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[spoiler="Beginning"]Task Name: Gathering Intel on the beast
NPC or PC:npc
Location: Louge Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: solo
Description: Zanji and his crew have arrived on Louge Town and its time he and his crew mates went out and did some investigating about the claims of the devil fruit sighting are true question the towns folk and gather information and report back to the crew about the findings. But beware there are some shady contestants out there who wish to slim the competition.
Enemy Details:11 tier one contestants
Boss: None

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Zanji walked through the town his clothes smelling strongly of smoke. He had some time to kill so he thought he would go back to his ship and get cleaned up before the contest would start. Now he was back. It seemed nothing really had changed save for the coming contest the streets were filled with decorations and walls were plastered with signs.

He whistled innocently as he saw marines running through the streets heading towards the burning base buckets in hand. He side steeped out of there path and leaned up against a general stores wall and watched them pass bye. He smirked and returned to walking but this time he stuck to the sidewalk. He continued to whistle happily one of his favorite songs of all time bink's sake as he finally returned to the docks.

He boarded his ship and went into the ships public washroom and closed the door behind him and began to undress. He tossed his clothes into the laundry hamper and headed into the shower and began to clean himself off. He would scrub himself clean with a bar of soap and wash out the smoke smell from his hair with some shampoo and would return to his room a towel draped around his waist and he quickly dressed himself up in his usual attire.

He would leave his room and head to the town square where the festival would be starting shortly. His sword hidden within his waist with the aid of his trench coat and his brand new pistol holstered. He disembarked the ship quickly walked into town a look of confidence on his face. He and his crew definitely had this contest in the bag. Bug he would undertake the first part alone no need to get the information with the help of the crew it was a simple task and he would fill them in once he got the information he needed.

He cracked his neck and stood in the center of town where the giant scaffolding stood where one of the yonko was executed so many years ago. He wadded through he crowd and saw the familiar face of the mayor atop the scaffolding he was standing behind a podium. The mayor tapped on the microphone end of the den den mushi and spoke " Ladies and gentlemen welcome to louge towns Special once in a life time event the quest for a devil fruit now without further delay Let the contest begin its simple someone with the area has the information to the next task find out who it is and advance to the next part of the contest!"

TWC: 442/750

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A explosion of cheers went off as suddenly the sky filled with a shower of fireworks. The crowded execution grounds were filled with people trying to get around. Voices yelling asking the same old question where the next part of the task was. Some were getting violent and threatening people into answering even if they did not know the correct answer.

He narrowed his eyes and looked directly at the platform and wadded through the crowd of people and began to climb the scaffolding. Some on lookers looked over at zanji and began to follow after him. He looked down and shook his head as he count four people climbing the scaffolding below him. He sighed and quickened his speed to get to the top of the scaffolding things were never going to be easy for him. But then again that's why he choose to be a pirate he got a rush out of doing things that were difficult and being a pirate to him meant absolute freedom.

Upon his was was etched the look of determination. He was going to win this contest and eat that fruit. He had high and grand plans in-store once he ate that fruit. But more importantly in his heart he knew hif he died he would get to see his parents for a short time and be safely able to resurrect. He licked his lips greedily and aimed a sweeping kick as he saw a competitor getting close to where he was. The man fell from the scaffolding into the crowd and he grinned and looked down and shouted "Sorry my fault!" He chuckled and climbed the scaffolding and walked up behind the mayor and drew his pistol from his coat and pointed it straight into the mayors back.

He cocked the leaver back and hung close to the mayor. "Howdy mayor long time no see now if you will be so kind as to tell me where that clue is ill be on my way." The mayor turned pale and gulped and said in a tone of fear "Alright alright zanji take it easy just go to the forest head through the path there you will find a old women she will give you the next clue." Zanji smirked and patted the mayor on the shoulder and then cracked him on the back of the head with the handle of the pistol. "Thanks for your cooperation mayor."

He put his pistol away and let the mayor crumble on the platform. He looked down and saw that the number of competitors had seen what he had done and were now storming after him He sighed and jumped down the platform his hands sliding down the metal burning from the friction as he landed on the street he blew on his hand and began to run back towards the docks. He was going to need to inform his crew about the information he had just gathered.

He was nearing the entrance to the docks when he saw that the was being followed. he skidded to a halt and turned around and looked at the number of people. there were nine men who had followed him. He shook his head and looked at the men " Boys i suggest you rethink what your about to do." the men cracked there knuckles and charged at him screaming "we don't take well to cheaters!" He shook his head and held his ground and got into a fighting position. " Alright then how about a helping of my DOUBLE IMPACT!" he tightened his right hand and plunged his fist into the closest man. the man coughed up saliva and suddenly went flying hurtling into two of the men. they fell unconscious from the impact as he cracked his neck to the side.

He smirked and drew his pistol and shot of four bullets one one into each of the four mans kneecaps. They would live but they wouldn't be walking for a while. He smirked and tossed his gun back into his coat and blocked a right hook and ghave a uppercut into the mans chin. His right hand caught the fist of another amns and quickly flung him ointo the others. The men on the ground groaned as they're eyes rolled into the backs of there skulls and fell unconscious. " and this my dear fellows is why you don't mess with a pirate captain." He smirked and headed towards the docks and would climb onto his ship and wait for his crew to return they had much work to do.

(zanji exit task complete)

WC 767

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25,000 beli
2 exp
30,000 bounty.

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