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1 Menace II Society [Training] on Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:37 pm

A cold breeze would hit Josiah across the face awaking him from his gaze, he knew he was powerful, but nowhere near enough to actually accomplish his goals so he decided that he would spend the entire month training. A little angered he would speak to himself, “Gr, this place is extremely terrible. I get looks from the lesser minks as if they weren’t once the same as us, evolution my ass! Apparently some guy Montblanc Noland was executed here, he was an infamous liar which is pretty admirable to me. I know I’ll be able to surpass his skills in being a trickster, that is a miniature goal I will set for myself.” Josiah would walk throughout the European styled towns looking around, suddenly a group of iron clad guards would come marching down as if they were some type of measly band. “Obnoxious, why are they so loud. I must get to the hills, this place is not to my liking.” Passing by him a knight would say, “Well get outta here then you mutt.” Josiah’s face would frown up with his hairs instinctively shooting from his body. “What did you say to me human? I don’t think you are well educated because it is easy to see that I am of the Felidae family meaning I am a cat. The word you would call me would be a derogatory word for a dog, please keep your words to yourself before you end up with no limbs.” After hearing these words the knight would walk up to the silver-eyed lion breaking formation. “What’d you say to me? I don’t think you know who you’re talking to you mutt!” As soon as the word “mutt” left the man’s mouth a quick piercing would follow. “Shigan.”

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2 Re: Menace II Society [Training] on Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:05 pm

Falling to the ground with a sharp cry that would alert the other Josiah would turn his back from the man paralyzed in fear and anguish. “Oi! I hope you don’t think you plan on leaving so easily after what you did to our friend here.” A pink haired knight with blue eyes would walk up to him, he was significantly shorter than he was, but seemed to be taller than the other humans. “I understand you are much stronger than your acquaintances, but you aren’t to my level. Although you could give it a try if you’d like, I’m supposed to be training anyway.” Josiah said licking his bloody finger. The knight would exert all of his killing intent into the open air causing Josiah’s primal instincts to come out making his back away a bit from his position. “Is something the matter?” The knight asked with a smile. “Heh, this will be a lot more thrilling than I had originally thought, but all you have done is close the gap I will still take this victory using what I have learned from watching humans that interested me.” The knight was looking as smug as ever not realizing the disadvantage he was at, with this look on his face he drew his rapier that was bejeweled encompassed in gold. With it he would create a flurry of slashes that were aimed at Josiah, looking as if all of them were going to strike him Josiah would utter, “Kami-e”. As he did so his body went limp as if it were paper moving at the will of the wind, suddenly the knight’s face straightened quickly increasing the speed of his strikes to no avail. “Do you see? This is what I was referring to by closing the gap, I would like you to unleash the full extent of your strength unless you want to be killed.”

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3 Re: Menace II Society [Training] on Fri Jan 15, 2016 2:25 pm

The knight realizing that he could no longer keep us his ultimate rapier skills began to sluggishly slow down, his momentum was like a slug that has traveled a mile. “Ah, I see. Is this what you were so confident in? Well then, i guess this will be goodbye mister.” Josiah would point his index finger out with a claw visible to the knight, in plunged the finger like a bullet travelling through the knight’s neck and into his jugular vein. The sweet sanguine spurted from his neck as he dropped to his knees without being able to say a word. Josiah walked away as the knights went to go rush the two wounded soldiers to an infirmary. “Humans never cease to amaze me with their overflowing amount of hubris, do they not understand that they are far from the superior race heh. Now, time to let the training actually begin. 30 minutes later Josiah would find himself in the grassy hills of Lvneel where he would begin his training, after stretching his body he would hop on his two muscular arms and lower himself to the ground. Once he reached the peak of where he could lower himself he would the push himself back up, he did 500 repetitions of this before he went into his 1 finger form. in this form he would be standing on his one index finger to strengthen his Shigan and overall balance. This time he was only able to hold it for about 45 minutes which he was disappointed himself, he wished to reach an hour, but his body was fairly worn out. He must had overexerted himself from that fight with the knight without knowing it. After getting over his disappointment he would then rest on his back for 10 minutes before beginning a 1000 repetitions of pushups, about two-thirds of the way in he could really feel his muscles become tense. This was a good sign, his muscles were destroying and beginning to rebuild themselves stronger than ever before. “Ah, I’ll take a break for the day, I’m fairly tired from that impromptu fight I had with those knights.” Soon after saying that a group of 8 or so knights would run up to Josiah looking to take him to the castle to be prosecuted for what he had done earlier. “Look, guys I am in no condition to fight you guys so if you could wait till tomorrow then I would be greatly in debt to you all.

