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1 Nottita Vi Ora on Tue Feb 09, 2016 12:57 pm



Name: Nottita Vi Ora
Alias/Epithet: Regalia, Reg
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Mode: Hard

Affiliation: Marine
Tier:  Tier 1

General Appearance:  
Considering a member of the marines, Nottita has a somewhat exciting appearance, a radical lock of pink sprouts from her scalp though its generally fashioned with a side fringe with left side cropped very short down to the scalp while the back falls down past her shoulders and then her bright blue on the rocks eyes. A punk theme continues with a high nostril nose stud, helix and upper lobe piercings and a purely obvious black ink tattoo below her left eye and taking up a majority of her cheek. Some cosmetic attention is produced with some eye liner with a faint colouring applied to match her hair colour and some maintenance to her eye brows, leaving them with a manicured result with only a slight deviation to her left with a deliberate vertical cut before the runoff . Nottita’s active and outgoing lifestyle developed a slim, semi-tone build with a fortunately genetic light olive skin, though she wouldn’t pass up a time to sloth beside the beach under a warm shine. Garbs and uniform, Nottita would stretch the regulated uniform code, somewhat despising the generic outfit the marine drones adorn, maybe a few alteration, accessories or just lost, burnt, destroyed the uniform altogether.
Height: 5’8
Weight: 125
Crew Tattoo Placement: Nottita has a tattoo of gears from her left shoulder and up the side of her neck as well as the ‘VI’ tattoo on her cheek.  

Not yet to have her will and spirit bent and broken by the tedious burdens of life, Nottita trys to make every day the weekend with little regard what other people make of her. A free spirit, a naïve description for someone who on the level doesn’t give much shit to begin with, unless its you know, herself, interests, passions, comforts and freebies. This attitude coupled with just plain easy going persona makes Nottita very approachable and lightly to befriend, even those piercings and her punkish appearance, her expression usually displays humorous interest, serene uninterest aka don’t give a shit face. She is genuinely well liked unless people are being dicks and deliberately difficult or either her boss/superiors then she can be somewhat difficult.

Regarding her easy going persona, her work ethic is grouped in there with it, granting her greater appeal to the criminal element although not so much enthusiasm with the folks who stamp her pay check, aw well, can’t please them all. You could guess that Nottita wouldn’t fall into the category of absolute justice, she would be a hypocrite there, most days of the week she would be doing something to be frowned upon or slightly illegal. Though no mary sue, there is moments and actions that will drive people to act, Nottita is not completely indifferent to her surroundings, don’t mistake her for a white knight with overwhelming righteousness however, when something of such obscenity to be worth a wtf and she would be worth a damn in a resolution, she would act. With a high regard into personal preservation and a modest keen mind/ common sense she knows what she is capable of and forgoes stressing her limits if It can be avoided.

. Sugar and fizz
. Music, loud party tunes
. Dancing
. Lip syncing/ karaoke
. Fast food
. Money
. Romance novels

. Doing Laundry/domestic chores
. Pain, mostly on her person
. Tedious repetition
. Confinement
. Alcohol

Before Nottita’s glamorous career as a marine flunky, before maxing out her sick days, ducking out of strenuous morning exercises and believing joining the Marines would be a 'good idea', a couple of decades before that even, a young Nottita, a child born and raised in the town of anvil gate, a modest 4000 + population with a progressive economy. Brought up in a middle class society, not everybody could have the high class lifestyle, shame too, a life of leisure, a kick ass house/mansion, some butler running after and picking up after Nottita, why cant she have all those things, life sucks! god willing one day, now back to the mediocre peasant history.  

Though, she could count her blessing she didn’t grow up in a rundown shack and maybe getting by with only one shower a week. Nottita’s victims mother and father that burdened a trio of gremlins until they were of adult age and then heavily hinted to get the hell out but with love. Child hood highlights, 3 pet rabbits all called Charlie, first brown Charlie ran away, second brown Charlie Nottita tried to teach to cannonball off a pier and third white Charlie was when the pet shop had no brown rabbits left and Nottita believed the original Charlie was white because the sea cleaned him so much, the crap children will believe when told by deceiving parents.

The first kiss was a story of a girl and a boy, that age old duo when a boy likes a girl and she feels likewise and two unite and express that feeling for one another, romantic styles. Or also happens when a game of truth and dare and you get shafted on dare, embarrassingly kissing that boy on your street. The honeymoon stage didn't last long, when a change of activates changed to a free for all with wooden swords and she got hit with a stone, she cried the way home, the romance instantly died.

A educational programme was promoted by the authority council on the island which included a good slice of the nations youths, which included Nottita and her next youngest brother, her oldest was left out as being thick as hammers and was already apprenticed to their father in the orchard. Luckily dodging that fate or either teaming up with her mother in a back office, collating, duplicating, cross checking stacks of paper work, lots and lots of paper, every day, all day with a mandatory 15 minute break and then another 30 minutes later that day, gathering around the water cooler with similar depressed, sad sad people. It obviously wasn’t a career choice for Nottita, though it put food on the table and without it being said, she respected her mother putting up with it, it was a wage worthy endeavour, even if they somehow came into a great deal of money, conveniently found by the side of the road. She would be unsure her mother would give up her position, even though she would poke fun of her mother’s job and the mother of a trio of youngsters, juggling to support and be present for their growth, moments she can groan about her work, and gossip about the bunch of vipers she worked with, she gained a position of tenure, she had a diligence Nottita hardly could understand or successfully follow for long.

