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1 Isabella Montoya (DONE) on Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:31 pm

Name: Isabella Santana Reyes Montoya
Alias/Epithet: Killer Bee
Race: Kuja
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: T1

General Appearance: Like that of most Kuja, reflects an excessively active and fit lifestyle. Her shapely, statuesque form is accentuated by definite muscle tone. Her body looks and feels both tender and firm. Isabella's clothing choices often lean toward revealing rather than concealing, usually she can be found in a skin tight leotard, though she understands how this isn't considered "casual" wear. If she has to cover up, she prefers to wear practical clothing. Capris, jeans, tank tops, t-shirts. She's not very picky when it comes to clothing, as long as it doesn't inhibit her movement too much.

Beyond that, Isabella stands at surprisingly short 5'3" and weighs in at 119lbs of amazonian TnA and muscle. Her eyes sparkle like the waves of the sea on a sunny afternoon with fair skin and long, luxurious blonde hair to compliment them. She likes to keep it in two tight tails, though she's been known to let them out from time to time.

Height: 161 cm
Weight: 61kg
Crew Tattoo Placement: across her back


Isabella is a the perfect soldier. Eager, driven, loyal. Her almost single-minded desire to enforce law and order would be inspiring if she weren't so harsh towards others.

Harsh may be an exaggeration, but Isa likes to keep interactions between her peers as brief as she can. She has nothing against them, but the more time she spends talking to them the less time there is to get things done. As a result, Isabella can come off as cold, or even hostile. This does not mean she can't be likable.

Isabella has an odd, almost hypocritical sense of modesty. She's very comfortable with her own body, and she has every right to be. With that in mind however, she'll quickly snap at anyone who brings the lewd nature of her outfits, and quickly moves to shift the blame of perversion on them, often citing that it isn't a problem if they aren't gawking.

Isabella is known to do this a lot. Sge finds it very difficult to both accept and express her feelings in a level headed manor. She has trouble communicating her affections effectively, either because she doesn't know it herself, or because she is embarrassed to admit it she'll often focus more derision on the object of her affection than the average person and will vehemently deny any association or feelings with the person. When she does happen to actually express her affection, it is often very begrudgingly. "It's not because I like you or anything" is a common phrase to hear in such situations with Isabella, or any other sort of deflection.

She's a fast learner, and a studious young woman. She's very quick to catch on, and even quicker to seize the moment. This can lead to her being a bit brash at times, but she endeavors to remain pragmatic.

Her faith in the Marines is a big dogmatic. Even if presented with clear evidence of corruption, she's likely to dismiss it as a necessary evil. Though it conflicts with her morals, she's very fond of the institution of law and order the world government has made, and reacts harshly, if not violently against any dissidents she encounters, her hot button being pirates in particular.




People judging her
Her father

History: Isabella's story begins almost 20 years ago with a man by the name of Ishmael Guevara Salvador Montoya, a formerly distinguished member of the Navy turned ruthless Pirate. On his travels across the vast sea he'd stumbled upon a rare catch, a Kuja vessel departing from their home was preparing to cross into the blues. Lightly armed and posing little threat, the pirate saw his chance to partake in an exotic treasure.

Assaulting the ship proved as hard as he'd expected. Though the ship itself was poorly armed, the Kuja, to those who knew of them, we're a race of fierce Amazon warriors and they did not fail to live up to those stories. One hard won victory later and the pirate had secured the vessel and what amazons survived.

Though they were warriors, the Kuja were not known as savages. Their lifestyle oriented itself toward one of fitness and health, and the warriors of the island of the amazons were more often than not, the picture of beauty and strength.

A man might kill to be with one, and Montoya had killed a lot that day. Choosing the captain as his prize, he and his crew set about having their way with the broken, defeated women. Once he was satisfied, he offered the victims a "mercy" for their "services" and brought what ones he could aboard his ship, enslaved for his use, the captain included.

He sailed with them for several months until the woman had finally bore him a child. Amused and excited at the idea of being a father, the dog set his "wife" ashore with their child. He left a warning that when he returned, he'd hope to find her in fighting condition, otherwise he'd repeat his atrocities on the child. He also instructed her that she shouldn't seek help, if she wished to spare more people their lives and dignity. He then left with what remained of the woman's crew.

The woman, determined to not allow history to repeat itself set about training her young girl. Teaching her to hate her father and those like him, the lawless brigands who sail the seas, raping and pillaging whoever and whatever they please.

This training would go on until the fateful day her father returned. He sacked the village that had taken them in, burned and blasted it to rubble. The timely intervention of a passing naval patrol boat was their only saving grace. After a prolonged engagement he was forced to retreat before he could reclaim Isabella, who'd been hid by her mother in the basement of their home. She was later retrieved from this basement by a detachment of Marines combing the ruins for survivors, who informed her they hadn't found a single woman matching her mother's description left in the village, not alive.

With her mother presumably dead, her father long gone and no home left to her, Isabella quickly signed on with her rescuers, not willing to let her father or any such pirate get away with something like this again.

Face Claim: Street Fighter|Cammy White

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2 Re: Isabella Montoya (DONE) on Mon Mar 14, 2016 8:47 am



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