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1What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:42 pm

What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] 2hp21dj

Ilusia. What a poor place to make any sort of scientific breakthrough or world changing invention, but due to lush landscape and various animals (even if most of them are dangerous) makes this a perfect place for Gaige to make some progress in her medic skills at least. Truth be told the main reason Gaige took up being doctor for her second career was to benefit her primary goal of being a scientist! Oh yes. If the Gaige's test subjects die on her or become to hurt to experiment on. How can she test her various potions, toxins, inventions and etc? Using animals were okay, but using more advanced lifeforms like humans was a much better option! Sure there were morals and ethics to deal with, but hey Gaige wasn't a mad scientist or is she?

A sigh would espace from the lips of the blonde-haired marine as she look down at her skirt. Gaige HATED wearing any sort of bottoms. Gaige was so tempted to take off her skirt and rip it to shreds, but sadly she couldn't do that. Ilusia was a frequent target for the rebels to attack and since she didn't feel like fighting she had to ditch her standard attire and wear something more casual. Gaige was dressed in a white shirt and gray skirt. Gaige's tie was gray with red,white and black stripes at the end of the tie. Sling over her right shoulder was a black bag for travel use. In short one could say that Gaige was dress like a schoolgirl on a shopping trip. There were no visual cues to guess that Gaige was a marine. Nothing on her body signal her ties to the World Goverment. Nor did Gaige had any sort of fame to her name since she a fresh marine straight out of boot camp.

"I should be able to shop and research in peace with this outfit. Still I will never understand the joys of wearing a skirt. Such a troublesome thing for women."

Gaige would place her left hand on her hip as she bent over slightly to look at the various herbs on display at a street vendor. She was running low on supplies and needed to restock soon. The two men running the vendor were too busy gawking at Gaige chest to be of any real help.

"Your herbs peak my interest, but I'm low on beli. Are you willing to lower the price for me?" Gaige could feel the lustful gaze of the men. She could already guess at how they would answer her. "Ho Ho. You're a fine piece of booty. I'm sure we can make a deal." Gaige shook her head at the lame pun. Men could be so troublesome.

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2What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:29 pm

What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] FLUSdPw

What in the world was Isabella up to? Marina had been busy drafting strategies and planning out their next step, and for once he actually needed her input. More than half of the intel had come from her after all. They had already settled on the fact that they might be able to dig something up right here in Illusia, but there was only so much she could do with nothing more than a place, even if she was already there.

That said, simply loafing around doing absolutely nothing was also not acceptable. Even If Isabella wasn't around at this time and that road was temporarily closed off, Marina was left as she had been most of her life: Alone, following her own path. She was used to it, hell, she probably even worked better like that. If she was going to investigate some shady characters, the she would need tools. Certainly more tools that a simple requisitions officer could provide her with. Thus, she once more foregone the typical Marine uniform for a casual turtleneck with a good piece of her chest exposed, revealing a rather distracting cleavage. She still wore her sneaking suit underneath - or at least one version of it - and the lower part of that outfit simply looked like tight leggings highlighting he shapely thighs. If she was going to haggle with vendors, she was intent on squeezing them dry and saving every last beli. Money didn't grow on trees, even for a recently enlisted Cipher Pol agent... For most of the Marines she was still Ensign Koslova, at least until she decided to ditch that cover.

So there she was, walking around the streets of Illusia. The people in this place were absolutely gorgeous, so much she thoroughly enjoyed people watching even more than she normally did. Among such beautiful people, even a dazzling young woman like herself didn't draw nearly as much attention as she normally did, but that was quite alright for her. She could turn up the charm whenever she wanted after all. But as she walked around the shopping district, she spotted a familiar silhouette. A blonde girl she was sure she'd seen at the base at one point or another. Wishing to confirm her suspicions, she did what she did best: Covert work. Arriving at the street vendor next to the one the girl was in, she looked through the wares as if she were genuinely interested, yet she was still perfectly able to hear what the blonde was saying, turning her gaze to her every now and then...

