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1Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Assault on the marine Compound on Sun Mar 06, 2016 10:48 pm



Task Name: Assault on the Marine Compound
Tier: 2
NPC or PC: npc
Location: East blue
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description:Its time the world knew about Zanji. He is tired of lurking within the shadows its time to come out into the light and show the world what he is capable of. There is a small marine outpost on a island in East blue it's time to take it down and pillage its resources.
Enemy Details: 10 tier zero grunts 15 tier one grunts 2 tier 2's
Boss: no

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2Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Sun Mar 06, 2016 11:02 pm



The clouds rumbled as thunder cracked across the sky which awoke him from his sleep. Zanji laid in his armchair inside his room on the dawnbringer, a book on his lap and slid onto the floor as he was startled by the sound of thunder. He let out a sigh and took a calming breath and rubbed his eyes sleepily. He reached down in front of him as he picked up the book he had been reading. It was a book about short stories of people’s imaginations about what the treasure of one piece entailed.

He had gotten a good half way through the book before he had dozed off. He let out a great big yawn and stretched his arms and legs out. He turned his head and looked out at the window and saw that it was pouring rain down from the clouds. But he could make out in the distance the rising sun. Dawn such a peaceful time of day. It seemed like the only time of day when he felt he could feel at peace with himself.

He had so many worries on his mind he was to embark out on his new journey with his new and strange crew he had collected. Today it was time to make the world known about him and his bounty to sky rocket to re-known. He didn't feel bad about what he was going to be doing with only one of his crew mates today. That is all he really need to take down a simple marine base. He would let his crew mate take care of the weaker ones while he would work upon the stronger foes. He Sighed and placed a bookmark in the book and headed out not bothering to care that it was raining.

He needed to make a choice on who he was going to bring with him to assault the marine outpost and he needed to think quickly time was of the essence and he wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. Although the thought of a drawn out battle did appease the fighter in him he wanted to make sure that his ally did not get seriously injured in the process. He had chosen his hometown as a priome place to start after all what better way to get things started when you know the layout of the island like th back of your hand.

Wc 409

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3Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:23 pm

It was a day like any other for the random girl known as Lunette. Currently, she was running away from a butcher with a long chain of sausages around her neck. “I JUST WANT THE NECKLACE!!!!” She would shout out while running, she didn’t know why the man was chasing her with a knife. The pretty necklace was just sitting on the table outside a shop filled with meat, she thought it was free so she took it.

While running, she would spy a series of stalls down one side of the street. Grinning that she was gonna have some fun before she ate the pretty necklace, she would dart towards the stalls before jumping onto one of them, ruining the foodstuff and other valuables on the stall. Before anyone could start to complain, the young woman would start to run on the stalls, jumping whenever she needed to do so.

While she ran she continued to cause property damage in the form of ruining the wares of the various stalls on the street. The girl was running towards the Marine Base, not that she knew that. She had simply floated to the island after her rowboat had gotten sucked into a whirlpool that had formed directly under her. It had sent her to the island the week before, and she was hungry.

Lunette did not know where she was, nor did she have any money so she had to resort to stealing food in order to live. She was planning on eating the chain of sausages raw due to the last time she started a fire, she burned down an abandoned house and had almost died.

Lunette, had not been near the Marine base, nor did she know there was one on the island she was currently inhabiting.

Diving, to the side she vanished down a alleyway. The Butcher not realizing that she had ditched him, would simply run past the girl that was now eating his sausages completely raw. ‘You should have killed him,’ one of the voices in her head told her coldly. Starting to rock back in forth, the girl would finish the last sausage. Putting her hands on her head, she would continue to rock back and forth. The voices started to yell out louder and louder within her head. ‘KILL, KILL, KILL!!!’ They had shouted while putting the girl through more and more mental pain.

Yelling out in frustration, the girl would stand up suddenly. Her bloodcurdling scream would erupt through the town and village. She needed to kill, and she needed to kill now!

(432 words. Being recruited in this thread)

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4Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:15 pm



Zanji cracked his neck to the side and decided it was time to venture out. His time aboard his ship was quiet. He was getting rather bored now. He had some time to kill before the contest began for the devil fruit so what better way to kill the time than to kick some marine ass. He smirked and scribbled down on a piece of paper saying he was going to the southern side of the island where the weakest marine base was anyone interested come along.

