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1 Choice of Departure [Task] on Tue Jan 05, 2016 12:34 pm

Task Details:
Task Name: Choice for Departure
Tier: 1
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: As Dallas is about to find his way to a shop to purchase a Row Boat to sail himself off to one of the nearby islands, he spots something of a conundrum. It appears that the Captain of a Marine Squad and the Captain of a Pirate Crew are fighting at the docks, attempting to kill one another or at the very least apprehend each other for their own personal desires. When the two of them call out to Dallas upon seeing his sword and knowing he was a fighter, they ask of him to join one of their sides to help the fight and to produce a victor. Which side of the law will Dallas choose to follow? Will he join the Marines in a hope of Redemption for his earlier murder of two Marines? Or will he join the Illustrious life of being a Pirate, chased by the law but free to do as one pleased in this world if they can manage it?
Enemy Details: x5 T0 Marines, x5 T0 Pirates, x1 T1 Marine Captain, x1 T1 Pirate Captain
Boss: Yes

Marine Captain:

Boss Name: Rowan Hunters
Tier: 1
Description: Captain of a small squadron of Marines, Rowan is a methodical man who does his job as swiftly and efficiently as he possible can. He takes everything around him as an advantage in some way if he can use it over his opponent and will not surrender an opportunity to apprehend a criminal nor incapacitate them should they resist arrest. Among the many Pirates, he hates none more than Makasube of the Golden Lion Pirates.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: N/A
Equipment: T1 Katana
Hand-to-Hand: 1
Melee Weaponry: 2

Pirate Captain:

Boss Name: Makasube Kichi
Tier: 1
Description: Leader of the Golden Lion Pirates, Makasube is an enthusiastic man who seeks out carnage wherever he goes. He openly welcomes all into his crew as long as they show they can fight and hold their own in the harsh seas. Under pressure he is a trickster with cunning and under-handed tactics on his side. He holds a grudge and a constant rivalry with the Marine known as Rowan Hunters and now actively seeks him out inside Logue Town.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki Aura: N/A
Equipment: T1 Katana
Melee Weaponry: 3

Pain seeped through the bruises along his form and he felt the tinge of heat from his leg wound which had only just recently healed and had been tended to personally through his own doctoral skills. He needed to get some better medical supplies at one point, it would be no doubt that without them his efficiency at tending to himself would be significantly decreased. Considering himself lucky to even have had a suit jacket to use for his wound during his robbery, he strode down the alleyway to aim down by the docks. Maybe if he was lucky he could steal himself a ship but something of stronger interest popped up at the corner of his eye when the swordsman stepped out into view.

Dallas bore witness to the fantastical sight of a true battle going underway between a Marine and a Pirate, both of which seemed to be Captains for their own side. Other grunt-like men clashed swords and fired off pistols with each other taking casualties on both sides. The battle looked so even with the Marine Captain delivering fist blows whenever they traded strikes with the sword but the Pirate Captain's finesse with his own sword was superior than the Marines and it showed through cuts on the Marine's body. Their attention both turned onto Dallas when spotted standing there, first noticing his sword and then the voices called out. "Hey you! How would ya like to live a life of freedom as a Pira-" The golden haired Pirate was shunted back from the Marine's range by a swift blow of the fist to the face, flooring the Pirate onto his backside as a result. "Don't listen to him, you'll end up behind bars some day! Join us Marines and help us apprehend this cri- Just as the pirate had been stopped previously, the Marine Captain had his legs tripped up from the Pirate's sweeping kick.

Dallas didn't know what to make of this scene in it's entirety, was he being tested by some unseen god to determine which path he was going to take in life? Did this have some weird morality to it? Regardless, Dallas drew his sword and watched as the two Captains tumbled around, punching and hitting each other in a frenzy of hatred. Closing his eyes Dallas thought for a few moments which side he was going to help, conflicted feelings welling inside of the corner of his heart. Did he want to live a life of freedom, free from the oppression of the law but constantly being sought out by them? Or did he want to be a savior of the citizens and abide the law, to make amends for the deeds he had done previously and the causes of lives lost?