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3What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Thu Mar 24, 2016 7:11 pm

A light smirk took root on Gaige's face. She was outnumber two to one. Any sort of physical engagment would easily put her in a unfavorable postiton. Sure she had basic training in close quarters combat like most marines, but she was of an intellectual than a combatant. How could she get a outcome that was favorable towards her. The answer was simple. Play the damsel in distress card. People seem to have this need to help a pretty woman in trouble. Gaige first test in Ilusia would

Gaige would clear her thoart as she stare both men directly in their eye. "What a typical respone from a man. Such simple minded creatures they can be. I offer you a chance to negotiate prices and you try to turn it into me doing a lewd favor for you. Do you always harass your female customers? Should I yell at the top of my lungs and yell that four letter word...Help! I think these men...!" Gaige tone increase with every word she said gaining the attetion of people walking past the vendor. The men lustful gaze quickly turn into shock and fear.

"Quiet Quiet. Haha. Yes I'm more than happy to give you a discount. How about forty perecnt. That is reasonable, yes?" The man would quickly stop Gaige mid-sentence he didn't need gain a bad rep with his clients. After all over two-thirds of his customers were female!

"Ninety or you will find your stand shut down by the local marines. Fake tears do wonders!" Gaige yawn as she took a moment to examine surroudings once more. Nothing caught her attetion until she spotted a slighty older woman with purple hair browsing through the wares nearby. Such a distracting sight even for Gaige. A woman who pair of breast were larger and more impressive than her own? "Intriguing." Gaige gaze at the purple haired woman exposed cleavage was anything but discreet. Gaige had no need to hide her 'curiosity' if one could call it that.

"Hey Blondie. Just take the herbs! Just don't shut me down. I have a family to feed." Gaige shook her head as the man spoke. The hormones of a young adult. Gaige sigh as she foucs back on the man. "Oh yes. Now leave me alone." Gaige would simply scoop up all the herbs and put them inside her bag. As she was doing this she figure she try to talking to the other woman.

"I suppose you dabble in the field of medicine as well, Purple? I heard this was a prime spot for medical ingredients. Just look at this black petal flower. A somewhat rare plant that is use to fight paralysis. Or combine with the right substances could be easily made into itching powder. A good find don't you say? A fine specimen if I do say so myself." Gaige glance was solely foucs on the face of the purple-haired woman try to see if she remember her from anywhere.

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4What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Fri Mar 25, 2016 2:52 pm

Marina watched the scene before her with poorly disguised amusement, a sheepish smirk as she thought back to the countless times when she had used the same trick. When she was younger and much too young to even know anything Cipher Pol and espionage, she used the same trick Gaige displayed now to get discounts: "Misteeer, if you don't give me a discount, i'll scream really loud that you're touching me innapropriately~". Aaah, those were the days... Those were the days? Damn, she was almost starting to sound like an old woman at merely nineteen years old. But for better or worse, Marina had seen a lot for her age, experienced as much even. She allowed herself to get distracted from her little bit of people watching as she thought back to her path up until now, doing so discreetly enough that the merchant in front of her was still busy trying to sell her wares.

Even now she still used that very same trick, not so much for discounts, but to squeeze information out of her marks. Most of the times she didn't need to, good old seduction was more than enough at those times. Regardless, she finally put the wares down and watched the climax of the girl's little haggling trick. Aftrewards she suddenly spoke up to her, and Marina looked back into her eyes with a friendly gaze:

"Indeed it is... Though I'm more of a surgical intervetion type of girl.", she answered playfully, slowly realizing where she knew this girl from, even if her face betrayed none of those emotions. She was the pantless soldier she had seen once or twice at the Marine base! From what little she could hear and see, she was a quirky marine doctor. Of course, she wasn't just the medical type... Maybe she could put those rumours to the test? Looking carefully at the herbs she collected, Marina tried to use what little knowledge of herbal medicine she posessed which was pretty limited, memorizing this plant just in case she came up with it eventually, "Sounds like something i could use on my next assignment."

Taking a moment to scan the other girl head to toe; Gaige looked a lot more causual than the odd attire she recognized from the base. The mere fact that she was not wearing her cap and was actually wearing a SKIRT was enough to confuse even a trained secret agent. In a way she was also a master of disguise, even if she probably didn't realize it. Regardless, what piqued Marina's interested wasn't her fashion choice, but her potential skills:

"I saw you in the base earlier to day, didn't I?", she'd closs her arms curiously and ask with a calm voice, low enough that bystanders wouldn't be able to hear her, but loud enough that she wasn't whispering either. An effective weapon requires more than just raw power: The best weapons are those the enemies doesn't expect, let alone understand. What was necessary to make such weapons was enginuity and creativity. Would Gaige have the attributes she was looking for?