He grabbed a fork and placed it the note onto his door. The sky cracked and boomed loudly as thunder cracked through the sky. Rain was pouring down hard as he smacked his forehead and walked back into his room. He had nearly forgotten his newest toy. He smirked and walked over to his dresser and grabbed his new custom designed pistol. Oh he could hardly wait to try it out he wasn't the best shot in the world, but he could still get enemies that were within range of his guns range.

He twirled he gun in his hand and put it in his inner coats pocket as well as the extra ammunition he had acquired. He then headed back out to the deck of his ship and to the town. He was going to have to move quickly but then again he didn't care all to much if he were able to catch the marines off there guard or not. as he walked through the familiar parts of town he had noticed quite a bit of mayhem had happened.

Many stalls were ruined contents spilled across thee counters as he just shook his head and chuckled and went on his way heading to the marine base. He let out a yawn and brought his coats collar closer to him as the rain seemed to be dying down. Then he heard it the sound of a animalistic scream caught his ears. He narrowed his eyes and he looked around at his surroundings trying to pinpoint the location of where it had come from. His lip curled into a smile as he figured it out it was coming from near the road to the marine base.

"Aww seems someones got a head start on me Now i can't have that a mans got to have priorities after all and i had called dibs!" He narrowed his eyes into a glare and charged off moving at his highest speed he could must zipping along the path. He saw a women along the path and had had given her a friendly smile and nodded hsi head while maintaining his running speed. He soon arrived at the entrance to the marine base and looked around and raised his hand and said quietly " Guess i should knock." He raised his hand delivered a fully powered punch shattering the wooden gate into splinters into the interior of the base. "Hey boys Zanji's the name I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I'm all outta gum!"

WC: 515

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5Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:25 pm

The girl teetered forward, towards the end of the alleyway. She had noticed a man walking towards a white building, and punch a door down. Her lips widened into a wild smile, as her eyes, in the dark cloudy storm would slowly shine as if flame was ignited in them. The light, was reflecting off of colored specks within her eyes, in the red one, blue would form along the ruby eye. In the blue one, red would start to dance within the eye turning both of them into flame.

The sight was beautiful to behold, yet the sight of the rest of the face made the beautiful sight into a dark beauty. The girl teetered to the Marine base, it was if she couldn’t walk properly or if she simply did not want to do so.

Lunette at that moment, needed to kill. She wanted to bathe in the blood of someone, and she knew that the worthless people running away from the base just would not satisfy the voices. But she knew they would be somewhat pleased with her, taking out a card Lunette launched it forward impaling the card into a woman’s neck.

Having smiled widely, Lunette continued to teeter forward before stopping at the woman. Leaning down, Lunette would slowly pull the card out of the woman’s throat. With an even wilder smile, Lunette had slowly licked the blood from the card before the woman’s fading vision resting on her killer. The blood tasted heavenly to the psychopath.

But it wasn’t enough! She needed more, wanted more! Making the voices quiet down, was more important to her than anything else!

Walking towards the base, she would stop several feet behind the man that had broken down the door. “Move now,” she had said. And that was the only thing she would say to him, until the need and want to kill was out of her system.

Suddenly, without warning the woman with the mismatched eyes launched herself forward towards the now opened door. Having pulled three cards seemingly out of thin air, the woman would jump over the man that had knocked in the door. Spinning in the air, she had suddenly launched the three cards that she had pulled out into the necks of three lowly grunts that fell on the ground.

One of them, had pulled out a Den Den Mushi and pressed the button. An alarm sounded throughout the base, he was summoning more men to either kill the intruders or capture them!

(425 with 857 total)

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6Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:13 pm



Fury, for his part, slowly walked out of the doctors cabin, a bottle of sake in one hand, his other hand rubbing his head. The night before had been a rough one, what with him, Clint, and the new cook, a rather buxom and attractive woman they had taken to calling BBQ, celebrating the arrival of their new cook, and newest crew mate. Of course the doctor had been the one to recover first, the big man understanding alcohol and how it affected the brain and body better than the other two. Still, he had a fairly nasty headache and was in a rather sour mood this morning, a mood that would not be improved by seeing the captain of all people strolling away from the ship alone. Fury watched him for a moment, arcing one eyebrow as he took a swig of sake. "God damnit all Cap. Aint ya got any more sense than that?" He grumbled, tossing the now empty bottle of sake towards Clints door. "Yo! First mate! Wake up and man the ship would ya, I am going with the captain on an....adventure." He would call out, smirking a bit as he grabbed a sandwhich in passing which had been left out from the night before. Meat was still good.

