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Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

Middle Part 2:

Task Name: The Corrupt Commodore: The Villian with the Coat Marked "Justice"
Tier: III
Location: Lvneel
Crew, Team, or Personal: Team/Crew
Description: Whether the team was able to intercept the message to the second contact or not means only a moment or two of observation of the second contact anyway. He soon learns of your presence and to your surprise he bares the insignia of a Navy Commodore! That's right, someone's got their hands in the cookie jar and the last thing he wants is for your goodie-two shoes brigade to go fucking with what he's got going on! Make sure to secure couriered weapon before he uses it himself

Enemy Details: Commodore Salazar is the second contact and he is known not only for his ruthlessness, but his prowess in battle! He, and his crew, are prepared to erase you from existence, aided by the fact that this is an undocumented mission and thus unable to be traced back to him. The weapon has turned out to be a devil fruit. Do not let him use it.

  • (1) T3 Navy Commodore
  • (1) T2 Commander
  • (10) T0 Navy Grunts

Boss Name: Commodore Salazar
Tier: III
Description: Known for his use of a pole arm fighting style and a savage use of armament haki, Salazar is a blitzkrieg fighter, and will charge you through if you let him.

Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: Stardust Haki
Equipment: T3 Glaive
Specs: 4 - Melee Weaponry DF - Hand to Hand

From Revs With Love

Arc Name: From Revolutionaries With Love
Arc Tier: IV
Arc Link: From Revs With Love
Word Count (Total): 976

She sucked in her cheeks before rolling up her shorts, so she could have a better view of the damage, or the possibility of any. Sure enough, the brown pecan skin of her right thigh was pierced, dotted with ugly red splotches, streaked with peeling skin. She let out an exasperated sigh, as she gently traced one index finger along a trail of mottled skin on the opposite arm. It stung, and she was now highly displeased. She’d only just yesterday bought the cutest little lemondrop-yellow dress: short, with a black lace overskirt, a sweetheart neckline, and absolutely nothing in the way of sleeves. She couldn’t wear that with a bandaged leg, not by Saturday, anyway. An indignant look came over her, and she shook her head defiantly, to no-one in particular except herself. No. No way. No way in hell was she going to let a stupid fall keep her from wearing that dress. All she needed to do was…was…was something she wasn’t quite sure of for the moment. She considered this for a second before coming up with a solution so obvious, she hadn’t the foggiest idea why she hadn’t thought of it earlier.

She looked upward and held her gaze over the officer before her. He was handsome, older, salt and pepper haired though cropped as it was on all sides. His face held the lines of years past and the battle scars of a man could easily warrant a retirement but would never agree to it. He was not tall of stature, nor broad backed but he still no less held and aire of importance that no other in under his voice seemed to quite match up.

"Well, it's my lucky day. Seems the boys in blue are here to save me."

"Missy, you in tha wrong stretch of woods right now? What are you doing here?"

"Hmm...wondering that about you and your boys...You wouldn't be aiding and abetting arm's dealers would you? I've heard the Navy weren't the cleanest tools in the shed but... damn a Commodore?"

A fist plowed into her belly and she almost lost the ability to see straight. She dropped to her knees, trying to regain the ability to both breath and stop herself from puking. Okay, insulting the men who've got you hostage... not the greatest idea she'd ever had. Still, she had to get her self out of this. There were 12 men around her by her count. Many of them, judging by their chi, weren't much to worry about but there was still power in numbers. She could make reduce the numbers but there would still be a serious two on one fight that she wasn't sure she was ready for with an bullet hole in one leg.

"Why....are you doing this?" Good. Keep em talking.

Her arms were really aching. She needed a medical treatment, no doubt about it. Only, in typical Rei-Rei fashion, she hadn’t thought to bring a single person along with her. Still, it was worth a try to see if she had anything on her. Alas, after much visual exploration, she found that all she had was a few beli notes stuffed into one of her short-short pockets, her den den jammed into the other pocket, and a lip balm, a rubber band, two paperclips and some scotch-tape, all having been haphazardly thrown into the pockets of her coat at one point or another, only to have been forgotten not too much later. They at least hadn't discovered her hidden blades. For anything else, well, She’d just have to look around then, that was all. She glanced around her, in search of something that seemed could help her out of this situation. After a moment, she found her target : the blond-haired boy she was chasing only seemed half-certain that if he stayed right where he was, he'd remain invisible to everyone around him. Who was this kid? He was clearly afraid and not sure what to do. Also, he was holding.... the package. She could see it closer now... it looked sort of like a...fruit.

