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1 Lazarus Lestrange on Mon Feb 08, 2016 9:57 am

Name: Lazarus Lestrange
Alias/Epithet: Doc
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Doctor/Scientist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Lazarus is a fairly average young man, although erring a bit on the lanky side. He has green eyes and dark brown hair with a pair of glasses. He wears a white shirt underneath a nice navy blue button up suit with white stripped sleeves. A purple tie and navy blue pants complete the ensemble.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 150
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Personality: As a result of spending most of his childhood with his nose in a book, as well as being an exceedingly shy individual, Lazarus' social skills are not exactly up to par. For the most part he has difficulty with approaching people he is not already comfortable with, but those few people would tell you that Lazarus is a genuinely kind person with a compulsion for helping people. He does not like to talk at length about himself, but is perfectly willing to listen to others talk at length as this usually requires no effort on his part to uphold the conversation. It serves a double function of allowing him to gain certain insight on various individuals, such as who they are as a person, what ideals they hold, and how their mind works in general. This habit seems to stem from his proclivity to try and understand the environment around him, which includes the people that populate it.

Lazarus’ key motivation in undergoing most anything relies on whether or not he is interested in the subject. Anything else is a waste of energy. For instance, Lazarus is fascinated by the human body and its functions, and this works well with his natural compassion to make healing people a worthwhile endeavor. He finds no reason to preoccupy himself with the mundane, boring things and boring people are only a tax on his precious resources. However, if you can manage to capture Lazarus’ interest you have gained his full and undivided attention. In fact, some of the only times Lazarus might talk at length with someone is when he gets to expound upon some of his favorite interests.

In addition, Lazarus is also an incredibly indecisive individual and hates having the burden of making choices thrust upon him. Growing up with certain expectations placed upon him fostered a fear of being wrong, and so scenarios without clear cut right answers become incredibly frustrating. As a result, Lazarus admires those he finds to possess definitive decision making skills and qualities of leadership. He prefers to put his faith in something other than himself.

Likes: Learning, men, and beautiful things
Dislikes: Physical exertion, ultimatums, and the mundane

History: Born into a prominent family of a small village situated in the South Blue, Lazarus seemed to have already had his life planned out for him. His mother was the village doctor, and his father a Marine, and his father a Marine before him, and from an early age it was expected that he too would grow into another fine man ready to protect the seas in this treacherous era of pirates. As a child, Lazarus grew up on the stories of his father’s travels and triumphs. Often times these were relayed to him by his mother, as his father was hardly ever home, but it was always a treat to hear it from the mouth of the person who lived them. A statuesque man, his body told the tale of his life, with his skin tanned brown from innumerable hours out on the open sea, riddled with countless scars and wounds treated. He’d be regaled with stories of fantastical places and people, incredible beauty and terrible cruelty. Lazarus knew one day he would get to see these things with his own eyes.

While in theory, being a Marine sounded like an exciting and satisfying occupation, it became evident that Lazarus would rather explore these worlds within the safety and comfort of his own mind. He was a rather introverted individual, and would mostly stay inside rather than play with the other kids. He would watch as people complaining of illness or injury come through their doors, and learn while his mother would treat them and abate their woes with her skill and patience. He learned how combinations of certain herbs could cure fever, or nausea, or sleeplessness. He learned how to staunch bleeding, and how to set broken bones, and the body soon became a particular fascination. His mother could tell that even from a young age, Lazarus had a certain propensity for memorization, and she would often find him with his nose in one of her medical books, and he lamented once he had already read them all.

The process of actually joining the Marines was easier than Lazarus had expected. A combination of being prepped by his father and the knowledge from his reading materials made passing any written test fairly simple. However, it wasn’t until he joined that he discovered he had a natural talent for fighting in close combat. He had never gotten into any fights as a child, but he found fighting to be a process like any other, where he could deconstruct the components involved and find a “solution”. His years spent learning about the body made it easy for him to find ways to incapacitate his opponent, and he could have easily joined the infantry with his skills. However, he was never a fan of physical exertion, and put his skills to use in the Med Corps. instead.

Face Claim: Noragami|Kazuma

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2 Re: Lazarus Lestrange on Tue Feb 09, 2016 5:50 am

o k

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