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1 Nina Frost on Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:02 am

Name: Nina Frost
Alias/Epithet: Frost, Rank+Frost
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Primarily Culinary Artist, Secondarily Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: Tier 1

General Appearance: From a simple glance at her hair it's evidently clear that this is a woman who holds herself to exacting standards.
Though the uniform is not strictly enforced, she always feels the need to maintain at least a shirt and tie at all times.
Ruthless marine training has left her with a relatively average build and a love for hearing the sound of her boots on pavement.
Underneath her outfit she keeps a necklace in the shape of an anchor her father gave her when she turned 16.
She wears thin white gloves all the time to protect her hands from her occupations.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 135 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: I am no filthy pirate, but it would be at the center of my back

Personality: Frost is the type of person to take each day as it comes, breaking it up into problems she can solve and then doing her best to solve them. She is typically a very calm and rational person trying to keep emotion out of any and all of her dealings. When things do eventually get emotional frost tends to be unable to relate and usually tries to remove herself from the situation; this act comes across as cold when in reality it is her attempt to not make a mistake in a social ground she is unfamiliar with.

A large part of the reason frost joined the marines has to do with the fact that her father was killed by pirates. This lead her to develop the belief that the marines were not focusing in on what she believed they should, namely pirates. This thought process however vanished when she was confronted with the truth that they are simply understaffed in comparison to the pirate epidemic. So in having nowhere to go anyway, she joined the marines to try and fix the problem. This speaks about her character, that she is one to simply do what needs be done to fix the problem rather than blame others for what she herself can change.

Though her experiences so far with pirates would have her believe that they are all terrible creatures looting and pillaging till their black hearts are content she maintains hope that somehow they are simply misguided individuals that could benefit from a good punishment and an improved education. Yet, this does not mean that she is soft on them by any means, they will pay, there is just no need for them to die for their crimes. This is something of a matter of pride for her as she refuses to sink to their level over this.

Having been brought up by her father alone she tends to keep her feelings and inner most thoughts to herself. Combining this with the fact that she was perpetually busy as a youth left her without friends and a relative lack of social skills outside of work place professionalism. If you were to ask her coworkers, present and former about her quirks they would tell you two very specific details. Firstly, when showing signs of stress or frustration her right eye would develop a twitch to it that would steady get worse as the stress built up. Secondly, she does not function for any reason without coffee or tea before 9 am.

Though frost was raised in near poverty conditions, she holds a great love of the aesthetic that is typically associated with nobles. This refers of course to the spotless clothing, classical music, tea and intellectual conversations.

Classical Music
Cooking (and talking about it)

Being dirty
Physical Labor

History:  Frost's first breaths in the world were accompanied by the death of the very woman who carried her leaving the new child with only her father. This act would mar the relationship between father and daughter for many years as the man worked his best to raise a child that he believed had killed his beloved wife. He tried his best, trying to be a caring man, but it poisoned every act he did, this singular thought that maybe if she hadn't been born, his wife would still be alive. He knew it shouldn't, and he knew it wasn't the child's fault, but he spent more and more time away from her working long hours avoiding the problem.

This left Nina largely to her own devices, a child that was never encouraged to share her feelings with anyone. Growing naturally more introspective and ever curious about the world frost began to plan elaborate escapes from her home in an attempt to learn more. During one of her more daring escapes she ended up at the door step of a restaurant to the swift dismay of the head chef. He could not believe that this small child would work its way to his restaurant and wondered at the lack of parent. The chef sent out some of his staff to go look for the parent while he played with the child, showing care and concern that her own father had never been able to muster.

Naturally her father was notified and the trouble she received for her deviancy was substantial, but her mind would never forget the kindness of the chef. She longed to once again play with the man and be cared for. As she grew up, she would escape the house many times, each time ending up on the doorstep of the chef and each time the man would care for her. As she grew, he began to teach her how to cook and how to help around the restaurant earning her a slim pickings of Beli. In turn, she began to bring these skills home, cooking wondrous lunches for her father to eat while he worked. It seemed for a time that the gap between father and daughter was growing smaller. Though she could tell something was on the man's mind.

Even with her father working as much as he could, they could not afford for her to go to school, keeping her even more isolated from the social interactions she needed at her growing age. With the additional earnings from her restaurant work, they could afford to eat proper food but that was the extent of their financial freedom. This was a problem, and she intended to find a way to fix it.

On her 16th birthday, she asked her father what her mother was like. This line of questioning was typically forbidden, he would not tell her anything or would usually dismiss her, not caring to say more. This day however was different, the man spoke. He admitted that for years he had blamed her for killing his wife, knowing full well it was not her fault. The conversation was long and awkward as two people with little talent for explaining their feelings tried to convey to each other how they felt. By the end of the day, father and daughter hugged for all they were worth.

A year later, her father would die in a pirate raid on the shipyards where he worked. After finally managing to reconnect with him, he would be taken away in a single night. She enrolled with the marines as soon as she could, and sought to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

Face Claim: (Anime girl versions of ww2 commanders|Raymond A. Spruance)

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2 Re: Nina Frost on Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:42 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Not sure this is done, it looks done. So Approved.

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