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1 Marcel's Package on Tue Feb 23, 2016 10:36 am




General Info

Character Name: Marcel Law
Link to Approved Character
Affiliation: Pirate
Crew: N/A
Occupation: Primary: Doctor Secondary: Weapon Specialist
Tier: 3
Bounty/Reputation: 3,110,000
World Position: Blue Pirate


Hand to Hand: 0
Devil Fruit: 3
Marksmanship: 0
Melee Weaponry: 4

Haki: E

Stamina: 480


Link to Primary Skill Set: Heaven's Smoke Style
Link to Secondary Skill Set: Moku Moku no Mi
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: N/A
Link to Support Skill Set: Marcel's Drugs Marcel's Drugs Part 2
Items: Minor Energy Pills Speed Enhancer Pills
Haki Aura: Savage Soul
Devil Fruit: Moku Moku no Mi


Weapons: Master's Will
Equipment Name: Garou (Hungry Wolf)
   Equipment Class: Weapon
   Equipment Type: Katana & Sheath
   Equipment Tier: 3
   Spec Req. Melee Weapon 3
   Equipment Description: A Katana made by the travelling blacksmith Chariot.
   The blade has a reach of 70 centimetres and is entirely made of the rare metal Vinculum, which is known for its ability to absorb great impacts. The 30 centimetres long hilt and the guard are made of the same metal, while the hilt is also wrapped in black leather. This increases the weight slightly over that of a normal katana but increases the shock absorbing properties.
   The sheath is made of hardened steal, with a black painted wooden coat for appearance sake.
   Equipment Ability: T2 Vinculum Metal: The blade is able to absorb the impact of up to tier two attacks and lessen the impact of stronger impacts by one tier.
   Attachments: None
   Units per slot: One Katana & Sheath
   Proof of Purchase: Crafting Garou
Armor: Iron Chest Plate
Ships: N/A
Pets: N/A


Completed Topics
Home Sickness (Social)
Into the Dragon Kite's Lair (TSK)
Is there a Doctor in the house? (TSK)
Not an Aladdin Story (TSK)
Eliminate the Charlie Gang (TSK)
Life or Death: Please save my Mother (TSK)
The one who killed my son: Death to Marcel Law (TSK)
Clearing my head (Stamina Training)
A ghost town? I think not: Those who remained (TSK)
Doesnt feel much like home anymore (Stamina Training)
The First of many Adventures (Social)
Take Back the Village (TSK)
Some unfinished business (Travel)
Home Sweet Home (TSK)
The man in the robe (Tsk)
Kitty Paw Pub (Social)
A secret passage? (TSK)
Cursed (TSK)
Making some Drugs (Crafting)
The Saber Society (TSK)
New Power: Preparing for the road ahead (Stamina Training)
Stars in the sea (Social)
Can't even train in peace (Tsk)
Completed Topics This Tier
Tier 1:
Tier 2:
Tier 3:

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3 Re: Marcel's Package on Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:12 pm



Current Tier 1
Oceans RP'd In: East Blue
# of Task Completed: 6
# of Other Topics Completed: 1
Character Development Notes: At first, Marcel was more of a quiet reserved character. He couldn't really understand how life in the Blues was like due to originating from Wano. He did get along with the people of Shimotsuki Village (Little Wano) because of how much at home he felt there. He is widely respected at that village due to his samurai and mainly medical skills. He would then finally befriend someone there who was not from Wano or practiced the Wano traditions. She was a Mink who had a much more friendlier and out there personality compared to Marcel. They would then work together to kill some bandits in an effort to bring back a child's kite.

The Mink then taught Marcel about how important it was to clean his katana, something he didn't do. This would cause him to briefly think about how his father would call him a disgrace to samurais due to Marcel believing that he could be both a doctor and samurai which his father of course disagreed with. He now cleans his katana after every battle and training session.

Marcel never had much experience with marines. He only grew up hearing how good they apparently were in the South Blue. But once he arrived to the East at "Little Wano" when he grew up, he began to hear different things about them. "Corrupted, a nuisance, the real peace destroyers." is what Marcel would hear and soon he would begin to believe them. His first encounter with a Marine on that very island wasn't too pleasant. He assumed that the marine woman was going to arrest his new friend and advised that she'd leave or it would cause trouble in the village which almost happened if it wasn't for some fireworks going off.

He then took care of a sick little girl while her parents were away, increasing his skills with children as well as his skills in medicine while also getting a little "practice" in with his sword as he had to kill some burglars who attempted to rob the girl and her parent's house. He then found himself against more marines in Logue Town as the samurai acted as a bodyguard for a street rat who was looking for the right present for his crush by means of stealing. Marcel killed the marines which got him some infamy in Logue Town as well as the rest of the East, helped the street rat get the girl and made a new friend, but soon he would learn that his actions have some repercussions other than raising his bounty.

Marcel's transition from a distant person to somewhat friendly seems to still be happening slowly as he found himself defending a family from a gang that constantly taxed and harassed them. If it wasn't for Marcel, that family would've been hung publicly for all of Orange Town to see. Just because he may be getting a little more friendly doesn't mean he is any less ruthless as he found himself killing a drunk guy in the bar of Foosha Village just because he hiccupped on him.