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5What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Fri Mar 25, 2016 6:10 pm

Gaige felt a bit of her pride go down when the fellow woman seem to recongize her, but if the woman saw her at the base. Gaige reason that she was speaking to a fellow marine which was good. The purple-haired woman didn't gave off any bad vibes towards Gaige. She seem friendly enough. Then again all of this was base on what Gaige could see with her own eyes. "Well. I suppose there no use in giving a false answer. You most likey have see me on base. Though you likey see me pantless right? I know people on base like to talk about it." Gaige would respond in same low voice as the woman. Even if it wasn't directly said, the blonde doctor figure that this converastion was something that shouldn't be overheard by others.

The herb that Gaige was holding would soon be put into her travel bag to be use later. She had this idea for a new serum that could cure most weak toxins. The black flower should prove useful in making it work. Her last batch of the new serum didn't work at all on the rats she test it on. What a shame, but that the life of Gaige. Trail and failure. After enough failures you bound to get succesful. "So. earlier you mention your assignment. If your looking to buy some supplies from me. I have to warn you that I don't have much in stock. My higher ups are a bit mad at me from almost starting a fire. So what if the liquid I made was flammable. I warn them not to smoke around me."Gaige would then pause for a moment as she adjust her skirt. She wasn't fond or use to wearing them. Once that little manner was taken care of. Gaige would foucs back on the large-chested woman.

"But before we discuss anything more. Maybe we should chat in a place more private. Don't you say, Purple?" Gaige would then use her right hand and gesture towards the citizens roaming around them. Despite how suggestive her question may have sounded, Gaige maintain a mostly nertual tone with the small hint of curiosity and playfulness. So far during her term as a marine this was the first time she spoke to some who was as cool, clam and collected as Purple. It was a nice change of pace for Gaige. Not having to deal with someone perverted for a change. She wonder if Purple had to deal with them as well with how she look.

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6What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Sat Mar 26, 2016 5:54 pm

The girl looked somewhat disappointed over being recognized so easily, and some other place at another time Marina would have done her best to reassure her; but then she couldn't really do so without revealing her new affiliation. Maybe she'd end up revealing the name of Cipher Pol 1 to this girl, but she wouldn't be so quick about it... She had to learn more about this girl, "Indeed... Wearing a skirt was quite an effective disguise; it took me a good while to identify you.", she crossed her arms under her breasts and nodded, before cocking her head and raising one hand up to her cheek. She chuckled softly at her mention of starting a fire and not being allowed to sell her wares as a consequence, this only made Marine more interested in the girl in front of her, who clearly valued results more than methods.

"Oh my... lead the way, pants~", answered Marina with a sultry smile, raising one hand up to her chest with a seemingly flattered expression, obviously playing on Gaige's suggestive words to tease her a little in return. She would walk alongside Gaige and let her pick an appropriate place for their following discussion. Along the way, Marina picked up a newspaper from a stand, dropping some beli in return. It hardly looked relevant, especially for a Marine, given how the only news present in that newspaper were the ones directly concerning Karate Island. But then, after skimming the news once, Marina had just about learned anything interesting, even assuming she gave a flying fuck in the first place. She needed that newspaper for something else entirely, even if Gaige probably wouldn't guess it right away, not until Marina gave her queue. Indeed she had only been enlisted into Cipher Pol for a few days, but she had been trained for it all her life.

"So, Pants... Tell me more about your experiments.", she asked the blonde with genuine curiosity, the usual queue she often used to have any scientist more than ready to talk, "I'm particularly interested in gadgets and poisons; how good are you with those?"

For someone used to codenames, Gaige's choice of nickname was pretty ordinary, so much Marina gave her an equally playful one in return. Before long they'd pass by a rather discreet little pub that could provide the ideal place for their casual chat. She'd nod towards it as they passed by, hoping Gaige would be interested.

