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1Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:16 pm

Task Name: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1
Tier: T2
Location: Orange Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew Task
Clint and Zanji land on Orange Town and directly start causing commotion. As pirates, they decide to start by giving themselves a name in this world as well as making themselves stronger. They find marines, who start by making fun of the two, then the two get angry and fight the Marines.
Enemy Details: 5xT1 Marine Grunts. 2xT2 Marine Caps.
Boss: N/A

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2Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Mon Feb 22, 2016 4:33 pm

Clint D. Saglando

Clint landed on the the docks of Orange Town and he immediately had to wake everyone up. Being the Shipwright, he always had to be awake just in case something had to go wrong. Currently, the crew consisted only of three people. Clint, the First-Mate, Zanji, the captain, and Fury, the doctor. Clint smiled as he smelled the sweet air of Orange Town, and then frowned and started screaming at them,


Right then and there, after he screamed at them he didn't care what they did. Clint's job was to take care of the DawnBringer, and even make it better. To be honest, it was a great job in Clint's eyes. He loved taking care of ships, especially when they were as important as this one. He let the anchor go loose, and docked it. They didn't have a navigator, so Clint did all the work ship related. It got tedious at times, but he still loved every single bit of it.

Once he finished with the ship's work, he got up and walked out the Orange Town before any of them even woke up. He left them a note saying that he was going it to get some wood and stuff, and was on his way. His stomach growled as he thought about the wood; literally for no reason. He then thought at how they had no cook, at all. God, how he wanted a cook right now. Clint rapidly swore that the once a cook joins the crew he's going to hug him till he can barely breath. He was so hungry...

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3Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Mon Feb 22, 2016 5:34 pm



Zanji yawned as he rose up from his bed as he heard the dulcet tones of his first mate yelling for everyone to get up. He stretched and ruffled his hair up and climbed out of bed. Seems they had landed on a new island  which only seemed like it was yesterday when the three crew members had joined together and formed the pirate group known as the Teken Pirates. He was overfilled with joy at this prospect he was on his way to becoming a true pirate like his father had once been so very long ago.

He felt like he was following in his fathers footsteps in a way yet he had his own path to take as a pirate. He smiled and quickly got dressed and put on his golden locket around his neck that lay on his bedside cabinet. He gently pressed his finger across the cold metal and  left it tucked outside his shirt as he opened the cabinet. He pulled out the tone dial his father had left him with his mothers voice recorded on it.

He pocketed the dial and changed into a clear pair of his usual attire and walked out of the captains quarters. He saw a note on the ship and quickly read over it and would follow after clint. After all two hands make better use than one. Not to mention the fact that it would give him a nice excuse to have a quick look about the island and asses its worth.

He would follow after his second in command his hands at his side. His swords carefully concealed benath his coat a smile on his face as he walked down the street. Oh how marvelous and wonderful theis islands town was it seemed. Everywhere he went he could see shops of all sorts opening or some remaining open. He smelled the air and caught the scent of fresh baked bread and followed after it and headed into a local bakery.

He bought a loaf of bread for himself and one for each of his crew mates. A little breakfast after a long voyage would do them some good not to mention get in with there good graces. He smirked as he left the shop and headed down to the sawmill where he was sure he would find clint. An just as true to his thought he spoted clint and held up the loaf of fresh hot bread and came up behind him. "Hey clint thought you could use some help and some breakfast."


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4Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:35 am

A sawmill was not the usual place you would find a chef or as some of them preferred to be called 'culinary artists', but today one rather buxom woman chef was at the sawmill. Why was she there? Well, she was hauling wood and helping out in general. It was strange to see a beautiful woman so easily hefting large logs into their place upon the mill. Normally, special equipment would be used, but it was busted at that moment and as such they had to call in some help. One of these helpers was the blonde-haired, large chested, scantily clothes woman known as Catherine West. There was visible strain on her face as she hefted logs onto the track to be sliced up, but she showed less than some of the burly men.

