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1Revenge for the leader [TASK] Empty Revenge for the leader [TASK] on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:51 am



Melissa or as she was currently going by Vagina Phalange had had an interesting few days, so she had in the end been the first of her crew mates to caus disaster in what was literally one of the strongest marine strongholds in the entire world. WHat had she done? Oh nothing much, she kinda just killed a "fellow" marine, Thankfully her cover wasn't blown but sheesh she had been lying low, that was probably the benefit of having such a vast amount of marines in the area, not many recognised your face and hell even some of them looked so similiar to yourself that even you could confuse them for you. Does that make sense? Well it does to her. This was probably one of the largest flaws in such a mass marine held area. Thankfully this played in to the crews plans and allowed them to kinda slip through un-noticed, even when one of them did something a little bit too flashy they managed to stay away from being fully detected. Thank the fucking lord right. She had a sensation in her gut though, there was something not right. she had actually took the life of another marine. Was this normal? did rivalries form and death was simply a casuaty. Or was something else happening.

Dressed in her white attire, her marine pencil skirt flowing down her sleek legs, she wore no tights, her legs were F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S. They were absoloutly gorgeous, sleek, hairless and slightly strong, nothing on her fists, in fact though they looked so good they were like average in strength but oh well. She walked through her patrol route with a few other marines, they had been seperated in to groups and this was Melissas, three guys and two girls. It was kinda strange knowing that they would be enemies, but Melissa allowed herself to be enthralled in to their drama. It was like a soap, Megan did this, courtney did that. Rebecca is such a slut and Brandons so frigging gay. Honestly who these people were? Melissa had no idea but it felt so nice to hear people bitching again. "DId you hear about Melisandra, someone killed her. Apparently it was a pirate, but i mean no pirate would be stupid enough to step foot in Enies lobby right? I mean you have to be some kind of special to think your going to get out of here scotch free. Theres so many patrols and marines its like impossible to even concider."
"I know right, this is like the most secure place ever" Melissa would say, the group would laugh at the stupidity of pirates, though really of course Melissa was laughing at the stupidity of the marines, even though they were her "friends" they were kinda annoying in the sense that you could be with them for an hour or two before they would seriously do your tits in. But she had to play the part and if anything Melissa valued her capabilities as an "Actress", So she played the part, she laughed when needed, she scolded when required...she did awful terrible and sore drills when needed. She even studied some of the history of the marines because she needed to, and this girl aint one for studying anything except a fine sculpted body, and she studies that with the entirety of her body if you get what i mean. Yet she was doing wonderful at it, she could be a marine if she wanted to be, minus the fact she murdered a lot of them, Like a shit tone of them back in the blues, and openly decided to wage war on the one hundred and fifty third branch before Anton took over.

"Have you guys heard of Anton Dubec, I think thats his second name? I served under him in the south blue, hes a commadore now and oh my god he turns in to a grasshopper, one of those Zoan devil fruit users, i thought a bug boy was wierd but he was strong" she would say, noting the looks upon their faces "Yeah i heard of him, apparently he got his ass handed to him a girl, wait no the same girl twice, that girl Melisandre was talking about, she beat him up good and proper, almost killed him the first time if i read the paper right. The enies superiors were thinking of taking a trip to the south to put a stop to the girl themselves but apparently shes vanished of the face of the earth, aint nobody seen this Melissa Devaroux in some time, though they say her boyfriend is still in the blue and hasn't been seen grieving, the marines are wondering if shes either in hiding or if shes just given up, aint been no major news apart from Milisandre trying to bull shitt hat shes here,but we know that aint true" one of the men said.
The sun wouldn't fade, though it would be about midnight when the patrol was finished, the late shifters would be taking over soon enough. Melissa would release a vast yawn showing exactly how exhausting the patrol had been. "Well, its time to go to bed, though honestly i can never get used to the fact that it never gets dark, i miss the moon, i miss the stars and the black skies so much" the yuki yuki no mi woman would say, staring up to the sky with a saddened expression. "We shouldnt be hear too much longer, eventually we will get spread around the Grand line, put in to sectors, this is just our training. You'll get to see the moon soon" One of the marines would utter, though Melissa was unsure, that log pose was taking its sweet ass time to adjust to the next island. She wanted to get out of here, she wanted to be free from the marines, its tougher, harder than what she had thought, she kinda understood why they wanted to catch pirates, after they had gone through all this, to never get one would just be heart breaking. Sighing gently Melissa would look at the patrol team.

