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1 Marina Koslova [Marine/CP] on Sat Mar 12, 2016 2:16 pm

Name: Marina Koslova
Alias/Epithet: None yet
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Tier: 1
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial artist, Marksman
Affiliation: Marines

General Appearance: Marina is a tall, statuesque young woman with young black hair and brimming ruby eyes. She is perfectly aware of her beauty and uses it as one of her greatest weapons, to make enemies drop their guards and facilitate undercover jobs or assassination. Though she changes her hair style and hue a lot for her missions, her favorite style is a long and straight hime cut. She dresses stylishly and often picks clothes accentuating her curves, and even if her clothing style also changes a lot depending on her mission, she prefers wearing red. She has long, shapely legs and glutes from using a fighting style relying mostly on kicking.
Height: 1,85m
Weight: Secret~
Crew Tattoo Placement: Left hip

Personality: She is fun loving, friendly, and cool headed. Though Marina carries herself with a calm, confident, and stylish demeanor; her usual personality displays a stark contrast between her passionate, fun loving and lazy self and her ruthlessness in battle. Marina has a sardonic sense of humour, able to laugh in the face of adversity and taunt opponents even when things look dire. However, she tempers this fearlessness with logical assessment and strategic reasoning, ensuring she won't stake her life on a battle she couldn't win.

Marina is an adrenaline junkie with a brimming joie de vivre. She is a hopeful, positive person who will rarely - if ever - be seen looking sad. Even during her darkest time, she will always make full use of her cool and acting skills to put off a bright front that few could ever see through. However, even this apparent sunny personality has a dark side... One of the reasons why she was deemed an intelligence genious was her uncanny ability to shrug off things that would unnerve even the sturdiest people. She has some traits of a psychopath, with a brash, impulsive side and a limited ability to understand how she might hurt others by accident.

Marina has a wide array of skills and occupational abilities that allow her to blend in just about anywhere. She is a master of disguise, and can act as many roles as she needs to save her life, having the instincts of an assassin: Plan a successful first strike with intent to kill; and if that fails, have a follow up ready. With her natural talent for covert operations, she excels at hiding her emotions and playing different roles as needed. Despite coming across as experienced in just about everything - including romance - her actual ability to express her own true feelings is lackluster at best. Thus, when faced with a crush she might do exactly the opposite that she'd do if it were all an act: She'll blush, look away, and poke fun at that person far more often.

Likes: Adrenaline, New experiences, Speed, Cats, people watching, Martial arts, Military equipment
Dislikes: Losing, having her shoulders massaged, Centipedes, Slow moving vehicles

History: Born to a businessman, Marina had always been told her father moved away from her home in North Blue with his pregnant wife, having been promised an important, well paying job. Marina spent her childhood completely carefree, immersed in such a lifestyle. But little did Marina know that she was the daughter of a legendary CP Agent, Andrej. Of course, for a secret agent, his legend was confined mostly to those working in espionage and intelligence, even if his wife was vaguely aware of his secret, just enough to protect Marine if the worst came to pass.

Even then, she was born with a talent for espionage and assassination, with no manner of actual information on how to use it. She was a quiet child for the most part - even when having fun she among the least noisy - and excelled at picking her fights, lazily saving her energy for the most opportune moment. Yet against all odds, one day the unthinkable happened. Marina was about 4 years old when she came home from school and found it swarming with men in black, all shady looking and wearing sunglasses. One of them introduced himself as Walther Connery... It was a name she recognized, even if she couldn't put a face to it. She'd heard about him, her father mentioned him as a father figure of sorts.

The first thing she discovered was how Connery was her unofficial Godfather. Her father's master and mentor, he took over raising the young Marina since her parents where nowhere to be found. And from him - little by little among the following years - she'd find the truth to be a hell of a lot different from what she could see. Her father was a Cypher Pol agent, and the now Retired Connery had been his teacher. A master of undercover work, he drew out the full extent of Andrej's subterfuge to the point he would go as far as bringing his family into the loop, and if not for outside interference, he wouldn't have been caught. Marina's mother Yelena was sufficiently aware of her husband's work to know what to do if he ever vanished, and that was what she did. Connery explained how she had likely gone after her husband after ensuring Marina would be taking care of, and even for all her young age, Marina knew what she wanted to do: To find her father.

But it would not be easy... To succeed where others have failed she would need more than raw talent. Connery groomed the young girl towards the only path he saw for her: If she surpassed her father, she could not only declassify information surrounding his disappearance, but possibly even find him where Cipher Pol deemed him dead. Marine was taken to Marineford, where she learned alongside other elite cadets, and in her off time she sought further mentoring from her Godfather. Marina had two things that urged her forward: Hope and Ambition. Hope that her father might have survived and be hiding somewhere, and the ambition to surpass him.

Yet after all this time, the only lead she could discover was the last Pirate Andrej Koslov was looking into: Ishmael Montoya. It truly seemed like climbing the ranks of Cipher Pol would be the only way to find out more...

Face Claim: Sabrina - Pokemon

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2 Re: Marina Koslova [Marine/CP] on Mon Mar 14, 2016 7:30 am



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