He followed the captain, the large, shirtless man catching more than one eye, as he himself eyed the wreckage of the stalls. "Damn Cap, didn't think ya had that much destruction in ya. You seemed a tad more focused to me." He said before the sound of a crash could be heard up ahead. Fury tilted his head curiously, tossing the remains of his sandwhich away and wandering forward just in time to see the attractive young woman launch her attack and hear the alarm start going off inside the small marine base. "Well damn captain, you two need to work on your entrance a bit." Fury would call out to Zanji, walking up near him and slapping him on the shoulder, a slap that would bruise most. "Should have gone through the wall, not the door. Harder to repair and more annoying to the marines. More annoying you are the more they talk about ya, trust me." He said as he stepped in, watching the girl move. "She is a dangerous one sir. Her movements speak of unchecked aggression and blood lust. Watch her." he muttered to Zanji before clenching his right fist and starting to wind up his arm. "Mornin gents! We are the Tekken Pirates! Names Fury, ships doctor. Not sure who the pretty girl is, she tagged along. Oh, and the guy who removed your door? That's the captain. How do yall do?" he said with a grin.

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7Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Tue Mar 08, 2016 9:11 am



Zanji Smirked and turned his head to the side as he heard the sound of fury's voice address him over the loud alarm. He chuckled and shook his head and shrugged " Hey i knocked it was the polite thing to do after all." He laughed and returned his focus at the impending marine troop arrival. He cracked his neck and watched as the mysterious young women had taken down some of the guards but had set off the alarm.

He narrowed his eyes as he caught sight of her weapon of choice and it was most odd. It appeared she was using playing cards as projectile weapons. He reached into his coat and pulled out his brand new pistol. He smirked as the barrel caught the sunlight and made it glisten and took aim and fired off two shots taking out to speakers.

That had lessened the noise and now he would be able to talk properly with fury and the mysterious women. He blew on the end of the barrel as smoke came out of the end and smirked " ahh much better now we can properly talk to one another." Just as he finished his sentence however doors were kicked down as marines came rushing out heading into the courtyard. "He smirked and chuckled as he counted out the number of marines and whistled " twenty two marines and two captain class seems a bit unfair maybe i should fight without using my weapons?"

The marine captains raised there hands and ordered there men to charge the marines roared as they came running towards the group. " Zanji sighed and took aim of his pistol and saw that the marine captains were well within his guns range He took aim and fired off his last two shots in his gun the bullets spun as the whipped through the air one watched as one went through the jugular of one of the captains while the other shot him through the stomach.


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8Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Tue Mar 08, 2016 11:17 am

The woman known as Lunette, landed on the ground with the back of her coat having fallen slower than the rest of her body. In her crouched position, Lunette had noticed the alarm bringing in the rest of the Marines within the base. ‘Roll back, use the others as meat shields,’ one of the voices said. ‘MEAT SHIELDS!!!’ The rest shouted at the girl from within her head. Without thinking, the young woman had jumped backwards, hitting the ground and going into a roll.

Having rolled behind the two men, Lunette would look at their backs. “My name is Lunette!!” She would shout at them, before looking at the Twenty-four Marines heading their way. Lunette knew she’d have to work together with them in order to make it out of this fight alive. She only had ever fought five Marines at once. Having pulled out three more cards, Lunette winced slightly. That bullet wound that she had received from her last fight was still healing. She had put some badly made bandages on the wound, and that was all.

Watching the man with the gun, take aim at two of the men and fire, the woman would use her good arm and launch two of the cards at them. One had hit the man he had shot in the stomach, in the throat sticking out of it. The card had sliced straight through the man’s trachea completely restricting the man’s breathing. The other card stuck out of the man’s right knee, completely immobilizing the leg and reducing his chances of reaching the three fighters.

Having ignored the man’s comments about her being pretty, she honestly did not care about that partly due to just meeting the man.

(293 words with 1150 total)

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9Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Tue Mar 08, 2016 12:07 pm



"Polite my ass." Fury said to his captain before stepping forward to face the oncoming marines. His aptain was using a ranged tactic today, and the woman was as well. That meant Fury's role here was simple. Meat shield. With that thought a smirk would come to his lips, and he would slowly widen his stance, bracing himself. As he prepared the two others fighting with him would attack, dropping a few, but Akryn wasn't concerned about a few. He drew back his right fist, way back, all the way to his shoulder, extending his other arm out towards the marines, and he closed his eyes, focusing not on the coming attack, but making sure his feet were properly planted. If they weren't he would end up crashing back into one of his allies, and that wouldn't be good at all.

