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1 Exterminate(Task) on Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:36 pm

Young Frank

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


Task Name: It's better this way
Tier: 2
NPC or PC: Pc
Location: Orange Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: A rat infestation is outside of town. The people are scared and you are the only one with backbone enough to fuck with them. Kill the rats
Enemy Details: 10 T1 rats/ 5 T2 Rats
Boss: Nah

Things were relaxing. No issues had been happening in the liquor fixed city and no one was calling for help as it usually happened with Frank. He was free from the constant bother of having to assist those around him for the good of his organization. True that it was him who had signed up for it in the first place but still things tended to become bothersome when he had to constantly and consistently play the hero that he was made to be. All for purpose though. He knew why he acted and understood that everything he did was for a higher cause and a greater purpose. This is why he had not defected and turned to a life of crime like the lesser pirates and marine dogs that infested this world ruining its once glorious nature. He owed them pain for such a feat but was too low to truly make a difference for now. Thoughts like these tended to circle through the mind of Frank on a day to day basis whether he wanted them to or not. He really was not in control when it came to it and kind of just had accepted that this was the reality that he had thrown into. He felt like chilling in his bed for a few more hours but knew that his time with his bed had been cut short as his eyes shut at the interruption. The sun had come up and shot through his window in the right way to cause him to shuffle out of his bed as he knew that now was the time to start his day.

Looking out on the town was a pretty interesting thing when you compare how long Frank had spent on Karate Island. There was much more of a lively attitude around here than the earlier instance. He finally got a place where he could indulge himself at least for the momentary rest stop he had made this place to be in. He did not actually plan to stay here as long as he did at that other island as his destination, Tequila Wolf, was where he was needing to go. A tired arm was over his eye as he dislodged small disturbances from within it and cleared it so that he may see better and observe the subtle changes that the dwellers of this place managed to add to their day.

A sudden shriek had broken through the once peaceful barrier that existed between Frank and the actual people who lived her. He sighed slowly and began to make his way to the direction that the scream appeared to have come from. His hearing was not all that good or bad but he was easily able to discern where a scream came from in this atmosphere that was kind of abnormally absent of the typical noise that plagued it. He arrived at the location and shuddered as he saw a giant weird looking rat stare at him while having these two children cornered. The rat then turned its attention back to the prey that it appeared to have ready and captured. The rat was about the height of Frank's knee to his foot with sharp fangs and claws not to mention a very angry and also ugly looking face.
Focus on me bro!
Frank yelled the words looking to make the rat focus on him instead of the defenseless children it had in its gaze. He got no attention from the rat and angrily through a rock at it being mad at the fact that even yelling at the creature was not enough to make it find him instead as its target. The creature finally looked at Frank, eyes red with anger and mouth watering with hunger as it finally saw Frank as a better meal than that of the two small children it was trying to eat earlier. Not wasting any of its apparent precious time, the rat charged at his new target looking to slide those sick and sharp looking fangs directly into the dark sun stained flesh of Frank. Frank would smile as he had been giving this creature far to much credit if it was too foolishly sacrifice its own life just because of hunger and giving in to the basic animal instincts that everybody seemed to share. The death of the rodent would be swift and sweet wasting no minimal effort and saving the kids before they could even blink. The rat would lunge and in one quick motion be severed and cut in half by the now released blade that Frank kept to his side. The carcass was quickly kicked aside as it was very gross to look at and smell was making Frank want to vomit a little so it just had to go. He looked at the kids as they had stopped shaking from fear and only stared in ah at the person who had just saved them from being eating alive by the now deceased and dismembered rodent on the floor.

Are you guys ok?

The children both nodded and thanked Frank before giving him the best of news. Well in his eyes it was positive news though most people would not be happy to hear it. Apparently, there was a large nest of rats in a cave that sat deeper in the woods. The rats had been scavenging food for a while from the houses of the humans but the one that was now laying dead on the floor decided that it wanted to get some fresh skill instead of following its pack and taking from the people's pantries and such. That is what caused its life to be taken swiftly today by the dashing revolutionary. Frank laughed at his own confidence and waved off to the children as he had just found something that he was able to do today. Killing rats seemed like a fun task and seeing as how he had already determined that today was seeming to look like it was boring he felt it was his duty to not be made a liar and find something to do. Anything was better than remaining on the both while the others looked for supplies.

The current section of the woods he was walking through smelled of dead and rot. He saw half eaten corpses of small animals like rabbits on the ground. This place was a cesspool of disease and death. He did not intend to stay here for that long and wanted to get this done as soon as he was able. Sword sheathed and hands to his side, he would gingerly and nonchalantly walk into a small clearing that gave way to the opening and gaping maw of a cave that seemed like it had no reason to exist in its current location. Frank determined this to be the lair of the rat nest and walked in careful to watch out and check for an ambush. The cave was shaped odd as it allowed enough sunlight to shine through it so that the revolutionary was not totally blinded by the lack of natural light within the structure. He could hear scurrying and small steps and see shapes moving back and forth but none of them charged at his as the other one did. He figured that the smell of their rodent companion's blood was still fresh on his blade but yet they did not attempt to make a move. He was puzzled but relieved as this made it easier.

He came to an opening further in  that gave way to a large structure that shocked him a bit. In front of him was 9 small rats, about the same size as the large one that he had fought earlier along with five larger rats behind them that seemed to be the leaders of the group. The group all charged at Frank. This was the first time that he was having to fight a group without back up much less one the size of that that was charging at him. He felt that his only option was to use the newly acquired powers that he had received on karate island though he had never actually tested them before. He sighed and manifested his powers from his body and around him. The heat he produced incarcerated the rates reducing them to ashes at contact in one giant flash. He smiled cozily as he liked the result he got from using his powers in the manner that he did. No more foes seemed to be out there so whistling once more he was off to inform those who had been plagued by the thief rats. He was going to like being this way. It was better this way.{Exit}

Speed: 3
Tier 4 Skill Name: Fallout: Purge
Tier 4 Skill Type: Devil Fruit
Tier 4 Skill Range: 30 meters
Tier 4 Skill Cooldown&Duration: Upkeep+2/Upkeep
Tier 4 Skill Description: The user manipulates their heat aura in and expands the range of influence 30 meters around them. This manipulation causes all things around him to take T4 burn damage.

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