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1Shikamaru Zero (Done) Empty Shikamaru Zero (Done) on Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:07 am

Name: Shikamaru Yuki Zero
Alias/Epithet: Zero
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Mode: Hard
Occupation: Martial Artist/Weapon Specialist
Affiliation: Pirate
Tier: 1

General Appearance: Shikamaru Zero (Done) Nagato_kid_by_joao_inuzuka-d59fx2t
Zero has dark red hair that stands out from the rest. His hair is about neck-length. He has one bang covering half his face and a small bang covering the bridge of his nose. The rest of his hair is off to the side.

Zero has pale white skin. He boasts strange,mysterious purple eyes. In his eyes are a spiral. He has an average sized nose and a small, 2-inch mouth.

He wears a gray robe falling down to his waist. In the middle is a lime green shaped like a Y. Under this robe is a chainmail-like shirt.
Height: 4"11
Weight: 107
Crew Tattoo Placement: Right shoulderblade
Personality: Zero is rather stoic when it comes to things that don't affect him or his friends. Zero is quiet, calm, and shy. He acts like this to those he doesn't know, under the impression that they can be an enemy or an ally. Despite this, he is outgoing and has a happy personality to those that get to know him.

Zero will do anything for those who are his friends, or those who have helped him before. He believes that he must pay back graditude when it comes to him. Zero will die for those he loves.

Zero thinks that everyone has evil and good. He doesn't kill/hurt first, but rather tries to talk/persuade his enemies. Zero does not give mercy to those who hurt his loved ones/friends, though.

Zero has a soft side for animals, more specifically birds. Birds cheer Zero up even in the darkest and downest of situations. Zero will kill anyone who harms an animal (more specifically a bird), as animals are just like humans. Zero loves the sea, even though he can't swim in it. The sea makes Zero calm and feel warm on the inside, as it reminds him of his parents.

Zero is extremely loyal to those he trusts. He would never betray a comrade. He despises those who betray people's trust. Zero hates to see someone close to him die and has a grudge against marines for killing his parents. Zero hates war and tries to solve most problems with peace.

While he doesn't completely hate them, Zero tries to avoid them as he believes that they give bad luck. He would never own a cat as a pet and is especially afraid of a black cat, but he would never harm a cat due to his kind, loving nature.


History: Zero was born in a small town in the east blue. He came out quiet, unlike most babies at the time. He barely remembers his parents, as his mother and father were killed off by marines when he was just a few months old. Ever since this tramatic experience, Zero has had a deep grudge against the marines.

Zero loves the sea, as it was the last memory he has with his parents. After Zero learned that pirates are enemies of marines, he decided to become a great pirate of the sea. His dream is to destroy the marines.

Zero has always wanted to fly. This is why he loves birds. Birds have a calm nature just like him as well. Zero also has a second, minor dream. This dream is to fly in the clouds with birds.

Zero learned from his parent's death that war,pain, and constant suffering doesn't solve anything, but causes more war in an endless cycle of fighting. This is why he tries to resolve an issue first before having to solve it with his fists. Zero has made a lot of friends this way and hatred is the reason is parents died.

Zero never went to school. He learned everything he knows from other people and outside sources. He never went to school because he thought it was a waste of time and was for people who didn't want to travel the sea. As a pirate, Zero doesn't need books and things of he sort.

Zero is currently trying to acheive his goal of destroying marine HQ, traveling to the grandline, avenging his parents, and maybe even one day fly with the birds. He wants to make a crew of say, 7 members, and become the greatest pirate there ever was.
Face Claim: (Naruto Shippuden|Nagato Uzumaki)

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2Shikamaru Zero (Done) Empty Re: Shikamaru Zero (Done) on Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:39 pm

Done finally

Terror is not truly understood until it is experienced for one's self.
Shikamaru Zero (Done) Tumblr_mkfyebdAea1rtl9dyo1_500
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3Shikamaru Zero (Done) Empty Re: Shikamaru Zero (Done) on Tue Jan 05, 2016 9:45 am




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