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4 Re: Menace II Society [Training] on Sat Jan 16, 2016 6:04 am

All of them were soon swept away by what seemed to be a blue line of wind, “Rankyaku? Who could hav-” Josiah was soon interrupted by a man with long blonde hair and a top hat, the moonlight that had crept up on Josiah due to his training was shining on the man. “A Rokushiki user I see. Would you like me to teach you how to use it more efficiently?” The man would say with a smirk across his face, “Sorry, I do not take lessons from anyone who is weaker than me. You will have to prove that you can stand up to my prowess, the rules of nature.” Josiah got in his stance aware that this would be a good fight, he had no idea how quickly it would be over. The blonde-haired man in front of him wouldn’t even show any signs of beginning the fight before he disappeared into the thin air. It was like a motion blur to Josiah that moved up at blinding speeds, with his instincts leading him he would follow the direction the blur went to using geppo to propel himself into the air while looking up simultaneously. What he would see is a gigantic blue arc of air tumbling down intercepting his path to what he thought would be the man, he was soon crashing down into the earth creating a slight crater. With his eyes wide open astounded by the majestic sight of this man he would jump up shrugging off the pain from the rankyaku blast, “What strength!”. Walking to Josiah with his hands in his pocket he would introduce himself as “Calamari is the name, would you like to train under me for 2 days before I head off into the new world?” He would as in a subtle manner as if going to the new world was nothing to him. Was his something he knew would happen since the beginning of his life?

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5 Re: Menace II Society [Training] on Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:09 am

“How admirable!” Josiah would say in his head, he wasn’t too easily impressed, but he could tell this guy was a monster. While Calamari was walking away with his hands still in his pockets Josiah took that as a sign to follow him, over the hills they would travel until  Calamari would come to an abrupt stop. “This is where we will be training, here lies a few beasts that have outgrown their predatory spaces, they eat anything in there path believing they are the strongest and no one can stand up to them. Well, tonight I want you to show them who the true top of the food chain is. I will be giving you coaching from the sideline so be prepared to listen and dodge life threatening attacks. Of course this is nothing to someone of your stature correct?” Josiah would look at the Calamari with a slight grin. “You’d be correct...Calamari.” Soon after four enormous boars looking to be about 3 meters in height emerged over the rolling hills now visualized through the eyes of The Silver-Eyed King. From what he could see they had red fur, no, there fur was blood-stained from their victims. Well this wasn’t enough to discourage Josiah in the least, who did these pesky animals think they were, right before he was about to begin the fight between primal instincts Calamari would say. “You aren’t allowed to take a hit from any of those boars no matter the situation, if you do so I will kill you and them on the spot, got it?” He would say smiling sadistically as if this was all a game to him. For the first time in a long time a genuine fear crawled up the back of his spine causing his muscles to bulge in his legs getting him prepared to dodge any of the attacks the boars would come at him with. For Josiah he contemplated why he felt this way, was it because he knew that Calamari actually had the power to kill him? It isn’t unusual for a living thing to be scared dying, so it would seem that Josiah and these boars had somethging in common and that was they were fighting for their lives. Who would be victorious. “Obviously me! I will never doubt myself, nor should I ever!” Josiah found himself having an internal struggle, all of the sudden he was knocked out of the trance due to the noise of a stampede coming from the four boars.

Lined up the boars would run at Josiah at top speed, he could tell they were extremely territorial because they had not even been provoked in anyway by Josiah yet they were attacking him. Anyway, Calamari would say “Use Geppo to propel yourself into the air. Aerial assaults will be key to you not getting hit and dying to me.” Josiah would smile “Easy enough.” He would say to himself, kicking off of the air as fast as he possibly could with the fatigue still felt in his body he was now airborne with the boars running directly under him wondering where he went. Wondering what to do next Josiah would stare intently at Calamari, seeing this Calamari would begin to speak. “Well done, now I want you to use a technique called Tekkai Kenpo, basically, all you need to do is concentrate normal Tekkai into any part of your body that you choose using it to attack an enemy. Now go for it, at least take one of them out here.” Josiah would then look at his left arm wondering how the hell he would concentrate it there, well everything he has learned so far has been imagination manifesting into real life. He figured this was no different and began to concentrate on his left arm while saying “Tekkai”, soon with his arm straightened out he would noticed that it was stiff not being able to move in the slightest which meant that the technique had worked properly. He would then descend on the boar furthest to the right of the group of four implanting his arm in the spine of it causing the immediate downfall of the bloody beast. Not even a shriek was able to leave the body of the now corpse before it died, “How potent, amazingly powerful.” Josiah would say releasing the tekkai from his arm, startled by the sight of their dead kin and Josiah the remaining boars would scamper off into the hills not looking back one. “That’s nature for you. Anything to improve your rate of survival is what we do, it’s how you stay alive.” Josiah would say not realizing he was speaking aloud.