At that same village, he would soon find himself being respected by the people there in a similar fashion to Little Wano as he saved the life of a woman who couldn't afford to get the medical treatment. He would then stay at the village for a little, assisting the woman and daughter as well as getting to know the villagers a little while also getting to "know" the woman he saved a little bit more. It was peaceful, until the figures in robes came to the island.

These robed figures were led by the father of one of the marines Marcel killed back in Logue Town and was obviously here for revenge. Before leaving Logue Town, The robbed figures maimed the guy marcel assisted back in that town publicly. Once they got to Dawn Island, they raided Goa Kingdom in an effort to find Marcel, blowing it up in the process. Marcel soon learned of this and intercepted the figures in Mt.Colubo where he learned the hard way about what happened to his new friend. This would be the first time Marcel was blinded with rage which almost cost him and the villagers of Foosha Village's lives. He was able to calm down in time to kill the guy and returned to Foosha where the others cheered for him but all he could feel was guilt. Majority of a kingdom was set a blaze, a friend lost his arm and an entire village would have crumbled due to his actions. This would be the first time Marcel would learn that his actions could have dire consequences, now knowing that he must be careful with what he does.

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5 Re: Marcel's Package on Sun Mar 13, 2016 12:16 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

what's ur stamina supposed to be, were u at 150 +50 (200 like ur updates say) from stamina training or 150 +120 (270 like your profile says) from stamina training.

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6 Re: Marcel's Package on Sun Mar 13, 2016 2:14 pm



I thought that the base stamina for tier 2 was 200 when I asked in help desk but then I read that it was 250 so I got it changed. The extra 20 came from stamina training.

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8 Re: Marcel's Package on Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:42 am



Current Tier 2
Oceans RP'd In: East Blue, South Blue
# of Task Completed: 14
# of Other Topics Completed: 7
Character Development Notes: Compared to when he first started out, which was mainly being distant, Marcel now juggles around being distant and a little more outgoing around certain people. He has done a lot during his travels such as having to clear his head from previous events of a friend of his losing an arm due to his actions, but hasn't worked up the courage to truly see if he is alright since it was his fault for the maiming to begin with.

Just before he could finally coup with those events, he was sent head first into a personal conflict that he didn't even know about in Tequila Wolf. During his travels there, Marcel came across a small group of slaves who decided to stay there. What was odd about them, is that they had tiger like symbols on their attire that resembled the tattoo Marcel bared. Law would then come across the leader of this group and learn that they got these from a samurai who was among the revolutionaries that liberated them, and told them about a group known as The Saber Society. The leader of the slaves revealed to explain more and attempted to kill Marcel to which he had to retaliate by killing him and the group of slaves, now with the idea of this samurai and the Saber Society rolling around in his head.

Law would then find himself back in Shimotsuki Village, still wondering about this group, but also had this odd feeling that the village didn't feel much like home anymore like it used to when he first arrived. He would then train at the village's dojo to get the feeling back, and even had a duel with a shy samurai in training who was forced by his friends to duel him that also reminded Law of himself when he was younger. Law purposely threw the battle to help his confidence and in return made a new friend while getting that feeling back that he was right at home.

Law would also meet a little, somewhat hyper girl by the name of Chasity King in Logue Town where they were both looking for the famous execution sight. The two had fun and shared cake, something that Law rarely did since most people around him would give him some kind of dirty look as if he drowned their puppy. The two soon parted ways, but not before he gave the girl a drawing as a thank you for being one of those few who saw him as a person.

Everything seemed peaceful in the East at the time, until he returned back to Shimotsuki that is. He found that the place that he thought of as a third home was taken over by a small gang of pirates who attempted to "purge" the villagers. Law took this personally and struck down each pirate there, but not before he found out that that small group of pirates is actually part of a bigger fleet, meaning if word gets out to the true captain of this crew, then Law would have more on his plate down the road.

After things were settled there, Law couldn't help but think about that group he has heard of earlier back. The Saber Society. He then set sail to the South Blue where he spent most of his life to see if his step father knew anything. Before going to see him, Law stopped by Briss Kingdom for a quick drink where he met two more interesting little girls, but unlike the hyper pure hearted one he met back in East, these two seemed pretty....aggressive. Soon the three would end up in a small scuffle with a group of marines but thanks to one of the girls, Law and the other girl all managed to escape, but now he is in debt to her. Hopefully it wont lead to anything....complicated.

Law would finally make it to Baterilla where he was greeted by all of the citizens, both new and old, but soon the peaceful reunion would grow dark as a man in a robe would begin to stalk the samurai, giving him ominous and cryptic messages about himself and others. The figure would then bring Law to a grim sight, his step father killed in cold blood. Both infuriated and in grieving, Law would chase down this figure for the answers on who the killer was, but would soon learn more things about the Saber Society and his "curse". Law was given information that the tattoo on his arm isn't really a tattoo, but a "recusant's sigil" and the source of his curse. That he will cause great pain and grief to those he is around in one way or another.

Still not entirely sure about his curse or the Saber Society, Law has been left with more on his mind than he expected. Not only is his step father dead, but he's been told that it was his "curse" that was responsible. Now Law has this in his mind and the possibility of causing harm to others he comes across, not knowing whether to separate himself from society or not.

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9 Re: Marcel's Package on Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:10 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

approved, stamina fixed

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10 Re: Marcel's Package on Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:33 pm



Stamina training in this thread Approved: Link

+40 Stamina gained

What you allow is what will continue

Nora #990000
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