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1 Ken Jackson on Sun Jan 24, 2016 10:11 pm




Name: Ken Jackson
Alias/Epithet: Kurohyou, Ken the Gouriki (When infamy increases)
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist | Navigator
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Ken is a dark-skinned male, with a pretty tall and buff build and long arms. He has amber eyes, and defined facial features such as his cheekbones and chin which is square, making him look older than he actually is. He wears his hair as mostly shaved down, a nice fade with two thick lines skinned at each side.

During his own free time. Ken usually wears a large long coat (this is meant to be a coat similarly worn by Banchou (sometimes wearing it similarly to how marines would wear their "Seigi" coats, cape-like) and a white t-shirt. He wears large baggy pants with a belt around his waist. His hands are tapped similar to a boxer’s with all the training he does, and it has become his own signature style to constantly wear them, the taping only connecting to his wrist. Lastly, he wears a pair of steel geta in an effort to train himself, and block weaponry should he need to.

He wears the typical dress of marines on duty and wears his "Seigi" coat.
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 210 lb.
Crew Tattoo Placement: On the right side of his shoulder.

Ken is a stoic young man, someone who doesn’t usually tell his feelings to others, or state whether he is in pain which is troublesome for those who care for him. He takes most situations seriously, and doesn’t like to deviate from an objective and isn’t very talkative outside of when something needs to be stated. However, when he shows emotions, they are genuine, though rare, his smiles and his promises are kept, as he never keeps promises he doesn’t think he can keep. He is also intolerant of things that he considers wrong, such as “true” crimes like placing innocents in danger, or misrepresenting “justice” when all something is, is self-gain, something like that. He is a simple-minded person though, and usually does what he feels is right or just because he feels he can. Despite his lack of wordplay, he shows his feelings through his actions though when it comes to school, his book smarts are lacking and he's not great at complicated planning...

To Friends: To those he knows, and to those he protects, he has a sense of loyalty to the innocent and his closest friends, something built from his own brand of “justice” is to protect and defend such things even when there is little to be gained but his own demise, this comes despite his cold and stoic exterior. He acts more clumsily and isn't taken as seriously.
To Allies: To those he allies, he shows no second thought to protecting or defending them, and shows great worry for them if they are hurt though not vocally so. He's not as expressive to them as he would be to his friends. But he treats them with respect, though can be cold and quiet to them as he doesn't know enough about them. He will fight alongside them without complaint.
To Foes: To those who he must fight, he shows no hard feelings to. He fights them in a focused manner, and strikes without restraining himself. Against those who turn their backs on him or people who ally to him, he shows no restraint either. Though if they come back and join them or if foes turn into allies because of a common goal, he treats them as he would his allies, though doesn't immediately trust them.
To Enemies: To his enemies, he shows a sheer tranquil fury. If he fights with no restraint to his foes, he fight likes a machine to those who are his enemies. Not caring how hurt they become, though doesn't wish to take away their existence only beating them into an unconscious state instead. Though if they do something he finds unforgivable, that changes as well and he chooses to annihilate them.
Likes: Punching, Peace, Cute Animals, Friendship, Freedom.
Dislikes: Puzzles, Arrogance, Large Insects, Injustice, Arguing.

Growing up, Ken was a street urchin who had lost his parents pretty early and constantly stoic yet angry getting into fights regularly. He learned how to fight through constant battles with thugs and had an amazing fighting potential borne from understanding hardship. However, there was a single moment when that amazing fighting potential would prove to be too much for gangsters on the island and that’s when he was ordered to be attacked and killed by a group of thugs using weapons.

But one particular person, the leader of a rival gang had saved him and told him to work for him as protection. So that’s what he did. By doing so, his fighting skills got more impressive, and he slowly went up the ranks with odd jobs and fights. Eventually the young male had earned his right to be leader of said men after he’d gained leadership through respect from the previous one, enough to warrant said change.

Though it was only “small time”, the group basically protected the island from invading pirates or criminals, though asked for money in return as payment for their services not asking for too much though only enough to fund the headquarters with food and whatever else as the gang was “good”, though rivals wished to take over the territory they had sought and the rival wars were growing Ken was usually the trump card in this and through the years had gained territories of all the rival gangs.

Marines rarely came to the island as it was usually quiet due to the townspeople understanding what Ken’s gang was doing. But there was a time, when a group of pirates were too strong and even Ken couldn’t win against them. But, thankfully, a seasoned marine had saved him from being killed while he was a teenager. Ken though thankful to this couldn’t show weakness in front of his gang, thus sought to fight the marine. Though outmatched, Ken held his own in fighting against him for a short period which surprised the man. Ken was extended an invitation to become a marine. Ken had turned him down at first, but had thought it over later on.

A week had passed since thinking it over. He went back, found the man and told him that he would join after training his gang to be capable of protecting the island. Also using the time to train himself to become a better fighter. The marine had agreed and Ken had went under strict training measures for himself to strengthen his techniques.

Now a year had passed. He finally joined the marines, gave the title of gang leader head to the same person who gave him the mantle before and left the island to join the marines. After short training, and examinations, he became a Seaman Recruit and was now officially a marine.

After shaving through the ranks, and starting to gain the trust and recognition of the marines due to his hard work, officially, he was named as Ensign.
Face Claim: Kuroko no Basuke| Nebuya Eikichi

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2 Re: Ken Jackson on Mon Jan 25, 2016 7:50 am


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

Everything looks good except for the in-bio ranking up. Everyone starts off at the same rank for marines - Ensign. So you'll have to work for that Captain slot. I believe tattoos are mandatory, so choose some place for that. It can be little. You don't want the other marine guppies to think you aren't patriotic and loyal, do you?

Fix those things and ...

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3 Re: Ken Jackson on Mon Jan 25, 2016 8:22 pm



I think it is done.

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4 Re: Ken Jackson on Tue Jan 26, 2016 8:29 am


Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain


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