's were right on top of her... "That's about... 20 people!?" she thought as she waited for them to act...
About half of them were clearly the stronger ones, and the others would be easy pickings.

She quickly, and suddenly jumped on top of one of the stragglers, he didn't even get to make a sound as she hit him with the blunt edge of her fans... there was now one less to deal with.
The rest were too far away from her for her to knock hem out, so she quickly tosses her fans like chakrams, she had thrown them in such a way that they would return as 3 of them fall from the strikes.
The rest suddenly pull their weapons, the three of their allies had fallen limp behind them and they weren't going to fall the same way... Or so they think, as another three swordsmen fall, bleeding with large gashes on their body.

One of the ones with the clubs finally asks "Who's there!?" though he tried to sound threatening, the simple fact was that he was shaking in his boots...
Locke then threw another round of her fans, using the same skill as she did before and once again three more fell, only this time she targeted one of the guys with clubs. Her fans thankfully return to her as they flew, a quick grab returned the weapons to their rightful owner.

She then dashes out of her cover with a full on tackle, augmented by her weapon's sharp edges.
They had foolishly gotten into a line...  perfect target for her "String Slash!" the shocked expressions of the group soon faded as she ran through them all, felling each one... One of them seamed to have escaped as the last swordsman had run away, but she could still feel his aura... He had gone to tell his superior as Locke felt the strength of a new aura startle her. "Today just keeps getting better and better."

490 words and used these skills
Boomerang Toss, 3 times:
Tier 2 Skill Name:Boomerang Toss
Tier 2 Skill Type: Melee Weapon
Tier 2 Skill Range: 60 Feet
Tier 2 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 1post and 2 posts
Tier 2 Skill Description: The user tosses the Fans like in Razor Toss, only there is much more force behind them. The force increases the cutting damage done to T2, an the user has found a way to make the fans act like boomerangs, possibly striking the foe again next post before the user catches them.
String Slash:
Tier 3 Skill Name: String Slash
Tier 3 Skill Type: Melee Weapon
Tier 3 Skill Range:Close Combat: A line in-front of the user, extending to a max of 20 feet behind the targeted foe.
Tier 3 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 2 and 1
Tier 3 Skill Description: The user aims and then plows through the foe or foes in her path with a straight line dash; causing T2 cutting damage to the foes behind the first enemy hit. That target, however, takes T3 damage, and is pushed along the path as the user of the skill continues to push the target through allies that the user strikes afterwords.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Branching out (Solo Task) Signat10

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4Branching out (Solo Task) Empty Re: Branching out (Solo Task) on Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:51 pm

(OOC: Locke's tried to not kill most of them, but blades are fickle things...)

Locke couldn't be too sure if the more powerful aura was able to use Haki... Sure the aura was stronger than the rest, but Locke didn't have enough training in her own Haki to truly know most things about her enemies like Linnea did.
"If only someone else was here, this would be a whole lot less stressful."
Lockes nerves were driving her crazy, but she had to press onward as she kept in the shadows...

There were the occasional Marine club wielder that were easily taken care of by sneak attacks, though two of them traveled together.
A splintering of wood could be heard, muffled from the amount of plant-life in the area as Locke had barely dodged an attack made by one of the club wielders. That same attack managed to shatter his weapon, and as his eyes grew wide with fear, Locke cuts him across the neck and his life drained from his face.

The sounds of a few gunshots ripped through the air as Locke lowered to where no-one could get a clear shot... "Stay away..." she then runs towards the closest aura, and strikes that marine down as well.
There were at least 5 more people in the jungle, all grouped together, and she carefully heads in their direction...

The five swordsmen were in a circle, yet as the greenette threw her fans, she was able to take out one, as one of the swordsmen, excuse me a swords-woman, blocked the thrown fan with almost no trouble at all.
Locke had no choice but to run into the open as she tries to snatch her fan back from the woman who had taken her weapon.
As the blacksmith emerged from the plants the woman pointed her sword right at her, and made Locke stop in her tracks.
"So, your the one who's been causing so much trouble, I have a feeling I wont be able to save you from anyone here... Nor would I want to."

Locke stayed quiet as she listened, and as the other Marines surrounded her, she noticed a opening to take them all out... And she takes it as she fans her fan out and cuts the ones on her right side... They fall and groan as the rest attacked her with quick retaliation. A quick sidestep managed to make them miss, but the swordsmen were quickly foiled as she managed to pry her fan from their hands, and strike them down...

As they lie there injured but not killed, Locke walks off towards the larger aura, worried that someone much more powerful that the others that attacked her was here...

(OOC: At least 400 words are here.)

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Branching out (Solo Task) Signat10

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5Branching out (Solo Task) Empty Re: Branching out (Solo Task) on Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:04 pm

Once again it seamed that there were three more of the stronger men that fell to Locke's attacks before she reached the other side...
There was a whole ship, a Caravel, that was marked in the normal Marine colors and also had a handful of crew on the deck. Four of them held guns and were standing guard as the rest of the swordsmen and the club wielding goons were doing things you would expect, some were standing guard along with the gunmen, some were tying ropes to secure the sails, and a few were even cleaning the ship.