"I've already started down the path of Corruption, I might as well go the full way!" Dallas spoke out as his body raced forth, jumping over the two Captains, the pirate one holding the marine down to keep him from getting up and stopping Dallas. "Good choice, Kiddo!" The marine grunts preoccupied by their battles had little time to react before a blade was shoved through their chest from behind or were cut down by swift strikes by Dallas' blade. "I need to sail the seas and nothing will get in my way of doing that, not even the Marines." Dallas whispered beneath his breath feeling his body go on edge with the excitement of battle but even after helping his new pirate companions strike down their lesser foes, the Marine Captain managed to kick off the Pirate one from off of himself. Fire burned with hatred inside of the last Marine's eyes after having watched his comrades all be struck down one by one like they were cattle off to the slaughter.

"I'm going to bring you in and you'll go straight to Impel Down.. Death is too merciful for you!" The Captain yelled, brandishing his sword off to the side while the Pirate Captain stood up and readied himself. "What is your name, Marine?!" Dallas shouted, holding his sword upright to prepare for the inevitable battle that was about to ensue. "Rowan Hunters, the man that is going to defeat you!" Rowan responded and the docks were now a battlefield.

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2 Re: Choice of Departure [Task] on Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:16 pm

Dallas tapped his foot upon the ground, gaining a steady rhythm by which he meant to keep, his eyes locking onto Rowans while his focus sharpened. His hands gripped tighter on his katana's handle while holding it vertically in front of him like one would for kendo. Rowan started his assault, not letting Dallas get his bearings this time around and went immediately to close the four meter gap between their bodies through his footwork alone. The movements were quick and handled with care but from aside him came the rush of another body. Makasube, the Pirate Captain that was previously fighting with Rowan had met the Marine half-way through the sprint and clashed his sword against Rowan's. "Now's your chance kiddo! If you don't take he'll come at'cha harder!"

Dallas dug his shoes into the pavement, flipping his sword into a back-handed grip and dashed towards both Captains while they were locked in their struggle for power. Makasube however was dealt a swift knee into the stomach which made him recoil back and leave Rowan. Rowan now free from his duel of blades with the Pirate Captain swiveled on the heels of his feet and swung his sword in a horizontal arc to try and attack Dallas when he grew close enough. With adrenaline pumping through his veins, Dallas jumped over the swing and flipped over Rowan entirely, turning to spin and swing his sword at the Marine's back. "Gah! You've no honor!" Rowan shouted when the edge of the sword cut into his back and across the flesh. Dallas tried to step back but the Marine had moved his leg backwards and caught Dallas' with his foot behind the leg. "Oh you're not going anywhere!" Rowan snickered and dropped his sword, turning his body slightly around to swing both his hands in curved strikes onto Dallas' rib cage. The force of each blow knocked the wind out of Dallas' lungs, cracked a rib and caused him to fall onto his ass. Dallas landed with a slight skid and instantly placed his hand on his chest to feel the one that had cracked, groaning in agony.

Another clang of metal and Dallas' attention turned back onto Makasube who had recovered from the earlier blow, now striking the temporarily unarmed Rowan in a plethora of slashing cuts which marred the Marine's body with new slices. Dallas struggled back onto his feet and watched as Rowan got distance from Makasube and picked up his sword again, panting heavily from the bleed of his cuts. "Damn you both.. this is ridiculous! Why would you ever side with a pirate!? The World Government is Just! It is the life for the people! Why must you be so selfish?!" Rowan yelled and charged towards them both, aiming for Dallas it seemed. "I'll get'm no worries la-" Makasube had begun to say but was pushed aside by Dallas. "No, he's mine." He commanded towards the Pirate and readied himself and his sword.

