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Zanji lay adrift in his tiny row boat upon the great vast seas of the south blue. the oars were rolled in as he lay on his stomach away from the sun. He lay dreaming happily his right leg sprawled out at a angle a blanket covering his back. He smacked his lips in his sleep as he dreamed of a wondrous feast as he was crowned the pirate king. A seagull passing over head gave a loud caw and he was awakened from his blissful dream. He was startled and his body jolted his head hitting a board. His eyes bulged as he gave a cry of pain ans he slowly crawled out from his makeshift bed. The boat would rock as small waves crashed upon his boat. He let out a long yawn and scratched his back with his right hand as he looked out onto the horizon.

There he saw a sight he was glad to see finally. He rubbed his eyes making sure it wasn't a mirage and sure enough it was real a island. He let out a cheer and would of jumped for joy but he knew better he was on a small boat and that would make it capsize. He quickly put the oars out and began to row towards the island. He was so excited this was the first island he would of visited since he left his home. He hummed to himself as he rowed keeping his mind off of the grueling and bothersome task. He hated rowing but it was the best he could do since he did not own a real ship of his own just yet. He sighed as he finally pulled into dock and tied his little boat to the port. He was glad to be out of the water onto dry land again. He stretched out his arms and legs and began making his way into town.

He hung his violin case over his right shoulder and walked slowly catching the different sites and activities of the island. He was amazed at everything he had never been on his home island before and he was excited at all the different sight, and smells of this town. His stomach growled loudly as he caught the scent of meat cooking. His mouth watered as he reached into his pocket and found nothing but pocket lint. He sighed and tossed the lint onto the ground and hung his head low and walked away saddened. "I guess I'm street performing." he retched and coughed for a moment and shook his head at the unpleasant smell that would surely greet hims nose. He sighed as he walked down the street and found a main plaza like area. there were lots of people about shopping when he was hit with a idea. He smiled and walked towards a white marble fountain and took a seat on the outer edge and opened his violin case and pulled out his violin. People loved street performers after all he cleared his throat and placed his violin out towards the crowd and began to play a song mournful yet with a great beauty his fingers moving gracefully across the strings, a feeling of being at peace was etched on his face.

Zanji's Violin song

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While on his way back from the Gold Leopard Pirates' ship Ryuuka took a long walk along the main to ease his troubled mind, questioning himself on the offer that he just accepted as if it was going to change his whole life, which it was. while strolling and procrastinating when he was supposed to start construction on a ship that had been requested by some outsider saying that they wish it to be like a ship they once saw sailing the seas, Ryuuka heard a splendid sounds that tickled his eardrums, something that sounds at least 100 fold better than whatever he or the other people on his home island could play. It was a tune that made him relive when he left on his journey causing him to feel sad, he wanted to know where such a beautiful melody came from so he searched around the plaza yearning to see the face of the person who played this piece.
Upon Arrival of the musician's location he discovered a man dressed nothing like the locals around as they all seemed to blend in with each other as a crowd, Ryuuka then sat down near the musician and relaxed and listened to the piece of art.

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As he finished his song he took a few polite bows and turned his head and saw a rather pretty women in a white and blue striped sleeveless one piece dress with a sailor-style collar. She seemed like a nice women his eyes widened as he saw her place a 1000 berri note. He watched as other people had thrown in smaller amounts of change but still it was kind of them so for every time he received some coins he said kindly and respectfully "Thank you so much." He moved his fingers slowly along with the song and fished on a high note that he hoped would touch  people deeply. He smiled and took a bow to the people  as they clapped at his performance. He so did enjoy preforming for people it made him feel somewhat at ease and the rage inside him quiet if only for a little while. The memory he held within him would never be gone until he had exacted revenge upon the man. He  curled his toes in anger at the thought as flashes of the incident of the death of his father.

He turned his head and gave a  low bow to the women who had given him the thousand berri note. "Thank you so much for your generous donation my dear lady." He smiled kindly and gave her a smile and cleared his throat and spoke "For my next composition I'll be playing something I have been working on so please don't hold back your reviews." He chuckled and poised his violin. He clutched his chest  where he felt the locket of his parents pictures that dangled beneath his shirt he exhaled slowly and took in a short breath and calmed himself. This song he was going to be playing through out Mariejois his voice would echo throughout the halls of the holy land and all would know and be afraid.  He smiled and put on a calm exterior but deep inside him he could feel the faint  satisfaction and pleasure at the idea of what he would do someday.

"One night, I hold on you
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, you
Mariejois, Mariejois, Mariejois, Mariejois
And who are you the proud lord said
That I must bow so low
Only a cat of a different coat
That's all the truth I know
In a coat of gold, a coat of red
A lion still has claws
And mine are long and sharp, my Lord
As long and sharp as yours
And so he spoke, and so he spoke
That Lord of Mariejois
And now the rains weep o'er his halls
With no one there to hear
Yes, now the rains weep o'er his halls
And not a soul to hear"

Zanjis song and singing voice

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