The strong aura came from inside, like a beacon lit up and showing where the strongest one of them all were. As she watched the crew do their thing, the familiar aura of the swordsman she didn't get to in time was inside talking to the larger aura... "Well, stealth is going to be more difficult..." thought the blacksmith as she saw the beacon move and step on deck.
The man who came out, who was just out of range for Locke to see, shouted his orders to his crew "Liam survived an attack from the dangerous Uroboros Pirates! The one person he saw was a tactical, and was wearing something blue on their face and piercing amber eyes... There may be more than one so keep an eye out!" The man then went back inside as they all got on alert...

After a few minutes of brainstorming, Locke comes up with a plan. The plan is to pick them off one by one, till she gets to the ship, and then the ones who are left shouldn't be too much trouble.
She then follows this plan, taking one out after another... slowly.
She waits untill they are out of sight, and then pulls them into a bush where she knocks them out by bashing them in the head with the fans blunt side.

Soon there were no more than 11 left, and she then started to get too cocky... She throws her fans at one of the ones wielding firearms, striking him down, she even got the club wielder with the return. But then an alarm was rung, one of the people with firearms saw her and started to fire at her, along with some of the physical fighters came up and tried to block her escape.

She quickly spins, and now that her cover is blown, shouts in anger as they all fell back, cut from her blades.
A voice comes from the ship as the man, who now was revealed to have a large scar across half his face, says "Your no token pretty face are ya, woman?" he was clearly angry as she says those words, his cracked swords were already drawn as the marksmen were aimed in her direction, ready to fire.
"Your gonna tell me where your friends are, or I'm gonna have to take care of you in a not so friendly way." He was scowling as the cracked blade shimmered in the light, reflecting in Lockes eyes, and she quickly responds with "I know your kind, those who make promises but never keep them... Besides, I could have been just a passenger on the ship, it was your men who shot at me first!" A smirk appears on her face, whilst it's partially covered "I'm just acting in self defense..."

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Branching out (Solo Task) Signat10

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6Branching out (Solo Task) Empty Re: Branching out (Solo Task) on Thu Apr 07, 2016 5:44 pm

The man seamed to have enough of Locke's explanation as he ordered his snipers to open fire, and they did as they were told.
At the low skill of Haki she had at the moment, Locke was just barely able to dodge this round of fire, and just when it seamed like it would be enough, a bullet lodged itself in her arm.

A burning, sharp pain shot through that arm, but before it could register, Locke's point of view darkened and focused. The pain unintentionally activated some primal force that she was unable to understand... Perhaps it was a clue to who her ancestry was.

She's suddenly dodging every bullet, and even getting closer to the ones firing as she slipped and bobbed between each bullet almost like she was a ghost.
One of the snipers ran as they saw her approach them and was able to flee back on the ship as she tossed her fans in another direction "Boomerang Toss!" Her voice wasn't truly her own as she said those words and easily killed the two who were still stupid enough to stick around.
She heard the Lieutenant shout at her "You... You B****! You'll be dead long before I'm done with you!!!!"
The lieutenant lunges at her as he strikes, cutting her slightly with each slash of his blades... Yet he then activates a brackish coating on his right sword and cuts across her again but this time it was more substantial damage as he cut her right arm... Locke then, without thinking, snatches the man's, who's name was Ven, non Haki coated blade and snapped it into many pieces.
"Ven" who was now down a sword, reacted by stepping back, which gave Locke the lea-way she needed to strike back.

She then used her
Swirling Slice:

Tier 1 Skill Name: Swirling Slice
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee Weapon
Tier 1 Skill Range: Close Range
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 2 turns CD | 1 turn duration
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user "dances" over to the foe at, accelerating to full speed with a rapid spin, attacking twice with the fans, if the foe is caught by the attack, they Take additional half T1 cutting damage with each attack (T1 total).
technique... before she could finnish Ven, who was injured at the moment, a lasso landed around Locke, and a voice came from the main Marine ship they were fighting by.
"Liber! Get out of there! She's out of your league!" The rest of his crew had managed to wake up and take their ship and get it ready for fleeing as they fought.

Liber, who was breathing heavy and had gashed across his chest and arms, turned to look at his crew, and then back at Locke, who was struggling to get herself loose, but wasn't truly trapped in any way.

The man is thrown a rope, and as he climbs to his ship's deck he shouts "You better warn your Friends! The whole of Enies Lobby will have their heads soon!"

Locke, who was still running on auto-pilot, stumbles back to the ship, and as she reached the deck, she collapses. Due to pain and exhaustion...
She wakes up in the Mae's office bandaged up and, after explaining what happened while the crew was gone, takes her doctors advice and rests... Happy to have survived.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Branching out (Solo Task) Signat10

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