Once he had assured himself that his feet were set, the white haired pirate would smile, opening his eyes to eye the oncoming group of marines with a wicked grin. "TAIHUOKEN!" He declared before punching his right arm forward, twisting his hips and pulling his left arm back as he did so.

The resulting shockwave would be nothing short of stunning. The shockwave covered at least fifteen feet, and sent several of the marines flying through the air, even sending the stronger marines that were still standing stumbling backwards to land on their rumps. Even the ground had been ripped up a bit, and any tables, barrels, or chairs caught in the blast were gone, broken into dozens of smaller pieces. Fury stood there, his right hand smoking a little bit and a grin covering his face. "Come on marines. I thought you guys would at least be a good work out."

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10Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Tue Mar 08, 2016 4:42 pm



Zanji holstered his gun and quickly pulled out his sword. If this didn't get him over a hundred thousand berri  then nothing would. He chuckled and kept his sword in his dominate right hand and looked around.  He chuckled as he watched fury send out a shockwave taking out several marines in the process he put the blunt end of the blade on his shoulder and began to do a remaining head count of who was left.

He began to count the remaining marines off one by one and and shook his head.  He ran over to the one crippled marine and smirked as he said "Sorry nothing personal." He then plunged his blade through the crippled marines skull an pulled his blade out. A small fountain of blood erupted from the skull and bits of brain matter clung onto his sword he brought them up for closer inspection and narrowed his eyes. "Eww marine brains on my favorite sword." He chuckled and wiped the brain matter on the deceased marine and raised a eyebrow.

Zanji then turned his attention back to the ensuing battlefield. He was going to have to leave his mark on this land to let them know who was responsible for the attack. But it was just so damn noisy he couldn't think straight maybe after the noise died down he would come up with a good idea. he smirked and saw that several marines were charging at him "aww how cute they want to play with the big kid." His smirked changed as he wove his sword back and forth rapidly his arm giving off the illusion of several waving arms him. He then lunged forward and launched out a barrage of several stabbing motions each piercing a marines heart quickly he appeared to not have done anything at all but as he stopped and flicked his blade to the side the marines had fallen down one after the other dead their eyes rolled into the backs of there skulls. "Once were done with the clean up fury lets loot the place and see if our new mysterious friend is interested in talking."

Enemies left 6 t1

Technique used:
Speed: 1

Tier 1 Skill Name: Ballad of the willow
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee weapon
Tier 1 Skill Range: Close
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration: 1 post duration/2 post cooldown
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user waves their sword arm back and forth, in a fast motion giving the illusion of several waving arms around the user. The movement resembles that of a willow tree blowing in the wind. Zanji then lunges forward and a barrage of several jabs. There is a 2 post cool down for the use of this technique.

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11Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:26 am

She had watched the skill of her impromptu team, and wondered if she should join their crew if they were pirates. ‘Join them!’ One of the voices had shouted. ‘JOIN THEM!!!’ The rest had shouted in her head. Gripping her head in pain, Lunette had not expected that they would ever encourage her to join another crew. She had been certain they would have her start her own pirate crew.

She had screamed at the voices shouting at her to join the crew. “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!” She had screamed at the voices in her head, before taking out several cards seemingly out of nowhere, but they came from her sleeves. Having thrown the six card-like throwing weapons wildly, the cards had sailed through the air.

Two of them had embedded into the knees of one of the Marines, permanently crippling her. Two of the other cards however had sailed directly at her two impromptu teammates. She had not meant to fire the two cards at her teammates, but she could not aim properly.

It was a miracle that she was able to actually hit one of the Marines, but four of the cards were sailing wildly at four different targets. One of the cards had sailed straight into a barrel filled with oil. The oil had spilt forth from the pierced barrel. The last card however landed straight in the oil, the metal against rock created a spark.

In nearly an instant the spark created flame, and the oil fueled the flame. The flame led towards the barrels of oil, igniting them and causing a miniature explosion. The explosion had sent flame towards the walls, igniting the base and started a grand fire.

