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1 Derous (Done) on Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:02 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Name:  Derous [Thomas Tew is his real name that only a few people know this name]
Alias/Epithet: Holy Priest ,  Gabriel, Seraphim
Race: Winged
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Occupation: Navigator
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1
Mode: Hard

General Appearance:
Derous is a fine as dark-skinned man of who is well above average height with a decent build. Derous has always had very short white hair. His facial hair grows in a complex pattern, with two zig-zagging strands from his eyebrows to his hair, and thin sideburns, spreading at the edge of the middle of his jaw. Cause the hoes love this type of hairstyle on a brotha. Derous wears a slim, black gown, in the style of a priest's vestment. A gold cross is printed on top, spanning his chest and running his length, with two golden double crosses at the wrists of his sleeves. Sometimes Derous lets his hair grow out. His sideburns join with other strands of hair also joined to his eyebrows, forming a five-pointed star on his forehead. His eyebrows grow into spikes. And if he has been growing them for a minute(not literally a minute) he would have multiple ponytails or dreadlocks, which thread through the holes of his collar. He can also sometimes change his belt with a much larger double belt, and his wrists with golden bands.

Height: 8'8
Weight: 266
Crew Tattoo Placement:N/A

A a very young age Thomas has soon to love causing things pain, yea really edgy kinda kid. Whether it be a ant he steps on or uses a magnifying glass to burn or to to things like torturing people. But he only does it out of enjoyment so he believes it is okay, and has nor will see doing something like that as bad. He was raised to enjoy whatever he loved and he does that. As watching people suffer makes him laugh, especially if he is the one to cause them to suffer. He also believes it is necessary for everyone to suffer as it can make them strong, as it has made him strong. Pain though to him is good, not much on him but he won't complain about it, as it determines if you are weak or not. As if you can take a lot of pain and overcome it, from his belief, you are worthy enough to be around him. But if you are like many people in this world and are unable to do that he believes you have no purpose in this world, in his world. To Thomas making others feel pain is basically one way to determine their worth, basically.

All aspects of life interest him though;  as knowledge is something he truly loves and strives to gain. Because he believes that is one of the many reasons to be alive in this world. Cause if you don't have an brilliant mind or wish to even have one you have foolish ways, and you should be killed. Thomas most of the times will be at his home reading and drinking Tea because he wants to be considered someone who knows it all, and does not plan on becoming a fool. Thomas though can seem to be extremely scary to most as he always speaks his mind because he isn't afraid of anything, well until he is in the room with someone that is obviously stronger. Also the constant smile he has can become pretty creepy over time, but he thinks that is because of how perfect it is.

Thomas usually fights when he knows he has a high chance to win, and if he doesn't will retreat or try to get out of fighting. And that is regardless of who is opponent is, as he will never play with his life on the line. This also happen in battles that he is starting to lose in, and this even comes down to simple board games. As Thomas isn't one to try and finish something that he knows he will lose in, as that would be pointless for him and would serve no gain. As to him if he is unable to gain something in the end, losing, he sees no logical reason to even finish or take part in it anymore. Many that know him personally could call him a quitter, but he doesn't care. To hell with their opinions.  Thomas though when is winning in battle will start to play with his foe, and not even kill them if he isn't forced to, as he kinda wants to see them suffer. But if he does have to kill someone, no matter who, he will never make it swift or painless. He goes for the most painful and longest death that he can administer at that point in time.

Thomas hates getting bored though as if he has nothing to do he get depressed and just wants to die, well not really die but close to that. But to get rid of his rare boredom is to do something he enjoys; as he could only really get bored if he is forced on a ship one day by an higher up and has nothing to do. Thomas also can be very unpredictable as he never really gives out his true intentions, only bits and pieces. But that is just because he likes to see people try to figure him and his motives out. Thomas also prides himself very much on one thing. And that is being an liar. As over the years he has found out that is the best trait one must have to succeed if they wish to become successful. Thomas actually has almost perfected the art of lying. As he is very mentally creative and original; being capable of offer a convincing and credible answer in almost any situation. Thomas is quick to respond to a question because waiting too long to answer would arouse suspicion. Thus, being able to think quickly was something he developed at a very young age to help him when it came to lying.  

