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1 Zeppelin on Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:20 am



Name: Zeppelin
Alias/Epithet: N/A
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Scientist/Navigator
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Zeppelin is a slender young woman of lean build and average height though with a noticeably sizable bust. She has blue eyes and medium-length light blonde hair styled in twintails. Her attire consists of a long-sleeved white top with a red tie and a black miniskirt. She wears metal-heel boots and black tights under her skirt. She sports a mini cape over her shoulders and a white peaked cap sits on top her head.

Height: 168 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Personality: Cool, calm and confident, Zeppelin can be described as down-to-earth. While at first glance she appears to be someone with a straitlaced persona, she is actually more amicable than you would expect. She is well-mannered and considerate. If you ever need her for anything, she is almost always approachable, except for the rare occasion when she gets fairly immersed in her work. In those instances, you might be better off talking to a cup of coffee. If you leave her a note though, she would be sure to get back to you later.

She is known to be very perceptive, with an attention to detail that is unrivaled among her peers. She is usually one of the first to notice when something thing is amiss and one of the few who can manage to stay composed and levelheaded in the midst of a crisis. When dealing with others, she can almost always tell when people are hiding or avoiding something. She is often the brains behind an operation, being an accomplished strategist and tactician. That isn't to say that she is an unskilled fighter. On the contrary, should she personally step into the fray, her opponents should assume that the difficulty of the battle has just gone up by several levels. She is an extremely quick learner and has a photographic memory.

Surprisingly, she does possess some semblance of a sense of humor despite her serious image. Unfortunately it borders on the sadistic as she finds it quite amusing to watch acquaintances be put on the spot in awkward or embarrassing situations. It is not certain if she herself is aware of her sadist tendencies, but it has made her friends wary of getting on her bad side. She certainly welcomes the peace and quiet that affords as sometimes her personal projects call for as little disturbance as possible. In most cases though, this aspect of hers is rarely seen. But those who chance upon it usually can't help but feel nervous in her presence from then on.

Her quirks aside, she is undoubtedly a person of integrity and is one of the most dependable and trustworthy Marines around. She is loyal to those she would consider to be her allies and a good sport to her rivals, giving respect where it is due.

*She is fond of coffee, tea and most drinks with caffeine.
*She loves puzzles, riddles and mental games in general.
*She likes learning new things and meeting interesting people.
*She welcomes contests and is not one to turn down a challenge.

*She is not a fan of alcohol due to having a rather weak tolerance to it.
*She values punctuality and so she gets somewhat peeved when people are late.
*She is not fond of situations where credit is not given where it is due.
*She hates breaking promises.

History: Zeppelin was born in a war-torn country on an independent island in Paradise. It was not uncommon for people living there to have to flee their towns and cities, leaving behind precious things, just to get away from the conflict. She had never met her biological parents as she was found abandoned as a baby by a certain Marine officer who rescued her and brought her back from that place. This man would eventually become her adopted father and raise her as his own, far and away from the perils of the Grand Line.

Growing up, she had always been considered a prodigy, wise beyond her years. She figured out on her own that she was not her father's real daughter but that did not stop her from respecting him as the man who raised her. As a child, if she was not buried in books, she would be walking by the docks to see the many ships or visiting the nearby Marine base. She was always curious about learning new things and devoured knowledge like a ravenous beast. She developed an interest in war and technology after learning about her country of origin and its circumstances. It was around then that her father acknowledged her potential to be a valuable asset to the Marines and decided to teach her everything he knew. Prior to that, he had been adamant about letting her live out the rest of her life in peace and keeping her away from conflict. But her talents and abilities were just too great to ignore. A senior officer and friend recommended that she be recruited before anyone unsavory discovered her and tried to take advantage of her.

The choice was not something her father would come to regret. In less than a year she knew everything there was about the base like the back of her hand, as well as the details of Marine operations in the nearby islands. She had yet to become an official member though as she was well below the age requirement. But that did not stop her from being of great help to the base, especially in its research and development division where she was most at home. In preparation for her eventual joining, she was also trained in combat and, contrary to her bookish nature, she possessed an aptitude for it. It was something not many really expected. But after wiping the floor with some of the more experienced ensigns in the base, all doubts were cast aside. She still preferred to exercise her mind than her body however, but she incorporated what she learned from her training to become a tactician and strategist on par with someone you would expect to hold an admiral rank.

Two years after becoming a full-fledged Marine, she decided to leave the base to see more of the world, requesting for a reassignment. There was only so much one could learn from texts and reports and she wanted to experience such sights with her own two eyes instead of just reading someone else's accounts. Her father knew that this day would come sooner or later and the elder Marine gave her his blessing without a fuss. After thanking him and the rest of the base for everything they had done for her, she departed on the next Marine ship that sailed out of port.

Face Claim: Kantai Collection - Graf Zeppelin

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2 Re: Zeppelin on Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:42 am

o k

[22:28:28 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Wait

[22:28:33 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : Im scared of asher

[22:28:37 29/10/2016] @ Acheron : He migbt kidnap me
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