It was her eyes that first caught the approach of the two men. She hefted a final log onto the track and walked over, dusting her hands of saw dust as she did so. Her clothing currently consisted of a white shirt tied under her large chest with a lot of cleavage and part of a flag bikini top showing, a short skirt, leather boots with a slight heel and a choker around her neck. Some people's eyes might be drawn to the cleavers strapped to each outer thigh.

"Yo!" she said with a casual wave to the pair looking them over. One of them was huge, probably the largest man she'd seen. The other didn't really stand out except that he had a loaf of bread. "Can I help you gents with anything? Sawmills a bit busted so wood supply is a tad short. Still we probably have some going for the right price. Or if that bread's a bit plain i've got some sandwich fillings I made. Those are free of charge providing you promise to savour the food"

Yes, she could give away her own goods. However, she didn't want to give them to people who wouldn't spend time savouring the taste. Food was to be enjoyed, not gobbled down in one go. "Got some jam, some fresh cured ham, marmalade and some pretty tasty cheese if I don't say so myself." she said and then paused as an idea came to her mind. "Or if you buy some wood for a fire I can fry you up some bacon and eggs."

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5Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Tue Feb 23, 2016 7:36 am



Fury growled a bit as he heard Clint shouting from the deck above. He had been up for nearly two hours now, craving a pot of coffee, and the red haired mans bellowing did not help his sour mood. "They call this a doctors office. Suppose its what you get on a pirate vessel." he growled as he made another check on his note pad.

In reality the medical office wasn't bad. It had the necessary basics, even the material needed for some surgery. But this whole ordeal was sitting poorly in Fury's craw and souring everything for him. He knew this as well, and tried forcing himself into a better mood. But it simply wasn't possible for him right now.

He soon enough managed to pull himself up to the main deck, just in time to see the captain and the first mate heading out. "Oi! I suppose I will stay with the ship then?" He shouted out at them, throwing his notepad towards them as well. "These are some medicines we need to stock up on! A voyage at sea can be rough on the body, those will help keep us all in good health. Also, grab some oranges or limes or something. Scurvy will destroy a crew faster than a storm if you let it. I am going to do a quick run through of the ship and her supplies, I should have a more complete list of everything needed by time you get back." He said, waving towards them and starting to turn away before stopping himself. "Oh, and if you happen to find a cook or gunner, bring them as well. We can work without a navigator for now, but those we need." He said, and with that he would let them go on their way.


Once Zanji and Clint left the vessel Fury would indeed go about the work of cataloging the vessel. Cannons and munitions they had. A compass, maps of the east blue, bedding, swords, the basics were all there. The main thing they were missing were crew to man those cannons and beds. Crew, and a proper flag that was. Any proper pirate crew needed a banner to fly, one that represented them and what they were about. It symbolized their crew identity, it was the calling card of the seas. And it was better to make it, and a name, for themselves before the unimaginative Marines did. As he pulled out a large, black banner from storage an idea would come to him, one that would make him a smile a bit. The other two crewmen so far were fighters, like himself, and from what he could tell weren't exactly the monsterous type like he had heard of. They seemed amicable, out on this voyage for the adventure more than the treasure.

Fury quickly snatched up the black banned and some white paint and hurried up, onto the deck. An old story had come to mind for him, of a group of fighters out to see on a glorious adventure, sailing on the sea under a wonderful, and fitting, flag.....

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6Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:50 pm

Clint D. Saglando

As Clint walked up to the sawmill, he heard Zanji's voice behind him. Did he really have to come? Clint wanted to come alone, after all he came out to clear his head. Zanji approached him and started walking beside him, he quickly told him that he brought him breakfast and wanted to help him. Clint sighed, respectfully took the bread and said,

- " Ok Zanji, I'll let you stay. Thanks for the bread. To be honest I came here to clear my thoughts, just been thinking about my family. Forget it."

