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1 Shinichi Yuka on Sat Feb 27, 2016 11:44 pm

Name: Shinichi Yuka
Alias/Epithet: -
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Navigator, Dial Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: Tier 1

General Appearance:

Shinichi stands 6'0 in height and weighs roughly 70 kilograms. He has quite a muscular build and looks quite intimidating most of the time, due to the dark look painted across his face more than half of the time. He is normally seen wearing dark suits and in some cases a marine uniform when he's required to wear one.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 70kg
Crew Tattoo Placement: Wrist (Right Arm)

Personality: Shinichi is a fairly calm and collected person who is completely loyal to the marines and most likely cannot be swayed by anyone to leave and will likely attempt to kill anyone who tries to convince him to leave, if they're in the marines. Other than that he doesn't really mind anything else and is quite a friendly person, despite his dark look and can uphold a conversation for quite a while with whoever talks to him.

Shinichi is quite the bookworm when he's not training his body and takes interest in the mystical devil fruit that are apparently scatter across the sea. He thinks the ability a devil fruit gives to the user is outrageous with one of the only vital drawbacks not being able to swim. Although, not being able to swim as a pirate or marine seems like a pretty big thing since they're out at ocean most of the time. He hopes to get a devil fruit one day and to harness the supernatural powers that they give to a human.

Shinichi also learned how to navigate through the reading of books and has become quite the navigator in the marines, but his abilities as a navigator are not quite honed and he still has much to learn about the grand line which he hopes to gather through experience while sailing with the marines.

In battle, Shinichi becomes quite serious and won't tolerate any fooling around. Other than that he acts quite normal, communicating with his comrades and remains quite relaxed so that he may come up with a plan to beat those that oppose him and his comrades. Although, for him to become completely serious it has to be a battle with a band of pirates and not with a fellow marine as it's merely a spar and not really a life death situation.

The Sea: Shinichi is fascinated by the sea and looks forward to travelling across it quite a bit.

The Marines: He likes the sense of justice that he gets as a marine and is proud of the good they bring to the world

Food: He has quite the passion for eating food

Law Breakers: He dislikes law breakers and the bad that they bring to the world

Arrogant People: He dislikes those who are arrogant as they always proclaim to be the best when most of the time they're not

Hunger: He loves food too much and prefers to live off of a full stomach and hates the empty feeling hunger gives him

History: Shinichi was born into a small family that lived in quite a small town and was soon taken away from his family during a raid on the town at the age of 1 to be raised as a pirate and was raised without much care. When he reached the age of 5 he was nothing more than a mere chore boy who was beat when he didn't do something right or had missed a spot when he was cleaning the deck. It was a day after day thing and he was never able to escape from the pirates, as he never had the guts to do so. Although, he was finally saved one day by marines who had caught the pirates and was taken in by a young male marine by the name of Akihiro Yuka.

From that day forth Shinichi was finally treated properly and was finally allowed to live a proper childhood, being able to play with other kids around the town that the marine base was situated in. He was also able to receive an education from his father who was also a navigator, which is how Shinichi was able to learn how to navigate the seas.

When Shinichi reached of the age 18 his father told him that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted to do with his life even though he much preferred Shinichi to become a marine, which is exactly what he would choose to do with his life, become a marine and protect the world from the filthy scum that had taken him away from his home and destroyed most of his childhood doing nothing more than abusing him.

When he had told his father his decision he would be admitted into the marine academy and would go through the marine academy with ease, graduating at the age of 20. After he graduated he would take interest in dials and would study them for many years and would learn how to fuse dials with weapons. Due to all of the distractions learning about dials brought him, he wasn't able to rank up as quickly but now that he's done with his study in dials his journey would begin.

Face Claim: Emiya Kiritsugu | Fate/Stay Zero

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2 Re: Shinichi Yuka on Sun Feb 28, 2016 1:16 am



Approved and welcome

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