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7What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:48 am

Amused with the nickname and reaction she was given, Gaige would begin to led the busty duo away from the street vendors and head into the less poplauted area. What an interesting nickname she was given. Name her for something she doesn't like. Clever. That was bound to fool some people if they ever heard it. "Well. I could have try harder, but I didn't feel like changing my hair color or changing its style. So I figure with going for something more subtle. A simple change in clothing. If people are use to seeing me in marine uniform without pants or skirt. Then suddenly seeing me in a skirt will throw most people off I assume. Plus if my information is correct. Blonde hair and blue eyes are a common trait in Ilusia. So if someone did see me. They could come to the conclusion that I am someone who 'looks' like Pants, but who isn't Pants since I don't match her known behavioral patterns. If that makes any sort of sense." Gaige would finally end her small explanation even if her company didn't ask for one. This was one those traits that most scientist share. The need to explain their choices.

After that Gaige would remain slient as she thought about Purple. The fact that Purple didn't try to correct Gaige or inform of her proper name did cause Gaige to be even more curious about Purple. For now, Gaige would ask for her Purple name. As Gaige was lost in her thoughts the mention of 'experiments' quickly snap her out of her thoughts. "I didn't think you be interested, but what self respecting scientist wouldn't want to talk about their experiments and inventions." Seeing the nod towards a pub. Gaige would shift directions and head for the place. She wasn't one for drinking, but it was nice place to countine her chat.

Gaige would hold the door open for Purple before stepping inside herself. Taking a quick look around, Gaige would point towards a small table in the far corner of the room. Taking a seat, Gaige would take a glance at the menu. Nothing really tickle her fancy. Once Purple was took a seat. Gaige would start talking.

"My skill level with them? Depends on what you need. I have plently of ideas floating around in my head, I just have to gather the proper resources and do some trail and error before getting the desire result. If want a gaint robot or untraceable posion. That is out of my area of expertise for now." Gaige wasn't fond of admit her lack of skill to create more advanced items, but she was just starting out. What use could Purple have with posion? Several ideas floated around in her mind.

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8What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:37 pm

She crossed her arms, nodding affirmatively as Gaige explained the process of picking out her disguise. Indeed, picking something more simple was usually best as far as Marina was concerned, overly complicated disguises were only as effective as one's ability to pull them off; sometimes simply hiding in plain sight was far preferrable. For a girl who would never be seen wearing anything below her waist, the mere act of doing so turned out to be pretty effective in concealing her identity, especially in a city of beautiful people many of whom wore similar clothing. At times, hiding in plain sight could truly be the most effective course of action, so Gaige's plan was flawless at that end.

"You'd be surprised how often an inventive gadget could come in handy when I'm working...", she sighed, looking up nostalgically to the trickier missions where she was forced to make do with what little she had, relying on nothing but her fighting skills and her pretty face. It was more than enough for most occasions, but still... Nothing wrong with making one's job easier, right?

As she heard Gaige speak, Marina's hands were busy elsewhere. A skilled spy and expert multitasker, being able to write without looking at the paper was one of her many little talents, and this hardly even classified as such. She needed only glance at the newspaper once to get an idea where the letters were, and in between her conversation she seemingly scribbled something in the newspaper.

"What If you had unlimited resources, with only your skill level and enginuity to hold you back?", inquired Marina, growing ever more curious about the blonde before her, using her arm as a headrest as her right hand kept scribbling away. This was the second time she commented on the limitations of her work, as far as both superiors and resources were concerned. She was as quirky as the smartest scientists, and as visionary as the maddest: With a lifetime of learning to trust her instincts, Marina was now more than ever conviced that this girl was the real deal, and it made no sense to keep her cooped up with all the regulations and bureocracy of Marine work, "I'm Marina Koslova, and I'd love it if you came to work with me~", she flashed her brightest, inviting smile, flipping the newspaper around so Gaige could have a better look. Even if she normally used her most charming looks to have her way with men, it also tended to put girls at ease too...

In between her scribbling, Marina had scribbled circles around three letters in the headline, silently explaining her affiliation: "Pirate Captain Matthews evades Capture once again! 1,000,000 Beli Manhunt in Karate Island Continues!"