They kept walking towards the sawmill until Clint heard another voice. This one was more of a female voice, and it wasn't recognizable at all. Clint quickly blushed as she asked to help them. Clint has never been a flirt, and never will. He just isn't comfortable with women in the scene. People told him he was good looking, but he never believed them. He smiled as she asked if she could be any help. He quickly stumbled on his words and said,

- "Umm.. Well, if it is possible we're here to buy a bit of wood for our ship. Oh.. I'm very sorry for my rudeness I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Clint D. Saglando, and this here is Zanji D. Ryotoji. We aren't related in any way." He says as he laughs. He knew that Zanji and him had barely anything in common physically. Clint was large yet Zanji was pretty small compared to him. He just wanted to clear that up since they had the same middle name.

The more Clint looked at this women, the more sexually attracted he was to her. She had a really big chest, and she chose not to hide any of it. He didn't stare but when she wasn't looking at him, he studied her magnificent body. It just seemed too good to be true; too perfect. Once the word food was said Clint quickly looked up and looked at the female. She had offered him food. This might've been a blessing. He brought his piece of bread up to her hands and placed it gently in her hands. His words slowly got out of his mouth, and his tongue rolled. He said, " I'd love anything you can give me..."

WC: 388

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7Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Wed Feb 24, 2016 9:22 am



Zanji had stopped and had picked up the good doctors notepad before catching up after clint. He looked it over and pocketed it in his inner jackets pocket. He wasn't all to clear about what medicines the doctor needed and there importance but then again he wasn't a doctor. Zanji felt somewhat taken aback by Clint's comment  about wanting to be alone. This crew really wasn't off to a good start they really needed to get together and get to know each other better.

But with the antisocial people he seemed to have recruited this was going to be a difficult task. "Ahh family troubles I can relate I'm sure." his knuckles tensed as he thought about his fathers murder he took a calming breath when he turned his head and saw a rather curvaceous women working at the sawmill. He returned a polite wave and a gentle kind smile on his face as she waved at the both of them. "Oh that is most unfortunate news about the mill being but we will take all the Oak wood you have."

His stomach growled loudly and his cheeks blushed as she had offered out a nice selection of choices to choose from for sandwich fillings. But what really got to him was the offer of freshly cooked bacon and eggs. "I thank you rom the bottom of my heart for your most generous offering of food." He rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment  "sorry about that haven't had some decent food
since tie last island I was on. If it wouldn't be to much trouble I would like to take up that offer of eggs and bacon scrambled eggs for me please."

He would do his best not o stare at the beautiful women body in fact all he really cared about was how good this women's cooking skills were. His crew was in desperate need of a cook not to mention a few other members but then again they were far from perfection. He looked over out of the corner of his eye and saw Clint  was ogling the women he was half tempted to give him a good poke in the ribs to remind him of his manners. But then again he was also learning something about Clint. He didn't seem to be to  good around beautiful ladies. his speech was stumbled and he seemed a tad bit more nervous. he returned his gaze to the women his eyes locked upon her's his voice full of sincerity and honesty "I assure you miss we will savor every single last bite of your cooking, food should never be wasted one of my rules on my ship."

WC 449

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8Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:43 pm

His ship? So this man who wanted lots and lots of oak wood was a captain? Or at least owned a ship and set the rules. That was interesting. She'd been looking into finding a crew to join so she could leave this island and truly be free on an adventure. Still the man had requested bacon and eggs and that was a lot more her style than jam and that lot. Sure she could cook and prepare most things, but her speciality was on the griddle or the barbecue. It was one of the three reasons she got her nickname BBQ. The other two reasons were on her chest. "Bacon and eggs coming up. How about you big boy?" she asked looking at Clint and winked. "How do you like your eggs?" Without waiting for an answer she took the proffered bread and then went and grabbed some odd scraps of wood. Normally, they'd be sold for lightning people's fires and what not, but she felt she'd earned at least a bit of free wood. Even if she hadn't she was sure these customers to her little temporary outdoor fry up would be more than willing to pay. One of the burlier looking men from the mill approached her with an annoyed looking on his face.