"I abandon the World Government because it's one thing to live for the people but if you give yourself for the people all the time you'll never reach your dreams! Some goals are outside of the law and I intend to become --" Dallas spoke as he pivoted his body forward and brandished his sword in an proper position along the side of himself. He waited until they were just a few meters apart and jolted his body forward at impressive speeds, his sword being lunged right in front of him and sinking itself into the chest of the Marine during the marine's swing. The sword of the Marine clipped Dallas' left leg on the side of it but the damage was minimal in comparison to Rowan's own stabbed body. Dallas had struck for the heart during his lunge and his aim had hit true. "-- The Greatest Swordsman in the World." He told Rowan during the Marine's final moments. Soon enough Rowan's eyes closed and he gave his last breath to the Free Agent; "Good... luck.."

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Stamina/Techs used:

Stamina - 150
Stamina used - x1 T1 skills = 15
Stamina left - 150 - 15 = 135

Tier 1 Skill Name: Shajiku no Ame (車軸の雨 lit. Axle of Rain)
Tier 1 Skill Type: Melee Weaponry
Tier 1 Skill Range: Length of Blade to 7m
Tier 1 Skill Cooldown & Duration: 4 posts | Instant
Tier 1 Skill Description: Shajiku no Ame is the first offensive form of Shigure Soen Ryu. The technique is performed by slightly crouching forward and using the pressure of one's feet to pivot the body forward in a quick movement to charge forward and attack with a thrust to impale a target.

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3 Re: Choice of Departure [Task] on Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:35 pm

Dallas pulled his sword from the chest of the marine, watching as the lifeless body collapsed onto the ground. Dallas sighed and then looked to the bleeding wound of his leg, it seemed like his legs just didn't have a lot of luck lately, although thankfully Makasube had called over two of his subordinates over to tend to Dallas' leg. "That was brutal.. sorry you had to get involved there, stranger. Although, y'said you wanted to become a pirate right? Well I could definitely help you there. How about I sail you out of here? Won't be long before you get tired of this town, if glory is yer goal then I'm t'one to take you there. How about it?" Makasube offered Dallas a hand and a smile, waiting to see what kind of response the swordsman would give.

Taking a look at the hand offered, Dallas extended his own out and took hold of it, shaking it twice. Makasube laughed aloud in response and told his men to prepare a feast on the ship in celebration. Dallas waited until his leg was treated and Makasube was on the ship to walk to Rowan's body and pick it up. While the Pirates all seemed to be celebrating the death of the Marines they fought, Dallas had taken the chance to bring all of their bodies beneath a tree and laid them all together. Picking a few of the flowers from a small patch beside the tree, he placed one each on their chests. "You may have lost.. but you fought splendidly.. I'm sure your comrades are proud." Dallas whispered beneath his breath while bringing his hands together and prayed for them all. Makasube yelled towards Dallas from his ship; "Come on! We'll leave y'behind if you don't hurry up!" Dallas shrugged his shoulders and stood up from his spot next to the bodies. He turned his eyes onto them and then lifted his sword around his shoulder to tie it onto his back again. "I'll keep on my journey towards my dream... sorry that you had to become another milestone towards it. Thank you.. for everything." Chuckling softly to himself, Dallas went off onto the ship.

When on the ship, Dallas was greeted as a comrade by the subordinates and as an received like a fellow pirate by the Captain. "How long do you want to stay with us for? You're welcome to stay aboard as long as you like or even join our crew. It's up to you though, can't force ya~." Makasube inquired, watching Dallas while sipping from a bottle of sake.

"Eh.. I'll probably just stick around long enough to get me off of Logue Town, once you guys dock at another port, I'll step off and be out of your hair. If you see me again though, feel free to say hello, I'll share a drink with you." Dallas replied and then looked off towards the sky when the boat set sail and as his eyes followed the slow movements of the clouds overheard, he remembered Rowan's words; "Good... luck.." Dallas smiled as a result and nodded his head. "I'll make it."

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