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9What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Mon Mar 28, 2016 6:24 am

Gaige shook her head at Purple statement. "I don't think I would be surprised at all. Technology is the great equalizer that lifeforms come up with to make life easier. We live in world fill with strange fruits that give people unique and fearsome powers. A world fill with many unexplainable events that even science can't explain. So whatever is your line of work. I'm sure technology would have made it easier." She was curious on what work Marina was involved. Since most marine work didn't require use of gadets. At least in her mind.

Gaige would sigh as she folded her arms cross her chest. So many marine missions where just send a massive amount of marines to location X and slove the problem using brute force. Sometimes she wonder why the Marines even had a reseach and development faction. When Purple mention the thought of having unlimited resources. Someone like Gaige was instantly hook, but still with an offer like that there was bound to be a catch or someone sort of strict guildelines she had to stick too. Gaige would foucs her gaze on Marina, trying to see if there any hint of her joking or lying, but Gaige couldn't find any.

The friendly smile she was given also help Gaige to trust Purple more. Surely someone like her could be trusted right? Nothing told Gaige to be weary of Purple. Plus how it would be foolish to pass up such a chance. "Well, Purple you sure know how make an enticing offer. Very enticing, but I just have to ask this question." Gaige manage to look at the newspaper nothing really stood out to her until she spotted the scribbled circles causing her eyes to widen for a few seconds. A look of disbelief and then acceptance sketch onto her face.

Gaige would return Marina smile with a friendly one of her own as she ask her an important question. "There always a catch to an offer like this. So what the catch if I'm working with you, Purple. Not that I don't trust you. It better to be safe than sorry, you know?" Leaning back in her seat, Gaige would look at the newspaper once more just to make sure she wasn't seeing things. What an unexpected day she was having.

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10What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Mon Mar 28, 2016 2:58 pm

She understood! Marina knew her instincts were right about this girl, most other Marines would have dismissed her love of gadgets as a pet peeve. Even if they didn't know of her job as a spy and an assassin, it always struck her as odd as how easily they could dismiss the advantage of having a weapon the enemy had never seen before. Intellingence and information wins wars, not brute force. Whoever wanted evidence of such needed look no further than the great war on piracy. Even with all the resources at their disposal, the Marines had done nothing to stop the Great Age of Pirates. She nodded affirmatively, in a way already having antecipated how Marine Scientists wouldn't have that many resources at their disposal...

But Cipher Pol was different. When it came to working in the shadows, results were everything. How else would politicians and bureaucreats approve of the otherwise morally dubious choices Intelligence Agencies had to make? More importantly, an information network was only as strong as however much more it knew compared to its opponents. Wars had been won in six days not thanks to overwhelming military might, but intelligence. But then, Gaige was smart... Of course she was, otherwise Marina would have never been interested in enlisting her for one such job, crossing her eyes and examining Marina, she tried to guess as what the catch might be, earning a chuckle and a smile from Marina:

"Naturally... To take this position, you'd have to meet two conditions.", she raised two fingers, looking into her eyes and beginning her explanation, "First, you'd have to lie to all of your former colleagues. To them, you'd still work at the same place remaining a Marine scientist until further notice.", lowering one finger, Marina grabbed her pen once more, this time drawing a circle around Captain Matthews' face, "The second condition is to prove your worth to them. I just so happen to known where this guy is... So all we have to do...", with this she stabbed her pencil between the picture's eyes, lowering the second finger, "Is neutralize him."

With these final words, Marina turned her eyes back up to meet Gaige's, with a soft, calm smirk in her face in stark contrast with the conversation they were just having. Granted, Marina didn't specifially mean they had to kill him. But in Cipher Pol, efficiency and results are the prime directive, and some enemies are too troublesome to let themselves be taken alive. In such cases, assassination was a preferrable method, "What do you say...?", she'd ask once more, those calm, inquisitive eyes firmly set on her potential new colleague, entwining her fingers and resting her chin over them...

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11What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Mon Mar 28, 2016 3:40 pm

The moment she was waiting for would soon happen as she watch Marina raise two fingers into the air. So there were two conditions in joining her and in turn CP. The first condition was more or less something she would expected with a group as secretive as them. She didn't have any sort of problem lying to her colleagues. Isn't it like she had any close attachment to anyone. Plus there were times when she need to test a potion and lie about giving her fellow marines a bottle of soda or cup of tea. Of course she won't give anyone some sort of posion or toxin without having an antidode ready.