"What you doing Cath? You're meant to be helping make wood not effing taking it for your poxy cooking." he said with a growl and then suddenly in a blink of an eye the man was sent flying backwards. Cath, or as far as the observing pirates would know, stood there in a clear position showing she was the one who had punched this man and sent him flying. How she had done it when he was much larger than her would not be clear. "What the hell ya doing?" the man said rising to his feet and glaring at her.

"One i'm volunteering and as a volunteer I can leave whenever I want. Two I think i've earned at least a bit of this wood considering i've done at least twice as much as work to you today and three be glad these gentleman are here or there would be another woman on this site and an ugly one at that." she said and then turned back to starting the fire. She sighed deeply as there was a loud bellow and footsteps rapidly approaching. She swung round at high speed causing her skirt to flap up revealing a thong that matched her top. As she turned the full rotation of her swing went into her punch, which adding to the charging man's own kinetic energy caused hefty damage as her fist collided with his stomach knocking the wind out of him. "I've told you before Jeff. Nobody insults my food and I will not be controlled by any man or woman ever again. Now are you going to leave quietly or in pieces. Your choice."

She turned back and looked over at Zanji and Clint. "Sorry about this gents. Some men just have no manners." she said with a shrug and didn't seem all that bothered or stressed out by the fact some hulking man had just attacked her. She didn't even seem worn out or strained at all.

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9Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:41 am



Fury for his part was unaware of the cook, or what his crew mates were up to. He had much bigger issues to worry about. No sooner had he reached the deck with the black flag and the white paint than a new issue would be spotted not far away. A small group of marines had started gathering on the dock nearby, eyeing the vessel intently. Normally this would not pose much of an issue, but this lot were eyeing the vessel hungrily, as a pack of dogs would eye a wounded animal. Fury felt a wave of disgust as what was about to happen rolled over his mind. With the rise in corruption in this area lately it had likely spread down to the lower ranking marines as well. They would use their rank as marines to demand an inspection, and in that inspection confiscate anything they deemed to be contraband. Most vessels would have no other choice but to allow it, and normally Fury would also have allowed it simply to avoid the fight.

But this was a pirate ship, and any inspection of the vessel, its armory, its quarters, all of it, would tell an intelligent marine just that. If those marines got on board they would cause no end of trouble for Fury and his crew, and so with a sigh the large, white haired pirate would stow the cloth and paint and instead turn towards the gangplank. Even as he made his way towards the plank three marines, armed with rifles and swords, would break off from the rest of the group and start making their way towards the ship. They stopped at the bottom of the ramp, looking up at Fury, who stood at the top, arms crossed, his face the very picture of disapproval.

"By the authority of the marines we are going to inspect this vessel. We have heard reports that it has been involved in some contraband dealings and we will search it for any such contraband and confiscate it! Stand aside. Any actions taken to prevent us from doing our jobs will be taken as an admission of guilt and we will deal with you with force if need be." Said the lead marine, smiling at Fury as he began marching up the gangplank.

Fury stood there, staring at the man and his allies as they rose up the ramp, before lifting his foot, placing the heel of one boot on the gangplank and shoving it off, sending all three marines into the water. "Let me save you a bit of time. Yeah, we got plnty of contraband. Lots and lots of it. But we wont let some corrupt bastards like you on board. Now here are your options. The lot of ya can run away and leave me be. Or you can try getting on board and fight me. Your move."

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10Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Sat Feb 27, 2016 12:31 pm

Clint D. Saglando

Clint smirked as the woman winked at him. She was lovely and beautiful lady after all. Right as she was cooking, Clint couldn't help but continue blushing, then a man came and started screaming at her.  Clint didn't want to just watch as the women defended her, but he thought that she might snap if he tried to defend her. Clint laughed as the man left and said,

- "You're a pretty strong and confident woman, aye. I like that a lot, shows that you're independent. Anyways, I didn't catch your name. That or you didn't provide us with one."

