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1 Miyamoto, Takezō on Sat Feb 20, 2016 2:18 pm




Name: Miyamoto, Takezō
Alias/Epithet: Earned IC
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty One (21)
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Weapon Specialist (Primary) | Martial Artist (Secondary)
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: Tier 1

General Appearance:

Takezō is fairly short but she doesn't let that get to her. Standing at 5 feet and 4 inches, proudly with her chest puffed out. (Which isn't much to write about either >.>"). Physically she has a slim/built build, still quite firm and sturdy from her continuous training and practices. A thin waist pronounces her slim curves, causing her thighs and posterior seem bigger.

She's been told that she resembles her mother even though never meeting her, she uses this as if some kind of remembrance of her and what she's given her. Her father isn't the best looking person and she wouldn't want to look like that. Short light blonde hair, that she usually puts in a small tail on the back with a slim black bow.

Her attire is the usual Ensign marine uniform, but she got the "OK" to wear her kimono over her uniform as a form of peoples respect. With with a long black scarf around her neck too.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: *Classified*
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A


The Hero no One asked for

Takezō's loyalty and trust go hand and hand, and she's pretty loose with it. Extremely gullible, she might trust anyone if they looked innocent enough to trust. Anyone that asked for aid would get it from Takezō and she'd deal with it, without question. With a strong sense of ambition she pushes herself and those she knows quite well, to achieve their goals no matter what the cost and always finish it in the end. Ever since she was a child she grew up to respect others especially her elders and listen to them and their tales of old, anything could be found in their tales and be learned from them. Grandpa's and ma's are those she trusts most.

Her reputation is something very important to her, where to her it can also be a weapon or an armor, in her own crude description. As if just her name could turn the tides of battle, leaving her enemies running for the seas, with their tails between their legs.

She is quite talkative and intuitive when she's among her comrades, seeing things from other perspectives, different from her own expands her view of the world, especially when her's was handed to her rather then obtaining it herself. She enjoys the feeling of being surrounded by others, especially when within dangerous territory. With others there's always something to do. Though there are times where her feelings of remorse or guilt sink through the cracks and cause her to think more about the situation at hand rather then moving forward, sometimes clouding her judgement and actions.

She is quite arrogant, where she is almost always boasting about something about herself, where it doesn’t even have to be about the conversation, or how the conversation started. What she usually boasts about is her own strength, especially when the topic of the day is about past battles. She rarely becomes jealous of others and their accomplishments, she believes that if she wasn't apart of it then it must of not been that big of a deal, and probably could have been done by anyone that strode through the area.

~In Battle~

She is quite hectic and vigorous when entering the battlefield, as in she likes to go big when she fights any opponent. Most of her attacks aren't even actual techniques, where as she just swings her weapon toward her opponent a few hundred times before calling it an actual attack. She's pretty lively within and even entering battle, as the battlefield is a place where it's always going to need you on your toes. Boastful and attentive like a lions grace in the plains, where her strikes are made swiftly but pack large amounts of strength where her enemies are dumbfounded of who they've confronted.

She absolutely hates fighting in large groups. She doesn't like having to look after others when a fight is brewed as it could lead to her being attacked when she probably could have had dodged it, if they weren't in the way. Along with it possibly being her kill, some might not even participate until the enemy is near death and take in for the finishing strike. She's acknowledges this trait of hers and came up with the solution as to counter it and that is to make a competition of it. First to kill the enemy wins and there's no holding back, if they get caught in the others attack it's their fault entirely.


Macarons: In simpler terms, these are similar to sex or the best magical drug you can buy in the black market. The first time she had them were when they stopped at a mobile store on her travels and ordered a few for both her and her master, they were so good that she had lost consciousness for three days and is still the one thing she cannot defeat.

Respect: To her "Respect" is the same as a currency or economic solution to the population, she deems it more powerful then wealth in all it's variations. Though she isn't one to be the first to show respect, it is those around her that needs to show her respect or obtain her respect by proving themselves to her. Medals, honors, recommendations are things others have put on those they think are great, not her, which is why she wants them to prove themselves to her.

Power in all forms:She takes pride in her strength and always wants to make it stronger. Finding those who show promise or can make her kneel before them are things she strives for in order to achieve things, such as make them bow before her. She knows that there are different forms of power, whether it's held within one person or a thousand, physical or magical.


Weaklings: “The weak don’t choose where they die!” Is a quote that has always pushed her to surpass herself for the upcoming challenges in the future. Those who cower or hide when in battle or even as their casual persona are loathed by her. She gives no respect to those who use stealth like procedures, during battle, including trackers, thieves or assassins. Like herself she strides forward without disarray, doesn't hide nor attacks without making sure her enemies know she's there.

