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15The Dragonslayers [Flash and Naga] - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragonslayers [Flash and Naga] on Sat Mar 19, 2016 7:23 pm



Nicholas honestly thought he had seen it all. I mean, a giant, mechanical dragon was something Nicholas thought he would never see here in the Grand Line. But what he saw Mel do was something he never expected to see. Some sort of powerful aura surrounded her, like some strange construct made from her own spirit. And it DIDN'T have anything to do with her snow powers either. Just how the hell was she doing something like that?

Never in his life had Nicholas felt so...small...

He looked over at his captain and fellow crewmate. Both were insanely powerful pirates and it clearly showed. Despite their opponent, they had been demonstrating an exceptional amount of skill against this thing. What had Nicholas done? Punched it and then jumped on its back, and he wasn't even sure anything he did had the least bit of effectiveness against that thing. All he was was a meat shield for them, not that they really needed it with their logia powers. And now they were throwing their strongest attacks at the thing, and he was expected to do the same. But with what? All he had active were the Jet Dial, Axe Dial and Impact Dial. Not exactly useful from a distance, and if he got close, he'd just be getting in the way. He'd probably end up splattered across the ground by their own attacks.

Nicholas watched as the two prepared to attack, just as the dragon was preparing its fully charge solar breath.

"Aw fuck it. What else do I have to lose?" If Nicholas got his ass wasted by this, then dammit, he wasn't worthy of being here amongst these fine ladies.

With his dials ready, Nicholas broke into a run, making a beeline straight for the dragon. Thankfully, everyone was so focused on eachother that they didn't notice him coming. Just as the dragon was preparing to fire, Nicholas got right underneath the dragon's head and triggered his Jet Dial, launching him straight up. With a yell, he swung his fist, triggering the Impact Dial as it struck the dragon's lower jaw, forcing it to close mid attack. Let's see how it likes a gulp of THAT?

Unfortunately he didn't get much time to gloat about it, because that was when Melissa and Linnea's attacks hit. He didn't even get to cry out as he was suddenly launched into the air, slamming him hard into one of the ruined buildings and through the wall.


Jet Dial triggered.

Impact Dial triggered.

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