"Why would I tell you that? If you're after this devil fruit then you must be working with the Revolutionary Army... ohh, don't look so surprised, I'm a Commodore of the Navy. Of course I know about them... what I don't know is why they'd send a little girl to retrieve their precious fruit for them."

The man placed a full palm on the devil fruit in the boy's hand and raised it to his mouth. Fuck! No more time to play the victim it seemed! She opened her eyes and sent her energy through the entire field of men. She could feel the bodies around her go rigid and stiff, some falling over, some without even the mobility to do that.

“Hey there, cowboy…umm, you wouldn't wanna share a bit with a girl, would you?”

The Commodore looked in shock as his men all hit the ground one after another, falling over, kicking their feet or their arms but never both. Both the Commodore and his right hand man seemed to still have their mobility. Fuck. She'd only been able to subdue their henchmen. The Commodore looked as though he couldn't quite decide what to do? He had a second of lifting the fruit closer to his mouth...

"You eat that fruit and I'll have to lop off that handsome head of yours... don't be stupid, Commodore!"

A scowl came over his brow and he placed the fruit back into the palms of the terrified boy who apparently wasn't locked into a immobilized pose either but just his own fear.  The Commodore stepped forward, taking a long rod from his first mate and pitting them both side by side against her kneeling fram.

"You little bitch... you're going to regret those words."

Techs Used:

Stamina: 455 - 45 (T3 Tech) = 405

Skill Tier 3
Skill Name: Ground Zero
Skill Type: Hand to Hand
Skill Range: 5m
Skill Cooldown&Duration: 5|Instant
Skill Description: The Chi Blocker must be be able to keep a fight within a specific range in order to make the most of their abilities. This technique, showcasing a Blockers ability  to close that small gap between them and an opponent quickly, keeps the enemy from widening that game. With Ground Zero, the user sends out of a wave of chi in all directions with a 5m radius, causing up to (1) T3 PC or (2) T2 PCs in the zone to become rigid and stiff, immobilizing a part of their body to effectively weaken their abilities to evade attacks. Anyone caught in this wave of light blue aura will have the option of experiencing paralysis in either their upper or lower body [upper body - arms, lower body -legs]. This technique will only affect tier 3 and under. This technique will last for two posts.

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Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


From Revs With Love

Arc Name: From Revolutionaries With Love
Arc Tier: IV
Arc Link: From Revs With Love
Word Count (Total): 856

A yell roared through the air causing all parties to look up to the sky. What at first looked like a small girl directly in front of the sun seemed to grow larger and larger until it was evident that a man was falling from the sky itself. After a few moments of intense squinting, it was apparently who that yell was coming from. And while Reinaka's heart sank into her belly, she could not hide the hint of relief that a familiar face clearly coming to her rescue. Pearly white wings dropped her baby brother between the three fighters with a grace seen only in winged birds of the sea. Samael Sciwalker, baby brother to Reinaka and fighter in his own right, had notified Rei that he was, indeed, coming to look for her and her crew. A crew, unbeknownst to him, had disbanded and now reformed.

Still, what a sight for sore eyes! Reinaka had previously forbade her little brother from following or meeting with her in any way since he'd set off a full two years before her on a quest to become a pirate and sail the open seas. At the time, Reinaka wanted nothing to do with pirates and resented her little brother from going down that route but her perspective had changed considerably and ever since Sammi saw her name in that Blue Version newspaper he knew that he would have to find her now. If she'd chosen this life this she was in for more trouble than she knew. He simply didn't understand how right he'd be.

"Rei...what in the hell have you gotten yourself into....without me!"

Sammi was, well, not a normal boy. Never had she or anyone ever used the word normal to describe what he was. He was... different. He was kind and sweet but there had been too many times that Rei had seen Sammi do horrible things and remain just as sweet and kind. He was likely a sociopath, a born one who knew what he was from day one. He was a pirate through and through and despite any hesitancy she had about him she could only smile as she watched her baby brother stand to defend her. For whatever he was, he was her savior right now.

