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Vagina Falange
The gash just under her left eye told her she had miscalculated, her dodge had seemed fine in her mind yet she clearly hadn't factored in the full length of the katana's. Blood seeped down her face but the wound wasn't that deep. Melissa would bite her lip as she prepared for the rest of the marines. Yet their screams could be heard as strange slicing wounds erupted around them. Apparently the man wasn't against slicing up his own marines, or his style just wasn't mastered. The green headed man re-appeared, blood trickling down each blade. "Fuck, this style isn't suited for such combat, to many allies" He would say,
"Sorry guys I'd clear o..."
Alas, he would not be able to finish that sentence. A weight seemed to push down upon the entire bar, Trip seemed to be struggling to fight back yet he was unable to stand under the massive pressure. Were was it coming from?.

This was the power Naga had been talking about, the power of the kings, Melissa Devaroux had unlocked it during their training but it seemed tied to her anger, and having a little scar under her eye certainly made her angry. She would pull a wad of napkins from the dispenser and and use them to try to halt the flow of blood. The other marines did not stand a chance against the power of her Haki. As she walked towards the man whom had been so confident. Melissa would grant him what he wanted, the insanity of the Elegant Fist. "So you were going to take me in huh? You thought you knew everything about me, you thought that little style of yours could do anything, your not even in my league" Melissa would say as she utilized her free hand, easily dragging Trips body to his feet, though he still struggled, he was incapable of moving, though he tried his hardest. "You bitch" he said. This was were he made his mistake, using all his strength he sent a massive gob of saliva straight at the right cheeck of the female.

The Woman of the Yuki Yuki No Mi froze, she was entirely shocked at his display. Taking the napkins to wipe the spit she succeeded in doing so but now had smeared blood upon her right cheek. Returning the napkins to the exit point of her blood she would shake her head. "You disgusting little cunt" she said, venom in her voice. Letting the man drop she quickly pulled back her hand and threw it forward catching her falling victim straight in the face. This force pushed him directly to the wall and he grunted as he made contact with it. "Normally, a pirate would just kill you, but wheres the fun in that" Melissa would say.

Screams would echo though anyone who came close would semeingly be taken by the pulsating effects of her haki. The flow of blood had stopped but Melissa was more covered, the marine whom had wielded Katanas was hunched over the table, Two large knives holding him in place, piercing the flesh from the top of his hands and piercing the bottom of his table. He was naked yet his entire body was littered with cuts. His ankles had been crushed due to her physical power. They faced the wrong way, yet the mans tolerance was something, he passed out a few times but recovered quickly. "Now you know not to piss me off huh sugar?" the blood covered woman would utter, Her hand grasped his wrist and applying so much pressure the bones shattered under her monsterous strength, he screamed once more. His scream became high pitched as she rammed the end of a spoon directly in to his eyeball. "Not yet" she would say, his scream extended to a sound only dogs could hear as her hand wrapped around his testicles, in one squeeze they popped. The pain was to much, the man vanished in to darkness. Obviously attention had been drawn and Melissas presence needed to be gone.

Her Haki vanished, yet her body would re-emerge from the snow droplets that flew through enies lobby, forming back in to her traditional form in front of her crew, HEr blood stained appearance may shock them, some of which was her own. Yet she would listen to her crew. "Yeah, turns out they have our names, apparently my um...activity with Melisandra didn't go un-noticed, they know my name and your's Naga, new posters are being scattered around enies showing us in our true form and our disguises...nicky soz bruh they aint got you yet, but apparently there is two ways of the island, the sea train, or...the gates of justice...they lead to Impel Down.." Melissa would say. "We need to think fast though, with our activity they may call for an admiral, with no docks, no boats to commandere we need to get of here fast" Melissa would say.

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