(287 word count with a total of 1437 total words)

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12Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Wed Mar 09, 2016 9:00 pm



"Talk, join us, get a bite to eat, somethin. She aint ba-SHIT!" he proclaimed, suddenly shoving Zanji aside and stpping between his captain and the card thrower. As he did so he would tighten every muscle in his body, suddenly freezing up and becoming immobile. As he did so the two cards would strike his bare chest and skitter off, as if hitting a steel shield, and hurtling off to the side. Even the explosion from the cards hitting oil didn't move him. He would remain frozen for a moment before his muscles would then relax and he would breathe again, cracking his neck before eyeing the woman. "Or maybe we should worry about her rather than ask her to join. If I weren't prepared for stuff like that those cards could have killed us. She seems a bit unstable, to say the least." Fury said turning to look around at the destruction around the place and eye any marines who might still be standing. "I think we have done enough though. Leave a few alive. One is easy to silence, several are much harder. Lets get on out of here captain, before something bigger and uglier shows up."

To be honest Fury was not too worried. A small island like this? This was probably all the marines that were stationed. He was more worried about other pirates showing up looking for an easy kill. The attack here had hurt this island, hard, and he didn't like it. He would need to talk to his captain about finding a different way to get fmous.

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13Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Wed Mar 09, 2016 10:29 pm



Zanji yawned and stretched his arms upwards lazily and placed his sword back in its sheath after cleaning it off on a marines corpse. He turned his head and watched as the women scream out loudly to shut up repeatedly as she clutched her head. She seemed to be in a right state of pain but was it psychological pain or could it of been physical. Either way he was curious and once he was set on doing something he was going to see it through.

There was no way he was changing his mind his eyes however widened in shook as she accidentally took at at him with her cards. He was about to brace for impact when fury appeared before him and protected him from the attack. He watched the cards bounce off his chest and call to the floor. " Thanks fury i owe one." He breathed in through his nose as he caught the scent of leaking oil his eyes widened in shock as he pushed himself down atop fury as the explosion went off.

He winced as he pushed himself off fury and onto his back the marine base was slowly catching on fire oh things were not going exactly as how he planned. "Alright we leave one alive lets get out of here befoe we get cooked we got a contest for me to win, fury lets take our new friend back to the ship." He smirked and got up from the ground and began to run around picking up the throwing cards that the unknown women and put them in his pocket. He turned his head and smiled gently at the women and said " I like your style miss you have deadly aim and me and my crew could use a girl like you on my crew whadda ysa say wanna join my crew?"

He would return her effects once they were safely away from the fire. He however looked down at the marine who had been left alive snd picked them up by the front of the shirt with his hand. " Looks like it is your lucky day you get to spread the word of the tekken pirates." He smirked and ripped off his sleeves to his shirt and tied them down on the marines kneecaps to help prevent blood loss. "Your marine buddies should be able to the fire from the next base off you will be fine." He then dragged the marine over his shoulder lazily and proceeded out of the base and placed the injured marine down by a large oak tree. He sighed and turned and looked over at fury "see you back on the ship i need to clean up before the festivities really begin." He smirked and walked off heading back to the town the fire growing larger as it burned away at the wooden walls.

(Zanji EXIT)


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14Assault on the marine Compound  Empty Re: Assault on the marine Compound on Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:38 pm

Lunette did not notice anything around her. She had begun to soundlessly scream because of the pain she was erupting through her head from the voices. They had continued to shout out in her head, growing louder and louder. She could not move from the spot that she was in, she was on her knees, looking at the ceiling still screaming soundlessly. Suddenly, another explosion ripped through the base. This one, sent a steel blade soaring through the air. The blade had ripped through Lunette’s side.

The world to Lunette had erupted in pain, and blood. Her eyes widened even more, before she had fell backwards. The blood exploded from her wound while her heart pumped more and more blood throughout her body. The light around her started to swirl to black as it faded from her vision. The pain and her precious life essence were leaving her slowly.

The young woman was falling unconscious from the bloodlost that she was experiencing. Her eyes were slowly closing, while the voices had stopped arguing. They were trying to encourage her to hang on. A smile graced her lips, while the darkness faded away from her. She was regaining some of her own consciousness from the encouragement by the voices that had tormented her, they were her only friends since that one person.

Thinking about Charlie, her childhood friend, she gained more strength to fight against herself losing herself to the darkness and fade away permanently. Her eyes kept open, while she tried to press her hand into the wound. But she was too weak, and couldn’t. The movement spiked pain throughout her body, and forced her to fall unconscious.

(Fell unconscious. Word Count: 280 with 1717 total words)

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