Thomas likes to talk and this helps him as he can give a long-winded, intentionally vague response to avoid answering questions. He strives to say something that on the surface sounds plausible, but actually does not answer the question. Thomas also has an amazing memory, but only so that he doesn't get caught up in the lies he tells. As at this current time he is even able to recall his first lie, and those after them. This is just so he doesn't say something contradicting himself. Thomas though has something like a double edge sword when it comes to lying and that is his delighted expression. As he doesn't really every want to stop smiling, well unless he is absolutely livid. He isn't really sure though how it is a double edge sword though, but feels that his expression will not allow him to lie out of an bad situation. He hasn't gotten into that kind of situation though recently though, and it only happened once, so he isn't worried about it.

Thomas loves talking about himself because he is proud of what he has made out of himself in the short amount of time he has lived, even though he was born into wealth. But he has had to do many things to keep it, any brags about the those things. And if someone talks highly of him he would let them and even egg them on to keep doing it, he may even force them to keep talking good about him. As no one should hate him but love him, though they better not touch him if their hands are dirty. As being touched by someone disgusting will get him to a place no one will want to see. He also strangely likes pirate, albeit not being one or wishing to be one, as he doesn't really get them. He doesn't truly understand why they will choose to be the way they are and it makes him all fuzzy inside when he thinks he realizes it but some pirate proves him wrong, whether that being direct or indirectly.

During his time at Imple down, as apart of the staff, one of the prisoners actually hit him on a emotional level. Turning this non believing man into one that follows the word of the Lord to a T. A true fanatic. Thomas isn't even able to hold back any rage when one speaks blashifaminy to his Lord, and will punish them accordingly. He has actually, due to his new found belief, begun to preach to the Prisoners. Especially those scheduled to die, those on Level 6, or there just to rot. Nothing else has changed about him though as he still has ulterior motives with his allegiance with the Marines and other organizations. Though, what he has planned is well hidden and only thing people notice from him now is his belief. As now he knows that there is someone above him.

-The Bible

-too many questions
-sticking food
-messy places
-dirty people

-To be rich
-Spread the holy word
-Do whatever he wants without repercussions

Thomas will never tell anyone his true upbringings; unless the situation meets a certain qualification. Or it is time for him to reveal who he really is.  But the basics of it is that he was raised by some pretty wealthy individuals, well individual, and has an very comfortable life. And somewhat still does. That place being Alabasta Kingdom, but he will never say anymore than that. Thomas will not even let many people know his real name nor the name of those he knew there, especially the person that raised him. Only thing he would say will maybe be that they are the reason he is himself today.

But what is really interesting about him is how he ended up being a Marine, especially with how he fits being a pirate so much more. One day he had decided that he would leave his home and take on new adventures, once even being part of a pirate crew. But his short time with that crew gave him the impression that Pirate are all fools, and he didn't belong with their kind. Well at that time he didn't. And also he was tired of being a criminal and risking going to jail for crimes he could have gotten out of if he wasn't a pirate. So he ended up  turning in his crew for a nice juicy bounty. That being the first time he decided to become a Marine.

He didn't like the uniform of the guys just starting out but he was able to catch a glimpse of an Admiral and wanted that coat he had. But also the power an admiral had. As if he played his cards right he could get in a real comfy spot that would allow him to even take over the world if he wished. But he knew he would have to start off at the bottom, but he would do whatever it takes. He would wear that disgusting Uniform and climb up the ranks no matter what.

Currently the lovely job that he really doesn't want to let go, due to how damn good he is at it, is stopping him from doing that. But Thomas realized that he would need to begin to journey to the top. So he will be saying good by to cleaning up whatever he is told and hello journey to being an admiral.

Something did happen that could be considered something important in Thomas' life, but he really doesn't see it as so. As he at the age of nineteen, when he joined, also had gotten married to an beautiful woman, whose looks matched his own. He even had one child with her and they were a beautiful family. But that woman was twisted and got herself a job, running one of the World Governments Public Employment Security Office. With this new position she, along with the child, were moved somewhere in the New World.

Face Claim: Enrico pucci

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2 Re: Derous (Done) on Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:35 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Completion Bump

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3 Re: Derous (Done) on Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:01 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

how much u weigh

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4 Re: Derous (Done) on Wed Jan 27, 2016 11:03 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

I added it in

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5 Re: Derous (Done) on Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:13 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


approved <3

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6 Re: Derous (Done) on Tue Jun 28, 2016 12:07 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Revamp done.

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