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1 Zeppelin on Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:06 pm



General Info

Character Name: Zeppelin
Link to Approved Character Here
Occupation: Scientist/Navigator
Tier: 2
Bounty/Reputation: 1,350,000
World Position: Commodore


Hand to Hand: 3
Devil Fruit: 2
Melee Weaponry:

Haki: E

Stamina: 250


Link to Primary Skill Set: Horo Horo no Mi
Link to Secondary Skill Set: Circle Stance
Link to Tertiary Skill Set:
Haki Aura: Conqueror's Haki
Devil Fruit: Horo Horo no Mi


Weapons: Black Gloves & Explosive Cartridges


Completed Topics T1

Completed Topics This Tier

Topic Notes:
(E) - Completed as Ensign
(L) - Completed as Lieutenant


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3 Re: Zeppelin on Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:48 pm



Current Tier: 1
Oceans RP'd In: West Blue, South Blue
# of Task Completed: 6
# of Other Topics Completed: 2
Character Development Notes: Zeppelin's journey started as a reassignment to West Blue. It was part of her desire to broaden her horizons as a Marine and experience more of the world. When she first arrived she met an interesting man in form of Asher Kringle who extended an invitation to his task force for the purpose of making a difference in the world as he would put it. She postponed her commitment to joining feeling she needed to experience more of the world first but expressed her interest in participating in missions with Mr. Kringle to get a better feel for the ideals he believed in.

Since that meeting, she would experience many firsts on her own. Her first encounter with the so-called Revolutionaries was a mission that involved her saving a bridge in Ilusia from being destroyed by their hands. In the process she also won back the hearts of some of the locals who previously supported the Revolution's cause. She would learn that the Revolution's influence was very real and that many were truly unsatisfied with the government. For her accomplishment then, she would earn a promotion to Lieutenant. As for other notable accomplishments in the West, she suppressed a gang of poachers conducting illegal activities in Ohara while also working to pacify the beasts enraged as a result of the criminals' actions. She would be recognized for that deed by the townspeople.

It was around this time that she would be contacted by Asher Kringle yet again inviting her to accompany him to to South Blue for a mission - an invitation which she obliged. Arriving in a new town and feeling the weight of her new position as a Lieutenant, she immediately took on a dangerous task of bringing to justice a serial killer who targeted Marine officers. This would be her first encounter with a Devil Fruit user in a battle that would nearly push her to the limit. She would take away many insights from this, most especially the potential for great deeds, good or evil, that could be done with such powers. While this accomplishment earned her praise from her superiors, she had yet to make an impression on the people of Baterilla. Her opportunity to do so would come in the form of a great fire that ravaged a local inn. Her heroic deeds at the scene would end up saving the life of a child and get her the public recognition she was missing there.

Spec Points Allocation: Devil Fruit +2

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4 Re: Zeppelin on Sun Jan 31, 2016 9:25 pm



Okay, nice progression.

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