"You want us to walk you home Vagina?" One of them said actually getting the phrasing of the false name correctly. Melissa would conitnue to look at them, blinking rapidly, trying to clear the thoughts from her head. "Nah its ok, I'm not far from here, my room mates will probably be in, plus I can handle myself" Melissa would say with a wink. "Ok love, its your call, though maybe i could keep ya warm" one of the males said. "Oh honey, you so couldn't handle me" she would say with a giggle before turning on her heels and walking away Melissa would walk through the island. It was strange, so many marines that when the day shift ended iand the "night" shift began, everything woke up again, shops, people began to roam around and so forth, it was as if there was an unspoken changeover that granted new energy to many marines. IT was like the best reverse vampire school ever. A really strange vampire school were people were trained to be good and all that. Kinda boring in a way they had so many rules and Melissa was struggling to keep in line, she was struggling to do the drills as well but hey she was used to relaxing and not really drawing things out.

Finally turning the correct corner and heading down the street Melissa would wonder if Naga and Nicky were in, or if they were on the "night" shift this time, Melissa would slide the key in to the lock and open the door. It had seemed she had just missed her allies. The beds were unruly and mishapen so they had been slept in all except her own, Sighing she would quickly shower washing the day away as well as her energy. A towel wrapped over her head, and her body she would sit upon her bed, yawning gently. The next thing she knew, she was in a world of dreams. Her sleep wasn't as deep as she would have liked, for the scraping of the door handle turning would waken her. "Ugh, i swear which ever one of you lost your keys, I'm going to kill you" Melissa uttered as she unlocked the door from her side. As soon as she had, she would realize that it was a mistake. She was rushed to quick for her to react. Pushed forth and held on to the floor, her towels thankfully staying on though she was much dryer now than she had been.

Her eyes moved rapidly, slightly alarmed that her cover had been fully blown.She counted about thirty people, each bearing the usual marine uniform. Alas though it seemed fights broke out all the time in enies, she doubted anyone was going to come to aid her unless her own allies managed to detect her distress. Not that she would in the end need their help, the numbers didn't matter as much as many would think. Not with her unique capabilities. "Sir, she's cold to the touch, Melisandra was right, she's not human, if her skin is anything to go by, shes eaten a devil fruit which has altered her, though if its a Logia then how can we hold her like this?" the one whom spoke said, perhaps his confusion was right but that kind of helped Melissa in the long run. "UGH, enough of these games" Melissa would say as she stood up, the areas were the men were holding her crumbling to snow, passing through them before reforming free of their grasp. "Melisandra was right, and i guess now your going to tell her in death" Melissa would say. The sky seemed to crush down upon ten of the warriors in the room, they tried to stuggle but alas were unable to hold off the assault of the kings Haki.

That would leave at least twenty ish more opponents, alas though, Melissa was not playing games, she was sick and tired of holding back, The large room was crowded enough with the majority of people squeezed inside of it, Yet a gust of wind would shut the door and seemingly lock it, but were had the wind come from? Possibly due to the vast snow storm that sprouted from the Yuki Yuki No Mi user. SNow rapidly danced around the entire room, not only dropping the temperature of the room rapidly but lowering vision of those caugth within the storm. Soon the sound of screams filled the womans room

The demon of the snow was moving, utilizing her abilities to not be hindered by the storm, her snow body camoflauging perfectly in to the snow storm. Yet her tangibility coming in to play when she was striking her opponents with the strengtht she was famed for in the south and west blue. It was imple, picking off the panicked marines who were shocked that a pirate had managed to infiltrate there ranks and even decimate there forces with utter ease. The one known as Sir had been spared, the snow storm would falter as the Yuki Yuki No Mi user clicked her fingers. "It's a shame that you came after me, your men could have lived" "You think you'll get away with this? Killing marines, killing us will only expose you," Melissa would shrug gently. "Not if your not really found out until we leave" Melissa would say with a devilish smile. The man and god of snow would clash, yet the obvious power difference, the fear in the mans eyes, it all showed in Melissa's favour. His hands punched through her, while her own wrapped around his neck, Squeezing the very life out of him, "Tell Melisandra, she was a bitch" The yuki yuki no mi woman would utter. Alas now she had like 30 bodies in her room.....It was time to get of enies, Log pose or not. HEading down to the front desk Melissa would look to the woman. "Some idiots were playing trying to summon a demon, i think i scared them when i told em to shut up" Melissa would say with a smile. God, people be so dumb.

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