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1 Lvneel Kingdom on Sat May 30, 2015 12:40 pm

Lvneel Kingdom refers to a kingdom in the North Blue. This is where the most famous liar tale in the whole world's protagonist, Montblanc Noland, was born and where he was executed.  The Lvneel Kingdom is not an affiliate of the World Government. However, they have ties with them as they are allowed to travel through Mariejois.

The Lvneel Kingdom resembles the European Medieval Era, with things such as knights, religion and a dislike for devil fruits. The kingdom has rolling green hills with buildings that resemble a northern European style of architecture.

They have a large army which plays a large role in the Lvneel Kingdom. The army consists of what are typical knights: wearing a steel helmet, steel armor, steel braces and greaves, a sword and shield. They are known as the Swornswords.

The other faction of the army is known as Nightwalkers. They consist of typical cutthroats and archers. Those who use the darkness to their bidding or fire from a-far with a bow and arrow are enlisted in the Nightwalkers.

Influence: Independent
Species: -
Log Pose Point Requirement: -

Housing: T4
Army: T3
Weaponry: T3
Population: T4
Technology: T1
Miscellaneous: -

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