“Aw, nice, but I didn’t expect them to turn tail so fast. I guess me and you will have to spar now, it’s the only way to continue teaching you. So, I will give you the rest of these two days to land one hit on me. It can be whenever and wherever as long as you actua-” Josiah cut him off using soru to launch himself at Calamari with his arm extended, index finger pointed out while saying. “Shigan.” Easily dodging the attack Calamari would look at Josiah with a smile, “Antsy aren’t we? How anticlimactic would it had been if you actually got me? Hahahahaaha.” Calamari would then walk away with his hand waving, he seemed to be heading in the direction of the kingdom. Josiah wouldn’t let this chance slip away either, of course he would attack which is what Calamari knew Josiah would do. “So predictable aren’t we?” Calamari said turning around to see nothing, Josiah had read a step ahead and instead of using Soru to attack him head on he would use Geppo like he did against the boars. For a split second Calamari was shocked to see the development in Josiah, he began to regret giving him 2 days, but he would still try to hold up best he could. After that split second of time had passed it clicked that Josiah was in the air, he was planning on using Tekkai Kenpo, “Is it too late?” He thought to himself as he looked up to see the silver eyes gleaming into his eyes, all of the sudden a craters would appear where Calamari was standing. Although he was not there, Josiah had punched nothing but the Earth, “Huh? Where could he have gone, I mean he was right in front of me a second before I was about to strike him.” Josiah was genuinely confused about how Calamari managed to escape his attack until he realized he wasn’t the one who created the crater, it was Calamari.

“Over here!” Calamari stood there waving with a smile on his face, this man was clearly hiding more strength than Josiah had originally thought. A smile would appear on Josiah’s face, his determination overflowing from his fatigued body excited as if this were some type of hunt and Calamari was his prey. For a brief moment a shudder of fear went down the spine of Calamari, “A monster seems to have appeared on the North Blue, how scary.” He would say to himself, soon Josiah would launch himself in the air once more, “That trick won’t work on me again!” what Calamari didn’t know was that this was far from what Josiah had previously showcased. Using some of his ingenuity he combined Geppo and Soru jumping through the air towards Calamari in a motion that would seem to have 3d movement. He wasn’t limited to one direction, he was apparent in all planes of dimensions, “Ka-Kamisori?” Calamari was confused about what he was seeing from Josiah, but before he could actually muster up some movement that would inevitably dodge the attack Josiah would crash into the ground. It seemed that Kamisori had taken too much energy from Josiah’s legs, with his face in the dirt he would pass out on the ground. Calamari was a bit skeptical, he didn’t know if this was some sort of trick to get him to carry Josiah, but after a few minutes of waiting he decided to take him to a hotel where he could sleep peacefully.

“Around 7 in the morning a knock would be heard by Calamari, he answered it and it appeared to be one of his crewmates. “We’re leaving already? Well, I was training someone I found interest, but I’ll leave him a note, give me about 10 minutes or so.” An hour later Josiah awako in a bed with a note smack on his face, when he finally got his eyes adjusted to his surrounding he began to read the note which said “Sorry about leaving so early, I’ll be meeting you in the new world when you make it. Also, all of the basic Rokushiki techniques you use can be combined, even some of the advanced ones. Last thing, Rokugan is another Rokushiki technique you should look into, good luck and see ya.” Josiah was kind of excited and mad at the same time, how could he have left so early, but there is also much for him to learn which exhilarated him in away that a child would be about there new toy. “What an idiot, I’ll make sure to kill him next time I see him, but for now I must get much stronger. I’m pretty sure there are more guys out in the world like him.” Josiah got up from the bed rushing out into the hills to continue training his body in order to perform the more advanced techniques without collapsing like he did last time. While perfecting his muscular build by balancing on his hands which he would strive for an hour this time he began to have aspirations of joining a crew, pirates were known to be evil so he figured he would fit in with that type of crowd. Anyhow, Josiah has now learned a lot of new things that will aid him in his search for power, who else will impact his life?

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