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1 Goddard 'Fonzy' Molotov on Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:59 pm

Name: Goddard Molotov
Aka: Fonzy
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Shipwright/Cullinary Artist
Affiliation: Marines
Tier: 1

General Appearance:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 152 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: back of neck

Personality: With a generally happy go lucky attitude and a penchant for getting three sheets to the wind Goddard tends to be childlike in his view of the world. Goddard has a big mouth which he loves to use, be it talking or eating. He is a decent cook and uses this to gain friends because after all it is the fastest way to someones heart. He is a good crewman to have due to his ability for repairing vessels and even building his own.

He smokes he drinks and he is down for anything regardless of gender. He loves the open ocean for what it represents, freedom and adventure. This is the same reason he loves the sky "The Sea Without" as he has been heard drunkenly spewing. It is not uncommon for him to say things like this with an air of knowing how stupid it sounds but he does it anyways and you might begin suspecting he is doing it just to watch you squirm, but he isn't he just likes the way it sounds.

He tends to see issues as black and white, but once he knows somebody (say in a backstory sense or just has been around them long enough) he tends to empathize. He gets in dark moods when he is alone and does not like making eye contact for the most part. When not around others he can feel very empty and he fears people seeing that in his expression. His eyes are milky voids, he assumes they weren't always like this but they have been ever since he could remember. Which happens to not be a very long time. He will try to sneak off to the crows nest at night to drink alone every now and again when half remembered faces refuse to leave his head. He never remembers the names but he feels strong emotion with no reasons why which troubles him.
Likes: Working with his hands, open air, maybe a spray of mist across his face, and adventure
Dislikes: Accountability, feeling trapped, and narcisism

History:Goddard was born in the Gecko Islands son of a shipwright named Isaac. His mother ran a tavern and inn and she always smelled of flour, her name was Harriet but she went by the name Madame Marie. He had two older sisters Juliet and Rochelle, they were inseparable and in his eyes a royal pain.

When he turned five he started being taught by his father about ships. Isaac would take him out to the bay and point to ships and quiz him on which would last at sea and which would be torn asunder after two or three hard storms. He would go with Isaac on the trips and got to know the industry from design to creation. Goddard began to want to work for the Marines. Designing huge ships that would be used to defeat evil became his dream.

After eight years of apprenticeship Goddard turned 13 and his father told him that it was time to design his own ship. Goddard was elated, he ran upstairs to begin but suddenly his world turned upside down. An explosion took out the stairs and knocked him to the floor, Canon fire. Goddard looked at the open air where a wall once stood and saw pirates swarming up his beach. His mother and sisters were killed and his father captured. Goddard ran to the pirates and began hitting them feebly before one of them knocked him out with the hilt of his scabbard.

Goddard was a prisoner for 9 years ashore building ships for a pirate fleet, no windows and chained indoors things looked bleak. They had killed his father years ago for his lack of cooperation. He was growing strong but malnourished. Often they forgot to feed the slaves and today was one where they had forgotten for the past 3 days. This was not special, what was special was that today some of the pirates brought him into a back room.

"Do you know what my name is boy?" said a large man sitting behind a desk."No, should I?" Replied Goddard. The man paused "Captain Handle," he said calmly "I run this crew" Goddard was looking around the room there was treasure piled in the corners and on the desk was a large fruit. As the man stood up and turned around Goddards hunger consumed him. "I need you to design me a ship," he said as goddard wolfed down the fruit.

Something was wrong, he felt the shackle around his ankle slip through his foot. The captain turned back around dumbfounded. Goddard ran, he could turn his own flesh into smoke. What was happening to him, he thought the captain shouting at his men to capture the boy. Nothing could stop him he felt hands grabbing at him but they would passthrough him as soon as they got a hold. He was outside, he could smell the ocean air and he grabbed the first ship he could find.

He sailed for three days with no map and no idea where in the world he was but he was free. But this stroke of luck came with a consequence as on the third day he was caught in a major storm, a huge wave lifting his boat and dropping it upside down onto a beach of a small uninhabited island, when he woke up he remembered nothing but his own name and his love of ships.
Face Claim: Gorrillaz 2-D

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