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1 Rainier D. Lucas on Mon Dec 28, 2015 2:29 pm



Name: Rainier D. Lucas
Alias/Epithet: N/A
Race: human
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist, Doctor
Affiliation: Marine
Tier: 1
General Appearance: Lucas has piercing yellow eyes, and medium length blond hair. His frame is sturdy and well proportioned for his height and weight. He has a large circular scar on his back. He wears a bright yellow scarf around his waist with his family name on it. The most distinctive feature on him is the eye-patch he wears over his left eye. This is so that he doesn't lose his night vision during night raids with the marines.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 170
Crew Tattoo Placement: N/A

Personality: Lucas is quite the raucous fellow. He enjoys scheming elaborate, yet harmless pranks on his friends on comrades (when the timing is appropriate.) He is relatively easy-going most of the time, but when he comes across something that doesn't sit right with him he won't hesitate to remedy it. He tries to distance himself from his emotions most of the time, letting logic take control of his flow. He's learned that letting his emotions get the better of him can lead to putting the people he wants to protect into harm's way. This isn't to say that he wouldn't put his life on the line for the citizens, but rather he would prefer to use all the information at his disposal in order to mitigate casualties. He has a soft spot in his heart for animals, even though he spent the majority of his teenage years being hunted by the wildest of the animal kingdom.
He can be obstinate at times, refusing to leave a fellow marine behind even if it puts his own life in danger. He subscribes to the belief that no matter the situation, no matter the odds, that a human being must live their life fully and hold dearly to their beliefs. That mistakes and a lack of information are the reason why there is a lack of understanding between the different races. He refuses to judge a person on their outwardly appearance, taking instead their actions and words as his criteria.
True to his family name, he is a D. He cannot abide  wrongdoings, be they at the hands of pirates or government officials. He is outspoken and strong of heart. He is not the sort of individual who could live with himself if he suppressed his opinions. His position as a marine officer often comes second to his view of the world as a man and as a citizen. His primary goal is to find his little sister and to find the pirates that destroyed his childhood and everyone he knew and loved.
* Sweets: His parents never allowed him to have many sweets because they upset his stomach. That didn't stop him from stuffing himself!
* Rum and Sake: Something he learned was a bit of a necessity for a seafaring life. Also tasty.
* Being Challenged: To a game of chess, arm wrestling, or even an eating contest. Lucas excels when he's forced to push himself alongside his comrades.
* Injustice: Injustice of any kind will generally set him off.
* Warlords: Pirates shouldn't be tolerated in any form.
* Bell Peppers: He's hated them ever since he first tasted them.

History: As far as he could remember Lucas knew he would be unable to live a peaceful life. Despite this he lived for 8 peaceful years with his loving mother, doting father and his little sister, . He spent his days playing at being a marine with his friends and teaching his sister to swim. Unfortunately a band of upstart pirates had begun to run wild in the East Blue. It wasn't long before his idyllic little village on the Conomi Islands was targeted. Luckily for Lucas, he was on the other side of the island searching for wildlife when they struck. Lucas rushed back into town when he saw the smoke and heard the din of commotion. The sights he saw that day broke something precious inside of him. Buildings that stood since well before he was conceived were now rubble, the very street itself was gouged as if a god-like lion struck at it. Lifeless bodies lay strewn everywhere the eye could see.

Tears slowly streamed down his face as he recognized the faces of his friends and neighbors, but the sadness he felt quickly turned to gut wrenching alarm. He ran through the rubble and debris and as soon as he turned the corner leading to his family home he was greeted by a wall of muscle and bone. The pirate he ran into grabbed him, muttered a few words to his crewmen and threw him over his shoulder. He tried to cry out but it was no use, his captor put his hand over his mouth. As they made their way presumably back to their ship Lucas saw the inside of his home and caught a glimpse of his parents' bodies. He sobbed into the pirates shoulder, passing out soon after hyperventilating for too long.

For some reason or other, Lucas is unable to remember what happened to him after being taken hostage. He was told by his captors that he'd come down with a fever and had been asleep for over 3 days. In that time, these pirates had been doggedly pursued by several navy warships. It was perhaps their dire situation and the fact that they were running low on provisions that forced them to take such a gamble. They lost their pursuers and set course for the calm belt. Assured that the navy would not believe them capable of traversing the belt, they began to relax and celebrate the fruits of their successes.And yet through all of this the pirates refused to untie him. They refused to feed him anything but the few scraps that he was able to find, and although he was still a child they occasionally used him as a punching bag. On a quiet night during their journey through the calm belt, Lucas found his way onto the deck of the ship. The skies were clear and showed no sign of storm or unusual wind, and yet the sea churned viciously. Although he knew nothing of rage, it was the emotion that was permeating through his entire body. The bow of the ship cracked as an enormous sea serpent rose out of the water. Its eyes met Lucas' and for a brief moment he thought he sensed sympathy before his world came crashing in on him.

Lucas awoke on a sandy shore and immediately began to cough up seawater and blood. He spent the better part of 7 years on this island, running from every beast that attacked him and fighting the ones he could not run from. Eventually a navy ship saw one of his daily exercise routines (which involved a 3-way showdown between a giant gorilla and a giant snake) and took him under their care. The Navy took him to Loguetown where he immediately put in his application. As of today he has been accepted as a Chief Petty Officer.

To this day Lucas has no idea what caused the sea kings to awake and attack so viciously. His memories of his childhood are foggy and he can't help but get the feeling that something is missing.

Face Claim: (One Punch Man|Genos)

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3 Re: Rainier D. Lucas on Mon Dec 28, 2015 3:56 pm



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