He smirked and gave her a little wink back. As he waited for his food to be prepared, he thought about what could be happening at the ship. If Zanji and himself were here, then Fury was all alone at the ship. What could he be doing. What if he got in trouble! Clint started to worry, and moved closer to Zanji only to whisper in his ear,

- "You left Fury alone on the ship, right? What if something bad happened... I'm worrying now Zanji, what if Marines come and steal our ship. You never know, we did cause an uproar in the last island, maybe they are tracking us down."

Clint started to slowly sweat, as he thought about their ship being stolen or abducted. He placed his hands in his lap, steadily playing with his fingers. This could been bad, very bad; he thought. He smiled as he tried to hide something from Cath.

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11Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Sat Feb 27, 2016 2:55 pm



Zanji smiled as she began to put wood into a little stove she had. He was most hungry indeed he could not wait to try this woman's cooking. If her cooking was as good as her looks I think he may have found a cook for the crew. His eyes narrowed as a strong muscular man came walking over and began to yell at the women. It was not his place to interfere and he would hold his tongue unless he struck the women.

But thankfully it did not come to it. The women was surprisingly very strong as she punch the muscular man in the gut knocking the wind out of him. He raised a eye brow with intrigue as he watched the man fall to the ground. He chuckled at the woman's comment. "Well I was about to ask why a chef was working a a saw mill but it seems my question was answered." He smirked as he looked at the man and smirked out of the right side corner of his mouth "If i were you I would leave Jeff was it before you make her angrier or worse me."

He cracked his right hand his knuckles cartilage popping his veins were popping out in a threatening tone. His face what was normally calm and cheerful had a look of seriousness and anger his pupils were dilated for a brief moment. He closed his eyes and heard his vice captain speak up in a whispered tone. He nodded his head in a somewhat agreeing tone he spoke his voice whispered back to Clint so only he would hear it.

"Yeah I left Fury with the ship He will be alright but if your that worried about why don't you head back." he chuckled under his breath and teasingly would attempt to nudge Clint in the ribs playfully "Unless you have something that's gotten your attention here." He laughed and patted his comrade on the shoulder "relax I'll go back and check on him, though I'm sure there is nothing to worry about." He turned his eyes back to the women "It seems I will have to cancel my order most unfortunate I was really looking forward to trying out your cooking unless you would be a lamb and send it back in a doggy bag with my vice captain?"

He leaned in close as he turned around and whispered to Clint "See if she would be interested in our crew remember the flyer from dawn island anything on there she is sympathetic its an ok with me." He began to walk back to the dock his face would be returned to normal whistling loudly a old favorite song of his binks sake. As he returned to the docks he saw three marines coming out of the water and sighed as they were heading back to his ship. He shook his head as he ran at full speed and jumped over the marines heads and onto his ship next to the doctor. "My oh my I can't leave you alone for five minutes now can I having fun with out me tsk tsk." He looked over at the marines and narrowed his eyes and stared at them he pushed open his coat revealing his sword and smirked.


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12Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Sun Feb 28, 2016 11:40 pm

"Its Catherine West, though a lot of people just call me Cath." she said in response to the giant of a man who seemed to be paying her a compliment. Her smile turned into a slight glare as the smaller of the two men seemed to think him being angry was worse than her being angry. As she could see nothing overly impressive about him, though she wasn't one to judge, she took it almost as an insult. Was he saying that he was better than her? Stronger than her? And why? Because he was a man and she was a woman? She was about to say something when the larger man suddenly whispered something into the smaller one's ear and then the smaller one left requesting a doggy bag. What was interesting was that the giant of a man was the vice captain and that obviously made the man a captain. That was very interesting. Before she could reply though he was gone and she looked up at the large man.

