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1 Robo Cop on Mon Feb 01, 2016 6:13 pm




"Remember, you all have been gathered here for one reason. And have no authority over anyone, got it?" Some high Ranking Marine would declare to the Scientist cramped Lab that was poorly put together. There were a total of seven Scientist, not including Derous, brought specifically to Base #45 for some type of experiments. Derous was only her because someone caught wind of his background and was ordered to report here; this happening after his seventeenth denial to the rank of Rear Admiral. Yea, he had applied for that one position a lot, and was denied each time. He didn't plan on giving up though as he would reach that rank one day, he just needed to do more it seemed.

The High ranking Marine barking orders continued to do so for about twenty minutes, but Derous didn't really pay his words any mind. He didn't like to be yelled at, as he wasn't some weakling that needed to take orders. As in all actuality he was the strongest Marine currently station at this Base, and in his mind this Blue. He was just the only one that believed that.

Finally, the High ranking Marine would leave and slam the double doors behind him. But that didn't mean silence would fill the room, not at all. As the Scientist would now, frantically, as they didn't know what they needed to work on first. As each one of them had a certain specialty, and felt theirs should be focused on more than others. Derous knew this would be a problem and would need to be the voice of reason, "Relax, friends. Before we start on any projects we need to fix this place up. Look at it? Is this the type of work environment you think we can get anything done? I don't even believe most of these things work, so let us make this place more suitable for our work." Derous would say, and not to his surprise they would agree. First of. Derous isn't the smartest here, he might be the dumbest, but he wasn't easy frightened like the rest. As these capable Scientist must have been spooked pretty bad by what that Marine had told them, and the rumors of this place might have also aided in that. As this place, Base #45, has many different rumors swirling around it, and they are far from good.

Derous knew fixing this place up would take hours, or even a whole day, but he knew it would be worth it. And after a few hours of helping out, he took a needed break. As he seemed to be the only person here that could lift anything moderately heavy. His break was just in one of the many chairs within the Lab, and as he sat he would well read the News Coo. Some new Newspaper that would used to keep everyone up to date with current events, and did this first issue prove to be a juicy one.

"Hey, guys! All of you stop working and hear this... The Pirate King, Wallace D. Rose, was defeated by one of the Admirals!" Derous would tell them, as he knew such news would make any Marine be proud. Well he wasn't that proud of it himself but he could tell that this news made the other scientist jump in joy a bit. Derous didn't relay the information about the Pirate that should be watched out for, as that was needed. Though their Bounty may be impressive they were nothing but small fry from the Blues. Yes, he also is from the Blues but he felt he wasn't the biggest baddest thing around, and he was alright with that. He was a Marine though and his position reflected his power, well how others saw him. Honestly, Derous was currently a enigma within this world.

"Oh, but I think things aren't over yet guys. Seems like one of Wallace's Crew has asked for assistance to free his Cap'n. Sounds fun. Though, we are grunts despite being Scientist, so the Higher Ups might not ask for us to join in the defense of Impel Down, sadly. But Pirates from all types are bound to go there for that promised treasure... though it is strange.... The paper doesn't say the pirate King is even at Impel Down yet, so what is the true goal by that Second Mate." Derous would shrug his shoulders as at this point he was just talking to himself, and the others weren't paying much mind.

They would get back to work, and so would he. The hours would fly by and finally, with all their hard work. This place was now easier to work in, and get whatever it was that they needed to get done, well done. "Guys, I need to ask. What is it that we are working on... exactly. I kinda spaced out a bit when that Marine was screaming his orders at us. "

The group would look at each before turning their focus to Derous, they didn't know how they were going to say this. It wasn't really about that they were making but rather the consequences for not producing results. One, the eldest, would speak for the group. "Well, we are to make a Pacifista. Well, not fully construct one but produce more results than the last group or...we will... we will be executed." He would say. The fear on all of their faces was evident, and how nervous they currently were.

"Okay, I see. Question... what the hell is a  damn Pacifista?" Derous would ask, showing that he hadn't been paying no attention at all.


2 Re: Robo Cop on Tue Mar 01, 2016 9:23 am




The looks he was given were nothing friendly, and silence filled the room. "I kid, I understand fully what that is, lighten up." As he would stand from where he was and head to the only entrance to this place. He would then attempt to open the doors which would prove fruitless, but he already knew that would be the case. He just wanted to double check to see if the doors were indeed shut. Derous wouldn't pay any mind to anything the others would say; as he went to grab a stool to place in front of the door. The reason for this being to sit down on it.

"For I myself am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. I tell this one, 'Go,' and he goes; and that one, 'Come,' and he comes. I say to my servant, ‘Do this,’ and he does it. Matthew Chapter 8: Verse 9" Derous would strangle quote this passage which these Scientist didn't know of.

"W-what the hell are you talking about?"

"This man has gone mad already! And we haven't even been here that long."

"And I thought this guy was going to be a big help, crap. Ignore him, we have work to do, as I don't plan on dying due to not producing results."

Derous would sigh and began to speak again, this time raising his voice a bit louder. " Don't you see? I am a Man under authority, and if there isn't one present. Or as that other Marine stated before locking us in here... Remember, you all have been gathered here for one reason. And have no authority over anyone. If no one here has authority of me... I am lost. And well... hehe, my inner desires will seep out. Like... I will show you."

Seconds turned to minutes. Minutes accumulate into hours. And hours ultimate become days. What happened over that time, well, is something that will be not talked about. And it will just be something added to the rumors that already swirled around the mysterious Base #45. Sike, we will go into some detail of what happened during this time, excluding the gory details.

Skipping what Derous did to the others he was all alone, for a long time. But, he didn't sit idly by. Derous in fact liked it better that he was alone, as those guys were too smart. And Derous didn't like to be out shined unless their was a reason behind it. So after cleaning up again, as he did create a new mess in this place, he would sort through everything. Those things being the previous experiments and what had been documented. What he found was really nothing of real use though, as no one seemed to make any true progress. So, Derous would almost have to start from scratch, which was bothersome. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, he knew the main goal was to create a Pacifista. Or at least the basics for one, so Derous' goal would be to make a prototype. Not a prototype Pacifista but rather a completely different Machine that can serve a purpose, and used to the advantage of the Marine, or even anyone that wants to follow in theses steps. And this will be no easy task as he isn't really turning someone into a Cyborg, but he will use some of the things that he has around to help him out. As after he sent the others to the other side he did separate everything, yes everything. Everything was jarred and labeled, so everything was kept fresh. First he had to make sure the thing he was creating could act as if it was something more than just a Simple Machine, well motion wise.

Sadly, Derous wasn't able to reach any real results, but wasn't killed for this. But he was banned from ever returning to this base, sadly.


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