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1 Silent Bones on Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:14 am

Name: Katarina Viper
Alias/Epithet: Silent Bones
Race: Kuja
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty-Four
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1

General Appearance:

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 140 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Katarina Viper is a woman that in her youth was kind and loving, her upbringing on Amazon Lily gave her a sense of honor and she was a person who always sought to help others. After her kidnapping from the island however, her entire personality flipped upside down. Having had to work under an abusive Captain of a Pirate Crew, she grew hardened and began to holster her emotions deep inside of herself, only ever lashing out on the ship with anger when the subordinates would attempt to speak ill of the Kuja.

Once freed from the grasp of the Pirates and brought into the custody of the Marines, she still had a hard time speaking to any men and ended up more social with females, though her conversations were always private and many asked of the tattoo marring her face in the likelihood of a skull. When confronted about the facial tattoo she holds a sense of spite, having gained it through the Pirates during her time with them. She wears it now however as a sign that her past self and the time of peace that she had when she was back on Amazon Lily is over.

The most prominent thing about Katarina is the fact that despite her freedom from the pirates, she still fights with voices left inside of her mind that constantly haunt her of her days on the ship and the innocent lives she had to take under their force. She relives days and nights of her time with the pirates during her dreams and it is hard for allies to ever know if she has slept well at all due to the black skull eye marks around her eyes.

In order to pursue her ideals now, she attempts to kill off most of her emotions, acting not as Katarina Viper but as the soldier that is "Silent Bones". She has managed to become completely devoted to almost any duty without showing any emotional wavering, though she is prone to still fall into moments of extreme emotion and despair occasionally. Katarina tries to hold to the belief that there is no differentiation in sacrifice, that all life is equal and choosing the path leading to a smaller sacrifice is for the best.

Katarina views pirates as targets that must be eliminated or brought to justice in some form in order to save the world. Perhaps the only sign of enjoyment that Katarina now shows is when she is smoking, while of course it is a rather deadly form of enjoyment in the long-term, she finds that smoking calms her nerves and prepares her for the long dragging pain of the day.


  • Cigarettes
  • Firearms
  • Other Kuja


  • Men (More cautious around them)
  • Summer (Prefers cold weather)
  • Pirates

History Art:

The History of Bones:
Katarina Viper, Kuja, born on Amazon Lily - One would think that living on an Island of Amazonian female warriors would grant a level of protection that would keep many away, however for Katarina's story this would prove to be false. Ten years ago from the current time, Katarina was fourteen and only had just finished her basic training, this was what all Kuja had to go through in order to learn the art of marksmanship with a bow and arrow and control over their Haki. Due to their high potency with Haki, it was best for most of them to learn while they were young for the sake of their future and as an aid in hunts on the island and defending it. As a freshly trained youngling, Katarina was allowed to accompany some of the hunters outside of the main village on the island and explore the fresh jungle that lay outside their secure walls. Excited by the chance to show the older hunters what she was capable of, Katarina watched their every action and began to learn of their routines. Though with her age came youthful naivete and a lack of patience. One night in order to train herself, Katarina left the safety of the village's borders and wandered through the jungle with her bow and a quiver full of arrows. This would be the last that the village would ever see of the girl but no one would be aware of that until many search parties later.

Walking through the thick of the jungle, Katarina had already mapped out several safe routes through it that the hunters passed through during their treks that helped them prevent dangerous encounters with beasts and carnivorous plants. Katarina used these paths to travel to the furthest reaches of the island and began to hunt herself some animals, packing some of their hides and meat for the village when she would return. Tragedy would not come about until after Katarina had figured it was late enough to warrant a fire for the night and when looking for good resources for the fire she found her eyes locking onto the faint glow of another fire meters away. It was not too far for her to run so the young one packed her bow and items up and rushed to it, could it have been another one of the hunting groups that had to stay overnight in the outer region of the island? They weren't always known for their timing on returning home. No -- when she finally past through the last bush it was not a group of those she knew, but rather a Pirate Crew that had managed to land themselves on the island recently.

Katarina attempted to turn and run but she was blocked off by one of the crew members returning from their break away from the fire to obtain more wood. With her bow easy to grab, she aimed her hands to go for it but was stopped by the sound of a gun shot. The sound itself was foreign to her but with how loud the discharge of the bullet from the chamber was, any young fourteen year old would be stunned or hesitate. These were pirates who did not take hesitation with mercy and two of them quickly stripped her of her weapons. Now trapped by several of the members she was bound by rope and taken with them off the island when morning came. Tasked now with being their servant, Katarina was forced to tend to their boat and help the cook, aid them in their active duties and even plunder with them. Every day was a horror for the girl as she spent several years on board, hardening and learning to distrust many in this world while the blood of innocent lives were marked on her hands. She was beaten for her failures on the ship and eventually even tattoo'd by a member of the crew by their Captain's Orders.

Her face was marked in a black and white fashion that to any who viewed her visage now would not see the sight of an innocent girl but rather the lifeless husk of a skull. Her hair was cut short and shaved on the sides giving her an androgynous appearance that many other pirates off the ship mistook her for male. These hellish days only continued until after eight years on board that ship, she was freed when Vice-Admirals from the Navy intercepted the ship and despite her lack of trust in others and her impaired speech towards those that she did not know very well, she told the Vice-Admiral her story when she was questioned after the Pirates were apprehended alongside her. Upon further inquiry with the pirates the story matched at enough points for the Marines to trust her. She told them of the lives she had taken and how she never asked for this and upon some discussion through Den-Den Mushi to the Admirals, she was given the choice to either return to Amazon Lily or join the Marines and serve them as a soldier. They stressed this choice was voluntary and not mandatory on either part, thus after a day to consider, Katarina joined the Marines.

Now Twenty Four, two years after her joining of the Marines, she had finished their training and learned to defend herself with the skills and mentality of pirates and marines. Actively seeking retribution for her actions, she serves the Navy with a loyalty that cannot be severed, her value of the Marines is in the hope that through her time with them, she can help realize their goal for a just world where peace is maintained and no pirate can simply have their way or exist. Freedom comes with a price and with the vendetta of violence and vile villainy that she holds for Pirates, the payment for their freedom would be their lives and their personal executioner would now be none other than "Silent Bones".
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