"Oh look... two little flies have just landed in our tr--"

The first mate could not even finish his sentence as Samael launched himself at the man, removing his sword and just barely missing the jugular of the marine. A standard issue marine sword had unsheathed and intercepted the blade just in time. She could feel Sammi grinning from even where she sat, knowing that he liked a challenge more than anything. And then she saw it, the Commodore raising his pole arm to slash down at her brother. Reinaka rushed over, ejecting her blade to intercept the man's attack. It halted it, but the force of the blow cracked her blade. She knew that the blades were not meant to stand up to such a strong attack but she cared about her baby brother much more than she did her weapons.

Suddenly, he raised his hand as an obsidian film masked the color of his fists and his sleeve... Reinaka looked in horror at what she was seeing! He'd turned his arm stone? Was this a devil fruit--

The backhanded slap sent the Skypiean flying backward, hitting the ground once, twice, and finally ramming into a great tree that stood center in the expansive yard. Was her jaw broken? Did her skull fracture under the force of that hit? These, of course, were nto her own questions. Her mind was turned to scrambled eggs on impact and all she could think was air, hurt, stinging, blood, vision... nothing as complex as to give herself a prognosis. As he forced her eyes open, the act seemed to awaken her hearing as well. Someone was was Sammi. What was he saying?

Hahh... Hawkk? Halll?


Haki? This was... haki? But, this didn't feel like what Naga used! She felt Naga's haki. She didn't understand, but this felt completely different. Naga's energy felt like a breeze surveying the world around her, whispering inaudible sounds around her. This was...hard. This hurt. This was not what Naga did.


She focused enough to see the man running at her, his pole arm already in its decent. It, too, know had the black film over its razor edge as well. Her eyes shot open and before she could even think what to do, she raised her hand out towards the oncoming Commodore and released her energy!

A blast ripped from her palm and sent not only the man flying backward into the air and, subsequently, into a column of the dojo, but rammed her back into the tree she'd been laying against. She still couldn't control the rebound of that technique and especially not from a sitting position against a jagged tree. Air escaped her lungs as though it were breath she'd released and not chi energy.

Techs Used:

Stamina: 405 - 25 (T2 Tech) = 380

Skill Tier: 2
Skill Name: Blitzkrieg
Skill Type: Speed
Skill Range: 15m
Skill Cooldown & Duration: 3 | 1
Skill Description: Now able to expel chi from body, Blitzkrieg has been developed to capitalize on the skill set. Despite this being an exhaustive act, Blitzkrieg comes in handy as it allows the user to propel themselves at a blazing speeds, or a .5 speed boast. The user moves so quickly that they are actually floating. Though often used in conjunction with another attack or the get the hell out of dodge, turned against an enemy or structure it can prove quite damaging for both parties as it will always propel the user no matter which direction they point it.  Blitzbrieg uses a lot of chi and therefore multiple usage is not advised. Usage costs double stamina.

Visual Aid:

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Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


From Revs With Love

Arc Name: From Revolutionaries With Love
Arc Tier: IV
Arc Link: From Revs With Love
Word Count (Total): 856

A few coughs later and the grass beneath her was speckled with red droplets of blood. If she got the wind knocked out of her one more time, she might not be able to recover so easily. Scratch that, if she let that man hit her once more with his haki fist then she might not even be waking up to recover. She wrenched her head sideways to see Samael and the first officer dueling with their swords. But before she could even call out to him, she saw the henchman beginning to get up again. Son of a bitch.

She lifted her arm, or rather tried to lift her arm only to quickly be reminded of the gunshot that had graced her. It definitely felt like more than a graze at this point. But the few that were able to stand to their feet weren't coming for her or Sammi, they were stalking towards the blond haired boy who seemed to only finally regain the ability to move again. Unfortunately for him, it extended only to the ability to back up slowly until he was pressed against the wall. The boy...? It was the fruit. They were trying to get to teh fruit. Damn it all. Reinaka held her breath and pressed off the ground, gritting her teeth to endure the pain in her right leg. She was losing blood and her leg had begun to cramp but she couldn't not act. She didn't even know if it was for the fruit or the boy's sake but she ran.

The Commodore seemed to fly out of the whole he'd made in the side of the dojo more so than jump out of it. Reinaka dived and rolled, escaping yet again the piercing blade of his pole arm and tucking through the men about to grab the boy. With her last blade she swiped through the air and the cut extended beyond the tip of the blade and slashed out at the uniformed men. The blast sent them flying and she shoved the young boy behind her, looking at the Commodore having solely defended himself against the attack.

"I won't let you win this... Corrupt men like you never do..."

