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1 Upgrading Wolf Wing AGAIN on Sat Mar 19, 2016 12:44 pm

Chariot hated the small forge in Orange Town, it was no surprise they only did horse shoes there, but the Mink was lucky that the last trader brought some decent metal, so for one free day of work she rented the small place. She started by making a mould of Wolf Wing, she had gotten so used to the sword that she could not imagine using a sword with a different sharp. Even when she was no master swordsman, she had some standards. The weak smith of the place had said it was far too big or heavy for a good sword, but for her it was easy enough to swing and had just the right power all other swords just felt too light for her.

After the mould was finished she started by heating up the steel and Wolf Wing itself. Even after doing this before it somewhat hurt watching the sword melt down to liquid. After all it was her first creation and she gotten somewhat attached to it. That was also the reason why she kept melting it and integrating at least parts of the old metal into the next better version. Like that at least some of the sword's soul remained. As the sword's mother she did not want it to feel abandoned and left for something better.

During the melting process Chariot did not really have much to do, she just had to keep the forging oven hot and make sure to keep it clean. The steel was a great quality and just by looking at the liquid metal she could see that. In comparison the pot with the liquid Wolf Wing showed how bad the metals were used for it. It made her sigh a little, if she had the materials and knowledge to handle them good enough before, she surely would have created her son with only the best steel around. “Oh well, it is never to late to do that, right?”

Calmly she began to mix the two glowing liquids and then pour them into the shape prepared to it. Since every kid grew over time she had made sure to make it a tiny bit bigger, which made her look forward to see how it was to swing it. Next she just had to wait a bit and observe the metal hardening to the point where she could start working on it. It did not take long to harden to that degree and with gloves and hammer she brought it back to the oven to start hammering away. Seeing the tall woman swing her hammer with force it was hard to believe but she did it with the utmost care. It was the part of the process where every thing else could be undone if she messed up, but since the mould had already done most of the work in shaping the sword she did not really have much to do and soon reached the sharpening and polishing stage of her work.

After barely an afternoon of work Chariot felt confident in the new Wolf Wing she had made and calmly lifted it before her eyes. The metal sure seemed a lot cleaner and shiny. The weight fit better with her growing strength and the new length made it look a bit sleeker. Quickly she gave it a  test swing and was satisfied, but she did not want to go too crazy since the warm metal was still in the process of resting and fully hardening all the way to the inside.

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