"If its a ship you've got how about I come cook there. Just as easy as here after all and besides the salt air will make it taste better. Plus that way the food won't go cold in a doggy bag. she said and then looked at the pan she'd been using. It hadn't yet heated up enough so no food would of been wasted at this point. "Unless of course there are rules on your ship about no women or something like that." In truth she was more interested in seeing the ship then she was cooking for these two at the moment. After all, if it was a good ship perhaps she could request to join the crew and pay her way with her cooking. Even if she couldn't join she could probably at least bargain for a journey to another island. She was kind of bored of this one and stowing away was so uncomfortable.

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13Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:16 pm



"Ah, well, ya see captain, they started it." Fury said with a smirk, watching from the corner of his eye as more of the marines, having seen their crew mates dumped into the sea, rushing forward, rifles ready. "I mean, in my defense I did at least try and warn em off. But you know marines, think they're large, in charge, all that good jazz. Excuse me." Fury would say before leaping from the vessel and landing on the dock, between the rushing marines and his captain.

The marines quickly drew up short, forming a line in front of Fury, rifles raised. "Surrender pirate scum, or we will shoot you down!" One of them bellowed, an order which only made Fury smirk. Without a word, the white haired warrior would drop down into a wide legged stance, very similar to a sumo wrestler. He would then draw back his right fist to his chest, extending his left hand, palm forward, to the marines. "Last warning pirate! Stand down or be shot down!" The marine screamed again, his allies taking aim on Fury.

Fury stood there for a moment, motionless, as if contemplating, before a grin would spread across his face. "Take heed marines.The Tekken Pirates have come to play. And we don't take orders from weak men like you." He said with a smirk. His comment would rile the marines, and the order to fire was given. An order that was never obeyed however, as Fury would choose then to act, thrusting his right fist forward. "Taihuoken!" he would bellow as he punched, sending a shockwave from his fist which would shatter part of the docks and send the gathered line of marines flying through the air, like bowling pins caught by a ball.

Fury would straighten after that, quickly turning to Zanji. "Sir, its time for us to bail. We are in no condition for a real fight if more marines show up, especially ones with some real rank, and I suggest we not test our luck. Lets go!" He would say before leaping back up to the deck of the ship, showing impressive leg power as he did, and began hurrying to get the ship ready to sail

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14Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] Empty Re: Is the East ready for us? - Part 1 [TSK] on Tue Mar 01, 2016 4:32 pm

Clint D. Saglando

Clint took Catherine on the way to their ship, as they were walking he decided to answer he questions.

- " Well Catherine, there might be a rule against females? But I'd obviously make an exception for you... Umm... no but seriously there is no  rule."

He began to smile as he walked back to the ship. He wasn't even sure where that came from. Clint wasn't one to flirt, well he tried to flirt then messed it up in the middle. He felt like an utter disgrace, he was embarrassed. People called him a big and strong man but really inside, he was just so mushy and gushy. His emotions could also get the best of him, not once but many times. Over the years, he tried to make it better but it only got better by a bit. Once they reached the ship Clint saw that Fury was fighting a bunch of Marines. This was actually the first time Clint saw Fury fight. After all he didn't see anyone in the crew fight yet. This might've been shocking but, they've been a crew for so long and this is the first time they saw one of them fight. Clint hasn't revealed how he fights yet, nor has Zanji. It might've been just to show how powerful they were but obviously if they were going to leave the easy fighting to Fury that would be good. Clint didn't want to fight every single second, so if he could let Fury do the easy work that would be perfect.

As Fury beat up all the marine grunts that were on the ship, Clint escorted Catherine to the ship.

- "Well Catherine, I welcome you to the Dawnbringer; the ship of the Tekken Pirates."

Clint smiled and brought her into the ship. It was a pretty large ship after all, and he really loved the thing. Especially for being a shipwright he loved to build. He automatically left Cath, and moved back to working a bit. Fury had broken some of the railing on the ship. Clint grabbed some spare wood, his hammer, and nails. He built a set of railings in a few minutes and put them back on. He guessed it was time for them to leave now.

[Clint Exit]

WC: 375

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