The two youngest siblings in the Ora family had their first own business enterprise, nothing extravagant, two stacks of bricks, a board across and a few cups of lemonade resting on top, it lasted all of 20 minutes before boredom, lack of profit and then getting swindled or mugged by their oldest brother and his friends walking by swiping all the cups. Learning from the experience now, all of the display drink would be tainted with a little something something to better educate would be culprits in such disreputable acts, it would be a community service while also strengthening moral virtue though before they will get to know these benefits, the lesson they would suffer would be severe gastric distress and pretty much stained undergarments if not quickly resolved. From family and friends, her singing got teased though in return she teased them back and others besides in jest, hardly a pop star but who doesn’t sing when in the shower, for amusement or just mouth the lyrics to a song. She enjoys music and attended gigs, concerts and followed some bands on tour as well, a life long interest she follows as well from a young age she enjoys baking, buns, cake, frosting and icing. What kids don’t like cake, it became a creative past time somewhat unintentionally past down from her grandmother to mother then onto Nottita while the rest of her family, brothers, father, grandfather involved themselves with outcome.

Besides chores, daily torture from her brothers and a stone thrown at her that one time. Nottita’s life took its serious first dent. A hard time in her past she could unfortunately clearly recall, when her grandfather passed away, it was a hard hit to understanding, trying to really bend the concept of death and final farewell at that age was, difficult. Though it almost destroyed her dad, discovering his father passed away sent him spiralling down a destructive, pitiful slump. Alcohol was the nich that aggressively hooked him, it was devastating sight and experience for Nottita, her mother and brothers. It was a prolonged stage of grief, that stretched, weighed and thinned everything in the Oras. Relations, dignity, a job, family and a marriage waned through a grief fuelled drinking binge for a man who lost his father.

Her father's destructive collapse would eventually drain itself out, a brutal and worrisome path which left its scars with all in the family. Past all the emotional scaring and one time fatherless birthday Nottita endured. Being too school for cool and a somewhat crush on her teacher, her energies and attention got shifted elsewhere, if any consolation it helped her grades. Succeeding with her studies and maybe giving more and better treatment for it may have made her a target of envy, spite or deranged kidnapping. Nottita didn't expect the extra appraisal, focus would result in a psychotic abduction and neither did the educational board, hopefully or otherwise they have a very poor screening process they severely need to correct.

It could give someone a big head to discover that a mass amount of people gave a two week search for her, even though it yielded no results the action still was flattering. She was a headline, her moment of fame which she couldn't be present for, though that would defeat the purpose of being kidnapped. Marines were notified and detectives searched for obvious footprints and her brothers had to suffer their guilt for all the horrible stuff they done to her LOL.
Meanwhile back in the kidnappers evil layer, Nottita was just a prisoner against her will while also some expensive and pretty gifts to quell her from ramping up a huge bitch meltdown. The kidnapper, Mr. Xiou a name Nottia was use to addressing when he was her teacher but now has took it upon himself to be her kidnapper too. Though through the ordeal she was still given homework, what sick piece of work would treat a victim to that level of abuse?! Making a run for the door or hiding behind it was a reasonable expectation, tried and embarrassing failed attempts on Nottita's part. If you ever had a desire to grievously mess someone's day up with a dinner plate or utensils, consult Nottita, that's stroked off her bucket list.

Nottita made the papers twice when she returned to her previous life. Mr. Xiou got arrested, full name was released to be Mako Xiou, though out of habit Nottita called him Mr. Xiou or his recent nicknames treaded heavily on swearing or animal infatuations. The jurnos and papers never got an account of the details of her abduction, she spoke her story to the Marines and justice was taken and executed, Mr. Xiou wasn't seen again while Nottita's nights wore on a lot longer with difficult restless sleep.

Tip, getting kidnapped by your school teacher has its perks such as sympathy to fund Nottita's education for whatever courses she undertook. Either sympathy or fright of a legal court action, the council of education in Nottita's humble town catered to Nottita's education.

Any trauma was best left repressed as Nottita continued on with her life, gaining her first part time job, one of many soon after with no real interest in the waitressing industry or those starter jobs, even though she could swear she was getting more of a wage on the tips than her steady marine wage. Her brother would go off too, leaving the comforts of home to seek his fortune, the second youngest only older over Nottita. That was one of the hard days were Nottita tried to hold a brave face when her brother Ashido was leaving home risking a life beyond Anvil. Yea, she broke and cried, hugging her brother before he got on a ship to sail off the island. It was only a few days when a letter arrived back greeting, inquiring how the family was doing with a request to send over a piece of luggage he forgot when boarding the ship. Everyone realised this when seeing the letter addressed from Ashido, they knew it as they were left on the pier watching her brothers ship sail off while Nottita and family stood around Ashido's baggage with some concern though her eldest brother was laughing at his siblings foley, as family do.

Nottita was next to leave the motherland when she finished up with school, took her diplomas, certificates and hit the job market. Three months later she was adorned in her waitress outfit serving cups of steaming mugs of joe, just a glorified barista with a masters in science and some other certificates which the clientele could wipe there mouths on when finishing their orange cupa macho chino or frosty choco chip muffins with competitive prices. Before the motivation to froth mustard gas the espresso grew too great she signed onto the marines as no alternative while also believing their wealthy resources could help her achieve something greater than a extra large frappe.

Face Claim: (League of legends | VI)

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