"That is acceptable." Gaige would quickly said keep her eyes on those fingers, waiting to hear what the second catch would be. Gaige would hum and close her eyes for a moment. So the second catch was to prove her worth. Once again it was something that she would expect. There was no point in wasting time and resources for anyone who couldn't make the cut. Of course, Gaige was about to ask how could she proved herself, but it seem like Marina had that all plan out.

Looking down at the picture. The pencil stab right through the eyes. A quick and clean kill. Or maybe it would be better to catch him. She assume she would learn more if she accpet the offer. Gaige would lean forward, resting heer elbows on the table. The curious and extice eyes of Gaige would stare back into the eyes of the woman in front of her. "I suppose I should prepare for this up coming assignment then. I reckon if I fail I won't get another shot. So I should take my leave soon." With that statement, Gaige would accpet the offer that Marina given her. She was curious on what would happen if she refuse. Would she been kill on the spot maybe. "I don't know how much information you have on me already. My name is Gaige Stygian, but you can call me Gear or as you call me...Pants." She would have offer to do a handshake or something in that nature, but she figure she wait until this man was dealt with.

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12What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:15 am

Gaige accepted the two conditions without barely even batting an eyelash; Marina may not be a scientist but she was glad to see she actually had a lot in common with this girl. Both of them had their ambition, and with it a plan (or several) to see it carried out. That said, being suddenly presented with a new and better road to achieve that goal naturally motivated Gaige as much as it once motivated Marina. Sacrifices had to be made to choose this path, yet they were willing to commit to them, something worthy of respect. She had a feeling she was going to enjoy working with this girl. She leaned back on her chair, nodding approvingly.

With the much needed talk over and done with, so was their business at this bar. She nodded once more as the girl mentioned needing to prepare. She then gave her name, which Marina already knew, even if she was still friendly about it, "I know~", she winked, "You'll be passing off as a privately funded scientist, so I'm sure you'll carry out that role rather nicely."

With this she would stand up, casually resting her hand on Gaige's shoulder as she passed by her, "Meet me here in two hours. Looking forward to working with you, Pants.", she chuckled softly at this last words before brushing her long hair behind her back. As she left, Marina disposed of the clue ridden newspaper; even if it might not mean much to a stranger, she didn't become a covert operative by freely handing out classified information, and that was certainly not how her father rose through the ranks. Naturally, such a crass mistake was a stark opposite to the path she chose to follow...

And with this, a whole new chapter of her quest was about to start.

[EXIT > TBC on Task]

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13What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] Empty Re: What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] on Tue Mar 29, 2016 7:20 pm

Of course that information was already known. The basic of intel gather on anyone was their name, looks and other standard info that can be easily obtain.  "Of course. I don't even know I had doubt myself, but one can never be too sure." Gaige chuckle a bit as she nod her head at the information she was getting. "A fitting role for one such as myself. Something that I don't have to work on much." Gaige would remain in her seat as Purple would stand up, mostly likey leaving this place. Neither of them had anymore reason to be here.

"Understood. I'm sure our partnership will be most intriguring to say the least." The blonde haired marine manage to said before the other woman would leave. Once Marina was out of the pub. Gaige would stand up and sling her travel bag over her right shoulder. She had less than two hours to get ready. She should have ask Purple if she needed to wear pants, but Gaige instinct told her she would have to wear them.

"Having to spend more time wearing something like this is certainly frustrating, but the benefits outweigh the cost. A small price to paid to acheive my goal. Purple is certainly a fine specimen moreso than the herbs I got." It would be hard to deterime by what Gaige meant by fine specimen since her statement could hold various meaning. Anyhow, Gaige would simply walk out of the bar with a sly grin on her face. The work of a scientist was never done. Long hours in the labs, the constant intake of soda and coffee and pressure to proudce something. Hopefully she would have time to relax.

"If only I had an assistant." With those final words, Gaige would begin to leave the pub behind and head back to the inn she was staying at. The next experiment in her life was about to begin.

What a Fine Specimen | [Marina] 5165354i?

[EXIT > TBC on Task]

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