He smiled and began to spin his pole in front of him. Suddenly the air began to whirl around them. Sammi dug his sword into the ground, having dispatched the other marine. It was all he could do not to be pulled into sucking wind. The Commodore seemed to be creating some kind of jet propeller that was pulling in everything around him. The boy wrapped his arms around Rei's waist has she held on to a column next to her. How the man was doing this she had know idea, but she knew that she did not want to be caught by the attack.

The boy yelled and Rei saw his grib loosen on the fruit in his hand. It slipped from his grasp and it was all she could do to grab the core of the apple-like thing without losing her grip on the banister. The Commodore burst into laughter, anticipating his prize floating right into his hands in no time... Reinaka couldn't think, she couldn't catch her footing and she had no other options left. She pulled the fruit closer and shoved it into her mouth and bit down. Sammi's yell almost eclipsed the Commodore's and the pulling vacuum seized.

"Rei don't do it!!! Don't eat that!"

It was clearly too late. She forced the fragments of the fruit down her throat and swallowed with a harsh gulp. The taste of the thing was horrendous like a syrupy sweet cough medicine. She gagged and wretched but nothign came out.

"You stupid bitch! I'm gonna gut you open and rip it back out of your stomach!"

The man shot forward! She didn't have time to think. she pushed the boy out of the way and closed her eyes. To anyone else, it might have looked like she'd given up just then. But she hadn't. Her skin began to glow a violent golden hue and she opened her eyes to reveal a pure white glow from beneath both eyelids. Suddenly, golden armor that looked like something out of a Roman gladiator event appeared around her.

The pole arm came down i na thundering crash, electricity literally crackling around the blade but the moment it reached her radiant glow it halted in its place, seemingly battling with some invisible force that it was clearly having trouble breaking through. What felt like forever was finished in no more than two seconds. The man went flying backward as his attack seemed to break under the force of Rei's shielding. As he tumbled backward, loosing his weapon in the process, Rei clinched her outstretched hand into that of a mock gun, aimed and fired at him.

Beams of like struck the man in repeatedly and he stood there, seizing up as though he'd been shocked. She was sure that she'd struck some very vital areas and he wouldn't be able to breathe for long. He would die right here on the spot.

Techs Used:

Stamina: 380 - 45(T3 Tech) - 45(T3) - 25(T2) = 265

Skill Tier 2
Skill Name: Second Act: Blade Chi-ter!
Skill Type: Defense
Skill Range: Contact
Skill Cooldown & Duration: 3 | 1
Skill Description: The first stage of a list of flashy techniques that lend weight to the style bravado and destructive capability allowing users to extend the cutting capability of their blade strikes. With the extension of her concealed weapon Reinaka's slices, usually only extending out 6 inches past her palm, Rei's cutting technique will carry her slice, a full two feet outward in the direction of the slice through a sharpened chi burst.

Skill Tier: 3
Skill Name: Divine Infrastructure
Skill Type: Chi/Energy
Skill Range: Self
Skill Cooldown&Duration: 5|2
Description: The Chi Blocker can become a master of the energy of others, but to do so they must first master themselves. To protect oneself is one of the key principles of this style, and therefore techniques like this are essential. The user activates this ability and their body begins to emit energy at a hyper rate. The users body seems to be laden in armor of pure, glowing white light. A roman-style helmet, breastplate, shoulder armor, shin guards and thigh guards, though not completely solid, the energy has extreme blocking force. While this technique is active, the armor will defend against (1) tier 5 technique or (2) tier 4 and lower techniques, both physical and elemental, over the span of two posts, dissolving away in a beautiful mist once its reached its breaking point in any of the two posts.

Skill Tier: 3
Skill Name: Spirit Gun
Skill Type: Chi/Energy
Skill Range: 7m
Skill Cooldown&Duration: 5|2
Description: The user pulls their digits into the shape of a gun. After taking aim, a lightning fast burst of light blue chi will shoot forth like the bullet of a firearm. Any part of the body that is struck by these strikes will seize up and cause the muscles in the immediate area to cramp and become rigid. The user may fire up to 3 times per post for two posts as far as 7m. For the record, taking a hit in any part of the arm means that arm is useless; the same being said for the leg. Being hit in the chest restricts breathing, which in turn makes excessive movement increasingly difficult. Taking a hit to the head will knock the target unconscious.This technique is essentially a quickly, more rapid version of the user's Demolition and Desolation techniques.


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