Losing in all forms: For her to lose is like a two sided coin, where on one hand it was complete bullshit luck or she wasn't at her best when the battle occurred. Either way she never truly likes the feeling of losing to another, especially those that aren't worth it or aren't trying to prove something to her. At some point it takes a more comical direction, when losing to things that doesn't even fit to be worth losing or things that don't truly matter, such as being more feminine, cooking abilities or even the length of ones toe nails.  

Villains: Every hero needs a villain, the stones that stand in their path. Though not anyone who is just rough housing can be called a true villain nor would she. Those that have their names renown and feared with just a glare from their eyes, are the ones Takezō aims to defeat.


Being Acknowledged as the Strongest: Renown, Famous, Legend, whatever comes to mind when you think "I want to be recognized or remembered!". She's always had a name that gave her such, but at no cost. Because she was born to a renown family wasn't something she, herself could be proud of. She wanted something that makes her her and something that she's done with her own two hands. With her friends and strength by her side, she'd become well known and looked up to within all the lands. With ambition in mind, she'll stride for no other.

Winning is everything when it comes down to it, winners live, strive and conquer. To achieve victory is to conquer your enemies in battle, consume yourself in riches and to live another day on this world where your continuously tested in order to survive another. This feeling is one immeasurable to that of many, including herself.


Death: A cliche but one everyone must come across before being able to confront it. Death is but a child that follows behind her, curious as to when she shall fall. There are times where she holds the childs hand when facing challenges that even surpass her own abilities and at times give her a reason to live and that is "Escape Death".

Unable to keep her promises: Promises are kept for life no matter what it was or who it was with. She deems them a thread unseen both others and one strong enough that they can bring entire races together if kept to the end. For her to keep a promise and break would be the same as dying for no one and left there, like a tree falling from it's roots without anyone to hear it.

"Takezō" originated from the Wano Country. Her along with her uncle Dorin, traversed the country in search of her father, referred to as Miyamoto. A legendary swordsman who as of six years ago was pronounced missing. Both she and her uncle knew that wouldn't be the case and begun their journey in search for clues as for his whereabouts. They have searched almost the entire country, under every rock and behind every bush. Finding mostly naked old men taking a leak and or wild animals doing the same. But none the less they continued and were lead to the coast of Wano. Takezō stared outward toward the ocean, large and blue, almost infinite. Curious as to the thought "Would he leave Wano? And if so, why?" They continued toward the shoreline, where a small residential port rested. Entering the local pub in search of information, they found some oddly dressed men sitting in the corner while a man was shouting at the owner. Dorin rushed over in attempt to calm the man but he would only pull a gun.

The man, explained that he too was looking for the same man. The legendary swordsman Miyamoto, because he had attacked them in the middle of the ocean along with a group of pirates. Pirates? Takezō has never witnessed an actual pirate before, well before now anyway. She and her uncle attentively asked the group where exactly they last saw him, but the group was too angry to aid their enemy. Before they were able to unsheathe their weapons their pants fell to the ground and two blades are the leaders neck.

Her father had left Wano for reasons unknown but that wasn't going to stop her and her uncle from looking for him. Their first lead was toward "Ocean 7", her father and his allies probably made a pit stop before continuing onward but the question was where? They asked around if they noticed anyone that resembled them, wore similar clothing but none has seen him. Was he hiding on purpose? Soon after, ruckus started to erupt near their location and they couldn't just let it happen. Rushing toward the scene, a group of pirates stood above a bunch of downed men and women wearing white clothing. Dorin charged in while Takezō stood in fear, as if some overwhelming power made her stand still, yet Dorin ran head first. Within a moment, Dorin was struck down, Takezō was left wide eyed  at the sight. Outside of Wano.....was different. Strength was undetermined. Another group of men in white rushed into the scene followed by a much larger man with a large axe, striking down the pirates and his men, who sooned ran away.

Dorin was hospitalized and asked "Takezō" to continue the search for her father while he returned to Wano. She agreed and promised to return with any other news that she finds. After Dorin had left, Takezō set out to join the marines in order to better her search for her father and aid the marines in getting rid of the pirates that are bringing harm to the weak and powerless. They are already entering Wano from time to time, so becoming stronger then her Uncle or even her father was a must. In joining the marines, she was to give them a name. Which reminded her of her father.

"Miyamoto, Takezō"

Taking her father's name. Hoping to get her fathers attention.

Face Claim:
(Fate/Grand Order| Sakura Saber)

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2 Re: Miyamoto, Takezō on Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:27 pm


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