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1The profile of Locke Chroma Alder(Finished) Empty The profile of Locke Chroma Alder(Finished) on Tue Feb 02, 2016 11:29 am

Name: Locke Chroma Alder
   Alias/Epithet: None yet.
   Race: Kuja
   Gender: Female
   Age: 19
   Mode: Hard

   Occupation: Blacksmith
   Affiliation: Pirate
   Tier: 1

   General Appearance: The profile of Locke Chroma Alder(Finished) Latest?cb=20100506123207
She's more muscular than she seams, and commonly wears other things than the dress above, as she's quite often seen in tan baggy shorts and a tee-shirt that's yellow... She also sometimes wears a pair of black gloves and a  dark blue butterfly mask that masks her identity when she in stealth or combat situations.
   Height:  7 feet tall, on the dot
   Weight: "That's rude to ask a someone that right off the bat, you know."(Though she sometimes lets it slip that she weighs around 200 pounds)

   Crew Tattoo Placement: If she got an Tattoo, it would be on the palm of her hand. That way it would be easy to show off, or hide.

   Personality: She seams like a kind girl, since she's often helping folks in need. She's also usually seen with a small smile on her face, while she goes about her business. Sometimes she can be found humming, showing that she has a great appreciation for music. She also loves to lighten up her friends moods, even as she is at their side while they are dying, she will try to keep them smiling through any means necessary.

She's got a child like curiosity that manages to get her in trouble.

She is strict at times when people dont give her all the information she needs, when it's time to be serious(mostly), and when she's facing foes stronger than her(to her eyes.)

She cant tolerate those who would lie and harm innocents for a quick Beri. She also cant stand most pirates or marines, mostly because most are only out for them selves, but she has been proven wrong before...

She isn't quick to anger but when you get her angry, she changes into an almost whole different person. She becomes ruthless, focused, and not afraid to plow through allies to "take care" of the person who managed to anger her to the point of snapping... At the point of calming down from her rage, she then notices the effect she has on those around her. Often breaking out crying and exhausted, not knowing where her fighting spirit comes from.

She is friendly to a fault at times, often trusting the wrong people and regretting it afterwords.
She has a martyr syndrome because of her outbursts of anger, caused by her fear of causing her friends or family to get hurt... As such she takes insults very seriously, and holds the emotions deep inside her, often causing her more pain and suffering.
Those lucky few who  able to see her "shell" crack see her as she really is, a sensitive, hard working, friendly, fearful, saddened, lovable goof that only wants to find her place in the world.

She also believes her true love is out there somewhere(after her reading a large amount of fairy-tales when she was younger) and often day-dreams of what he would be like or other adventures. Because of this, she is sometimes oblivious to those around her... Especially if the fact is that they are attracted to her...
She is easily embarrassed if someone compliments her about her body, or when they find out about her secrets.
She never knew who her parents were, and she want's to find them. She is deathly afraid of spiders larger than a teacup, and she finds her body embarrassing, almost to the point of not swimming or wearing a swimsuit at all...

   Likes: She likes sunsets, calm weather, helping those in need, bringing true criminals down to where they can be dealt with, and fresh homemade food.
   Dislikes: Having her body exposed, those who make their living off of others misfortune, and harming innocents.

   History: 18 years ago, there was a storm... A large, violent storm that managed to rock the very earth, causing all of the seas to become choppy and in-fact, cause many ships to crash against things... We are focusing on one in particular though, as it is where Locke was growing up.

The ship we are focusing on was a small Kuja ship. As is expected, the crew was completely made up of women, including a young mother and her 1 year old daughter who both had green hair and amber eyes... The storm quickly overtook the ship, managing to actually break the ship in two with only the waves and lightning that it brought.
Locke's mother was able to save herself and her daughter from certain doom by actually staying on the aft half of the ship that was still somehow floating during the horrible storm... After the storm cleared, it turned out that the whole crew of the ship, other than Locke's mother and 6 other women who survived, were lost to the sea...
After a month of barely being able to stay afloat and most of them barely able to keep themselves from dying of starvation on the little bit of supplies they could scavenge from the wreck, They managed to be saved by a group of civilians on a boat from Dawn Island's Foosha Village, who had no qualms with saving these "damsels in distress."
Four years after the ship arrived at it's port, Foosha Village, most of the Kuja women managed to earn enough money to travel by boat, that way they could head back home.
During this time, Locke's mother befriended a family who had a son of their own, the Alder family. Soon Lock's mother started to feel some sort of kinship with this family as her daughter and their son grew up together.
Also during those 2 years Locke was trained in the basics of fighting as soon as she could walk, whether it be from her mother, or the other Kuja that survived... After Locke's 3rd birthday, her mother started to wonder if the life of a Kuja warrior would be the best for her now 3 year old daughter... And after a lot of consideration, gave her daughter to the Alder family to adopt as their own, so that her daughter could find out what it was truly like to have a family.
At the age of 10 she gained a strong sense of curiosity that continues to this day, and  though this, managed to apprentice under a older blacksmith who, once he stopped chastising her for doing something not "lady like", found out she had an affinity with working metal and with fire... She managed to take over the Blacksmith Shop when she was 18, right before a pirate managed to plow through it during a battle... She was knocked out in the process.
She wakes up soon after that in a far more unfamiliar area, recognizing that she was kidnapped by the same group of pirates that trashed her shop, she somehow managed to escape thanks to the Haki ability she was born with... So now she's alone and in an unfamiliar place, wondering where in the world she was...

   Face Claim: (Tales of Graces|Emeraude)

She gets a point in Martial Arts, or in Weapon Specialist.

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looks fine

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