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1Kharen Riyan[Pirate] Empty Kharen Riyan[Pirate] on Sat Jan 30, 2016 7:42 pm



Kharen Riyan[Pirate] Brave-10-01-saizo

Name: Kharen Riyan
Alias/Epithet: Shadow Reaper
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Weapon Specialist/Marksman
General Appearance: Kharen is a 5'7 slender man with a very toned physique. He has 6 pack abs and well toned muscles all over his body that pop out but don't make him look very large. He wears a dark blue poncho trimmed with black lines on the edges that is connected to a color that stands on it's own in a circular manner. Underneath his stomach is wrapped around with bandages all the way to his chest and he wears dark blue jodhpurs with ninja boots.

Kharen has short unkempt dark blue hair that reaches down to his chin with feline round dark greenish blue eyes.  Kharen also has cut bangs that hang freely over his eyes that curl in from both parts of his head.His eyebrows are fairly long and sharp with a average sized head and angular jawline.
Height: 5'7 feet
Weight: 150 pounds
Crew Tattoo Placement:Back

Personality: Kharen is more expressive through his actions then his words. Albeit despite this does not mean that he isn't a passionate spirit filled with emotion he just doesn't feel the need to use words to describe them. He'll have the occasional smirk or rant once in awhile but does mainly rely on his own two hands to walk the walk. When meeting him at first he might seem desolate and void of feelings but that's just his natural stone face. Once getting to know him he is more passionate then meets the eye and is quite the party person which makes him look a little weird with his stone face.

When meeting people that annoy him or marines Kharen gets in to a whole new attitude. Still his quiet self he goes all out against any he considers his foes even if it cost him his life at certain points. However this doesn't make him rash in the slightest as he always tries to keep a clear head when in a fight for optimum victory. Kharen knows no means of holding back and considers anythign not predetermined as a spar basically a fight to the death. He feels no regret for his opponents and or victims who challenge them of his own free will. He does this one out of respect for those he considered worthy or two for the trash he thinks should be eliminated from the world.

Towards those he considers his friends and comrades Kharen treats them with much love and care. Comrades are basically family and your family is to die for. He is in no way shy doing heroic acts in the name of protecting those close to him adding a sweet side to his somewhat savage fighter soul. Children are also someone Kharen extends his kindness too even ones who were to spout wanting to become Marines he bares no grudge considering them innocent and pure of heart.

Likes: Fighting:Kharen has been fighting ever since he was a child and enjoys it for a living. Facing new and opponents is just joyful for Kharen even if he's brutally beaten down.

Honor: Kharen likes people who stick to thier word or follows a code of some sort. Even if he doesn't do so himself all the time he still instantly respects anyone who does and most likely to treat them differently depending on the situation.

Training: Being a born fighter Kharen loves the thrill of training to become a stronger person everyday. The burning and intensity and the blood sweat and tears that go along with it.There is nothing he is more passionate about.

Dislikes: Rules: While Kharen doesn't hate order he does hate rules in the sense of being limited. He prefers doing things based on mutual respect instead of just having to.
This is also what lead Kharen on the path to becoming a pirate.

Cocky People: Cocky people who brag about thier strength and can't back it up utterly piss Kharen off and he is not afraid to kill them slowly to teach hem their place.

Marines: As someone is opposed against the world government and believes in freedom naturally Kharen is against the marines. As a pirate he wishes to slaughter as many as he possibly can.

History: Kharen was born in South Blue on Karate island. Born to farmers Kharen was bored with his daily life until he decided to go train with martial artist experts from the village over. He was only age 10 when he began his training that turned his whole life around. Everyday he would start a few mile run to reach the next village and train nearly the entire day. At first it would take nearly up his entire day to train then be able to return home taking nearly 18 hours.
His body told him to quit but Kharen decided to keep going never giving up until 3 years later he was finally accustomed to the training. He wasn't the best around but was fairly good at what he did know.

Around this time a group of pirates came to train at the Karate island which opened up another opportunity. One of the crew members of this ship stumbled upon Kharen training alone and happened to be the marksmen of the crew. The man allowed Kharen the opportunity to spar with him for at first Kharen doubted the man seeing a marksmen as a coward he couldn't fight up close and personal. The man soon proved Kharen wrong in a quick spar and opened his eyes to the world of the marksmen where they spent the next year training together. Making up his mind at the tender age of 14 he left with the pirate crew to go sail South Blue as he continued his training. Not only in marksmenship but swordsmanship as well taking a liking to both rather hand to hand combat.

Fast forward 3 years later after spending time with the pirate crew they now all ended up in North Blue at Spider Miles. Dealing with buisness here the crew Kharen had joined shortly ended up in a war against a few smaller pirate crews. Up for the challenge at 17 Kharen was up for the entire thing killing left and right when needed and even doing the occasional assassination with his marksmen skills. But eventually it all backfired when him and the crew fell for a trap which resulted in the final stand of the pirate crew. But they fought to their last breathe leaving only Kharen and his marksmen teacher who sacrificed his own life to allow Kharen to escape. Kharen heart broken and emotionally in shambles set off exploring the seas for a entire year doing random work such as bounty hunting and doing dirty jobs of the like. Finally after much thinking and life on the sea he decided to create a pirate crew of his own and set out to be something great.

Face Claim: Brave 10|Saito

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Free Agents
Free Agents

fix the coding plz

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I fixed it

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Free Agents
Free Agents

o k

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