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1The Wanted Hjolgrun Empty The Wanted Hjolgrun on Fri Jan 22, 2016 6:00 pm

The arid air that would travel through Josiah’s lungs were pretty crippling, it was as if he was breathing in the physical embodiment of suffering. At a time like this he wondered how he had ended up here, if we were to rewind it would start with him leaving Spider Miles on his rowboat after the circumstances with the fake Devil Fruits had taken place. He had faced a terrible storm on the seas that would wreck his boat in which he was washed to the shore of Rubeck Island, it must have been the warm fronts clashing with the cold fronts seeing as though this places was pretty arid unlike Spider Miles. “Hm, this place is pretty peculiar, but I wonder if they have anything hidden here. From the stories I heard in Spider Miles it would seem this place has the looks of an ‘ancient civilization’ but it had an underground network that would smuggle drugs that was known as SALT. I guess it was only destiny for me to come here, I’ll be making my name here soon enough.” Josiah was done with his analyzation of the island and began to walk around looking at his surroundings, from what he could see it was nothing, but a desert with some statue-like figures out in the distance which had to be at least 125 meters from his current positions. As he got closer to what seemed to be the entrance of a village he would see two pharaohs sitting on top of a stone block with some form of hats on their heads.

“Those hats are probably a symbolism of monarchy, hm, I like this place already.” Josiah walked further into the village to see that this village was completely made out of hardened mud which was cleanly cut into bricks. “I can’t say this place is advanced, this is most likely due to them closing themselves off from trading with the other islands.” Soon three guards equipped with spears would appear walking with malice towards Josiah, they wore beige robes that covered their body from top to bottom, for their face they would have a mask that was entailed with beautiful vibrant orange and blue stones. “What business do you have here foreigner? We do not take kindly to your people.” Josiah could only assume that these masked guards had some type of frown behind those masks of theirs. “My kind? Do you mean royalty?” Josiah would chuckle heartily which made the guards feel disrespected, this taunting act made the guards begin to plunge their spears at Josiah aiming at various spots of the body.

“Tekkai.” Josiah would say as the spears snapped before him, these spears were nothing, but sharpened sticks how could they be so weak? In three quick jabs of his hand Josiah would use stick his fingers in each of the guards chests causing them to fall as he walked passed them, the people of the village would all watch in terror some running to their houses while others were too surprised to move. All except one that is, it was a man with extremely long arms and beautiful blue hair that was in a ponytail reaching to his back. There were so many distinguishing traits that he had, but the one that stood out the most was the burn mark on his right cheek that would run along his face stopping at his left eye. “Combat experienced are we?” Josiah said to himself feeling as though that guy had something to do with SALT. Walking in the opposite direction of each other the two men knew they were soon to meet each other.

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