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15 Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Tue Mar 01, 2016 5:03 pm



Zanji crossed his arms as he watched the doctor disembark form the boat to take on the marines at the dock. He would watch fury with a keen interest he had yet to see him fight and he was most curious to see what the doctor could do. He quirked a eyebrow as fury took a sumo wrestler like stance and looked at the marines.

A most unusual fighting style Zanji had never really seen a sumo wrestling match before  so his quizzical nature got the better of him and he stood his ground watching the scene unfold. He watched as the marines give final warning to stand down against them. Those silly silly lap dogs of the government had no idea who they were messing with. It was about time he and his men showed them what they were capable of.

His eyes widened in shock as he watched teh destructive force of his ships doctor. he was indeed very powerful he would even compare him to even stronger than he was. He felt a twinge of envy as he watched the five marines were taken down while two higher looking marines barely held there ground. They glared at fury there eyes burning with hatred as they looked at there defeated comrades.

"You bastard you won't get away with this as captains of the marines we will not let this travesty stand we will..."  Those were the last words the marine captains spoke as zanji had jumped off the ship and stood facing behind them though he was facing towards teh town.. His sword was drawn and he had smirked and he quickly spun and flicked his blade to the side/ Blooter splatterd onto the ground as he  watched as the two marine captains fall over there heads rolling off there bodies blood spraying out of there necks and onto the docks. "Blah blah blah government this blah blah blah all they talk about it gets so irritating sometimes I just couldn't the same damn speech over again."

he jumped over the pooling blood and aimed his sword at the two bodies and spoke calmly with a hint of mischief in his tone  "Lets leave a message so the government knows we were the ones who did it shall we."  He reached down into the pooling blood and drew the crews jolly roger on the  backs of the marines coats and smirked and added a little extra flare to the design. He wrote down Captain of the Tekken pirates Zanji D Ryotoji was here.

He wiped off the blood from his sword onto the pants legs of the dead marines and whistled as he walked back to his ship. "We can go once everyone's aboard and that means you and i need to get on." He cracked his neck to the side and sighed in a sort of exasperated tone. "well so much for seeing the sites of this island and sorry couldn't get your provisions doc we will pick them up on the next island there are extra provisions and medicine in the bottom of the ships hold though those are the emergency rations we should be fine till the next island though." He walked onto the new platform made by his  trusty shipwright and boarded his ship.
(Zanji Exit)

WC 552
technique used:
Tier 1 Skill Name: Reverse Cut
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee weapon
Tier 1 Skill Range: Close
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown&Duration:1 post duration/2 post cooldown
Tier 1 Skill Description: The user does a powerful spin, generating the momentum needed to slash at any opponents behind them. The user can also utilize this spinning motion to trick an enemy that's in front of them. into thinking he is attacking them but in actuality he is going to be slashing behind him.

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16 Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:33 pm

Catherine smiled slightly at the flirtation. It was honest and not too forward which made a nice change from all the leers and cat calls she normally got. Perhaps she invited it with her skimpy attire, but why should she change how she dressed? It was comfortable for her and with this little fabric there was much less to get dirty when she cooked. That meant less cleaning and if there was one thing she hated doing it was cleaning. Eventually though she was lead onto the ship. The first of the Tekken Pirates. If her memory served her correctly that meant iron fist in a foreign language. Iron Fist pirates. Well, based on the fighting style that the one referred to as Doc used it was probably pretty accurate. She imagined that Clint would also use his fists and if she joined the crew then she'd fit right in as her fists were literally metal, though she was pretty sure they were some kind of alloy rather than iron. Iron arms would be REALLY heavy.

It seemed though that even if she wanted to leave that option was off the table. People had seen her approach the ship and seen her with the captain of the tekken pirates and the vice captain as well. In fact, the vice captain had walked her onto the ship. In the eyes of many that made her a member of the crew or at least someone who aided them. "Well, guess i'm stuck with you guys. Though I hope you'll be replacing my food supplies when we get to the next island." she said as the ship began to set sail, her helping where she could. "Afterall, I left a fully stocked larder back there and food ain't cheap."

So far she'd met the captain of the crew and the vice captain, who also appeared to be a shipwright. She'd have to talk to Doc later to find out if that was a name or if he was the ship's doctor and had a name. It was an interesting crew she'd temporarily or perhaps permanently teamed up with. Two hulking giants of men, she was certain they must have some giant DNA in their ancestry, and a swordfighting captain with a rather interesting style. She wondered if the captain associated himself with these large men and had this large ship as compensation for something and also wondered if the two giant's of men's bodies were all in proportion. Well, she was part of the crew, at least for now, so she was sure she'd find out. It was hard not to be in close proximity to people without finding things out like that. "Hmmm I'll have to buy some new clothes too." she said to herself as she began to explore the ship.

[Catherine Exit]

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17 Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Wed Mar 02, 2016 5:14 pm



Fury would stop his work as he spotted the extremely well.....endowed....woman step on board, turning to give the captain an inquisitive look. "We pick up another crewman? I hope she is a cook, Clints coffee is like mud." He said with a smirk, tossing a wink towards Clint and the woman. "Welcome aboard miss. If you are being kidnapped blink twice really slowly. Names Fury, ships doctor. Ya need anything let me know. For now though, Clint! I need an extra hand over here! I give it maybe another seven minutes before a marine warship coasts up on us, and as tough as we lot are, we do not have the man power t wage proper sea war fare right now. So, quit ogling the new lady and get up to that wheel will ya!" Fury would shout, grinning the entire time. He could already tell Clint was sheepish with this girl, and he would enjoy this ribbing immensely.

"No need to worry about the supplies captain. So long as we maintain a steady intake of fruit and don't take any serious injuries we should be fine without them for a while. Oh, and don't cut yourselves on any rusty metal. I am not betting on either of you being current in your tetanus shots. If you need me I will be below deck. If the marines do show up I want all the guns I can have loaded ready to fire. Captain, Clint, M'lady." He would say, tapping two fingers to his forehead before disappearing below deck, to await the ships departure. (Thread exit)

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